Paul McNamara , Reporter

  • 5 Mar 2018

    It’s being reported that a man who is now critically ill after suspected exposure to an unknown substance in a Salisbury shopping centre is a former Russian spy called Sergei Skripal.

  • 3 Mar 2018

    Whenever the temperature falls below freezing, local authorities have a duty to provide emergency shelter to rough sleepers. Mosques, drive-through restaurants and even a football stadium all opened their doors to provide refuge this week, but at least two people lost their lives sleeping outside in sub zero conditions. Paul McNamara reports.

  • 2 Mar 2018

    Elsewhere in the country it’s been a similar story of disruption. Several councils have declared major incidents and police have issued strong warnings to motorists not to venture out. The RAC has warned that freezing rain could turn roads into “icy death traps”.

  • 22 Feb 2018

    Police have said that a suspect package containing white powder has been sent to Meghan Markle and it is now being treated as a hate crime.

  • 21 Feb 2018

    Police forces could face legal action by victims of serious crime over bungled investigations after a landmark case at the Supreme Court. Judges ruled that police should be held liable for “seriously defective” inquiries after complaints brought by two victims of the black cab rapist John Worboys. They fought their case all the way to…

  • 18 Feb 2018

    The family of the murdered MP Jo Cox say they are standing by her widower Brendan Cox – who’s resigned his post at two charities after sexual assault allegations emerged from his past. They say he did the “right thing” in admitting to inappropriate behaviour when he worked at Save the Children – calling it…

  • 17 Feb 2018

    Theresa May says she wants a “deep and special” partnership with Europe after Brexit to make sure the UK and EU continue to work together on security and defence issues. But as more evidence emerges of Russia’s complex cyber interference in the 2016 U.S. election, what kind of new security arrangements will Britain have to…

  • 7 Feb 2018

    Victims of the black cab rapist John Worboys have welcomed a High Court ruling allowing them to challenge the decision to release him from prison. Worboys, who was jailed indefinitely in 2009 for drugging and sexually assaulting 12 women, is believed to have attacked as many as 100 women. Some of his victims said they…

  • 6 Feb 2018

    The family of a student who was stabbed to death by her former boyfriend say there should be more awareness over the dangers of stalking. Joshua Stimpson was jailed for life today for the murder of Molly McLaren in a shopping centre car park in Kent last June. During his trial it emerged that he…

  • 5 Feb 2018

    The alleged computer hacker Lauri Love will not be extradited to face charges in the US after winning his High Court appeal. The 33-year-old was first arrested in October 2013, suspected of hacking into FBI, US Central Bank and Nasa systems. Outside court, Mr Love, who has Asperger’s syndrome, said he hoped the decision would…

  • 1 Feb 2018

    Brexit and its complications follow Theresa May like a shadow. While she tried to woo the Chinese leader over a cup of Lapsang she was reassuring worried Brexiteers at home that freedom of movement will indeed end in March 2019. Meanwhile it’s the Mandarins in Whitehall that are battling the government. For the second time…

  • 31 Jan 2018

    Leaked government documents indicating that Brexit in any form will be negative for the UK economy are to be published. The government had said they were a partial analysis that hadn’t been signed off by ministers and shouldn’t be made public. But as Labour MPs brought forward a motion to force disclosure to parliament, the…

  • 29 Jan 2018

    Everyone receiving personal independence payments will have their claim reviewed. In the last few minutes the Department for Work and Pensions has confirmed that a total of 1.6 million of the PIP disability benefit claims will be reviewed, with around 220,000 people expected to receive more money.

  • 26 Jan 2018

    The Chancellor Philip Hammond has risked stirring up more Tory divisions over Brexit  by suggesting the UK should seek a “middle way” in the negotiations. Yesterday he earned a rebuke from Downing Street after saying changes in relations between Britain and the EU could be “very modest”. But in a speech in Middlesbrough, the Brexit…

  • 25 Jan 2018

    These include offences involving knives or a gun. We’re in the west midlands where crime went up by 14% last year.