13 Nov 2014

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We sent you snaps and WhatsApp messages about the Scottish independence referendum, and you liked them, so we’ve kept it up.

Now we’re opening up the service so that more people can get the best Channel 4 News stuff, as well as previews of the biggest stories coming up on our show, straight to their phones.

We won’t send you a message every day but we will send you text, pictures, some video and links to our very best content, from Science Editor Tom Clarke reporting on Ebola from Sierra Leone to Economics Editor Paul Mason asking why he has to keep returning to the same corner of the City of London to report on another bank doing something wrong – again and again.

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Search for c4news on Snapchat and add us, then you will start getting our exclusive Snapchat content. We'll be adding them to a Story so don't worry if you miss the first few - they will be available to view for 24 hours.
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