31 May 2016

It’s June tomorrow. Any signs of summer weather?

The bank holiday weekend offered us some pretty decent weather for much of the time, with sunshine and pleasant warmth – although certainly no heatwave.

However, the British weather loves to keep us on our toes and today is no different, with heavy rain, thunder and lightning making for a miserable Tuesday morning across eastern parts of England.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, with many western areas basking in sunshine with barely a cloud in the sky.

British flag in sandcastle on beach

As of midday on Tuesday, temperatures struggled at 9-13C across eastern England, but in the sunshine in the west, temperatures were already up to 21C in Cardiff and Glasgow.

And this temperature contrast of being warm in the north and west versus cool in the south and east will continue for the rest of this week.

But as the calendar page flips over into June, we’ll no doubt be hoping that we can leave the covers off the garden furniture for good and fire up the barbecue.

Any signs of summer proper?

Whilst any occasional days of sunshine and warmth are a bonus, it’s the prolonged spells of good weather that put a spring in our step and allow us to spend more time outdoors.

Looking any further ahead than two weeks to get a general sense of the most likely weather patterns is UK, Scotland, East Lothian, North Berwick beach, rainbowdifficult – especially in summer – but there does seem to be a pattern emerging towards the middle of June.

Through next weekend and into the following week, high pressure is set to build across the UK from the north, which will bring mostly dry and fine weather to many areas.

Then later next week and into the week after, low pressure is likely to sit to the north west of the UK and high pressure to the south west, bringing changeable weather of rainy days interspersed with sunnier days.

Warming up

Into next week, there’ll be a more general trend of increasing warmth across the UK, with temperatures for a time reaching the low to mid 20s Celsius.

However, as the week progresses, it looks like it’ll cool off a bit again, as spells of rain start to spread in Question mark cloud againt blue sky (Digital Composite)from the Atlantic.

So in a nutshell, any bursts of warmth and sunshine look to be relatively short-lived, with no signs of any prolonged heat any time soon.

As for the rest of the summer, it is just impossible to tell what the weather is going to do so far ahead with any useful degree of accuracy – something I wrote about recently.

Don’t forget, you can get the latest forecast on the Channel 4 Weather website. I’ll also be posting updates on Twitter (@liamdutton) and Facebook Live.

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