• Published on 5 Nov 2017 Sections UK

    Britain might have built a worldwide reputation for its athletics success – but the coaches behind the athletes are far less well known. A film and photography exhibition is honouring some of the black and Asian coaches who’ve helped to train the country’s most successful sports stars. But as our sports reporter Jordan Jarrett-Bryan reports,…

  • Published on 24 Sep 2017 Sections United States

    President Trump has come under more fire at home after he repeated criticism of sports stars who kneeled in protest during the US national anthem. But today more than 20 players from two NFL clubs defied their President by kneeling at a match held at Wembley Stadium.

  • Published on 20 Sep 2017 Sections

    England women’s football manager Mark Sampson has been sacked by the FA. He was cleared of recent allegations of racism, but now the Football Association says there was “inappropriate behaviour” in his previous job at Bristol Academy.

  • Published on 25 Aug 2017 Sections

    Attitudes towards disability haven’t improved since the 2012 Paralympics, according to new research, which says more than one in four disabled people say the Games failed to leave a positive legacy. The charity Scope said its findings were “incredibly disappointing”, five years after the Paralympics pulled off such a huge success.

  • Published on 24 Aug 2017 Sections

    Conor McGregor will face Floyd Mayweather this weekend in a showdown which has been surrounded by massive hype. “We are more than ready” – he declared – although he’s up against one of the greatest boxers of all time – Mayweather boasts an unprecedented unbeaten record.

  • Published on 20 Aug 2017 Sections

    Lewes Football Club have taken the historic step of becoming the first club to pay its women’s team the same as its men’s team. With the spotlight on the England women’s team, who made it to the semi finals of the European Championships, Lewes are hoping that other clubs will follow their lead.

  • Published on 4 Aug 2017 Sections

    He will earn a cool half a million pounds a week. But the Brazilian forward Neymar says it’s sad that people think his record breaking £198 million transfer deal to join Paris Saint Germain was motivated by money. The 25-year-old player put on his new club colours for the first time in front of cheering…

  • Published on 31 Jul 2017 Sections UK

    Joining me from Manchester is the former England and Everton Ladies defender Fern Whelan.

  • Published on 31 Jul 2017 Sections UK

    England are through to the semi-finals of the Euro 2017 championships: the women’s team that is, after beating France this weekend in spectacular fashion. Thanks to unprecedented investment by the FA, female footballers say they’re getting further than ever before. In fact it’s been a summer of success across women’s sport, from cricket to tennis…

  • Published on 14 Jul 2017 Sections Culture, UK

    Tens of thousands of fans are expected to flock to the London Stadium this weekend for the World Para Athletic Championships.

  • Published on 5 Jul 2017 Sections

    The Supreme Court has ruled in favour of the taxman in a legal battle with the Scottish football club Rangers. More than £47 million was paid to players and club officials through “employee benefit trusts”.  The club argued the payments were loans but the court ruled they were taxable earnings. The judgement could mean many…

  • Published on 23 Jun 2017 Sections

    Henry Blofeld explains the secrets of great cricket commentary and talks about his most memorable Test.

  • Published on 23 Jun 2017 Sections

    He’s been the voice of Test match cricket for generations – colleagues describe him as “the sound track to summer”. But after 45 years in the commentary box, musing on everything from pigeons to the sandwiches, Blowers is retiring.  Henry Blofeld’s final Test match special, when England host the West Indies, will be broadcast in…

  • Published on 4 May 2017 Sections UK

    Joining me now from Leeds is Asma Elbadawi, a basketball player and coach from Bradford who petitioned for the Basketball governing body, FIBA, to allow Muslim players to compete in hijab.

  • Published on 4 May 2017 Sections

    It’s no longer a choice between their sport and their faith: Basketball’s governing body has finally changed its rules on religious headgear – allowing athletes to wear hijabs during games.