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article 01 April 2015 Politics
Ed Miliband with David Cameron and Nick Clegg (Reuters)
Election 2015: who do the pundits think will win?

With just under five weeks to go to the general election, who do the forecasters think will be left holding the keys to Downing Street?

article 01 April 2015 UK
Over 100 business leaders declare Tory support

Some of the UK's top business chiefs write an open letter saying a Labour government would "threaten jobs", as Ed Miliband commits to regular worker contracts after 12 weeks.

post 31 March 2015
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Nick Clegg, 'Yoda' Ashdown and the future of coalitions

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg blazed a trail by forging a coalition partnership with the Tories. And despite the criticism he has received, he now seems at peace with himself.

post 30 March 2015
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Ed Miliband courts business, David Cameron gets personal

Ed Miliband kicked off the first day of the election campaign by launching Labour's business manifesto, while David Cameron laid into the opposition leader on the doorstep of No.10.

article 30 March 2015 UK, Bangladesh
Bangladesh: second blogger hacked to death

A blogger is brutally murdered by men with machetes in the Bangladesh capital Dhaka - the second attack in five weeks on an online critic of religious extremism in the Muslim-majority country.

article 30 March 2015 UK
David Cameron launches the general election campaign (Reuters)
Election campaign under way as parliament dissolved

The general election campaign has officially begun after the prime minister informed the Queen of the dissolution of parliament.

article 30 March 2015 UK
General election 2015: campaign begins today

One of the most closely-contested general elections for decades gets under way as parliament is dissolved - meaning every one of the 650 MPs elected in 2010 is officially out of a job.

article 29 March 2015 Politics
Election 2015: is Labour heading for poll position?

Labour achieves a four-point lead, according to a new poll, following a televised grilling by Jeremy Paxman on Thursday night.

article 28 March 2015 UK
David Cameron pledges NHS available 24/7

David Cameron promises the health service will offer consultants seven days a week in England by 2020 if the Conservatives win a second term.