Jordan Jarrett-Bryan , Sports reporter

Jordan Jarrett Bryan is a sports reporter for Channel 4 News.

The thing I love about sport is what it does to people. Not only the athletes themselves, but the supporters and followers of it. Sport can make athletes grow as people, but can also destroy them and turn them into someone they never wanted to be. But it also can make fans say and do things they never thought they'd think or do.

Sport reflects life and is a microcosm of it. Sport can make you laugh or cry, sport can make you laugh till your belly hurts, it can make you rage with anger. Sport can make you see things you never thought you would see. But importantly sport makes you think. Why do we support the team we support, follow the athlete we follow and devote our lives to the sport we do? Surely it’s more than just a geographical, national, gender or technical reason. We invest time in that sport/athlete because we identify with them or that team/person we aspire to be.

Reporting on a fabulous goal, a world class forehand or a great burst of sprinting is what turns me on. But what I live for, just as much as those moments is the sporting moments that make the everyday man go gaga.