21 Jul 2014

Why Israel is losing the social media war over Gaza

When Shujaiya was attacked by the Israeli Defence Force, killing dozens of civilians, the first I heard about it was via Twitter, early Sunday morning.

An activist on the ground I follow tweeted: “people running out of Shujaiya, bodies lying on ground”.

Soon after, Mohammed Omer – an award-winning Palestinian journalist who tweets as @Mogaza – reported:

Not long after that, numerous western TV journalists stationed alongside Palestinian ambulance crews, including my colleague, Jonathan Miller, reported the same things. There was immediacy, corroboration and – with pictures – evidence.

Now compare that to the Israeli Defence Force Twitter feed, @IDFSpokesperson, as news emerged of the massive bombardment and civilian deaths. These are the first three tweets:

Nothing in those three tweets constitutes either a defence of, or explanation for, the killing of tens of non-combatants. But in the space between them, anybody following the Gaza conflict from both sides would have seen tens of independently shot images and accounts of civilian death and the destruction of housing and civilian infrastructure.

The incident shows who is winning the social media war over Gaza. It is evidence of a massive change in the balance of power between social media and the old, hierarchical media channels we used to rely on to understand wars.

Specifically social media has the power to do three things: first, to show people reality – or a version of it – independent of what TV networks show. Second, and I think just as important, journalists on the ground are using social media to report, necessarily short-circuiting the normal editorial processes that used to filter what they said. Third, to get into your real life consciousness much more powerfully than the old media.

Let’s work through each of these new powers and understand their impact. In a society where the media is supposed to observe balance and impartiality, getting real-time access to corroborated facts independently of TV stations is not so revolutionary.

But modern-day America is not one of those countries. Its media is traditionally heavily skewed towards the pro-Israeli view. My colleague, Matt Frei, tweeted that CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interview with Netanyahu was less a grilling more “a warm bath and a back rub”. Others used more profane metaphors.

But now, for the first time in a major Arab-Israeli conflict, the American public has other sources of reality. All research says that young people everywhere regard Twitter as essentially a news service, and via your social network you can easily get served up words and pictures more impactful than anything on TV. By the time many Americans woke up on Sunday, these pictures were of dead Palestinian children.

Netanyahu complained the Hamas strategy was to provide “telegenically dead” people: but where Israel is losing the hearts and minds of the world is not via “tele” anything: it is in the JPEGs that stream into millions of people’s mobile phones every time they glance at the object in the palm of their hand.

Later, Netanyahu‘s own Twitter feed also started to distribute pictures: but they were infographics purporting to show that Hamas had dug tunnels below Shujaiya. To a generation reared on instant images of reality, carefully prepared images of what you think reality might be do not have the same impact. They look like propaganda, no matter what evidence you possess.

Let’s be clear: targeting civilians, and failing to avoid civilian casualties during military attacks, are both indictable as crimes under the fourth Geneva convention. The indiscriminate firing of rockets into Israel has been described as a war crime by Amnesty International. By midday Sunday, anybody following the Gaza events on Twitter would have enough evidence to ask the same question about Shujaiya.

That’s how much power the social media has put in the hands of people, and taken away from governments.

The second big change is the ability of journalists to tweet from within Gaza itself. During Operation Cast Lead in 2009, there were far fewer mainstream networks there, and many of them did not tweet. Today, most reporters are required to tweet as a part of their jobs. But tweeting, and traditional news reporting, are not the same.

Reporting goes through an editing process; things that don’t conform to editorial policy can be weeded out; facts have to be cross-checked with other facts and claims. The reporting team itself – producer, reporter, camera crew, translator for TV – form an initial filter. But in Gaza, there is no filter; plus you are now getting camera crews and off-screen TV journalists tweeting. On newspapers, several different reporters will be tweeting, rather than it all going into the editorial machine and coming out as one thing.

And here’s the point: instant, unfiltered reports are cross-checked via the hive-mind created by social media itself. It is the medium that becomes the editing process: as last night, for example, when well-connected Israeli journalists were able to confidently nix the Hamas claims to have captured an Israeli soldier. Once they did this, reporters inside Gaza were able to question Hamas’ account.

I’ve worked at two major global news organisations, each of which has different editorial rules and styles about reporting the Middle East conflict. It’s fair to say that, once you put a dozen journalists on the ground with Twitter, editorial policies and processes may continue to work for the final, polished – some would argue censored and ideologised – reports: but the raw output will remain raw, and any attempt to put an ideological, or politically correct, gloss on the facts, will be much easier to spot.

Incidentally I think this is true for all conflicts and all sides: I don’t read Arabic but I would imagine the Arabic Twittersphere can be as challenging to the official Hamas version of events; I know that the English-speaking Israeli Twittersphere has been challenging the government’s view of events, and also circumventing military censorship notices.

The third new quality social media brings to a war like this, on top of independence and its impact on journalists, is the subliminal and pervasive nature of the content. When an event like Shujaiya happens, it literally floods people’s timelines.

I “witnessed” it sitting in a field in Wales, with no TV, and no computer, only a sporadically updated Twitter app on my iPhone using wi-fi too rubbish to even get any of the HTML liveblogs up.

You cannot stop pictures dropping into your timeline so, for several days now, I have been seeing dead people in Gaza – civilians, combatants – mixed up with the equally disturbing pictures of the victims of MH17.

While I find I get desensitised to the individual images, it also means the issues behind them become very present in my thinking. I don’t think I am the only person who has lost sleep or experienced anxiety due to the pervasive killing my social media streams are bringing to my daily life. What I mean is, if you are following these events, they can become far more real via social media – where your friends, acquaintances, colleagues etc – are reacting in real time -than when they were filtered via a daily news bulletin, or live reports from satellite points.

Probably the most famous war photograph of all is of Vietnamese girl Phan Thị Kim Phúc lacerated by a US napalm strike in 1972. Audio tapes later released reveal US president Richard Nixon saying to his chief of staff Bob Haldeman, “I’m wondering if that was fixed.” “Could have been,” replies Haldeman.

Today, anybody, wishing to bomb civilians, or risk civilian casualties in a military operation, can tell quite quickly what is fake and what is real. And so can the population that elects them. That’s the difference.

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  1. Rod Robertson says:

    Excellent article and 100% accurate ,I would however suggest that you have missed one other piece of information
    “It is evidence of a massive change in the balance of power between social media and the old, hierarchical media channels we used to rely on to understand wars.”
    It is not just wars this applies to Paul the same propaganda tactics are alive and well in our own country.
    The days of the government and the MSM controlling the message are long gone.
    One only has to look at the gross distortions in the reporting of the Referendum Campaign in Scotland to see MSM & Broadcasters collusion in propaganda .
    This is quickly being debunked by social media ,independent bloggers etc.
    So while rightly condemning Israel and IDF for lies and propaganda you need to look to our own country for same distortons and lies to the public.

  2. Umar Farooq Khawaja says:

    This is a very well-written and balanced article. This is the kind of journalism I expect from the BBC, but all I’ve seen is the very ideology-based censorship that this article talks about. I feel very ashamed that my licence fees are paying for such a horrible news machine, such as the BBC.

    1. Ken Best says:

      I could not agree more with you, I only watch the ‘real time’ BBC News, everything else I get online, because of this I have been toying with the idea of cancelling my License and watching all on-line.

      The BBC since the coalition has lurched to the right politically, but when it comes to israel it acts in the main as a supporter, only this week one of the BBC’s reporters used the term ‘Terror Tunnels’, again and again, this demonstrated a bias that is unacceptable.

      The BBC through my 60 years has been my most tusted source of news, no longer however.

      Channel 4 News have been exemplary in their reporting and I agree with Mr. Mason regarding his belief that social media is diluting the lies told by Governments.


      1. Ralph says:

        The BBC is the most liberal and pro-palestinian media channel around. Have you noticed how they never use the word “terrorist” and always call Palestinian fighters “militants”. They even called the shooter at Charlie Hebdo a “militant.”

        Furthermore, they always film the areas of Gaza that are run-down rather than the wealthy areas.

  3. Matt Ballantine says:

    Really thoughtful piece – thank you. One thing, though, that I’d question is your last sentence. Whilst faked propaganda might be harder than ever before for governments to push out with any credibility, the flip side is that social networks get quickly flooded with misinformation instigated by who knows who… there was “footage” of the Malaysian flight “crashing” within minutes, and not forgetting the footage of “riots” in Brazil doing the rounds during the Brazil-Germany game in the World Cup. The speed at which this gets amplified in the networks of trust that are social media is really quite scary. It’s only a matter of time before governments start using these routes of misinformation…

  4. adil says:

    In the late 1980s I remember seeing a picture of a Palestinian woman looking as if she was about to unseat an Israeli mounted policeman. That was in the Herald&Tribune. I then picked up the Independent and saw the same two people, but this time the mounted policeman had his baton raised as if to strike the woman. The problem with images is if one misses the context they can tell a very different story. A more recent case in point is the image of a person in military clothing in Donetsk apparently holding a ring – was he looting, trying to identify the victim? We can’t tell.

    I don’t deny what is happening to the Palestinian people is a crime and the Israeli government is starting to alienate its’ own people. Neither government is blameless, both, I would argue, are criminally negligent and condemning their citizens to lifetimes of misery.

    The real question is whether the elected representatives can cease the fighting which serves nobody and expend their energies in trying to come to mutually beneficial agreement that will allow their citizens to flourish. Both groups have extremely smart, hard working peoples that given a chance would be able to prosper.

    1. d. davies says:

      The “governments” you refer to have become totally redundant

    2. citizen says:

      A good point raised ref. Elected governments.
      However, as media frenzy now aimed at Israel via social media, it deliberately? fails to point out the history.
      Hamas is a terrorist organisation, not a government.
      Fascists have wanted all Israelis dead since the State of Israel was established after the
      Those religious states in the Mid East, having tried to eliminate Israel by warfare and failing, have since their last defeat been looking for ways to get their own way.
      Since the Arabs who backed the 9/11 attacks and the original Taliban Al Quieda terrorist organisation, have continued spreading the “word” via atrocity against the harmless and helpless, women (where are the womens libbers to fight for real “equality”) are today attacked and mutilated as though it is normal…(well it is among those who embrace Islam (or ISIS, as the latest mob of genocidal killers like to be called…and all media can do is cook up an Israeli atrocity story which gullible idjits repeat like parrots to BBC and other Western media.
      Those who support ISIS may be scum, but they know how to get gullible newsies to report their update on a fascist holocaust.
      Strange that the UN attack the original sufferers of the original holocaust, but turn away from those peaceful arabs being executed for “Faith” by ISIS,,,even though they are all from the same group…Arabs.

  5. Meg Howarth says:

    Excellent comment on the role of social media, principally Twitter, in reporting the news. Love the ‘hive-mind’ of the tweeps. Fantastic phrase. Twitter is useful, too, for keeping our eyes on the shenanigans of our local politicians and holding them to account which is, arguably, where we can have the most direct impact on change. Thank you.

    You are certainly not the only one ‘who has lost sleep or experienced anxiety due to the pervasive killing my social media streams are bringing to my daily life’. The tears seem to be permanently on the verge of flowing: Gaza, Crimea, principally, but not forgetting Iraq and the Central African Republic, to mention only a few.

  6. niv says:

    Dear Paul Mason ,

    War is tragedy , if Hamas using his own children as human shields its even more terrible.
    Army against army it’s bad enough you don’t need to hide behind civilian and shoot from hospital roofs or to hide under kinder-gardens.

    Israel is doing the best she can to avoid hurting civilians , probably more then any other army in the world.

    what England will do if Hamas will shoot missile over 75% of UK territory?
    think about London , Liverpool , Manchester , and York under missile attack every day !!!

    civilian Unfortunately getting hurt no matter how much you try to avoid it ,this is war , specially against Hamas.

    One more impotent question ,

    If someone shoots at you and misses , does it make him a better person ?
    If Israel have the Iron Dom system who prevent from thousand of Israeli Women and children To get hurt does it says that Hamas is looking for peace ??

    No !! it’s says that they want to kill civilians as much as they can,
    (Just like they hit with a Missile a kinder-garden in Ashdod last week),
    But thanks to Israel advanced —- DEFENCE —-technology they fail.

    So i want to make it clear !! ,

    Hamas is shooting every day Hundreds of missile in order to kill baby’s and children an so on,
    And Just because Israel has the — DEFENCE —- system they are failing to fulfill the wishes.

    So what Israel should do ? what USA did after 9/11 , what Churchill did During WWW2 ?

    I hope you and all 4News take that in mind it the future.

    And let’s hope for peace together.


    1. Shazzie says:

      Don’t be stupid Niv, you didn’t have to wait till Shujaiya event to open up your eyes to reality. Why would Hamas hide behind the civilians. The only thing Hamas is missing is a defence system for the civilians. Israel is purposely attacking the civilians and blaming it on Hamas. Palestinians are walking freely on the streets like it’s their last walk alive knowing that whether they hide or walk free, they will be killed. Israel takes this as a confrontation, whether the civilian is aged 4 or 40. What we have here is a magnified case of bullying. A well funded Israel against defenceless Palestine. And the world is not against Jews, just against those who stand with the big bully Israel. Open your eyes, please.

      1. Lewy says:

        The only reason Israel are losing a PR war is because obnoxious fools like you who literally know nothing shout the loudest.

        IDF purposely killing civilians? Give me a break.

      2. Max says:

        Israel is loosing the media or the real war only in the eyes of its haters. They lie or tell only half of the truth and believe their own lies. But in reality Isreal is standing strong and survives all of the attacks. Nobody can even sue Israel in international court for war crimes because they are afraid of the counter suits which will reveal Palestinian war crimes.

        Women and children make 71% of Gaza population. If Israeli army would have “indiscriminately” bombed Gaza women and children would be also 71% among the dead but they are only 33%. It can only be because of “discrimination” in bombing. The figures show the truth.

        Palestinians supress the freedom of speach in Gaza and nobody can report from Gaza about: dead or wounded Hamas fighters (only dead or wounded civilians), Palestinian rockets being in UN school yards, Ambulances transporting Hamas fighters to the batllefields, short falls of Hamas rockets that kill and injure their own people. None of this is reported from Gaza. This is their way to ensure Palestinian “media victory”

        Israelis are not so good in propaganda and IDF’s twits are not impressive. But IDF is doing a good job in fighting the evil Hamas and avoiding war crimes.

    2. Shabir Hakim says:

      @niv, You along with Israel should also realize that this all cannot wipe out Hamas militarily, at least not without inflicting an utterly inhuman level of civilian casualties in this bloody TIGER Project . Fine, let us assume hamas is wiped out,then what ? you have to wait for next season to see new generation of Palestine, who will form new “YOUTH HAMAS ” to fight against Israel and i believe who will be more deadly than this HAMAS. One more point, The U.N. Created Israel. Most of the resolutions broken were related to constantly stealing land and breaking cease fires. These are not minor things. Israels reputation is horrible in the world. Only the People of the U.S. and leaders of the EU support them blindly

    3. Amraj Khan says:

      The IRA did try and kill Margaret Thatcher but the British did not bomb Belfast or Boston. Thats Mrs Thatcher the Prime Minster of UK

  7. Bart Stewart says:

    I am no way a zealous supporter of Israel. I believe the settlement expansions are contrary to peace, for starters. But I was quite taken aback when my modest tweets that suggested there are two sides to this Gaza conflict elicited such a frantic, near fanatic, reaction on Twitter.

    I said basically that Israel is hit with thousands of rockets every year from Hamas in Gaza, tunnels exist to carry attackers into Israel, and ultimately, what is Israel supposed to do? The answers were basically non-answers, just rage about civilians killed, or maybe Hamas fighters killed. What is Israel supposed to do? Disappear! But that isn’t going to happen, folks. Not without a conflagration that burns the entire region, or more. Israel is well known to be a military power of the first order, and a nuclear power.

    Every sane person acknowledges that a two state solution is the only way. But Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and the other outfits like them are closed to any future but the destruction of Israel. They would not negotiate anything that allows Israel to exist. All of those pictures of dead Palestinian children would be dead Israeli children if Hamas had its way.

    The passage of time is not helping this situation. How much of the world has to be lost over religious idiocy in the deserts of the Middle East?

    Thank you for your look at how social media plays into this. Hopefully your article won’t become a footnote to the grimmest history of all time.

    1. Mona farah says:

      I agree with you that a two state solutions is the only way out of this mess but it seems to me that Israel ad the U.S although claim to want a two state solution, facts state other wise and I quote
      “The U.S. has vetoed over forty condemnatory Security Council resolutions against Israel;[108] almost all U.S. vetos cast since 1988 blocked resolutions against Israel, on the basis of their lack of condemnation of Palestinian terrorist groups, actions, and incitement. This policy, known as the Negroponte doctrine, has drawn both praise and criticism.

      UN diplomats have indicated that the United States would veto any unilateral attempt to declare a Palestinian state at the Security Council” (Global Policy Forum).
      please don’t take my world for it feel free to search it yourself

    2. Pankaj Butalia says:

      There is only one answer to blind people like you : Go back into the entire history of the conflict and you find that with each conflict the Israelis grab more land. By now they are already the dominant population. This tells you the true story under the lies. I am one of those who hated what the Germans did. But I think what you cold blooded Israelis have done is equally criminal. You disgust me and finally the world is able to see beyond your carefully crafted lies.

      I hope one day there is a trial for you people of the kind there was for Hitler’s murderous bunch.

    3. jaheda jesmin says:

      If Israel can not stop being a repressive and apartied regime then yes it should dissappear! As for the Jewish people they should be welcome to live in the middle east peacefully alongside Arabs like they did before the criminal state of Israel was created!

    4. jaheda jesmin says:

      Perhaps Israel does not need to disappear it just needs to give back the Palestinian people their stolen land and rights to be equal human so it can stay. I am not sure though what would you do if a burglar broke into your house and confined you to the bathroom and used the rest of your house for himself. What would you want? Would you go fifty fifty with him, maybe if he had no home to go to, that is the compassion Islam teaches, but very hard for people to follow. Think about it. I know the solution for the Israeli people is not easy with the criminal history of their ancestors but there are many right minded Israelis who refuse to live in illegal settlements or oppress the Palestinians, why can’t all Israelis be like that then maybe Hamas would stop firing rockets.

  8. Blake says:

    This charade called “Israel” was never sustainable to begin with – especially at the expense of whose land it is.

  9. Elmer says:

    In the words of General H. Norman Schwarzkopf ‘ I didn’t come here to fight far I came here to win’.

  10. LOWA says:

    So TWITTER is a great way to communicate instant “emotional, heart-wrenching” occurrences.
    So how come I don’t see many tweets coming in from SYRIA? IRAQ??

    I guess only Israel allows for FREEDOM OF SPEECH and the right to own a SMART PHONE, huh?

    1. Logan says:

      Well Your guess is wrong. People in Iraq and Syria have smart phones too and regularly tweet. It’s got nothing to do with freedoms…..

  11. David Guy says:

    If you have to chose between winning the shooting war and winning the public diplomacy war, win the shooting war. When the Hamas supporters didn’t have current Gaza war porn to tweet they tweeted photographs of dead babies from Iraq, Syria and the last Gaza conflict secure in the knowledge that those photographs would become viral, true or not.

    If Israel didn’t have Iron Dome and elaborate civilian defence would pictures of dead Israeli children tip the social media balance. I sincerely doubt it.

    There are so many more Arabs, Muslims, traditional Jew Haters and for want of a better label left wing nutcases out there than there are Israel supporters the Twitter result is predetermined. Besides as we have seen so often dead Palestinians, provided they are not killed by other Arabs are a cause for anger. Dead Jews are a cause for rejoicing. Their photographs would be spread by Israel haters more than supporters.

  12. archangel says:

    When BBC and the British government are all but silent, we look to other sources of info. Al Jazeera TV live blog very interesting. Thank you Channel 4 for detailed and balanced reporting tonight.

  13. Tom Cente says:

    I think opinion has been slowly moving against Israel in any case.

    Over the past decade, Israel has found itself left with fewer and fewer supporters outside its own highly indoctrinated zionist supporters and vested interests such as Tony Blair, the Murdoch press and the Conservative party.

    To the rest of us a massacre of children is just too horrible to contemplate defending.

  14. jonseer says:

    Please could you tell me the difference between Israelis and Jews.?

    1. Gill Swain says:

      Israelis are all the people who live in Israel. Over 20% of Israeli citizens are Palestinian – the indigenous inhabitants of the land and their descendants who stayed when the rest of the Palestinians were driven from their homes by Israeli forces or fled the fighting during the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948. Their descendants now number around 7 million who are living as refugees. Under international law, they have the right of return to their homes, now in the state of Israel.
      The majority of the rest of the population of Israel are Jewish though it is unclear how this is defined, i.e. whether it is a definition of ethnicity or religion.
      If Jewishness is an ethnic definition, it is hard to understand how people from Ethiopia and India are accepted by the Israeli state as Jews. And the Israeli historian, Shlomo Sand, in his book “The Invention of the Jewish People” claims to prove that the true ethnic descendants of the ancient Israelites are the present day Palestinians. He says that European Jews are not ethnically descended from the ancient Israelites.
      So is it a religious definition? The Israeli state invites anyone with one Jewish grandparent to immigrate to Israel and then gives financial inducements to them to settle in Israeli colonies on Palestinian land in the West Bank. Some of these people are practising Christians or have no religion. The colony of Susiya in the South Hebron hills in the West Bank is inhabited by white South Africans who fled their country after apartheid fell and converted to Judaism.
      Jews live in many other parts of the world and I believe usually define themselves by their ancestry and their religion. Judaism is inherited from the mother.
      This confusion over definition is one of the reasons why the demand to ‘recognise Israel as a Jewish state’ is a nonsense. The other main reason is that Israel refuses to define its borders or even enter meaningful discussions over its borders. This refusal was one of the main reasons why the recent peace talks failed, according to the US leader of those talks, Martin Indyk.

  15. Colin o keeffe says:

    The greatest piece of journalism I’ve read in some time hats off to you Paul for giving us a fair and indepent view on how social media can over come news stations,who mostly give their owners or editors opinion on what people should be told and lead to believe. I’m sharing this rights now so keep up the good work

  16. anat says:

    Chanel 4 own Jon Snow today failed to mention Palestinians in Gaza celebrating the death of israeli soldiers. He only showed few Israelis sitting on chairs watching the fight over Gaza. They were not celebrating. But He has his own agenda. He forgot that as a journalist he has to show both sides. So bias!!! This lazy agenda driven journalism promotes the dramatic rise of antisemitic attacks in the UK.

    1. Logan says:

      So u don’t like what u see on Chanel 4 news and automatically they have antis emetic agenda? This is becoming a trend. Israel and its supporters label criticism of Israel as antisemetism and if it’s a Jews doing the criticism then They’r called self hating Jews. What a joke!!

  17. Dara says:

    Well done to channel 4 – unbiased reporting. Irsrael is committing war crimes hourly. Bbc, Cnn etc Stop the bloodshed and tell the true story.

  18. Julia Desch says:

    How pertinent are your comments, the more so as in my same inbasket I read from FREE TIBET
    that they have investigated and identified a giant web of fake Twitter accounts created in China in order to misinform, deceive and manipulate ordinary people about Tibet, Tibetans and western attitutudes to chinese repression. Log on to Free Tibet to see more.
    Please use your influence by contacting Twitter CEO Dick Costolo. Gaza is dreadful, and so are the other repressions; across the Globe.
    regards Julia Desch

  19. Ivan Pope says:

    I think the implications of this sea change will take a few years and a couple of uprisings, minor wars or revolutions to sink in. With a bit of luck things will change for the better as governments lose control of the media. This is a huge story.

  20. fpm/USA says:

    We are no longer fooled by main stream zionist reporting.

  21. BillyBobRog says:

    Actually that’s just not true. While the power of social media – speed of communication / routing around institutions – is beyond doubt, the risk is that opinions are formed before evidence can be corroborated. This was evident early in this conflict with Palestinians posting / passing pictures from the Syrian civil war as their own. However, you are right that no-one likes to wake up to images of what war actually looks like – they can be so distressing that you end up forgetting who the original aggressors were.

  22. Annon says:

    Embarrassing how biased this story is. Those civilians are being warned and told to move, they refuse after listening to Hamas orders. Israel will not just stand there and let Hamas attack them non stop with rockets.

    1. R Langton says:

      Where would they go? Gaza is a prison.

    2. alif says:

      Embarrassing and how biased your comment is.
      Please do learn a little bit of geography and history before dropping such a biased comment. The writer here is just pointing out the fact and neither it swys about bashibg Israel or Hamas. The Palestinian cannot move anywhere despite the warning, do you think sick people in hospital can move around like playing soccer in a field. Nevertheless, the israel is just making excuse of why people getting hurt when they themselves cannot deny that they already become a criminal for killing civillians. If what they said that their defense and army are at the top, i bet they can do many things to avoid bombing a hospital or places with harmless civillians.

    3. Saradora says:

      Move to where?? Israel is deliberately targeting civilians. If they thought Hamas was in the building, do you think they are going to give them a heads up?

    4. Zubair says:

      Annon just like the Al JAzeerah Reporters were given a warning shot before being shot at or bombed!! Israels days of propaganda are slowly out the window. Thanks to social media. We are getting the real images and stories as it happens. So please go back into the hole you crawlled out of and come back when you’re HUMAN AGAIN!!

    5. Logan says:

      The civilians are warned to move so that the Israeli military machine can bomb their homes. Your argument doesn’t stand.

    6. jaheda jesmin says:

      Let’s talk about the root of the problem. If you want the gazans to move, why don’t the Israelis move first out of land that was never theirs in the first place? And if you are going to say where should the Israeli s move too, even with all their wealth and technology, then where on earth should the palestinians go?

    7. Sarah says:

      Please can you explain where they are to move to? I keep hearing this from Israel but I haven’t been to the area so I don’t know the geography. From the map I see that Gaza is quite a small piece of land and from the IDF twitter feed I am told that Israel now controls 44% of Gaza and it is a militarized zone not open to civilians. I understand the boarders to Israel and Egypt are closed. So this is my question: with 1.8 million people squashed onto about 180KM squared – when Israel tells us they gave the civilians a chance to evacuate, where exactly they were supposed to go to? Thanks!

  23. Jean says:

    And quite nothing from Syria; because they kidnap or kill journalists. Think of this manner to wage a dirty war.

  24. Doug Delamatter says:

    The first occurrence of this happened at the 2010 G20 in Toronto. Police practiced kettling and on horseback, charged peaceful protesters.. *in* the designated protest area . A police car was set on fire to provide TV footage for newscasts. But almost every event was documented by cellphone cameras posting directly to the web. Pictures showed that the car had no police equipment inside. A TV station photographed the VIN number and found that the car did not belong to the local police force. Other time-stamped pictures showed that the car had been there unlocked with windows down for hours, inviting vandalism. Police spokesmen had scripted announcements but were caught flat-footed by the visual evidence that contradicted their stories. Toronto police have still not lived down the public opprobrium that resulted.
    The IDF like other authorities have yet to recognize the democratization of information and have not adjusted their strategies accordingly. Gaza is not only a humanitarian disaster, but will also be a political disaster for Israel. Accusations of war crimes were always possible, but now, almost any individual in the world can amass enough evidence to personally prosecute a case at the Hague. I hope many will take the opportunity to do so and contribute to a new set of Nuremberg trials in which the leaders of both the Israeli AND the Hamas campaign are called to account.
    Moral authority cannot be faked in this era of the Internet.

    1. BillyBobRog says:

      No, but its never been easy to fake the ‘evidence’.

  25. Liorr Karasanti says:

    Maybe you can answer a few questions for me. Why is no one tweeting about the more than 140,000 people that have been killed since the recent Syrian uprising began. Why are there no horrific images of all those women and children constantly bombarding you and everyone else. Why does no one seem to be outraged by this???? Why is it that 300 people dying in Gaza is so much more horrific than 140,000 people being murdered??? And I’m not sure I understand at all your last statement, that anybody can tell quite quickly what is fake and what is real. Are you completely not aware that many false images have been released by the Palestinians or by Palestinian supporters? Images of mutilated bodies that have been traced to movie stills, images of Israeli soldiers attacking civilians that were proven to not be of Israelis at all. And, lastly, do you believe that Israel should stoop to the depths of depravity and release horrific images of the 27 Israelis that have been killed, or the damage of rocket fire, or of elderly, sick people who have to constantly run to bomb shelters, or how about all of the violent anti-Semitic acts that have been flaring up against Jews throughout the world? If one side plays dirty, should we all?

    1. BillyBobRog says:

      Well put. The reporting (and reporters) of Gaza is out of all proportion, hysterical even, relative to other conflicts. We all know why.

    2. susu says:

      If one side fights dirty?

      You are seriously trying to imply israel fights ‘clean’ murdering 600 civilians at least 130 of them children and babies? Are the Palestinian children somehow throwing themselves into israeli bullets? Dont be ridiculous..and this new israeli favourite ‘why arent people complaining so much about about syria’ argument would be so hilarious if it wasnt so sick.

      Nobody believes, nor have you tried to convince, that you care in the least about the syrians who have died, moreover, its as if israel is spitting its dummy out about not being able to massacre carte blance without a media backlash.

      Well they are getting away with is so why cant we *sulk*.

  26. Lynn says:

    There’s a reason Israel banned reporters from getting into Gaza during the 2008-2009 attacks. This time there seem to have already been more mainstream reporters there?

  27. Aly-Khan Satchu says:

    Dear Paul,

    Your contemporary, real time perspective on this new hyper-connected Century is a pleasure to read. The Israeli Operation Protective Edge characterisation has been sunk by the various Hashtags such as #GazaUnderAttack and that of itself is a remarkable Signifier in the c21st Noise. That Signifier being that Governments essentially no longer own the framing of the Argument. The Framing is happening in real time and its compelling and overwhelming. It is remarkable that this Operation is now into its 15th day.

    Fascinating times.

    Aly-Khan Satchu

  28. patwary says:

    Excellent reporting. Thanks

  29. Jacquelyne Taylor says:

    Absolutely nailed it Paul.. Is is also why the IDF are also trying their damndest to target the bloggers tweeters and social media conscience prickers…
    They are indeed losing the war of ‘text’ and context..
    Their ‘we do not target civilians but do target anything and one in the ‘vicinity’ ‘area’ etc narratives and hasbararic words like civilian overspill, telegenic dead’ are easily refuted as they neither match the graphic images or the numbers.. which ‘speak’ louder than words

  30. Wsokol says:

    This reminds me of an old Soviet era joke. A politbureau apparatchik speaks to a crowd of angry protesters “As a matter of fact, I am responsible for all that mess. And what are you going to do about it?” Social media do show the true uncensored face of state sponsored terrorism. And what are the people going to do about it? Vote?

  31. Geoff Kerr-Morgan says:

    A good thoughtful article well done. A few years ago John Pilger said that he rarely watches the news programmes it’s not worth it especially following this conflict I now agree with him.

  32. Nancy P says:

    To all those who whine “they were warned to evacuate but stayed on Hamas’ orders” please do tell me where in the world they are suppose to go!? Believe me as a mother I would never listen to someone who would tell me to put my children’s life in danger, I would got the heck out of there at my first chance. This twisted idea that hamas is hiding behind civilians is just a blatant lie.

  33. kamal says:

    Picture this – when you take some one elses land..by using the lame argument..the land belong to..your ancestor .by killing the families and relatives..opress them in an open jail..discriminate them..do you think they would just sit tight and do nothing..

    Anyone with the right mind will retaliate of course.. much of palestinian land has been taken away from them…systematically.. i think israel is at it again..they want all the land and wipe off palestine from its inhabitant.. for this reason..palestinian is to fight back and with poor amunition and artilery as compared to israel.

    It is the palestinian that is trying to defend themselves from israel- that is from taking what is left of their land and not vice versa..

  34. Salem Tov says:

    I am amazed with the number of ignorant people giving comments here.

    ‘What is Israel supposed to do when Hamas keeps firing rocket at them everyday??’

    Come one.. Israel’s occupation, oppression and brutal treatment towards the Palestinian has been happening so many years before the establishment of Hamas. Thus, how can you say Israel is defending themselves against Hamas when Israel itself is the trigger of Hamas’ action?

    Mind you that Hamas does not fight against Jews. Hamas fights against the Zionists

  35. Shakeel Khan says:

    Excellent reporting it is a power of social media that shows us real facts, we are not fooling any more.

  36. sammy says:

    The “peace-loving nation” of Israel is yet again at the brink of an existential annihilation due to homemade rocket attacks from Gaza — or so they would have you believe. As the Israel-Palestine conflict rages, we’ve heard the same boilerplate statements about “Israel’s right to defend itself” and “No country would tolerate rocket attacks, so why should Israel?”

    But why are rockets being fired into Israel in the first place? “Because the Palestinians are terrorists and anti-Semites.” Perhaps, or perhaps there are few more plausible explanations for Palestinian armed resistance; consider the following:

    1. The Occupation

    Israel, with U.S. support, has militarily occupied the Gaza Strip (along with the West Bank and East Jerusalem) since 1967. The belligerent occupation, now in its 47th year, is one of the longest, bloodiest and brutal in human history — over 2,500 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza alone in the last seven years.

    Up until 2005, Israel maintained illegal Jewish colonies in the Gaza Strip as well. It has since disbanded these colonies and thus claims it’s no longer occupying the Gaza strip. Israel is alone in holding this deceptive view; the UN, US State Department, global NGO’s and legal scholars all consider Gaza a part of the Occupied Palestinian Territories because Israel exercises complete military control over it.

    2. The Siege

    Israel, with U.S. backing, has laid a brutal siege in the Gaza Strip since 2007. It has blocked off air, land and water access to the Strip — nothing goes in, nothing comes out. This tiny strip of land is home to some 1.7 million people; due to its cage-like setup, Gaza has aptly been described as the ‘world’s largest open air prison.’

    The siege has stifled Gaza’s economy, destroyed its infrastructure and has cut off access to some of the most basic amenities needed to live a dignified life. Today, almost 80 per cent of Gazans are dependent on aid as a result of the blockade. The UN has warned Gaza will be inhospitable by 2020 if the siege continues.

    3. The Water Crises

    Israel’s discriminatory division of water means that Palestinians get 70 litres a day per person, far below the 100 liters per capita minimum, while the Israeli’s get four times this amount. Limiting the water supply results in Gazan households receiving water for only six-eight hours at a time about every other day. Israel severely damaged the sewage treatment infrastructure in Gaza during its 2009 assault; the blockade means the resources needed for repairs are unavailable.

    sewageAs a result, only 25 per cent of Gaza’s waste water is treated; 90 million liters of untreated or partially treated sewage is dumped into the Mediterranean every day. Contamination of the territory’s ground water is serious concern; about 90 per cent of the water supply in the Strip is unfit for human consumption. Due to over-pumping and sewage contamination Gaza’s only water source, its Coastal Aquifer, is damaged past the point of no return — it will expire in 2016.

    4. Scarcity of Fuel and Electricity

    Gaza is under a chronic power shortage due to the siege; Israel has severely limited the fuel supply needed to operate the only power plant in the territory. Only 46 per cent of Gaza’s electricity needs are being met currently; this has triggered rolling power outages of 12 hours everyday. Amongst other things, this lack of power means that hundreds of crucial medical devices at hospital are non-functional, including Gaza’s only MRI machine.

    5. Leveling of Land and Destruction of Property

    The Israeli army conducts weekly incursions into the Gaza Strip to destroy the land it has declared as ‘no-go zone.’ Its tanks, bulldozers and military jeeps, accompanied by helicopters and drones, systematically destroy fruit bearing trees and agricultural land in the Gaza strip. Civilian infrastructure in this area is also demolished; this includes hundreds of houses, wells and chicken farms — mosques and schools are demolished as well.

    6. Travel Bans

    Israel’s siege has meant that it is virtually impossible for Gazans to leave the occupied territory. They can’t even leave to visit their relatives in the West Bank, let alone in Israel. Gazans with spouses in Israel or the West Bank are forced to live in separation; simple matters such as raising a family are rendered impracticable. Permission to leave even for severe emergencies is rarely given.

    By dividing Palestinians, Israel successfully employs the ‘divide and conquer’ strategy like colonial powers of the past. The people of Gaza can’t even seek asylum in other countries due to this restriction on movement. Even students are prohibited from going abroad, or even the West Bank, for higher education; visas of several winners of U.S. Fulbright Scholarships have been revoked in the past.

    gaza7. Suppression of Agriculture

    The Israeli army created a ‘no-go zone’ along the Israel-Gaza border that Palestinians cannot enter. This ‘buffer region’ extends up to 1,500 meters at times into the Strip and includes some of its most fertile land. As a result, 35 per cent of the agricultural space in Gaza is off-limits to farmers. This has seriously damaged the food economy and harshly penalized innocent farmers. Palestinians are fired at arbitrarily if they try to enter this region; farmers suffer serious injuries, and at times death, as a result of this indiscriminate firing.

    8. Restrictions on Fishing

    Israel has announced that access to the sea six nautical miles beyond Gaza’s shore is prohibited for fisherman. This means that 85 per cent of fishing waters granted to Palestinians under the Oslo Accords is now inaccessible; this has severely impacted Gaza’s coastal economy. Similar to the restricted areas on land, Palestinian fishermen are regularly exposed to warning fire by Israeli naval forces, their fishing boats are intercepted and they are detained — all for the harmless act of fishing.

    This is a short list of the some of the unspeakable crimes Israel commits on a defenseless population; they are at the root of this conflict. Rocket attacks from Gaza are a desperate response to these injustices – how does our government manage to omit this when brazenly expressing support for Israel ? In light of the above, let’s try to counter some of the nonsense coming out of the foreign affairs office: No people would ever tolerate an oppressive occupation and an unjust siege, so why should the Palestinians?

  37. Matt says:

    The difference between old and new media has very little to do with the muddle of explanations given above and very little to do with Governments putting pressure on TV networks and journalists to put out line-towing news. The difference now is that social media puts the news instantly in the hands of the witnesses, people with no agenda other than to stay alive and show the world what’s happening to them – to show the world what your government is allowing in the names of your population to happen, whichever country you live in – and it gives them a global audience to their own horror and desperation. These are ordinary people connecting directly to ordinary people in real time without having to go through the filter of politics and lies that journalists pollute the news with.

  38. Joe Martin says:

    A war crime is a war crime is a war crime.

    Until those responsible on both sides and can be fully held to account nobody has moral legitimacy.

    As it stands now the leaders on both sides should expected to be remembered in history along the ranks of Pol pot, Sadam Hussein and Ide Amin (*listed edited out of consideration).

    It disgusts me that under the current circumstances our governments can offer support to either side.

    My thoughts go out to the civllains injured on both sides and their families.

  39. s ja says:
  40. Max says:

    I agree with the author that Israel is losing tweetter war. The reasons are: Israeli army takes the phones from their soldiers so they can’t tweet their side of the story while Palestinians have a total freedom to tweet. So when Palestinians fire an anti-tank missile from a civilian house (war crime) it’s left undocumented, no evidence. When Israeli soldiers fire an artillery shell back at them and blow them off together with the whole family who lives in this house (a case justified by Geneva convention) Palestinians come take a good picture of the dead family members and tweet it around (war crime), documented, evidence! Are there Hamas fighters in the picture? Of course there is no trace of them there. Never ever. True that the pictures don’t lie. But when there are pictures available from only one side of the conflict they distort the truth. This is how the twitter war is won.

  41. L Wright says:

    Excellent article. A few thoughts.

    The news machine & infrastructure remains highly valuable to me, despite the populist nature of Twitter, because individual news agencies have vetted their journalists. I then find myself vetting those journalists which the news media has presented to me. I slowly learn if that journalist has qualifications that make their voice more valuable. Then, the things they retweet are to some degree vetted by their experience in the region. As a quick example, I’ve found that I trust Anne Barnard at NYTimes for certain stories because she clearly has better skills than Judi Rudoren. (Rudoren had to publish the story of Muhammad Abu Khdeir’s killing with a generic pic of Palestinians throwing stones at Israeli forces, I suspect, because she couldn’t verify the identity of the boy among Arabic speaking families in Shufat. Rudoren also didn’t know about a gag order on the investigation as became clear due to one of her tweets. I knew about it (thanks to Twitter) before she did. She was clearly a day behind in the game.

    As a result, I find that I track with individual journalists more than news agencies because I can now tell who is a better journalist when the medium isn’t smoothed over by a day of editing & publication. In that sense, the news machinery becomes secondary to the journalist. Barak Ravid was hired and vetted by Haaretz, but then he has clearly distinguished himself as light years ahead of other Haaretz reporters due to his connections within the Israeli establishment.

  42. Pelirrojo says:

    So basically what you’re saying is that social media makes it easier for ordinary people to tell the truth of the matter and makes it harder for the cynical media machine to manipulate public opinion.


    Israel refuse allowing ambulance crew to get into Shejaia now! scores of dead bodies in all streets now! #gaza

  44. tashi says:

    I would agree with u but pictures and videos speak louder then words. The Israelis are targeting civilians. Example the 4 boys on the beach r they Hamas … the young man shot looking for his family… was he Hamas…the Al Jazeera journalist r they Hamas…the UN school full of civiliams and much more

  45. Frank says:

    Eventually we should be able to remove and prosecute the present directors in the BBC and elsewhere for not performing their public duty to give an unbiased account of this terrible crime against humanity. This operation ‘Cliff Edge’ ( the literal translation from Hebrew ) is perhaps the most well documented case of a war crime being committed ever. The evidence from attacks upon civilians , dime weapons used upon civilians, cold blooded killing of civilians is overwhelming. Yet very little has been mentioned upon the normal news services. Why? Maybe they are somehow being used or are compromised as independent services. The structures of such organisations need examination.

  46. Aisha says:

    Excellent piece Paul.. This is a pleasure to read and is very informative. Thank you for being honest and not biased in writing this article. Please use more of your influence to make a difference.
    Thank You

  47. Janet Moxley says:

    Totally agree on the power of social media as a way of getting information despite state controlled media. Closer to home it’s allowed the “cybernats” to communicate with the people of Scotland despite the BBC’s attempts to close down the debate and Government propaganda (from both sides to some extent). It’s let really people talk to other real people. There will always be a few idiots who can’t debate respectfully, but they’re the tiny minority.

  48. MB Qasmi says:

    Excellent piece of writing. A comprehensive and accurate rather real time analysis of handy media or say common men media versus hiprofile or corporate media. This time around even Western media has lost the battle in Gaza along with Israel.

  49. Zohra says:

    Absolutely agree. I have just converted to twitter after hating its tabloid element but now with the Gaza war I am more aware of the atrocity at the hands of israel.

  50. Adam Katz says:

    Intent intent intent- Hamas intention is to maim and kill Jews – or apes as they colloquially call them. In the Uk when police foil a potential suicide bombing in populated areas, we don’t all examine it and say that the police or security services used disproportionate intelligence or technology to thwart murder of innocents- the IDF are clearly given a higher level if moral accountability than the rest if the world-and ironically goes out of its way to avoid civilian casualties- not withstanding terrible accidents- wake up – say it as it is- this smells of underline anti- semitism- where are the worldwide protests against Isis – Syria – Turkey – Russia – we could go on- the intent is there and If Hamas had the hardware you and I know how they would use it- look at the big picture-,tell the truth

  51. Igor B says:

    Nice interesting article. I live in the West Bank and work with and have friends in Gaza. The people on the street that are non-terrorists, like 93%, HATE Hamas and want Israel to crush and choke them, killing every last terrorist. They know that civilians will die but are not fooled by your twitter pix, they know who’s fault it is. To accuse Israel of trying to kill civilians is ridiculous. See this simply put http://corporalfrisk.wordpress.com/2014/07/16/a-short-note-on-gaza-genocides-and-the-israeli-strikes/

    1. Anthony says:

      Igor B, words fail me in describing how idiotic you are, you must be what I believe folks call a troll.

  52. MegHowarth says:
  53. MegHowarth says:

    Time for a one-state solution


    A two-state ‘solution’ would surely be no solution at all, rather the political embodiment of an apartheid Palestine/Israel, and a measure of the failure of human decency? Interesting to see that the late Jewish scholar Tony Judt supported one state.

  54. Adam Katz says:

    Why is Antony so incredulous – do you think Hamas are an open forum – wise up- they are an undemocratic, homophobic, totalitarian, anti – jewish fascist organisation-and that’s how they started – they aggressively through out fatah and like issis forced the people to follow their line -where is your angst towards Sri Lanka , Syria – why are you concentrated on Israel?

  55. shahnawaz Siddiqui says:

    This article is real and accurate and most important thing channel 4 is hope for palastenian and hope for neutral and fair journalism. .I am from India I never watched channel 4 news video and never visited on channel 4 website I always dependent on BBC CNN and Reuters BUT in this war I have seen their biased reporting. . There are only Middle East monitor aljazeera middle east eye and channel 4 are those medium who provided and also now providing real news from Gaza. . I personally from bottom of my heart saluting u channel 4 thank you so much..Tc.of your all journalist. .god bless you channel 4. You are true media. Real media thanks again I have great respect for u all.

  56. Ken Best says:

    The problem the world has is that Israeli lies are so well presented, and interviewers are so ineffective, that they are rarely challenged. The BBC & Sky are little more than re-tweets of the IDF ‘spin’, shame on the BBC, I expect it from Murdoch.

    Channel 4 News are the only beacon in the darkness of balanced reporting, please remind people that it i Israel that breaks the ceasefires as when they murdered 18 palestinians and arrested 500 after the murder of three Israeli teenagers.

    Remind the world that the Israeli response is the equivalent of a school kid murdering beheading a rival school kid in the school-yard for being hit in the back of the head with a pea from a pea shooter.

    Killed by Hamas Rockets:
    Dead Israeli Civilian 001
    Dead Israeli Arab 001
    Dead Thai National 001

    Killed by the Israeli Army, from Air Sea and land:
    Dead Civilians 1,000
    Dead Resistance 150

    A disproportionate murder of Muslims murdered on the scale of the Jews killed in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943

  57. Niza says:

    A powerful observation on media that is no longer dependent on corporate or political agendas. Very useful for my study on citizen journalism, thank you!

  58. SemperFi786 says:

    so 93% hates hamas, but when they protested they still got shot at. 8 plus fatal casualties. Nice one igor… These ppl get Shot for protesting. I thought the idf only shoots at civilians because hamas hides amongst them. Was hamas hiding amongst those protesters? So did hamas hide amongst the 1035 that died (95% civilians) too? Hamas keeps using ppl as shields & then disappear quickly amongst the smoke like ninja. They appear there, idf shoots at them, misses, kills 100 civilians in the process, then hamas appears in another place, the idf track them, shell the location, miss them, another 100 civilian casualties & on & on & on. Seems like the idf keep shooting at ghosts & civilians die in the process. Either their aim sucks, or they’re aiming at the civilians & saying hamas is using them as shields as an excuse to shoot at the civilians. Because out of all the civilians, not a single hamas soldier has been found.
    How do they just keep appearing out of nowhere & use civilians as shields & then make clean get aways everytime. Because no hamas casualty is ever identified amongst the dead, but they keep saying they were shooting at hamas locations but the casualty list never includes any hamas soldier. Just plain clothed civilians without weapons. Hamas was not once found lurking anywhere near any one of the civilians that got murdered. Civilians even said that there’s no hamas close to them but still the idf still bombs them where they stand. Kids went outside to play today, because they wanted some form of way to enjoy eid, & 8 of them were murdered. They played in a wide open area. No hamas insight. Wait, i’ve got it! Hamas shot them. Why? So they can say it’s the idf. But wait, hamas wasn’t anywhere close to the area the kids were playing but you know who was? You guessed it, the brave fatigued head to toe israeli child killing force… I mean defense force.

  59. Ebbi says:

    Paul, thank you for the excellent blog. I so wish, you would put on your Economists hat and do a forensic expose of who is Funding and Arming this massacre.

    In the 2008/9 it wasn’t just courtesy of American tax payers:


    Of course this only came out way after the massacre to have much effect. The Israeli’s were already planning the current massacre by then.

    Or is this too close to the bone?

  60. Its says:

    Dear Paul,

    It’s a bit late now but why on earth didn’t you report on what’s going on underneath Shiffa Hospital?

    Be honest.

  61. Ebbi Shaghouei says:

    lts – Can we hear your honesty? Insinuation is useless, and in the current circumstances of mayhem and murder, it would be the decent thing to do.

  62. Dave says:

    Sick and tired of this slaughter and massacre. How can anyone agree with what Israel are doing?
    Arent they the oppressed and tortured nation of that past 70 years(we have never heard end of that) and my ‘look at them now’. Innocent civilians being systematically eradicated and everyones silent.
    How can we all be blinded by this?
    This is sick – I dont feel human anymore. UK and US supply arms to murder innocent people. This is so wrong.I am ashamed to be a member of a so called Western country. This is barbarism at its cruellest. Sick sick sick.

  63. ADRIAN SELDEN says:

    Israel’s lies about white phosphorus use in Gaza in 2009 were also exposed by social media, as were their attacks on UN installations, then and now

  64. shahadat says:

    well written…

  65. nic wg says:

    Excellent article. The mainstream media doffing their caps to the governments of the day has been circumvented. Personally I think its an excellent outcome. These days I dump newspapers and many media organisations due to their biais. Too many mainstream media falsify their coverage with so-called experts that appear from lobby groups with a particular line to trot out so the use of social media and the ability to draw in huge amounts of data aids a more genuine feel for factual information.

  66. Mirsad says:

    Israel is loosing social media war over Gaza because this time Israel failed to prevent media reporting from Gaza and showing bitter truth – all civilian death are result of the Israeli revenge after loos of the soldiers and their commanders on the battlefield. IDF use to chase, beat, kill and arrest kids that are trowing stones at them or to humiliate civilians expelled from their property and destroyed houses.
    Israel has simple solution. To accept and treat Palestinians as partners, to retrieve to 1967 lines (and be happy to exist on foreign land and stolen property), give up all illegal settlements, to establish and follow 1967 borders, destroy illegal wall barrier enabling Palestinians to have workable state as well. Otherwise we will see more and more of the same – every two years Israeli politicians are starting their elections campaigns by killing innocent civilians. That is the reason why Israel is loosing not only propaganda, but also war in the field, same thing like in Lebanon 2006.

  67. anisbd says:

    when formal media do not speak the real trouth then social media is the best platform , bbc and cnn are one sided about gaza issue.

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