article 22 August 2016 UK
Leaked documents reveal serious '7-day NHS' concerns

Internal Department of Health documents reveal serious concerns about the impact of a 7-day NHS policy.

article 18 August 2016 World, Syria
Inside Aleppo

Welcome to Aleppo, Syria. The relentless bombardment. The curse of barrel bombs. The growing list of casualties. Behind every statistic, there is almost unimaginable human suffering.

post 06 August 2016
Read more from Jon on Snowblog Sir Philip Green and the unwilling paparazzi

Strange. You are an off-duty journalist, taking a summer break in Greece. Suddenly the most ¿wanted¿ subject in business reporting pitches up in a vast super yacht at the mouth of the very bay where y

post 05 August 2016
Read more on FactCheck FactCheck: Lies on both sides in Labour leadership battle

Corbyn and Smith supporters have both accused the other side of lying after the first leadership debate. Who's right?

article 05 August 2016 UK
Black Lives Matter protest at Heathrow

Black Lives Matter activists stage protests in London, Birmingham and Nottingham, stopping traffic from reaching Heathrow Airport by lying in the road.

video 04 August 2016

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Interest rate rise: Mark Carney speaks to Channel 4 News

Our Business Correspondent, Helia Ebrahimi, speaks to Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, and asks if the measures were designed to avert the threat of any recession?

post 04 August 2016
Read more on Liam's blog Arctic plunge set to send us an August chill

Just when you thought this summer's weather had been disappointing enough, an August Arctic chill will arrive next week!

article 03 August 2016 UK, Syria
British actor returns to Syria to fight Isis

A British actor who abandoned his Hollywood career to fight Islamic State has returned to Syria for a second time as a volunteer.

post 02 August 2016
Read more on Simon Israel's blog Government's counter-extremism strategy faces court challenge

Muslim activist Dr Salman Butt has launched legal action against the Home Secretary after he was named in a Government press release about hate preachers.

post 01 August 2016
Read more on FactCheck FactCheck Q&A: is Owen Smith copying Jeremy Corbyn?

Labour leadership challenger Owen Smith has been accused of copying Jeremy Corbyn's policies. What's the truth of the matter?

post 29 July 2016
Read more on Simon Israel's blog Met Police to meet black fireman in wake of race allegations

The London firefighter has accepted an invitation to discuss how diversity training could be improved in the Met after telling Channel 4 News that "racism is like a disease" in the force.

article 29 July 2016 UK
Andy Coulson
Brexit unspun: Andy Coulson on rise & fall of David Cameron

Andy Coulson has been back to his home town of Basildon in Essex to find out what the former Prime Minister got wrong on Brexit.

article 27 July 2016 UK
Fireman Sam 'Koran' episode pulled from streaming site

An episode of Fireman Sam in which a character appeared to tread on a page from the Koran has been removed from Channel 5's streaming site following accusations of Islamophobia.

post 25 July 2016
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Shadow Cabinet 'Unresignation' - start of a trend?

Is pressure from her constituency party why Sarah Champion 'unresigned' from the Shadow Cabinet? Will pressure from Tory backbenchers keep ministers tough on Brexit border control?

article 25 July 2016 UK, Syria
'Jihadi Jack': 'If they want to bomb me, they'll bomb me'

The middle-class Briton dubbed "Jihadi Jack" tells Channel 4 News in an exclusive interview that he travelled to Syria to study and has "no regrets"- while insisting he is "currently" not a fighter.

article 25 July 2016 World, Germany
Failed asylum seeker blows himself up in Germany

A Syrian denied asylum in Germany kills himself and injures 12 others in a suicide bombing - the fourth violent attack in the country in less than a week.

post 21 July 2016
View from America: can the rude outsider win?

Flat. That's not a word you often hear of a Convention. But Donald Trump's four day Trumpethon has achieved it. The Cleveland arena ,which is capable of holding twenty thousand basketball fans, hasn'

post 21 July 2016
Read more from Geoff White on Technology The future of crime?

Welcome to the future of crime: high volume, low margin.

post 20 July 2016
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Will Angela Merkel really resist informal talks with the UK?

Does she really want to first hear about the UK's negotiating position at round a table with 26 other countries?

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Suicide is the single biggest killer of men under the age of 45 in the UK.

The Lion?s barber collective helps to raise awareness of mental health issues for young men.


Watch: @andrealeadsom talks to @GaryGibbonBlog about Brexit, her CV and God


Investigators are frantically trying to work out what happened to the EgyptAir flight MS804 which disappeared at 2.39 a.m. on its way from Paris to Cairo with 66 people on board.


Disabled filmmaker Kate Ansell went to meet some of the people who are finding their ambitions thwarted, and have resolved to make 2016 the year they start breaking down the barriers.


Exclusive figures obtained by Channel 4 News reveal that the number of reported sexual offences on the country’s rail networks is at a record high. Cathy Newman reports on the fight to tackle this.


Private cosmetic surgery clinics are a booming business, but how
well-regulated are they? Channel 4 News has been investigating what
happens to patients who have been left scarred and in pain.