article 22 May 2015 UK
'The horror': Kent's earthquake 'devastation'

Kent is "hit" by a 4.2 magnitude earthquake, and the subsequent media explosion is greeted by mockery online.

post 22 May 2015
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Is Ukip a threat to Labour in the North?

Is Labour facing an existential threat in Northern seats from Ukip that could eat at a heartland just as the SNP has in Scotland?

article 21 May 2015 World
Adult FriendFinder
Geoff White by Adult dating site hack exposes millions of users

Hackers have struck one of the world's largest internet dating websites, leaking the highly sensitive sexual information of almost four million users onto the web.

post 21 May 2015
Read more on FactCheck FactCheck: what they're not telling you about immigration

The Conservatives announce another immigration crackdown - on the same day new figures show they are still missing their net migration target.

post 21 May 2015
Read more from Victoria Macdonald on her blog NHS England accused of interference over hepatitis C drug

NHS England officials have been accused of trying to interfere with the appraisal of a new drug for hepatitis C sufferers due to their concerns overs its cost.

post 21 May 2015
'This is anything but an election' - Figo slams Fifa as he withdraws candidacy

With two more candidates out of the race to replace him, the opposition camp may be less fragmented, but Sepp Blatter's reign as president of Fifa doesn't look like coming to an end any time soon.

post 21 May 2015
Read more from Jon on Snowblog Love, loss and pobbling with Vikram Seth

I confess I had never pobbled in my life, nor indeed did I even know what the word meant but in interviewing Vikram Seth it seemed the pobbling had to come before the talking...

article 21 May 2015 World, Syria
Palmyra: more than just ancient ruins under Isis control

Concerns are raised over the fate of ancient monuments in the Syrian city of Palmyra - but the victory by the Islamic State group is first and foremost a strategic one.

post 21 May 2015
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Cameron meets EU leaders for first time since election

Cameron is in Riga today to meet his fellow EU leaders for the first time since the election, but the focus won't be on his party's now mandated plans for renegotiation.

article 21 May 2015 UK
Armed policeman stands guard outside court (Getty)
Hatton Garden raid: eight in court, one more arrested

A tenth man is arrested by officers investigating the Hatton Garden heist as eight others appear in court.

article 21 May 2015 UK
Police: find 'no memory' man before he comes to harm

Police have put out an urgent appeal for missing man Andrew Lambert who has a condition called disassociative fugue which causes him to forget his former life and leave home without warning.

article 21 May 2015 UK
Mirror Group Newspapers in phone hacking damages award to Alan Yentob, Sadie Frost, Paul Gascoigne and Shane Ritchie
Phone hacking payouts for Paul Gascoigne and Sadie Frost

More than £1m in damages are awarded to celebrities, including Paul Gascoigne, Sadie Frost, Shane Ritchie and Alan Yentob over phone hacking by Mirror Group Newspapers.

post 21 May 2015
Read more from John Sparks on the World News blog Rohingya will not be saved by the new 'no push-back' policy

As odious as the business of smuggling people across the Andaman Sea is, the traffickers and the "boat people" fleeing Burma and Bangladesh share a common cause.

post 21 May 2015
Read more from Paul Mason on his blog Why Greece's Syriza party is not sticking to the script on an IMF deal

European officials trying to secure a last-minute deal in the debt stand-off between Greece and the IMF now have to anticipate the threat of revolt within the country's ruling Syriza party.

post 21 May 2015
Read more on Michael's blog After the big election, lots of smaller ones at Westminster

The next three weeks will see huge jockeying for chairmanships of the increasingly powerful select committees, all of which are up for grabs. Campaigning is already well underway.

article 20 May 2015 World, Syria
Palmyra historic city 'taken by Islamic State fighters'

Islamic State militants group claim they are in control of all of the Syrian city of Palmyra, home to one of the world's most important heritage sites, vowing to destroy its priceless treasures.

post 20 May 2015
Read more on Simon Israel's blog Theresa May: this 'crying wolf' has to stop

Theresa May issues a warning to the Police Federation - after the organisation claimed that spending cuts could make bobbies on the beat a thing of the past.

post 20 May 2015
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog EU renegotiation - then and now

I've been talking to some with memories of the 1974-5 Common Market renegotiation and asking what lessons it has for the one David Cameron is embarking on.

article 20 May 2015 World, Ireland
Colm Toibin
Colm Toibin: Catholic church 'neutered' on gay marriage

The writer Colm Toibin says the Catholic church "has no moral authority to speak on civil matters" ahead of Ireland's gay marriage referendum.

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A US Marine Corps helicopter has been reported missing in Nepal while supporting earthquake relief efforts. 


Jon Snow won a BAFTA fellowship last night, this is the showreel played showing his contribution to over 40 years of outstanding journalism.