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post 20 April 2015
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog David Cameron profile: Gary Gibbon speaks to the Conservative leader

If he did get back in, what sort of David Cameron would we see? The long gone husky-cuddling eco-warrior won't make a reappearance presumably.

article 20 April 2015 World
EU ministers meet to discuss migrant crisis

Foreign ministers from across Europe hold talks aimed at tackling the migrant crisis after a week in which more than a thousand people perished in the Mediterranean.

article 20 April 2015 World, South Africa
South Africa's Zulu king condemns racist attacks

South Africa's Zulu King Goodwill Zweluthini has condemned the deadly anti-immigrant attacks that have swept the country as "vile".

post 20 April 2015
Read more from Paul Mason on his blog Greek cash call before critical Eurogroup

While the Riga Eurogroup meeting on Friday is not the last chance Greece has to be rescued, it is probably the last chance for it to achieve a result outside of crisis measures.

post 20 April 2015
Read more on Cathy Newman's blog Will Milimania end the way Cleggmania did?

Labour spinners frantically retweeting the hen party selfies (#Ed #henparty #adorable #lovely) should remember what happened to Cleggmania in the privacy of the ballot box.

article 20 April 2015 UK, Iraq
Brits abroad: UK citizens journeying into the Islamic State
Brits abroad: UK citizens joining the Islamic State group

UK citizens have been travelling to Syria and Iraq since the start of the uprisings against Assad. Since 2013 online recruitment has convinced thousands of western Europeans to make the journey.

post 20 April 2015
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Nigel Farage profile: his political career began in a bar

As the Ukip leader tells it, he saw the light in a bar in 1990, on the day the UK entered the exchange rate mechanism. Since then, his mission has mushroomed into something much bigger.

post 20 April 2015
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog SNP manifesto launch: you can take the mountain metaphors too far

What the SNP have to guard against is Acquired Sheffield Syndrome and one N Kinnock's disastrous triumphalism.

post 20 April 2015
Read more from Geoff White on Technology State-level hacking: who's got your back?

Governments are unleashing viruses often designed to take complete control of a computer, giving police and intelligence agencies access to its webcam and microphone.

article 20 April 2015 World, Somalia
UN van targeted by Al-Shabaab in Garowe, Somalia
Four Unicef staff killed in Somalia bomb attack

At least nine people, including four Unicef staff, are killed in an attack that has been claimed by militant group al-Shabaab in Somalia.

article 19 April 2015 World, Italy
Lampedusa: 900 feared dead as migrant boat sinks off Libya

As many as 900 migrants are feared to have died after their fishing boat capsized in the Mediterranean, according to Italian news agency Ansa.

article 19 April 2015 UK, Syria
Police hunt for missing family who may be headed to Syria

A missing family, including four young children, have gone missing and are feared to be on their way to Syria, police say.

post 19 April 2015
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog David Cameron attacks SNP on The Andrew Marr Show

The main thrust of Mr Cameron's interview was an attack on the SNP. Andrew Marr said the PM was beginning to sound like an English Nationalist, which went down pretty badly.

article 18 April 2015 World, South Africa
South Africa violence: shops looted in xenophobic attacks

South African police fire rubber bullets at looters as Xenophobic attacks spread to Johannesburg. At least four people have been killed since violence erupted in Durban two weeks ago.

article 18 April 2015 World, Australia
Australian teenagers held over alleged terror plot

Five Australian teenagers are arrested on suspicion of plotting an attack at a veterans' day ceremony in Melbourne, officials say.

article 17 April 2015 World, South Africa
Jamal Osman by South Africa violence provokes anger of a continent

South Africa is not like any other country - it has a special place in the hearts of ordinary Africans. But that could change after the recent fatal attacks on immigrants.

article 17 April 2015 UK
Unveiled: Europe's plan to tackle migrant crisis

As the European Union prepares to unveil its agenda to tackle the migrant crisis in the Mediterranean, Channel 4 News learns that plans are being made to unify efforts between member states.

article 17 April 2015 UK, Italy
Matt Frei by Italy's migrant crisis: on the frontline in Augusta

The port of Augusta, on Sicily's eastern coast, has witnessed an influx of African migrants - mainly from Libya. Europe Editor Matt Frei reports from what is now the worlds deadliest frontier.

post 16 April 2015
Read more from Jon on Snowblog Will Lord Janner's alleged victims have their day in court?

The DPP says Lord Janner's dementia renders him incapable of standing trial on charges of historic child sex abuse. But is the DPP right?

Channel 4 News


A 14-year-old boy from Blackburn has been arrested in connection with a terror plot in Australia, Greater Manchester Police say.


"The participation of instructors or specialists from third countries on Ukrainian territory… could destabilise the situation."

Kremlin spokesman on the arrival of US paratroopers in Ukraine to train Kiev?s national guard.


The Opposition Leaders? Debate… in less than five minutes.