7 Nov 2011

Channel 4 News moves into pioneering new studio

The Channel 4 News team is moving back into its studio after extensive refurbishment project.

Channel 4 News unveils new studio and branding

The new studio has been designed to accommodate a shared presenting dynamic that viewers have been seeing in action for the last month in a temporary virtual studio.

The original studio space at ITN’s headquarters in central London has been fitted with two brand new video walls – both featuring six 70″ cube screens. The screens are brighter and have richer colours than any other video wall ever used in a news studio.

Their addition means that the second presenter can take on live interviews and studio discussions – as well as more interactive items. Viewers have had a taste of this as new presenters Cathy Newman and Matt Frei have joined Jon Snow and Krishnan Guru-Murthy in the studio over the last month or so.

Many media, one brand

The changes are part of a period of evolution for Channel 4 News that started in 2010 and has seen the programme introduce key new hires, launch a new website, and embrace an agenda that will more closely reflect the news and issue modern Britain cares about.

The new studio is designed to showcase this agenda, the presenters, editors, correspondents and editors and, importantly, their award-winning journalism.

A 17sq metre light well has been fitted in the floor of the studio, and the glass screen looking onto the atrium now features a newly designed “4”.

As part of the redesign of the branding, the team has also created a new “4 News” logo for use in the titles.

It is designed to be used across all digital platforms, including the news website, Twitter and Facebook, and will ensure the Channel 4 News brand is represented in a consistent and coherent way where it appears.

Channel 4 News goes green

The studio space has also been extended so that it can be shot from both ways with the addition of a back wall. This will enable the directors to create 360 degree shots and use the back of the studio for more relaxed items and debates, away from the main desk.

The desk itself has been replaced with a flexible design that can be rearranged into different shapes. This design is mirrored in the new ceiling downlighter.

To reflect the new branding and opening titles, which will also be unveiled on tonight’s programme, the atrium balcony now features new orange lighting.

The studio is also world first for its minimal environmental impact. New energy-saving LED lighting has been fitted to ensure colours in the studio are richer, and more easily adjusted throughout the programme.

Jim Gray, Editor of Channel 4 News, says: “This is a studio that leads the way on so many fronts, and will showcase our new programme and our first class journalism beautifully.

“Over the last few months we have welcomed new members to the Channel 4 News team, introduced significant changes to the structure and presentation of the show and covered an unprecedented year of news in a typically distinctive way.

“In many ways, this brings together all of those elements.”