20 Jan 2014

Out and down: gay rights in Russia – infographic

A 2013 law bans promotion of “non-traditional sexual relations” in Russia. With the Sochi Olympics weeks away, how do the rights of Russian gay people compare with those from other European countries?

ILGA-Europe has compiled a research document looking at the legal and human rights status of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people in countries across Europe, in May 2013.

Its index is based on six themes: equality and non-discrimination, family, asylum, bias-motivated speech/violence, legal gender recognition, and freedom of assembly, association and expression.

Each theme is divided into sub-categories, which reflect what needs to be achieved in order to attain 100 per cent equality.

Out of 48 countries, Russia comes bottom, meeting only 7 per cent of the survey’s requirements. The United Kingdom comes top, with 77 per cent.

ILGA-Europe is part of the ILGA (International Lesbian, Gay Bisexual Trans and Inetersex Association), an international non-governmental organisation,