Contains distressing content.
9 Nov 2017

‘Catastrophe’ looming over Syria aid blockade

Foreign Affairs Correspondent

The UN’s humanitarian advisor on Syria has warned of a “complete catastrophe”  and a return to “the bleakest days of this conflict”,  as the regime refuses to let hundreds of injured women and children leave an area it is bombing. The UN advisor, Jan Egeland, said around 400 people needed urgent medical evacuation from Eastern Ghouta. He added that children had died because they weren’t allowed to leave – and that 18 children are now at imminent risk.

The government has also refused to allow UN aid convoys to enter the rebel-held enclave, to the east of the capital Damacus, which is still home to 400,000 people, who have been living under siege for 4 years.
Among the towns being bombed are – Kafr Batna, Saqba and Jisreen.

A warning: the following report contains very distressing images of injured children following an attack.