article 27 May 2015 World, Yemen
Air strike in Yemen (Reuters)
Yemen conflict: dozens killed in Saudi-led air strikes

At least 80 people are killed in Saudi-led air strikes in Yemen - in the deadliest day of bombing the country has seen in over two months of war.

article 27 May 2015 UK
Cold sore
Cold sores: the new cure for skin cancer?

A new weapon in the fight against skin cancer is being championed by scientists, who say a landmark trial of a genetically-modified cold sore virus have yielded "exciting" results.

article 27 May 2015 Technology
Bug enables you to crash almost anyone's iPhone

A new iPhone vulnerability can cause force a phone to crash when it receives a jibberish message.

article 27 May 2015 World
Tony Blair to step down as Middle East envoy

Former UK prime minister Tony Blair has submitted his resignatiom as Middle East peace envoy.

article 27 May 2015 World
Fifa officials held in Switzerland on corruption charges

Fourteen high-ranking Fifa officials - including vice-president Jeffrey Webb - face extradition to the USA as part of an investigation into bribery allegations in world football adding up to $150m.

article 27 May 2015 World, Israel
Palestinian members of the al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas (Reuters)
Hamas 'tortured and killed Palestinian civilians' - Amnesty

Hamas committed war crimes against Palestinian civilians in Gaza during the 2014 war with Israel, according to Amnesty International.

article 27 May 2015 UK
Royal crown (Reuters)
Queen's speech 2015: adopting 'a one nation approach'

Delivered by the Queen in her speech at the state opening of parliament, the government outlines its political priorities, promising to "bring different parts of the country together."

article 27 May 2015 UK
Fifa arrests: who are Jeffrey Webb and Eugenio Figueredo?

Some of the most powerful men in world football are among those arrested by Swiss authorities. But they are by no means household names. So, who are they?

post 27 May 2015
Read more from Jon on Snowblog My naked Swiss arrest and some questions for Fifa

Having had the privilege of being arrested in a Swiss hotel at dead of night myself, I can perhaps shed some light on what the Fifa suspects are now facing...

article 27 May 2015 UK
Front page of the Adult Friend Finder website
Geoff White by When did Adult FriendFinder know it had been hacked?

The owners of online dating site Adult FriendFinder were warned that it had been hacked more than two months before Channel 4 News exposed the leak of almost four million people's sensitive data.

post 26 May 2015
Read more from Paul Mason on his blog Long term debt deal could break Greek logjam

Running short of cash to pay public sector salaries, pensions and debt obligations, Greece's Syriza has laid out what it will and will not negotiate with its creditors, but will it be enough?

article 26 May 2015
Intel fears as jihadis flock to encrypted apps like Surespot

ISIS militants and supporters are flocking to encrypted messaging apps, posing a challenge to security services, who say they are losing the ability to intercept data from terror suspects.

article 26 May 2015 UK, Romania
Paraic O'Brien by At home with the 'king of the Roma gypsies'

Dorin Cioaba became king of the gypsies when his father died two years ago. Paraic OBrien meets the man who says Roma involved in crime in the UK should be deported.

article 26 May 2015 UK, Greece
Pablo Iglesias (Getty)
Europe's anti-austerity movements: from Podemos to the SNP

The surge in support for the radical left Podemos party in Spain's regional elections is the latest manifestation of a spectre haunting Europe: the rise of the anti-austerity movement.

post 26 May 2015
Read more on Cathy Newman's blog Tampons should not be taxed. Period.

Australia appears to be leading the way in abolishing the so-called "tampon tax" - so why does the UK taxman still class "sanitary products" as "luxuries"?

article 26 May 2015 UK
Taxi drivers hold protest, claiming business is being eroded

Streets in London were choked with black cabs as drivers protested over claims that the authorities are allowing some minicabs and taxi firms to operate illegally.

article 26 May 2015 UK
What to expect from the Queen's Speech

The Queen's Speech on 27 May will set out the government's legislative plans. It is the first under a Conservative majority Government for 18 years - so what should we expect?

article 26 May 2015 World, Malaysia
Malaysia graves: grim secrets of trafficking camps revealed

Channel 4 News along with photo-journalist Raul Gallego Abellan travel deep into the jungle to the Malaysian trafficking camps after mass graves were uncovered along the border.

article 26 May 2015 World, Syria
Palmyra still from Islamic State video
Islamic State releases video from inside ancient Palmyra

The Islamic State group releases the first footage from inside the ancient city of Palmyra after capturing the World Heritage site a week ago.

Channel 4 News


"We must have a precise and wise plan… to resolve the military and security issues and begin to purge Iraqi lands of all terrorists."

Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani calls for action to remove Islamic State militants from Iraq.


"There will be ups and downs. You’ll hear one day this is possible, the next day something else is impossible"

Prime Minister David Cameron, speaking at a summit in Riga on the prospects for European Union reform.