article 23 September 2014 World, United States
US air strikes target IS in Syria for the first time

The United States, along with several Gulf Arab allies, launch air and missile strikes on Islamic State strongholds in Syria overnight.


article 23 September 2014 UK, Scotland
SNP 'closing in on Lib Dems' after surge in membership

The SNP says nearly 17,000 people signed up to be members since the referendum vote, which puts the Scottish nationalist party's membership almost at the same size of the Liberal Democrats.

post 23 September 2014
Read more from Kylie Morris on her blog US seeks 'bandwidth' to deal with IS, Ebola and the Ukraine crisis

Achieving a unified approach in dealing with the threat from Islamic State is one of several challenges facing the US at the United Nations General Assembly this week.

video 22 September 2014 World

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Jimi Hendrix: life before fame - video

Jimi Hendrix's tragic death at the age of 27 is the stuff of legend. What isn't well known is his life before he became famous. All Is by My Side, in cinemas on October 24, tells that story.

video 22 September 2014 World

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Naomi Klein: 'An individual can't overpower a lobby' - video

As the world's leaders meet in New York for the UN climate summit, Naomi Klein, environmental activist and author, speaks with Jake Dyson, the entrepreneur, about what can be done.

post 22 September 2014
Read more on Michael's blog Problems for the 'red rose' party? Out and about in Heywood

Reverberations from the Scottish referendum are still playing out in the traditionally safe Labour seat of Heywood and Middleton, reports Michael Crick.

video 22 September 2014 Culture, United States

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Andre 3000: race and the imperfect beauty of Hendrix - video

Andre 3000 says the real genius of Jimi Hendrix, whom he plays in a biopic, was how beautiful he made imperfection - while racism will one day be as much a nonsense as medicinal leeches.

video 22 September 2014 UK

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Ed Balls outlines 'balanced and fair package' - video

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls says the previous Labour government did not regulate the banks "in a tough enough way" and his party has learned lessons since then.

article 22 September 2014 UK, China
UN climate change summit - Q&A

This weekend saw the world's biggest march on climate change to date. Will the enthusiasm be replicated at the New York on Tuesday? Channel 4 News takes a look.

post 22 September 2014
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Chequers Tory summit

MPs were left in no doubt that after a general election two measures - a bill for Scotland, changes to standing orders for the English - were expected to happen at the same time.

post 22 September 2014
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Near death experience still overshadows all

Given the shock-waves still emenating from Scotland, Labour's more or less given up on getting mega publicity for more than one day this week. It's putting all its hopes in tomorrow's leader's speech.

article 22 September 2014 Politics
Ed Balls (Reuters)
Ed Balls warns of 'unpopular' choices

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls says Labour will stick with austerity, capping child benefit and pledging not to raise borrowing.

article 22 September 2014 World
Charlo greene
The best ever way to quit your job?

An American TV reporter quits her job live on air, swearing before walking off camera. We look at how others have resigned in style.

post 22 September 2014
Read more from Lindsey Hilsum on her blog Murdered in the fight to build a democratic Libya

18-year-old Libyan civil society activist Tawfik Bensaud was killed on Friday, probably by Islamists. His friends are now struggling to keep faith in the democratic state they dream of.

post 22 September 2014
Read more on Liam's blog September: driest start in over half a century

The first half of September has been very dry across the UK, with temperatures well above average, according to provisional Met Office statistics up to the 15th day of the month.

article 22 September 2014 UK
Gross missing poster
Police seek murder conviction details of Alice Gross suspect

The Metropolitan police contact their Latvian counterparts for details of a murder conviction against Arnis Zalkalns, the prime suspect in the disappearance of teenager Alice Gross.

post 22 September 2014
Read more from John Sparks on the World News blog Did this man help secure victory for the #indyref no campaign?

Does the name Jean Chrétien sound familiar? Perhaps it should. It certainly is to the Westminster politicians who sought his advice as they fought to keep Scotland a part of the union.

article 22 September 2014 Business
What has gone wrong at Tesco?

Four senior Tesco executives are suspended after expected profits were overstated by £250m at Britain's biggest retailer. What happened and why does it matter?

article 22 September 2014 World, Syria
Kurdish Syrian refugee at Turkey border
Islamic State advance: 130,000 Kurds flee to Turkey

Turkey closes some of its border crossings with Syria following an influx of more than 100,000 Kurdish refugees in two days, fleeing an advance by the Islamic State.

Channel 4 News


Phones 4u is to close 362 stores, with the loss of nearly 1,700 jobs, administrators said tonight.
A further 720 staff have been retained to assist with the closure programme, PwC said.
It comes after Phones 4u went into administration last week following network operator EE’s decision not to renew its contract.
Following talks with Phones 4u staff tonight, a PwC spokesman said: “It is a very sad day for the staff working at those locations and our thoughts are with them.”


Mick Cash is elected general secretary of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union, succeeding Bob Crow, who died earlier this year.


"Rather than a war this is a genocide operation"

Kurdish-Turkish politician Ibrahim Binici on Islamic State advance in Syria.


Nasa’s Maven spacecraft - which is exploring where water has gone from Mars’ surface, enters the Red Planet’s orbit. Watch the news conference.


"I think I may have been wrong about this man. I thought that he was just about power."

"A politician with honour and dignity, not many of them to the pound."

Tributes pour in for Alex Salmond, the man who so nearly brought independence to Scotland.

Catch the full interview with Krishnan Guru-Murthy.