22 May 2024

Election 2024: Drenched Rishi Sunak calls for vote in July

Political Editor

Rishi Sunak stood in the pouring rain outside No. 10 Downing Street, and taking everyone by surprise, called a summer general election for July 4th.

It’s a massive gamble – the prime minister’s Conservative party is 20 points behind in the polls, every expert predicts a Labour victory and scores of Tory MPs are quitting their jobs, not even bothering to stand.

But inflation is down, he’s on course to get the first Rwanda flights full of asylum seekers in the air soon, Nigel Farage hasn’t got himself organised yet and Labour were not expecting this now.

So pitching himself as the safe option in a dangerous world Rishi Sunak said he will fight for every vote. Keir Starmer told voters this is their opportunity to stop the chaos and rebuild Britain.

Welcome to the start of the General Election 2024.