article 27 July 2016 UK
Fireman Sam 'Koran' episode pulled from streaming site

An episode of Fireman Sam in which a character appeared to tread on a page from the Koran has been removed from Channel 5's streaming site following accusations of Islamophobia.

post 25 July 2016
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Shadow Cabinet 'Unresignation' - start of a trend?

Is pressure from her constituency party why Sarah Champion 'unresigned' from the Shadow Cabinet? Will pressure from Tory backbenchers keep ministers tough on Brexit border control?

article 25 July 2016 UK, Syria
'Jihadi Jack': 'If they want to bomb me, they'll bomb me'

The middle-class Briton dubbed "Jihadi Jack" tells Channel 4 News in an exclusive interview that he travelled to Syria to study and has "no regrets"- while insisting he is "currently" not a fighter.

article 25 July 2016 World, Germany
Failed asylum seeker blows himself up in Germany

A Syrian denied asylum in Germany kills himself and injures 12 others in a suicide bombing - the fourth violent attack in the country in less than a week.

post 21 July 2016
View from America: can the rude outsider win?

Flat. That's not a word you often hear of a Convention. But Donald Trump's four day Trumpethon has achieved it. The Cleveland arena ,which is capable of holding twenty thousand basketball fans, hasn'

post 21 July 2016
Read more from Geoff White on Technology The future of crime?

Welcome to the future of crime: high volume, low margin.

post 20 July 2016
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Will Angela Merkel really resist informal talks with the UK?

Does she really want to first hear about the UK's negotiating position at round a table with 26 other countries?

article 20 July 2016 UK, France
UK gives up European Council presidency

Prime Minister Theresa May says the UK will not take on the European Council presidency next year after voting to leave the EU.

post 19 July 2016
Read more from Siobhan Kennedy A 'benign' Brexit forecast from the IMF?

Given the grim protestations of the IMF prior to Brexit some might be surprised to see the forecaster's view on the UK economy post the referendum.

post 19 July 2016
Read more from Siobhan Kennedy ARM: UK chip designer to be bought by Japan's Softbank

Had this takeover of ARM happened in normal times, it¿s not clear the now Prime Minister¿s response would have been quite so welcoming.

post 19 July 2016
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Inside Theresa May's first Cabinet meeting

Back to work: The new Prime Minister holds her first cabinet as Government lawyers indicate Article 50 will not be triggered until the end of the year.

post 18 July 2016
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Labour leadership challenge: Angela Eagle or Owen Smith?

It looks like we will be down to one challenger to Jeremy Corbyn very soon indeed. The two rival candidates have decided that the one with fewer nominations will stand aside.

article 18 July 2016 UK
Channel 4 News statement
Channel 4 News statement on Kelvin Mackenzie's column

Channel 4 News statement following Kelvin MacKenzie's column regarding our correspondent Fatima Manji in today's Sun newspaper.

post 15 July 2016
Read more on Liam's blog A burst of summer heat next week

A burst of summer heat will send temperatures into the high 20s next week, but how long will it last?

article 15 July 2016 World, France
Nice lorry attack: dozens killed on Bastille Day

At least 84 people, including children, are killed after a man drives a lorry through crowds celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, in what the French authorities are calling a terror attack.

post 14 July 2016
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Questions over Theresa May's new government

While some sit nervously awaiting the call up, for the losers in this change of administration, ministers and their teams, there have been tears shed, drink taken and no shortage of bad feeling.

post 14 July 2016
Read more on Cathy Newman's blog Labour leadership must stand up to intimidation and abuse

When I interviewed Johanna Baxter, a member of Labour¿s ruling National Executive Committee, last night, it was clear to me how upset she was about the abuse and intimidation she says she¿s received.

post 13 July 2016
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Theresa May takes control of her Government

Power passed to Theresa May in a precision switchover at Buckingham Palace. She's now appointing new Secretaries of State - and ending the careers of others.

post 13 July 2016
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog David Cameron will be remembered for gambling and losing

David Cameron's last Prime Minister's Questions showed him at his best. It was astute, witty and self-deprecating. But history will cast it aside.

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Suicide is the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK.

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Exclusive figures obtained by Channel 4 News reveal that the number of reported sexual offences on the country’s rail networks is at a record high. Cathy Newman reports on the fight to tackle this.


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well-regulated are they? Channel 4 News has been investigating what
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