3 Aug 2014

Gaza-Israel live: strike on UN school

3 August

Warning: this page contains distressing images.

– An Israeli strike kills at least ten people at a UN school in Rafah. Around 30 others have been wounded
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon says ‘this madness must stop’ after the attack, and calls for an end to all fighting
– Lt Hadar Goldin, the Israeli soldier believed captured by Hamas, was killed in action, Israel confirms. The IDF said on Twitter: “A special IDF committee has concluded that Lt. Hadar Goldin was killed in combat in Gaza on Friday. May his memory be a blessing.”
– A delegation from Hamas and Islamic Jihad have arrived in Cairo for indirect ceasefire talks with Israel, to be conducted through Egyptian and US officials – Israel’s delegation have not travelled to Cairo
– The Israeli army has completed its core mission of destroying the tunnels network extending into Israel and tells some Gaza residents they can return home after repositioning its troops; but renewed shelling killed at least 30 in Gaza on Sunday

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2 August

– Hamas says it has no clear indication on the whereabouts of an Israeli soldier that Israel believes Hamas abducted in the Gaza Strip. Hamas said the soldier, Hadar Goldin, may have been killed in an ambush – Rocket attacks by Hamas and Israeli shelling have both resumed after a US and UN-brokered ceasefire collapsed – Israeli TV stations say some ground forces withdrawing from Gaza – At least 1,592 Gazans, including many civilians, have been killed since the start of the conflict on 8 July. Sixty-three Israeli soldiers have been killed, and three civilians – The Channel 4 News team head to al Shifa hospital, where many are living in the grounds as they say it is the only safe place. Wards are overflowing and it’s two to a bed.














1 August

The father of Israeli officer Hadar Goldin, who has disappeared, says the Israeli defence forces will “turn every stone” to bring his son home safe. “We are certain that the IDF will not stop until they have turned every stone and brought Hadar home safe and sound,” Mr Hadar says. He continues: “Soon it will be the sabbath, so have a peaceful sabbath. I am asking you to disperse from here and to not disturb the neighbourhood and the family.” An Israeli army infantry unit arrives on Friday at the border with Gaza after Israel declared a ceasefire over, saying Hamas militants breached the truce soon after it came in effect and apparently captured an Israeli officer while killing two other soldiers.

US Secretary of State John Kerry calls on Hamas to immediately and unconditionally release the missing Israeli soldier, identified as Second-Lieutenant Hadar Goldin, 23. Mr Kerry urges the international community to step up efforts to end the attacks against Israel. Renewed Israeli shelling kills more than 50 Palestinians and wounds some 220 on Friday, hospital officials say. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls his security cabinet into special session and publicly warns Hamas and other militant groups they will “bear the consequences of their action”.

Early reports suggest the missing Israeli officer is British-Israeli. The Foreign Office says it is investigating whether this is the case. The following is a compilation of consecutive Twitter posts by Paul Mason – “At Khozaa, south Gaza, hundreds of people tried to get back to their homes. They found dead bodies from the first day of the war. But as they were in the fields/houses they came under Israeli shell fire and small-arms fire. Many found homes smashed. “We saw one casualty carried back from Khozaa with bullet wound to leg. But at hospital in Khan Younis I saw many civilian casualties. At the hospital in Khan Younis, Dr Mahmoud Abu Khatir told me they were overwhelmed – blast wounds and bullet wounds to young men, children, babies. “The pattern of injuries to civilians is that they are caught in shellfire into farm land and targeted by rifle or sniper fire. People had gone out thinking the ceasefire would be long. Rocket, fire and reported capture of Israeli soldier said to cause breakdown. “Just for clarity, while people claim there are “snipers”, in fact most of the bullet wounds were consistent with ordinary small arms fire.”Below are tweets from @paulmasonews @thompwalker and @Worldwidewebb1 in Gaza. Warning: this page includes some images that may be distressing. 

















:: Israeli shelling near the southern Gaza town of Rafah killed at least 25 people on Friday, the Palestinian Interior Ministry said, as a ceasefire that went into effect only hours earlier appeared to be crumbling. :: Israel accused Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups of violating the US – and UN-mediated truce, but did not elaborate, amid Israeli media reports that gunmen had fired at Israeli soldiers in the Rafah area. :: Rocket-warning sirens sounded in southern Israel on Friday after the Gaza Interior Ministry said 25 Palestinians had been killed by Israeli shelling.








31 July









:: The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) release a video claiming to show 12 examples of Hamas firing rockets from civilian areas.

30 July

























 29 July











28 July

:: There are reports of casualties at Shifa hospital in Gaza, but there are conflicting claims as to who is responsible. Paul Mason is at the scene.

“This is Paul Mason, I’m at the Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. I’ve just seen the bodies of four children after an apparent Israeli attack at a place called Beach Camp just down the road. There are numerous other causalities, adults and children. At least four children dead and others very badly injured.

“According to an eyewitness I’ve spoken to, the rubble from that attack exploded onto the street and killed children playing there.”

:: Earlier reports indicate two blasts in Gaza – one at a refugee camp, whose casualties were taken to Shifa hospital. The second appears to be at Shifa hospital itself.

:: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says the obstacle to ending fighting between Israel, Islamist Hamas militants and Palestinians in Gaza Strip is “political will.” “It’s a matter of their political will. They have to show their humanity as leaders, both Israeli and Palestinian,” he tells reporters.

:: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says that parties to the conflict in Gaza have “expressed serious interest” in his request for a further 24 hour humanitarian ceasefire, but “have not yet agreed on the timing of its implementation”.

:: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticises the UN Security Council’s call for an immediate humanitarian truce in Gaza, saying it addresses Hamas’ needs while neglecting Israeli security.

:: I’ve been to radicalised Muslim countries and heard the rhetoric. But what I’m hearing in Gaza, from people who consider they have little left to live for, is more than that. Read my latest report on my blog.

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55 reader comments

  1. Kafantaris says:

    “Israeli police Mickey Rosenfeld tells me men who killed 3 Israeli teens def[initely] lone cell, Hamas affiliated but not operating under leadership … Seems to contradict the line from Netanyahu government.” — Jon Donnison, BBC, 7-25-14
    It also seems reporters dropped the ball in covering the murder of the three Israeli Teens. Yes, the government stonewalled them, but that’s where gumshoe comes in. Jon Donnison managed to get something.
    Even when the facts are not entirely known, a reporter can still find a source that disputes the reasonableness of the government’s explanation. This is what investigative reporters did in Watergate when things didn’t add up.
    Despite the cacophony of talking heads, readers still make up their own minds — but they need some help to figure things out.

  2. Ben says:

    Please provide us with the FULL conditions. Maybe worth noting that the US uses it’s position at the UN to veto the peace process. The editorial may want to explain why.

  3. ifty says:

    Ones again channel 4 news going were no other news channels will.

  4. Esther says:

    It will be fascinating to hear what Paul has to say when he has left Gaza and not having to be watched by Hamas. Please tell us about the presumed Hamas HQ under Shifa Hospital, for example. The latter is presumed to be the ultimate “human shield” used by Hamas. But is it?

    1. what? says:

      What nonsense are you talking about. “Human Shield” is a propaganda phrase to explain the deaths of civilians Israel kills.

  5. Brenda Bicknell says:

    Thank you, Thank you Peter Snow. You are the first broadcaster who has ever stood up to Israel. The USA backs Israel no matter what atrocities they have carried out over the last 30 years. We know that whatever the USA says, we have to follow. It’s absolute Slaughter. Gaza is the larges prison in the world, the people there can only get to school and work with great difficulty. Israel has the power to stop movement at whim.

    Thank You again.

  6. Seemi Mujtaba says:

    As long as Gaza remains under occupation , Hamas will remain . Hamas is the name of their resistance . Israel cannot finish the resistance ( Hamas), as long as there is one Palestanian alive in the occupied Gaza .
    Solution is simple in order to stop the resistance Israel either leave Gaza and stop the baracades or kill them all . It looks like sadly Israel has chosen the later

  7. Henry says:

    The solution:

    Send a UN military contingent in Gaza, to act as a buffer between the two sides. By doing so Israel or Hamas cannot fire rockets or missiles to the other side as UN will have its force there. (Note: reason I said in Gaza, is because I am 100% sure Israel would never want any armed forces in its territory, and could use this to stall the process ;) While this military force is in place then the peace process can begin. Why hasnt the UN sent a peacekeeping force in Gaza at all ?!?!?

  8. Ebbi says:

    Esther, If you lesson to Bibi, look under your bed; these Hamas soldiers are everywhere, intensive care units, hospital for the disabled, UN shelters, … They even have a HQ under the beach. We have the technology, a drone can clearly see a child but it fired a second time as their little legs were blown away running, petrified. The operative could have redirected the rocket after firing, but we have to kill Hamas; anyway his parents probably voted for them, so then it is justified. Wouldn’t you do that if that happened in your country? You should blame Hamas for building their headquarters under the beach.

    Esther, the only way I can reply to you is with the tweet – “Hamas soldier makes a donkey fart in the safe zone and alarms reverberated in Tel Aviv”.

    Please have the decency to allow us to mourn our children without your, frankly racist, trite. The notion that Palestinians are under such a spell of Hamas to offer their children to this slaughter is a racist absurdity befitting an Israeli spokesperson; remember the type that Uncle John told, “I didn’t ask for a lecture” and Paul shares that professionalism humanity. The lasting legacy when he leaves Gaza is more likely to be images of severed children than your scoop of Hamas headquarters.

    Finally, you would be glad to know that Hamas has a higher percentage of votes than any Western party and in Gaza they have gained much respect in halting the 4th strongest Army in the world from advancing further into Gaza as they did in 2008/9 massacre. It is their duty to protect their people and under International Law, they have every right to their headquarters and their tunnels. It is this renegade settler state of Israel that refuses to join civil society and abide by International Law, murdering children under its occupation.

  9. Kevan Wilding says:

    It is suggested that we give £6 billion to Israel every year, is this true? Why are we ignoring our kids & giving it to a monster? I am quoting figures from another twitter account, but I have no reason to disbelieve this.
    The Gaza conflict is horrible, and I find it difficult to watch the news at present, particularly C4 news which reports this very well, and am trying hard to comprehend why any civilized nation would want to kill so many children and civilians because of terrorists hiding behind these people.
    I also find it hard to believe that the US and UK (and others?) are happy to fund this form of aggression towards civilian populations without any for of control.


  10. David Carr says:

    Israel states that it is being bombarded with rockets but then insists that it is safe for international airlines to fly in and out of Israel. If there was a serious missile and rocket threat there would be aeroplanes flying.

    There are no arguments that could justify the Nazi Gas Chambers. There are no arguments that can justify the slaughter in Gaza.

    We are witnessing a massacre. Those responsible are devouring their own humanity and making us complicit in their terrible crimes. Adrian Mitchell’s poem seems so relevant.

    To Whom It May Concern

    I was run over by the truth one day.
    Ever since the accident I’ve walked this way
    So stick my legs in plaster
    Tell me lies about Gaza.

    Heard the alarm clock screaming with pain,
    Couldn’t find myself so I went back to sleep again
    So fill my ears with silver
    Stick my legs in plaster
    Tell me lies about Gaza.

    Every time I shut my eyes all I see is flames.
    Made a marble phone book and I carved out all the names
    So coat my eyes with butter
    Fill my ears with silver
    Stick my legs in plaster
    Tell me lies about Gaza.

    I smell something burning, hope it’s just my brains.
    They’re only dropping peppermints and daisy-chains
    So stuff my nose with garlic
    Coat my eyes with butter
    Fill my ears with silver
    Stick my legs in plaster
    Tell me lies about Gaza.

    Where were you at the time of the crime?
    Down by the Cenotaph drinking slime
    So chain my tongue with whisky
    Stuff my nose with garlic
    Coat my eyes with butter
    Fill my ears with silver
    Stick my legs in plaster
    Tell me lies about Gaza.

    You put your bombers in, you put your conscience out,
    You take the human being and you twist it all about
    So scrub my skin with women
    Chain my tongue with whisky
    Stuff my nose with garlic
    Coat my eyes with butter
    Fill my ears with silver
    Stick my legs in plaster
    Tell me lies about Gaza.

  11. John Hancock says:

    Well done Channel 4 news for reporting excellent impartial news on the Gaza/israel conflict. Not even Obama or Kerry can do anything about the current situation but if you feel this is the most unjust war of all time go to RT News – there you will see a total support for the Palestine side. Of course RT is the Russian TV channel (all spoken in English) but with the current US/European sanctions under way Russia has little time for Israel one of the US closest allies.

  12. Raizwan Butt says:

    I don’t properly understand the history of all this so forgive me in advance if I’ve got it wrong…but let’s begin with ignoring the fact that apparently Britain pushed the Palestinians to the side to make Israel (admittedly, easy for me to ignore since it’s not my home) and accept Israel’s legitimacy as per the 1947 plan.

    From that point on, Israel went on to take more land from the Palestinians…land that they’ve not given back. They’ve gone on to establish settlements in this stolen land which suggest they have no intention of ever giving it back. Israel has ignored scores of UN resolutions throughout this period which have declared the post 1947 actions as illegal. They’ve currently got Palestine under lockdown too.

    Are these circumstances not the current starting point to everything? Are the people of Palestine or the democratically appointed Hamas supposed to sit back and let the illegal occupation of Palestine continue, particularly when the powers that be (you know countries like the US or authorities like the UN) take no action over what Israel have done/are doing?

    In what other circumstances in life would the party who are in the wrong be allowed to use the excuse of defending themselves when those wronged try to get back what is theirs?

    When you then take in to account that Israel, apparently has the fourth largest (strongest?) army in the world and in this latest “war”, has killed over 1,000 Palestinians, the vast majority civilians…with a significant amount of the dead being children (lets ignore the numbers injured…again, easy for me to do)…whilst Israel’s death total is less than 60…the vast majority being military soldiers…of which the majority of them died during an invasion of foreign territory (you know, what little is left of Palestine)…is it any wonder Israel is losing the face publically?

    Still, that all said, I’d like to know if Hamas would cease all hostilities if only Israel return post 1947 stolen land, end the blockade and accept the two state solution? Those seem like perfectly justifiably conditions to me…ones that Israel should be accepting. Of course, we’ll never know if Israel do not do what’s right. That requires them to make the first move. Hamas can’t do anything. Sure, they could stop trying to fight back and reclaim their rights…but then if they did that…would Israel give back the stolen land? I mean they’ve already had 60 years in which to do it.

    1. Wynne says:

      Just to say this: Hamas does not want a two-state solution. In fact, nobody with any sense wants that. It is a racist solution and would never work anyway. Palestinians just want their freedom and Israel has to wake up and be grown up and take down the walls and share the whole land and learn to be tolerant and live in peace with everyone.

      Have a look at an excellent site: Palestineremembered.com and learn about the peaceful society which we, the British, betrayed and the 500 or so Palestinian villages the world allowed Israel to destroy.

    2. Mick says:

      There was never a nation in called Palestine, it is the name of a region, a re-invented name the Romans created as an insult to the Jews. Palestine included all of Jordan and parts of Iraq, in 1860, there were 411,000 Arabs in Palestine, which is by any standards utterly tiny for a land mass that size. When the Turks did a census in the late 1800s there were more Jews in Jerusalem than Muslims or Christians, in the 15th century the most famous Jewish rabbis lived in Gaza (now no Jew can live in Gaza without being lynched). When Zionism first began even the surrounding nations said the land desperately needed settling and cultivating, the population of the region was utterly tiny. The ancient Holy sites were deserted and in ruins, the Jews turned a desert into a garden.

      Most of the arabs in the region now who are the off spring of those who moved to the area AFTER Zionism began to find work and better housing. Both Jews and arabs lived together in peace until Jihadists moved in from outside the region in the early 1900s and began formenting violent unrest. The first 5 massacres in the region were all started by arabs (check wikpedia), the Jewish paramilitaries were formed as a result of those attacks.

      The arab “Palestinian State” is Jordan, it used to have an almost identical flag and when Hamas used to talk about uniting Palestine, they meant Jordan as well.

      The Left have been conned, there was never a country called Palestine that was replaced with a country called Israel, notwithstanding the settlements issue. The arabs and Muslims, as well as the Christians have many nations they can call their own, the Jews have only one and it is tiny. Is this about arab nationalism or Jihadist expansion?

    3. Tes says:

      160 Palestinian kids died digging tunnels for Hamas! — “By 2012 at least 160 Palestinian children have been killed digging the Hamas terror tunnels, according to Hamas officials. Hamas uses child laborers to build their terror tunnels because, “much as in Victorian coal mines, they are prized for their nimble bodies”. Don’t believe me, read the Institute for Palestine Studies detailed report on Gaza’s Tunnel Phenomenon in the summer of 2012. It reported that tunnel construction in Gaza has resulted in a large number of Palestinian child deaths.

    4. Sarah says:

      The media need to be careful they are not one day held partly accountable for all this death and suffering in Gaza. I have a horrible feeling that if they were not micro reporting all this suffering that Hamas would have accepted a ceasefire by now.

      This is really beginning to bother me.

  13. Ian says:

    Good coverage by C4 News this past week or 2.

    The Israeli interviewee today (former Ambassador to US) showed himself to be a completely ignorant, condescending, propaganda mouthpiece. Pathetic.

    It is evident that the deaths of innocent children are not relevant to Israel. Completely inhuman.

    Israel has now moved to effective State terrorism.

    The actions of Israel are creating a more dangerous region and are creating the conditions for increased chances of further war in the future.

  14. allan says:

    Just being listening to Jon Snow in discussion with a previous Israeli ambassador to the US.

    Quite frightening, and I think it shocked Snow.

    Straight out of the Propaganda Ministry of Nazi Germany.

    I suppose the Jews learnt from the Third Reich. Ghetto the people you don’t want, If they object destroy their infrastructure and kill as many as possible, use terror to subdue the population, and, guess what, it’s their own fault anyway.

    I used to defend Israel, but not anymore. They are as cruel and heartless as the Old Testament depicts them!

  15. Page says:

    Can C4 News have the courage to ask Hamas as to why they are making all those tunnels to infiltrate into Israel?

  16. Maria says:

    It’s no good picking on your favourite enemy to blame as Jon Snow is apt to do.
    There are several that could stop this slaughter. Israel being a democracy are the easier targets but should they again be expected to agree to a ceasefire and wait until Hamas obtain even more advanced rockets armed maybe with nuclear weapons of course not.
    Someone has to disarm Hamas and there must be better ways of doing it than bombing the Palestinians to bits. If the UN were up to the job they would enforce them to disarm , ensure that there was a free election where the opposition wasn’t thrown of high rise buildings.
    Force the Israelis to give the Palestinians a fair deal .
    Trouble is factions in the UN.cannot agree to the only way this problem can be sorted

  17. neil says:

    Israeli through bloodlust and self interest cannot see they are inflicting a Holocaust on the Palestinians. They above all peoples should know better, all sympathy for the Jews is exhausted they are now the 21st Century Nazi murders.

    Little did the west know what a monster they were to spawn when they carved out the state of Israel.

    We then compounded this issue by funding them and selling them state of the art weapons of war that allow them to meter out a David and Goliath war with Palestinians people.

    You just need to look at the casualty figures to understand the reality. This is Hamas as the modern day Dads Army fighting trained soldiers from another more advanced race armed with leading edge weapons of mass destruction.

    Anything the Israeli Government say cannot justify the slaughter of 1100+ Palestinian Civilians for the loss of 40+ Israelis soldiers.

    To my knowledge the much feared Hamas rockets have had very limited impact in terms of Israeli deaths. They are very much a poorly guided terror weapon that some might argue are totally justified based on the occupation and blockade of Palestine by Israel for many years.

    How else are they to garner Global support to release the blockade and start the peace dialogue.

    Whilst Hamas are called Terrorists by Israel the world looks on whilst Israel inflicts genocide on Palestine. I know as a Humanitarian which is worst and which needs to be addressed.

    Bring on the war crimes trials and isolation of Israel until such times as they regain the Humanity they embodied following WW2.

    To echo what many others have said once again Channel 4 News go where no other news agency will go and they hold to account those that need to be held to account.

    The Israeli Ambassador being a case in point, he could not / would not answer “how does Israel justify the disparity in death toll” he could not justify “why trained IDF killers were being used against Civilians in Palestine”

    Clearly he is part of the Israeli propaganda machine……………Great job Jon for exposing him

  18. Alasdair Nolan says:

    Tonight Jon Snow said Israel is fast becoming a pariah state. Of course they are, the media are ensuring that. What is happening in Gaza is shocking, no question. But I have concerns. It is said Hamas used 30,000 tons of concrete to build their tunnels, why didn’t they build shelters, they knew they would be fighting Israel again? Why didn’t Hamas have an evacuation plan? I fully appreciate Gaza is a highly populated area but surely preparations could have been made. In the second world war the population were issued with shelters and an evacuation plan was put into operation. Surely Jon Snow should be asking why Hamas seems to be doing so little to protect its population. The idea Hamas is NOT using the civilians as shields is ludicrous, but then they are hardly going to admit to it. I am not pro-Israel or pro-Palestinian, I am pro-peace with a two state solution. However as long as the media plays into the sickening hands of Hamas by ensuring the give Hamas all the ‘right’ publicity, Hamas will not consider a ceasefire. The more civilians that die for their ’cause’ the better, They are ‘martyrs’ and children make the best pictures. It is sad of course that Israel has its missile defence system, as Jon Snow pointed out, cheaply adding that it was paid for with American money. If they didn’t have, more Israelis would be dead and injured, then the media score line of causalities would be evened up. Would that be better for you Mr Snow?

    1. Jerry Pepin says:

      It seems not to have occurred to you, Alasdair, that if the death toll amongst Israeli civilians had been likely to be high the Zionists might not have attacked Gaza at all. Would that be better for you ?

  19. Hussain says:

    Thanks to J.Snow for restoring my faith in journalism and humanity for having the decency and courage to not be cowed by the racist,apartheid spokesman for the illegal,genocidal entity of Israel.IF ever their was a genuine struggle for freedom it is that of the Palestinians,however they need to realise that no matter how much the U.N. or any of the nations witness the genocide of Palestinian people or the theft of territories the only way to stop this is by armed resistance.The U.K.,U.S.,U.N. have lost all credibility and will never stop arming Israel or condemn its atrocities.ISRAEL NEEDS TO BE STOPPED BY THE ONLY LANGUAGE IT UNDERSTANDS.THE ONLY SOLUTION IS ARMED STRUGGLE.For those who support Israel they need to understand that they are supporting a apartheid illegal anti-humanity entity which is devoid of all humanity.The world is tired of the lies,propaganda campaign against Hamas which has the right to bear arms and defend themselves.How can anyone ask Hamas to disarm yet ISRAHELL continues to be armed to the teeth by its allies (or bitches to be exact)WOULD THE WORLD ACT THE SAME IF IT WAS ISRAEL ON THE RECEIVING END????CAN THE U.S. EVER CITE HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS IN THE FUTURE?????

  20. P&T says:

    I watched that discussion with the former ambassador to US with my wife.We were also struck by his inhuman attitude and cold hearted persona. It also seemed to us that he was following a script telling lies to demonise the palestinians which we constantly hear from Israeli spoke persons.

  21. Len Rose says:

    another 5,000 children will be killed this month in Syria
    a 260,000 total for 3 years….

    but that is fine as long as the Jews are not pulling the trigger, the WORLD doesn’t care.

    over a million dead in Iraq, Afganistan is a big number too, but it’s all fine if Jews are not doing it.

    Search your souls gentlemen

  22. Danny says:

    Israel is trying to knock Hamas back to the stone ages. They do not want a two state solution this whole conflict is part of their strategy

  23. luca Biason says:

    As we carry on witnessing this inhumane slaughter, while all corporate interests assist and wait to step in (British Gas in primis) I really have to ask the following:

    The West is not moving a finger to stop this. If anything is rearming the rogue state so that it can fulfil its real agenda, in spite of the widespread condemnation and popular outrage. So…ARE WE REALLY REPRESENTED BY OUR GOVERNMENTS?

    By giving a mandate to our politicians to represent us, we also expect them to abide by our moral standards. We are ready to dismiss them if they abuse of a credit card, but not if they tacitly endorse a criminal,inhumane action against humanity.

    The West is truly showing the value it attaches to human life, depending on who is holding the gun.

    Israel and its lobbies will have a lot to answer to history, in the excessive power they wield all over (US firstly), how the use it and manipulate it. But the West is as culpable.

    A shameful day for humanity

  24. Jerry Pepin says:

    When will Zionism grow up ?

    It’s loathsome propagandists drone on about how no state would countenance rocket attacks on it’s people. The answer is very simple, Israel is not a legitimate state. It was created and is maintained through violence and terror paid for by the United States. Re-constitute the state of Palestine as a place where Jewish, Muslim, Christian and secular people live side by side without an apartheid system, as they did for the best part of two thousand years and the problem is solved. When no-one is forced outside the tent there is no-one to fire rockets back in.

    Of course Zionists aren’t interested in solving the problem. Like their Boer role-models, the Orange-State Loyalists of yesterday’s north of Ireland or any other group of supremacists they need their victims just like a parasite needs it’s host. Zionists can’t sell a fiction of Palestinian threat to Jewish existence to their young people if the Palestinian population doesn’t resist.

    Zionism is a racist, self-fulfilling, self-destructive doctrine of fear that is as medieval as the Saudi monarchy or the North Korean dynasty. It’s message is simple: anti-Semitism is inevitable so we must get our retaliation in first. And what retaliation ! What self-destruction. Zionism is a political movement not synonymous with Judaism and there are Christian Zionists but deliberately murdering babies and justifying the un-justifiable as coldly and as shamelessly as any SS criminal is fostering anti-semitism in a way today’s neo-nazis can only dream of.

    But like the die-hard Boers of the 1980’s, it seems today’s Zionist zealots are too arrogant, too ignorant of history or just too stupid to understand that their day’s are numbered. The Apartheid regime of South Africa realized, eventually, that they they had to make a deal and they got a good one from an opposition that was divided and corrupt. Hamas is not corrupt. Their activists are not driven by personal gain and they know that the price of becoming a Hamas activist is the risk of illegal execution by the Israeli military state. Ironic, of course, that Israel has just reduced that disincentive by imposing the same risk on every Palestinian man, woman, child and baby. Just as when SS thugs burned books and the scum of German society gathered round to cheer them on, the pop-corn munching low-life of Israel is camped on the hills above Gaza, watching the murder, too assured of their own importance to understand that the Palestinians will not give up their right to be human beings.

    The Palestinian resistance, like all oppressed people, will use whatever methods of struggle are available to them. Today they can occasionally hit a zionist town with a small rocket. It is the intention of Zionism, despite it’s claim to be the conduit of the very opposite, that one day large rockets will kill large numbers of people anywhere in occupied Palestine because then they will be able to say to their constituency, like all movements that offer only violence and hate, See ? You really can’t do without us !

  25. Suleiman says:

    Every time an Israeli spokesperson is on TV, they spew the same propaganda. So that’s not a surprise to me or anyone and such responses are expected by Israelis and their supporters.

    I believe more Israelis ( Arabs ) have died from Israeli teargas canisters than Israeli civilians have died from Hamas rockets, and inability of the rockets to kill has nothing to do with the success of the Iron Dome. The ‘rockets’ does not have an explosive head ( perhaps in the future it may become more sophisticated) but right now it would not bring down a building or kill twenty or thirty at any one time. It could kill if it hits your head but then a stone could kill if it hits your head with some force.

    Bomb shelters are needed in Gaza, not in Israel. Perhaps Israel, being the only DEMOCRACY in the ME should help build those bomb shelters in Gaza, and being democratic, they can try out some of their new bunker busting bombs. In Israel, bomb shelters are not necessary as Hamas does not have aircrafts and bombs to drop down on the Settlers and the cities, except as a fantastic propaganda exercise to show people pretending to run in panic into shelters. Just check out the very safe and brave audiences on hill tops enjoying the bombings, they don’t seem to be afraid of the rockets, even though a few thousands have been launched.

    I feel strongly that the call to disarm Hamas is absolutely ridiculous. There are no major weapons except hand guns, rifles and some mortars and grenade launchers. Israel is the country that should be disarmed. Unfortunately, as soon as they utilise all their bullets and bombs, the people from the Country of the Free and the Brave would instantly rearm them. Now does that mean the US is actually killing the Gazans and Israelis are merely their means of doing so?

  26. Mike says:

    Hamas spokesman Mushir al-Masri, is reported to have said, “The blood of the shahids [“martyrs”] killed in this campaign is the fuel of our victory.”

    If he means fuel for the media to provoke an international intervention against Israel, would it not be more likely Hamas would accept a ceasefire if the media were not micro reporting Palestinian suffering?

    1. Expression says:

      It does seem strange because it isn’t “our known religion”. Consider expression. One word “martyr”…. a somewhat foreign expression.

      “”somebody who suffers persecution and death for advocating, renouncing, refusing to renounce, and/or refusing to advocate a belief or cause””

      Those people have to try to rationalise and deal with all those deaths. The expression “martyr” does fit. We would probably say “death of god’s children” or some similar expression to state [yeah, the person is dead but he will live forever in heaven]. I see it as a coping mechanism.

      It isn’t the same expression as those extremists who crave “MARTYRDOM” which is religious (Dying for God in war). Those crazies are expressing something totally different.

      I do understand where you are coming from. Every time I hear religion being used to justify or rationalise, I cringe hard. I hate it. I don’t like religion at all. But it’s understandable…. when people have no hope, they cling to religion.

      Expression is very relevant in language, the very same reason comedians exist. What was expressed by the word [“martyr”]? My interpretation is [unjustly murdered by the opposition, but will be in heaven, not forgotten, they had a purpose]

      Words don’t have literal meaning. We don’t talk like Barristers and have 100,000 word verbal contract for a friend to agree to before coming into our house for a coffee. Expression is what we use. (I just tidied up, don’t you dare mess up my kitchen like you usually do m8, I’ll tar and feather you if you do)…. expression.

  27. Mark Ford says:

    Maybe people should remember how popular Hitler and we know how that story ended. To be honest, I think this is eventually going to lead to the same outcome; World War III

    1. caroline says:

      There will not be a World War 111,…although I’m sure the Palestinians think it is! We all know this will never end until Palestine is given it’s homeland back!

  28. qn says:

    Combat-aged young males brought to Gaza hospitals with bullet wounds are mostly terrorists wounded in battles against the IDF.
    Hamas broke the cease fire with a large combined attack on IDF forces in Raffah at 09:30, an hour and a half after the cease fire started.

    1. Jerry Pepin says:

      By what perverse definition are people terrorists if they are fighting an invading army ? Or do you not regard the IDF as an army ?

  29. Ian says:

    Look, 80 innocent children lost their young lives this week in Gaza caused by an Israeli bomb – a big bomb. How do you think the mums and dads of those children are going to think? I’ve never had much love for Israel – the holocaust is forgotten, and it seems to me that the Jews, ‘God’s chosen people’ are reverting to some kind of Godlike chosen race syndrome. Israel during my lifetime, that spans 5 centuries, have had ample opportunity to make peace with the Palestinians – fact is they don’t – and America has just gone down big time in my estimation!

  30. allan says:

    That’s all that’s left of Gaza, so it will be a long job!

  31. michael says:

    Where were all the bleeding hearts, and the usual protesters, when the filth of the Arab world were lobbing rockets Every Day at Israel, Where were the UN hiding while Hamas was loading schools and Hospitals {provided by the west and moderate Arab states} with rockets and murdering scumbags, Its very plain that the rest of the Arab world loath Hamas as much as anyone else with a brain..

    1. ady miles says:

      No one is condoning the firing of rockets into Israel, but killed a massively disproportionate number of Palestians – many of whom are women and children, is no way to respond. With modern warfare and technology you can target weapons and military installations very precisely. At least give the local people in the area time to get out!

      What do you expect the Palestinian people to do? Do you except Hamas to surrender? Do you think they won’t want revenge for the thousands of their people killed and murdered (many of them innocent of being involved in this war)? Do you think the current and next generations of Palestinians will love and make Peace with Israel after this repeated mass slaughter of men, women and children? I feel for the Palestinian people, I really do. I am sorry about the lost or captured Israeli soldier, but he’s just one human being – a number of thousands have be murdered by Israel.

      When will the blind Zionism stop?

  32. ady miles says:

    You would think that the Jews and Israel would have learnt not to massacre and murder thousands of men, women and children. They are behaving almost as badly at the Nazis that persecuted them during the Second World War. Are they trying to start a Third World War?!?

  33. Bob says:

    There should more intervention from the international community. Think about Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and all the other situations that have needed western intervention. Why not Gaza?

  34. Mark Ford says:

    Amazes me that no one here has thought to mention that the number one reason for Israelis bombing an all girls school is simply an exercise in population control; girls that would of otherwise grown into women and giving birth to future fighters.

    As with previous eruptions, this is simply a proxy war between America and Iran. Cameron’s silence is tantamount to US support at any cost, yet he likes to be vocal and opportunist about a Malaysian plane just to stir it up with Russia. Wait, we can have pop at Russia for supplying weapons but not at America for funding Israel? Cameron’s idol is Blair and he lavishes the idea of being a war hero / warmonger.

    Bit by bit, events in the middle east are spiralling out of control and it’s just a matter of time for a black swan event. I really can’t help thinking there could easily be a World War III within the next two years.

  35. Liv says:

    Questions to Paul Mason: How come we NEVER see any armed Hamas in any of your reports, we never see any rocket launcher, never see any tunnel, although hundreds of Hamas fighters killed and wounded, we never see any of them in any of your hospital reports? Who killed over 60 Israeli soldiers? ghosts? In short, are you working for the Hamas PR machine with or without knowing it? Is it not true that actually the ration of dead fighters to civilians is closer to 60% (judging from ages of dead published by the Palestinians), which means the Israelies make MUCH more efforts to avoid civilians than any other army in the history of urban warfare (including of course the ration of dead civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan killed by UK forces)?

  36. allan says:

    Have been supporting the Jews and Israel so far throughout this conflict, but enough is enough.

    It’s one thing defending oneself against tin pot rockets. Have you seen them-useless, and don’t even penetrate the ground, but it’s another to move on to utter genocide. And the world just pontificates and seems quite happy making ridiculous statements without substance.

    Obama, Cameron and Co should be ashamed, and any support for the Zionists should be stopped, and Israel threatened with the most dire of consequences.

    This is a disgrace, and a crime against humanity. A holocaust, lets stand up and call it that, for the crime is the same, if not the numbers.

    No more words blaming both sides. The whole thing is unequal. Just look at the targets and the score.

    I’m afraid to say, but I’ll say it, the Zionists, for they don’t represent all Jews, are not Godly people, as they like to pretend, but are the spawn of Satan, and the world should remember them for the gross sins they have, and are, committing.

    I’m now convinced that defence is not their purpose, but the quest for land, expansion, and Lebensraum. They obviously learnt a lot at the heel of the Nazi jackboot!

    Unfortunately Hamas has played into their hands, and given them the excuse to pursue their real agenda, and the World falls for it-or does it?

  37. Philip Edwards says:

    So Netanyahu’s “The response will be crushing” to the (non-existent) “kidnapping” of the Israeli soldier was just another smoke screen to prolong the invasion and mass murder of civilians…..Just as Israel used the murder of three Israeli students as an excuse to launch the invasion in the first place. The invasion and mass murders are worse than Guernica. Let history and common human decency be the judge.

    It is the world’s tragedy that Israel has become an out-of-control rogue garrison state financed, armed and encouraged by the USA and Europe. This latest genocidal act is only another episode in the ongoing misery. It will never stop until the West insists Israel returns to its legitimate 1967 borders, returns illegally confiscated lands and complies with relevant UN resolutions.

    Until then the Palestinians will be made stronger by their desperation. In the long run, however long it takes, it can only lead to the physical destruction of Israel. Palestinian children will never forget this, any more than Jewish children can forget the Holocaust. Israel of all nations should understand this and forget any notion of Yeretz Israel, basically nothing more than theocratic racist fascism at least as bad as anything ISIS can concoct.

    Organised religion and nationalism remain the twin evil threats to human decency and self respect.

  38. Russell Brown says:

    This threads just anti semitic and full of lies and propaganda.
    The end is near.

  39. Mick says:

    It was not a “strike” on a UN school, it was an attack on a Hamas commander on a motorcycle 10 metres away from the school, which killed people under a tree on the opposite side of the road, not in the school.

  40. Grant says:

    Jerry Pepin said “The answer is very simple, Israel is not a legitimate state. It was created and is maintained through violence”

    This not true at all. Zionism was a peaceful movement and arabs and Jews lived and worked together until Jihadists moved into the area and started creating trouble, the first 5 massacres were started by the Jihadists of which Hamas are the continuation, not by arab nationalists, the Jewish paramilitaries were formed as the reaction them.

    The war on 47 was started by the surrounding arab nations and it was a miracle Israel survived. The arabs in the region created their own ‘nakba’ by starting a war of genocide they then promptly lost. Arabs do actually live in Israel to this day you know, despite it all. No Jew lives in Gaza or could do so without being lynched.

    1. Jerry Pepin says:

      Grant you’ve disputed my assertion and then backed up your view with facts not pertaining to the contested assertion. Israel was created through violence. Remaining members of the zionist gangs happily admit themselves that they terrorised Palestinians out of their homes in order to increase the territory of the new state. That it is maintained by violence and the threat of violence is beyond dispute.

      An interesting question arises from these facts. If the US stopped funding the violence and Israel had to support itself economically, how much of it’s GDP would it be able to devote to a military machine ? How would it affect the internal politics ? Might the socialist politics, dominant over Zionism among politically active Jewish people of Eastern Europe prior to the Holocaust make a return ? I suspect if the US stopped feeding the violence everyone in Palestine would be forced to talk more constructively about how they could get back to where they were in the first half of the twentieth century.

  41. Grant says:

    There were violent terrorists in the creation of every nation, but only the Jewish state gets picked out. How many died when the British created Pakistan? 10 million! Yet no one is trying to say Pakistan has lost the legitimacy to exist. The first 4 massacres in the region after Zionism began were started by Jihadists and arab and Jew lived together in peace before then.

    As for these Left wing narratives that if only Israel could be reigned in their would be peace. They are all a myth. Israel are not dealing with peace loving nationalist freedom fighters, they are dealing with religious extremists with genocidal intent.

    1. Jerry Pepin says:

      Difficult to take you seriously when you first deny that Israel was founded on terror and then, when I point out that the facts you supplied don’t support your argument you agree that it was but that it was OK because everyone does it. No they don’t and it’s a rather immature line to take.

      I don’t think Britain created Pakistan but let’s take a couple of examples that do work for you. Britain created Rhodesia; it was illegitimate and it was changed. Tito’s army created Yugoslavia; it was illegitimate and it was changed. Israel, despite the perennial pleas of the Zionists, is not a special case, Grant, that’s the point.

      I’m afraid you’ve drifted into fantasy with your last point. There is not a shred of evidence of the genocidal tendency of any faction of the Palestinian resistance. There is incontrovertible evidence of the recent slaughter of almost 2000 palestinians by the Israeli war machine. Reactionary and ignorant observers of the conflict in the north of Ireland used to make the same charge against Republicans; they can’t be allowed to have a united Ireland, the protestants would all be murdered. They wouldn’t have been, they haven’t been despite the destruction of the Orange state. People who resist injustice are not a genetically homicidal sub-species who cannot live without violence. They are normal, rational, laughing, crying, loving human beings: like you; like me.

  42. Russell Brown says:

    Difficult to take you seriously when you first deny that Israel was founded on terror

    You could say that about the start of any nation, why is everyone so obsessed with only Israel? Jews protested in the streets after the King David Hotel attack and the British did make it their headquarters and ignore a phone warning. Can you hardly blame some Jews just a couple of years after the holocaust (which they believe happened because unlike everyone else they do not have a homeland), getting violent? Like I say, why pick on Israel in this way? millions died in the creation of Pakistan, while the USA was founded on a holocaust of native Americans, and Australia? Shall we say they have all lost their right to exist?

    1. Jerry Pepin says:

      Russell, if you’d read more than the half of one of my sentences – which taken without the other half means something quite different – you’d see I’ve already addressed the points you’ve made.

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