article 04 July 2015 UK, Syria
Luton family statement says they are in the 'Islamic State'
Luton family believed to be in Syria
Darshna Soni by

A statement claims the family of 12, including three children, went to Syria willingly after rejecting 'so-called freedom and democracy'.


article 04 July 2015 Greece
Greek bailout rally (Reuters)
Foreign Office warns tourists to take cash to Greece

As Greeks prepare to vote on an international bailout of its ailing economy, visitors are warned to take plenty of cash as bank reserves reach critical levels.

article 04 July 2015 World, Iraq
Anti-government forces prepare to fight Syrian Army units in Aleppo (Getty)
Islamists squeezed as Kurds and Syrian government attack

Kurdish fighters reportedly advance to within 30 miles of the Islamic State group's stronghold of Raqqa, while pro-Assad forces battle Sunni militants on the Lebanese border.

article 04 July 2015 UK, Syria
CCTV footage of three girls apparently travelling to Syria
Two schoolgirls who went to Syria 'married to IS fighters'

Two of the three teenage girls from Bethnal Green who went to live in the 'Islamic State' have become jihadi brides, according to their families.

post 03 July 2015
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Is the rise of the Islamic State the biggest threat to the UKs security and safety in the history of the country?

article 03 July 2015 World, Greece
Yanis Varoufakis: We have a duty to the people

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis tells Paul Mason that Syriza would stay in government, even if Greece votes in favour of the debt deal on offer from its creditors.

article 03 July 2015 World
Should we ditch Islamic State in favour of Daesh?

UK politicians want media organisations like the BBC to abandon the term Islamic State, which they say dignifies terrorist extremists, and instead to use the word Daesh. So what is the difference?

post 03 July 2015
Read more from Tom Clarke on his blog Ashya King is back - but was it right for him to go?

Perhaps the only good thing about the story of Ashya King, taken to Prague by his parents in 2014 to treat a brain tumour, is that it raised the profile of childhood cancers in the UK.

article 03 July 2015 UK
Azelle Rodney
Simon Israel by Azelle Rodney: PC Anthony Long cleared of murder

A jury finds PC Anthony Long not guilty of murdering Azelle Rodney in a police operation in 2005.

article 03 July 2015 World, The Netherlands
Protests in The Hague on Monday night
Hague police mass arrests in youth unrest

Police in The Hague detain more than 200 people overnight for violating a curfew, as unrest in the city continues for a fourth night.

article 03 July 2015 UK, Germany
Dustin Brown (Reuters)
Jordan Jarrett-Bryan by Wimbledon: who is Dustin 'Dreddy' Brown?

World number 102 Dustin Brown causes the first major upset of this year's Wimbledon by beating Rafael Nadal. Could his winning form take him to the quarter finals and a clash with Andy Murray?

article 03 July 2015 UK
Jordan Jarrett-Bryan by Right at the front: The UK's first fully accessible gig

Why Not People? is a ground-breaking events company that prioritises disabled people and was founded by TV presenter and model Jameela Jamil.

article 03 July 2015 UK, France
France rejects asylum plea from Julian Assange

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has had his request for asylum in France rejected according to President Francois Hollande's office.

article 03 July 2015 UK, Tunisia
Tunisia shootings: minute's silence held for victims

A minute's silence is held in the UK in memory of the 38 victims of last week's beach massacre in Tunisia.

article 03 July 2015 UK
Andy Davies by Veterans with dogs: 'without my dog I'd be dead'

Former Marine Craig MacLellan, who has been helped to survive post-traumatic stress disorder by the companionship of his pet Labrador, has set up Veterans with Dogs to help others like him.

post 03 July 2015
Read more from Paul Mason on his blog Greece crisis: a failure of economics in the face of politics

The IMF's report yesterday got swamped amid the gloom, despondency and fractiousness of the Greek crisis. It said, in short, Greece's debt has become unsustainable.

article 02 July 2015 UK, Greece
Matt Frei by 'It's unthinkable that Britain could leave the EU'

Italy's foreign minister, Paolo Gentiloni, tells Matt Frei he cannot contemplate a UK exit from the EU. He also warns that migration could become a "great problem".

article 02 July 2015 World, Pakistan
The train was carrying military personnel and their families when a bridge collapsed.
Pakistan: 12 dead as train plunges into canal

The train was carrying military personnel and their families when a bridge collapsed. The army claims it was sabotage, officials said.

post 02 July 2015
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The claim "In many parts of our country it has become normal for young people to leave, though not out of choice. This might be to find work, but more and more, it is to find a home that they can a

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