Jonathan Rugman

Foreign Affairs Correspondent

Jonathan Rugman's beat includes foreign policy, terrorism and international development.

Jonathan Rugman is Foreign Affairs Correspondent at Channel 4 News. He has reported from the revolutions and uprisings in Syria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Bahrain and has covered stories as diverse as Somalia's famine, the eurozone crisis and the Haiti earthquake. He was previously the programme's Washington correspondent and Business Correspondent and his reporting from North America, the UK, Asia and Africa has won several awards. Jonathan joined Channel 4 News in 1999. He is the author of "Ataturk's Children: Turkey and the Kurds" and previously worked as Turkey correspondent for the BBC and The Guardian.

  • Published on 24 Apr 2017 Sections ,

    The key to Ms Le Pen’s success so far has been her anti-immigrant, anti-globalisation platform and her stand against the French establishment. Today she accused mainstream parties of trying to keep her out of power.

  • Published on 23 Apr 2017 Sections

    Two candidates want France to exit the Euro – if not the whole EU. Given what’s at stake, turnout is expected to be around 80 per cent – slightly higher than last time. Because of the state of emergency and the terror alert, tens of thousands of troops have been deployed all over the country.

  • Published on 22 Apr 2017

    In Paris there’s been increased security and a tense atmosphere following Thursday’s shooting incident. One security alert at the Gare du Nord led to the train stations closure and delays to rail services.

  • Published on 21 Apr 2017 Sections

    Tens of thousands of police officers and elite special forces are being deployed across France after last night’s shooting, the authorities determined not to let Sunday’s Presidential elections be disrupted.

  • Published on 19 Apr 2017

    In Turkey, last weekend’s poll ended in victory for President Erdogan by the narrowest of margins. Dozens of opposition activists, who accuse him of rigging the contest, have been arrested, adding to fears of a wider crackdown.

  • Published on 17 Apr 2017

    Turkey’s president Erdogan has denounced what he called the west’s ‘crusader mentality’ after critics questioned the legitimacy of a vote granting him sweeping new powers. Just over 51 percent of voters supported the move which could keep Mr Erdogan in power for a decade. A narrow win that’s exposed the sharp divisions in Turkish society.

  • Published on 13 Apr 2017 Sections ,

    We have no chemical weapons any more and even if we did, we wouldn’t use them. Syria’s president Assad has dismissed reports that his forces were behind last week’s chemical attack which left 82 people dead – as “100% fabrication”.

  • Published on 12 Apr 2017 Sections , , ,

    When the spokesman becomes the headline it’s never a good idea. Today White House spokesman Sean Spicer admitted he had “screwed up” – by saying Adolf Hitler had never used chemical weapons “against his own people”, like Syria’s president Assad.

  • Published on 10 Apr 2017 Sections , , ,

    With a quarter of French young people unemployed, support for the National Front has doubled among youngsters in five years. Many are attracted by Marine Le Pen’s anti-immigrant and strong nationalist message.

  • Published on 3 Apr 2017

    It is well known that western armies have long employed private military contractors, from Afghanistan to Iraq, but now the other side has cottoned on. Rebels in Syria have also been using a consultancy firm to carry out first aid and combat training, as well as some of the actual fighting. For over a year…

  • Published on 27 Mar 2017

    As residents flee the fighting in their thousands, the US is investigating whether coalition airstrikes were responsible for hundreds of civilian deaths. The UK says it has no evidence so far that its jets were involved.

  • Published on 22 Mar 2017 Sections

    The UK faces a “constantly evolving threat from terrorism and must respond accordingly”. Those were the words of the Transport Secretary Chris Grayling before today’s attack on Westminster began.

  • Published on 21 Mar 2017

    Marine Le Pen’s far right Front National party is reckoned to be the most popular amongst young people, with as many as 40% of 18 to 24 year olds backing her. Now a far-right youth movement is emerging from the shadows. It is called Generation Identitaire and it’s proposing controversial solutions to France’s social problems.

  • Published on 1 Mar 2017

    He’s declared it a “political assassination” and urged his supporters to resist. Francois Fillon says he won’t withdraw from the race to be French President, even though a judge has summoned him to be investigated and a top aide today resigned.

  • Published on 24 Feb 2017 Sections

    The assassins of Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, used the world’s deadliest nerve agent to kill him, according to Malaysian police.