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post 22 July 2014
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Flight MH17 - Putin tacks to restrain EU

European leaders will gather today for a foreign ministers' meeting that is expected to be dominated by the issues of Russia and Ukraine. But what will actually be done?

post 21 July 2014
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Russia: EU sanctions inch forward again

Don't hold your breath for a thunderclap of judgement on Russia tomorrow at the EU foreign ministers' gathering. You might get some tough rhetoric but you will not see a major escalation of sanctions.

article 21 July 2014 UK, Ukraine
OSCE inspector at MH17 crash site
Putin under pressure over MH17 crash site

Vladimir Putin's closest allies face sanctions if the Russian president does not help secure the MH17 crash site, UK politicians warn  but Mr Putin dismisses such threats.

post 15 July 2014
Read more on Michael's blog Reshuffle leaves Cameron with dangerous lack of legal experience

David Cameron's reshuffle exposes a lack of legal experience in the upper ranks of government - not to mention a growing pool of unhappy men in their 50s on the backbenches.

article 15 July 2014 UK
Ciaran Jenkins by 'Bedroom tax' study raises serious questions

The day of a major cabinet reshuffle can often be used for other purposes, for example quietly unveiling a report into the much-criticised "bedroom tax". So is the much-maligned policy working?

article 15 July 2014 UK
by New cabinet minister or TV politician? Take the quiz

Prime Minister David Cameron promotes some new faces to his cabinet. But can you tell the difference between the real deal and the actors pretending to be politicians in shows like The Thick of It?

video 15 July 2014 UK

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Cabinet reshuffle: Gove demoted to chief whip- video

William Hague stands down as foreign secretary and is replaced by Philip Hammond. Nicky Morgan replaces Michael Gove as education secretary and Kenneth Clarke exits.

post 14 July 2014
Cameron's big reshuffle: live updates

Live updates from Downing Street as the prime minister reshuffles his cabinet.

post 14 July 2014
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Ken Clarke may be dispensable - but don't expect him to go quietly

Kenneth Clarke's "retirement" from in the latest reshuffle will not have been voluntary. Meanwhile, Mr Cameron is likely to honour a pledge to give women a third of government jobs.