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article 13 April 2016 UK
Vote Leave designated as EU referendum out campaign

The Electoral Commission designates Vote Leave as the leading Brexit campaign group in the run-up to June's referendum on EU membership, but it may face a legal challenge.

post 08 April 2016
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David Cameron is under fire for holding offshore investments before he became Prime Minister. Was he trying to avoid tax?

post 07 April 2016
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People close to the PM say he was fed up seeing his father's face linked to unsavoury business practices, wanted to defend his father and felt he personally had nothing to hide.

article 07 April 2016 UK
David Cameron talking to young people (Reuters)
Cameron urges young people to vote in EU referendum

David Cameron warns young Britons they would be hit hardest if Britain votes to leave the EU on 23 June, telling them it is "probably the most important political decision of our lifetimes".

post 06 April 2016
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The Government's leaflet setting out it's case for Britain remaining in the EU is a pretty dour production. From next week it goes out to every household in the UK.

post 08 March 2016
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You might have thought that today's Cabinet would see fireworks, not least as it was preceded by a meeting of Political Cabinet with Boris Johnson turning up. But Mr Johnson had nothing to say.

post 24 February 2016
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Will David Cameron forgive Michael Gove for backing "Leave" - and for casting doubt on whether the renegotiation deal is legally watertight? And will George Osborne be more forgiving?

article 24 February 2016 UK
Michael Gove (Reuters)
Cameron's EU deal challenged by Gove

The renegotiation deal David Cameron struck with other EU leaders is not legally binding, according to his cabinet colleague and friend Michael Gove.

article 23 February 2016 UK
EU exit would damage economy, say top bosses

Heads of more than a third of the country's biggest businesses are supporting Britain's continued membership of the EU ahead of the June referendum.