Jonathan Rugman

Foreign Affairs Correspondent

Jonathan Rugman's beat includes foreign policy, terrorism and international development.

Jonathan Rugman is Foreign Affairs Correspondent at Channel 4 News. He has reported from the revolutions and uprisings in Syria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Bahrain and has covered stories as diverse as Somalia's famine, the eurozone crisis and the Haiti earthquake. He was previously the programme's Washington correspondent and Business Correspondent and his reporting from North America, the UK, Asia and Africa has won several awards. Jonathan joined Channel 4 News in 1999. He is the author of "Ataturk's Children: Turkey and the Kurds" and previously worked as Turkey correspondent for the BBC and The Guardian.

  • Published on 24 Feb 2017 Sections

    The assassins of Kim Jong-nam, the half-brother of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, used the world’s deadliest nerve agent to kill him, according to Malaysian police.

  • Published on 22 Feb 2017

    The Government has pledged a total of £200m to help people facing starvation in South Sudan and Somalia.

  • Published on 21 Feb 2017

    Emmanuel Macron, the independent candidate seen as a leading contender in the French presidential race, brought his campaign to London today.

  • Published on 20 Feb 2017

    Donald Trump’s personal lawyer has dismissed as “fake news” reports that he is involved in a secret peace plan to resolve the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

  • Published on 8 Feb 2017

    As President Trump’s lawyers fight to reinstate his travel ban, many in those countries on the list are seizing the opportunity to get into the United States while they can. Among them, a Yazidi couple from northern Iraq, whose flight was cancelled last week.

  • Published on 6 Feb 2017

    Amongst those who hope that window of opportunity will stay open are the Yazidis, who,having fled Islamic State militants, are waiting in Iraqi refugee camps in the hope of being allowed asylum in the United States.

  • Published on 28 Jan 2017

    Turkey is still in a state of emergency following the bloody coup attempt last July that left more than 200 dead. A crackdown on the Government’s critics and those believed to be supportive of the uprising has seen thousands of civil servants purged and Kurdish politicians and journalists jailed.

  • Published on 12 Jan 2017 Sections , ,

    There’s still no sign tonight of the former British spy at the centre of the lurid allegations against the US president elect Donald Trump.

  • Published on 9 Jan 2017 Sections

    The three-month battle to recapture the city of Mosul, the last major stronghold of Islamic State militants in Iraq, is gathering pace.

  • Published on 4 Jan 2017

    The Israeli Prime Minister has called for a pardon for a soldier who was convicted of manslaughter for shooting dead an injured Palestinian attacker.

  • Published on 3 Jan 2017 Sections

    Sixteen suspects have now been arrested by Turkish police following the attack on an Istanbul nightclub, but the gunman who killed 39 people remains at large.

  • Published on 19 Dec 2016 Sections

    Thousands more civilians managed to leave rebel-held Aleppo today for relative safety, including a group of children who’d been trapped inside an orphanage.

  • Published on 15 Dec 2016 Sections ,

    They are exhausted, they are disillusioned, they are in very bad shape – but they have finally escaped rebel-held Aleppo, the Red Cross says – after a convoy of buses and ambulances carried some thousand civilians out of the besieged enclave. More vehicles are on the way – the priority, taking the wounded, the sick,…

  • Published on 14 Dec 2016 Sections ,

    With the breakdown of the ceasefire, thousands of civilians are still trapped in the nightmare that is rebel-held Aleppo: an ever shrinking enclave, where the shelling has barely paused, where witnesses say bodies still lie in the streets.

  • Published on 13 Dec 2016 Sections

    The pressure on Syria and its Russian allies to guarantee safety for those leaving Aleppo is coming from all sides, from the UN chief Ban Ki Moon to Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson. But amid all the promises, the fate of Aleppo’s people depends not on words, but on action.