article 31 October 2014 UK
Do young black people stand a chance in Westminster?

A prominent black member of the Liberal Democrats resigns from the party, citing an alleged incident of "appalling racism", which he said was the last straw.

video 31 October 2014 World

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Fireworks warehouse goes up in flames - video

Dramatic footage shows bursts of fireworks exploding at a factory in Tilcon Avenue, Stafford. A 53-year-old man has been arrested and two people remain unaccounted for.

article 31 October 2014 World
Who's in charge in Burkina Faso after violent protests?

Burkina Faso's president says he will remain in office for another year following violent protests - but does he have any support?

article 31 October 2014 World, France
Who needs Halloween when real life is harrowing enough?
Who needs Halloween? The real world is scary enough

As the spectre of war, pestilence and economic hardship hangs over us, a commercialised autumn festival of horror may not be what we need right now.

post 30 October 2014
Read more from Paul Mason on his blog The economic state of mind driving people towards Ukip

Great Yarmouth, flooded with holidaymakers in the half-term sun, is mainly white working class and increasingly Ukip. This is one of the UK Independence Party's target seats.

article 30 October 2014 UK
Support worker Angela Lawrence
Ciaran Jenkins by Sexual exploitation: 'it shouldn't be normal, but it is'

As Manchester teenagers tell Channel 4 News that sexual exploitation is all too commonplace in their life experience, support workers tell of their anger at the lack of urgency in tackling the issue.

video 30 October 2014 World, United States

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US nurse Kaci Hickox breaks Ebola quarantine - video

Kaci Hickox, the nurse is isolation for Ebola in the US, defies quarantine by going for a ride on her bicycle. She insists she is not a danger to the American public.

post 30 October 2014
Read more on Simon Israel's blog No state immunity for Jack Straw, MI5 and MI6 in rendition case

The government suffers a significant defeat in attempts to avoid a trial over allegations of complicity in the imprisonment, rendition and torture of a Libyan couple in 2004.

article 30 October 2014 World, United States
On the frontline of America's heroin epidemic: interactive

What is life like in one of the most unlikely hotspots for heroin addiction in the United States - bucolic Vermont? Find out here with our immersive story.

article 30 October 2014 UK
Ciaran Jenkins by 'We always hear stories of friends being sexually abused'

Three teenagers explain to Channel 4 News that sexual exploitation in Manchester is "the norm" and that it's spoken about openly amongst friends.

article 30 October 2014 World
Burkina Faso 'Black Spring' protests: parliament set ablaze

Anti-government protesters set fire to the parliament building in the capital of Burkina Faso, leading President Compaore to declare a state of emergency.

post 30 October 2014
Read more on Liam's blog Halloween set to be warmest on record: trick or treat?

You may step outside tomorrow across England and Wales and think that someone has put a spell on the weather, with hazy sunshine expected and temperatures well above average.

article 30 October 2014 World, Israel
Palestinians during clashes with Israeli police in the Abu Tor neighbourhood of east Jerusalem (Reuters)
Jerusalem mosque closure is 'declaration of war'

Amid growing tension in east Jerusalem, PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas has condemned the closure of the revered al-Aqsa mosque. Meanwhile, Egypt's demolition programme in the border town of Rafah continues.

article 30 October 2014 France
France may shoot down mystery drones flying at nuclear sites

With France on alert over drones spotted flying over several nuclear power plants, a French minister says the authorities may seek to shoot them down in future.

article 30 October 2014 World, Germany
Russian military flights - propaganda or precursor to war?
Russian military flights: propaganda or precursor to war?

Why has Russia radically increased military flights on Nato's borders - and how worried should we be?

post 30 October 2014
Read more on FactCheck FactCheck: the private school premium

Went to a state school? Then you can expect to earn thousands less than a privately-educated colleague with the same qualifications.

article 30 October 2014 UK
National sperm bank 'on a mission to change sperm donation'

With a nationwide donor shortage and increasing demand for sperm, the directors of the new national sperm bank in Birmingham say it will "revolutionise access to donor sperm".

article 30 October 2014 World, Mexico
Mexican drug lord La Tuta vows 'fight to the death'
Mexican drug lord La Tuta vows 'fight to the death'

One of Mexico's most wanted men, Servando "La Tuta" Gomez - leader of the notorious Knights Templar drug cartel - issues a recording saying he regrets his life of crime, but will not be taken alive.

article 30 October 2014 UK, Portugal
Punishing drug abuse 'does not deter users'
Punishing drug abuse 'does not deter users'

The Conservatives and Lib Dems clash on drugs policy as a new Home Office reports finds that criminalising abuse has no impact.

Channel 4 News


The UK’s net contribution to the European Union soared to 11.3bn in 2013 - an increase of 2.7bn from the previous year. Last week PM David Cameron said the UK would not pay a 1.7bn bill demanded by the EU.


Fiona Woolf, the head of the government?s child sex abuse inquiry, faces renewed calls for her resignation after it emerged the Home Office played a key role in re-writing a personal letter setting out her suitability for the job.


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Anti-government protesters take over the state TV studio during mass demonstrations in Burkina Faso, that have forced President Blaise Compaore to scrap a plan to extend his 27-year rule.



The bodies of 150 members of an Iraqi Sunni tribe who fought against Islamic State militants have been found in a mass grave. The men were reportedly taken from their village to the city of Ramadi on Wednesday.