article 12 February 2016 UK
Conservatives alleged election overspend: the full documents
Conservatives alleged election overspend the full documents

Notts Police ask to see records of Tory by-election expenses declaration & returns following our investigation into undisclosed spending across three by-elections and a key General Election marginal.


post 13 February 2016
Read more from Jonathan Miller on his blog Indonesia's transgender madrasa

The transgender madrasa, tucked away down an alleyway behind a large mosque, was founded in 2008, after an earthquake in which many waria died. It offers an oasis of hope and dignity and operates kora

article 12 February 2016 UK
Conservative election expenses: editor writes to Feldman

Channel 4 News submits ten new questions to the Conservative Chairman Lord Feldman requesting clarification surrounding allegations that the Party appears to have over-spent on key electoral campaigns

article 12 February 2016 UK
Independent print edition to close

The print edition of the Independent is to close after 30 years as the newspaper goes digital only.

post 10 February 2016
Read more on FactCheck FactCheck: how much is the doctors' strike about patient safety?

"Tired doctors make mistake," proclaim the placards. True - but will junior doctors face longer hours under their controversial new contract?

article 10 February 2016 UK
Milly Dowler's family outside the Old Bailey in June 2011 (Getty)
Dowler family reveal grim details of Milly's last hours

The family of murdered teenager Milly Dowler give more details of how she died to highlight "the true heinousness" of her killer Levi Bellfield, who has only recently confessed to the crime.

article 10 February 2016 UK
Junior doctors on a picket line in London (Getty)
Second junior doctors' strike goes ahead after talks fail

Thousands of junior doctors take part in a second one-day strike over plans to bring in a new contract that will oblige them to work more weekends. Emergency care is still being provided.

post 10 February 2016
Read more from Paul Mason on his blog Bernie Sanders: the radical moment has begun

Quite simply the radical progressive sentiment that's swept Greece, Spain, Scotland and the British Labour movement has now hit America.

article 09 February 2016 UK
Conservative election expenses the timeline
Conservative election expenses: the timeline

Evidence obtained by Channel 4 News appears to show that the Conservatives racked up tens of thousands of pounds in undisclosed spending across three by-elections.

post 09 February 2016
Read more from Kylie Morris on her blog 'I can't thank you enough, Mr Trump'

If Donald Trump wins the New Hampshire primary, layers of smugness will settle around him like a protective carapace.

article 09 February 2016 World, Germany
Passengers killed in Germany train crash

At least eight people were killed and 150 injured, 50 seriously, when two passenger trains collided head-on in Germany.

article 08 February 2016 UK
Conservatives appear to have overspent on three by-elections

Channel 4 News has obtained evidence of tens of thousands of pounds of spending by the Conservatives during key by-election campaigns which appear not to have been declared.

post 08 February 2016
Read more on FactCheck FactCheck: Is Cameron scaremongering over "UK migrant camps"?

The claim "If we can get this deal in Europe, if we can this renegotiation fixed and we can stay in a reformed Europe, you know what you get... you know that the borders stay in Calais." David Came

article 08 February 2016 World, Greece
Migrants die as boat sinks off Turkish coast

More than 20 refugees drown while trying to reach Greece, as German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits Turkey to discuss how to respond to the latest migrant surge caused by fighting in Syria.

post 08 February 2016
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Michael Gove: in the clink and on the referendum brink

Michael Gove defends the prison reforms on Channel 4 News tonight and tries to sell them to inmates at The Mount prison outside Hemel Hempstead.

article 08 February 2016 UK
Cameron pledges prison reforms to tackle 'failure'

David Cameron is calling for reforms in prisons to combat high levels of violence, self-harm and re-offending.

post 06 February 2016
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Hilary Benn on seeing the light on Europe

When Britain was last asked to vote on Europe, back in 1975, Hilary Benn was in the No campaign. But, unlike his father, he has since been convinced of the benefits of the EU.

post 05 February 2016
Read more on FactCheck FactCheck: where in Britain will Syrian refugees live?

Britain has pledged to take in 4,000 Syrian refugees a year until 2020. Will they, like asylum claimants, end up living in the country's poorest areas?

post 05 February 2016
Read more on Simon Israel's blog Long delays faced by torture victims with asylum claims

"..the most serious failings concerned the way in which allegations of torture were managed." It's the most critical observation by the borders and immigration chief inspector. For David Bolt's repo

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Like his friend, David Bowie, he has been reinventing rock music for nearly half a century. Welshman John Cale was - with Lou Reed - a founding member of the New York band, the Velvet Underground.


This is the beach that saw some of the worst atrocities of the Sri Lankan civil war - despite being designated as a so-called No Fire Zone.

Six years ago Channel 4 News revealed evidence of war crimes during the conflict ? now for the very first time during the Sri Lanka?s Killing Fields investigation, Jon Snow has visited the site of some of the worst horrors at Mullivaikkal.



Watch how one pro-gun enthusiast justified the fact that more than 137 people have already died from gun violence in the United States in 2016.


Assed Baig reports on the mood among the community in the city in the aftermath of the government?s decision to extend its bombing campaign to Syria.

Michael Moore attacks Trump in open letter

Michael Moore says #WeAreAllMuslim in an impassioned attack against Donald Trump.Trump has provoked anger with his recent comments about banning all Muslims from entering the United States, but has defended himself by saying he has no time for ‘political correctness.’

Posted by Channel 4 News on Friday, December 18, 2015