4 Oct 2011

Cameron: I don’t live in a glass bubble

David Cameron insists to Channel 4 News that he does not live in a “glass bubble”, and is not a male chauvinist pig. But he was unable to deny being in contact with Rupert Murdoch.

In an interview with Jon Snow, the prime minister said that as a constituency MP he has seen the hardship the austerity measures have inflicted on Britain.

David Cameron, who is MP for Witney in Oxfordshire, said: “I’m well paid in this job… but I don’t live in some glass bubble.”

He said he thinks the British people understand that the country is facing a difficult time, with difficult decisions to be made.

I’m well paid in this job…but I don’t live in some glass bubble. Prime Minister David Cameron

Speaking as the crisis in the eurozone gripped the markets, sending London’s leading share index tumbling more than 2 per cent today, the prime minister maintained that the economy has grown.

He added: “We must be careful not to talk ourselves down.

“There’s still a debt crisis in America, there’s still a debt crisis in the eurozone and there’s still a debt crisis in the UK. Do we (the UK) have any influence in the world? I think we do. First, we’ve set out a plan to reduce the deficit that other countries admire and second we are a member of the G20.

“They are essential trading partners, we need the eurozone. ‘I told you so’ is not an economic policy.”

Mr Cameron lauded his chancellor’s “strong speech” on economic policy yesterday, backing George Osborne’s pledge that he would track down tax exiles and make them pay. Mr Cameron pointed to the recently announced tax treaty with Switzerland which would help “get the money back”.

However, the prime minister said that the simplest way of helping people in Britain right now, was to put a freeze on council tax.

“I’m a one nation Conservative. I want a one nation plan,” he said.

“It’s the one bill that’s not going to go up.”

Meetings with Murdoch

Following Monday’s admission from Michael Gove to Channel 4 News that he is in “regular, intimate touch” with News International chairman Rupert Murdoch, Mr Cameron also did not deny contact.

He told Channel 4 News: “I talk to all media proprietors from time to time. I have no plans for any great meetings. But the whole lot gets declared (now).”

On the separate thorny issue of his recent disrespectful comments to female MPs, the prime minister said: “I accept that sometimes words come out wrong.”

Slightly lost for words, he said: “I’m not a…”

“Chauvinist pig?” offered Jon Snow.

“No I’m not,” said Mr Cameron.