article 23 September 2014 World, United States
Obama on air strikes: 'This is not America's fight alone'
US President Barack Obama speaks on the White House lawn (Getty Images)

Air strikes were launched by the US and Gulf allies in Syria this morning against IS targets and to thwart a plot by a group of al-Qaeda operatives known as Khorosan, President Obama has said.


post 23 September 2014
Read more from Victoria Macdonald on her blog Time to start talking about the NHS?

The NHS is not always a big election issue. But - fuelled by winter A&E crises - it look set to be high up there with the economy in next year's general election.

article 23 September 2014 UK, Qatar
US air strikes in Syria - Q&A

In the early hours of the morning, US air strikes targeted Islamic State and other Islamist groups in Syria for the first time. Channel 4 News asks whether it is legal, and where it might end.

post 23 September 2014
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The idea behind Ed Miliband's speech was to make the forthcoming election a battle of the plans, and its central message was solidarity - or "the spirit of together".

video 23 September 2014 UK, United States

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PM: Queen 'purred down line' on referendum - video

David Cameron is overheard saying the Queen "purred down the line" when he gave the result of the Scottish referendum. "I've never heard someone so happy," he said.

article 23 September 2014
Exclusive interview with Ed Miliband's 'Gareth'

Ed Miliband referred twice to a man called Gareth, a software developer, in Labour conference speech. Gareth speaks exclusively to Channel 4 News and says he is still deciding whether to vote Labour.

article 23 September 2014 Politics
Miliband puts NHS centre stage in election campaign

Labour leader Ed Miliband outlines plans to increase NHS spending, with fees for tobacco companies, a "mansion tax" for owners of 2m plus homes and a crackdown on tax avoidance.

video 23 September 2014 UK

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Miliband pledges NHS 'with time to care' - video

Labour leader Ed Miliband tells conference NHS improvements will be funded by clamping down on tax avoidance, using proceeds from a mansion tax, and raising extra resources from tobacco companies.

article 23 September 2014 UK
David Lee Travis (Getty Images)
Dave Lee Travis guilty of indecent assault

The former BBC DJ is convicted on one count of indecent assault by a jury at Southwark crown court. He is found not guilty on another count of indecent assault and on a count of sexual assault.

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We've all looked up at the sky at some point and seen weather-related spectacles overhead. The chances are that they were caused by the interaction of light and matter - known as optical phenomena.

article 23 September 2014 UK, Scotland
Lower voting age to 16, says Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond says the referendum proved 16- and 17-year-olds can be trusted to vote, and tells Scottish politicians they need to hold Westminister's "feet to the fire" over devolution promises.

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Read more from Tom Clarke on his blog What difference does a day make to climate change?

Today in New York the UN will sit down to talk about climate change. Again. But can one extra day of talking possibly make any difference to change the pace of action on global warming?

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Former deputy premier John Prescott attacks his former boss Tony Blair's business activities and his views on military intervention overseas.

article 23 September 2014 UK, Scotland
Yes or no? Will the real Andy Murray please stand up?

Andy Murray says his tweet backing the Scottish independence yes campaign was "out of character" - but this is not the first time that Murray has left fans confused about where his allegiances lie.

article 23 September 2014 World, Syria
Twitter users in Syria live tweet air strikes on Raqqa

Social media users in the Islamic State stronghold of Raqqa, Syria, are among the first to report US air strikes on the city. One told Channel 4 News that the west must consider civilian casualties.

video 23 September 2014 World, Syria

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Syrian Kurd refugees flood into Turkey - video

More than 130,000 Syrian Kurd refugees have crossed into Turkey from the north of Syria in the last three days as they flee Islamic State militants.

post 23 September 2014
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Commons to vote on IS attacks

Parliament could be recalled as soon as Friday for a vote on military action against Isil in their Iraqi and Syrian bases. The government is increasingly confident it has Labour on board.

article 23 September 2014 World
IS releases second video of British hostage John Cantlie

Islamic State militants release a video appearing to show British hostage John Cantlie, who criticises President Obama's plans to launch air strikes against the extremist group.

article 23 September 2014 UK, Scotland
SNP UK's third biggest party after surge in members

Alex Salmond's Scottish National Party says over 22,000 people signed up since the referendum vote last Thursday, putting the party's membership size ahead of the Liberal Democrats.

Channel 4 News


"It is not possible to know the duration of these deployments and operations."

US President Barack Obama on the US-led air strikes against Islamic State, which began last night.


Phones 4u is to close 362 stores, with the loss of nearly 1,700 jobs, administrators said tonight.
A further 720 staff have been retained to assist with the closure programme, PwC said.
It comes after Phones 4u went into administration last week following network operator EE’s decision not to renew its contract.
Following talks with Phones 4u staff tonight, a PwC spokesman said: “It is a very sad day for the staff working at those locations and our thoughts are with them.”