23 Jul 2014

Gaza: is this a war on children?

Jon Snow reports from Gaza, where thousands of children have been caught up in the conflict on one of the heaviest days of shelling so far.

UN human rights chief Navi Pillay tells Channel 4 News both sides could stand accused of war crimes in this conflict.

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  1. Ian Punchard says:

    As someone who knows a little of middle eastern history (which could be a dangerous thing) i believe im right in thinking .. prior to the birth of Israel, Great Britain had jurisdiction of the land of Palestine. (ie it was a dominian of the empire) As the UN now recognises the right for Palestine to exist…couldnt we accept PALESTINE TO ENTER THE COMMENWEALTH ? Given Nigeria South Africa etc have joined or rejoined. This would give the palestinian people a voice on the world stage etc… assuming a lot i know, but interesting question and possibly a solution or more answers

    1. Fozia says:

      As I watched the commonwealth games roll on last night; I felt quite sick at how such celebrations were going on a midst the bloodshed raging on in Gaza and around the world – I silently asked myself the same question that you did Ian. You say it would give the Palestinian people a voice on the stage of the world – yes it would. But it is exactly that that some of the ‘politicians’ of this world do not want. They have been trying to silence the voice of Palestinians for too long and there are ulterior motives which the general public have been blind to also for too long. So thank God for journalists like Jon Snow who have the integrity and wisdom to speak the truth.

      1. Ryan says:

        The voice that is being g silenced is the one of terrorist who use children and women as suicide bombers, hijack airlines, cause trouble in any land they are in like Jordan, Egypt or Lebanon and Israel. Palestinians have rejected peace after they were give 95% of the west in the 90’s, were given Gaza in 2005, and still violence. Why should Israel give them any more land, in fact they should take it back because they are using land that Israel won in war to start more wars. Adlnd the land if to be returned should be given to Jordan as they had Transjordan(west bank) prior to 1967 war

    2. Gareth Timms says:

      As I watched the Opening ceremony of the games last night I wondered the sam question. Could Palestine have some status in relation to the Commonwealth. Partly because of the appeal for UNICEF and children? I suspect there would be Commonwealth constitution issues and many politicians would be loath to do so. But if people called out could it be done?

    3. Hamdi Sellami says:

      This is brilliant, except that before doing this, the kingdom has to talk about some points with the Rothschilds. Sad truth.

  2. Steven Faull says:

    why arent you asking the people of Gaza if they want Hamas to stop their rocket firing on Israeli children?

    1. Mr Rams says:

      With all due respect Mr Steven. Would you want peace if your family just got bombed to pieces before your very eyes ? That’s there reality.

      1. Philip Boxberger says:

        Shame on Israel. Shame on all Israeli apologists who support this murderous regime! They argue that they are protecting their “citizens” against Hamas rockets. These “rockets” are no more than fireworks compared to the sophisticated weaponry (courtesy of the US and Britain) that are being targeted at innocent civilians. They Israeli Government justify this slaughter of innocence by blaming Hamas and they will continue to do so until they have wiped out Hamas! This is not their real purpose. The Israeli Government will not stop this massacre until they have exterminated all Palestinians from their own land. I call on all right minded people to isolate Israel from all civilised countries and boycott all material produced by the Israeli State! Finance is the only thing these people respect. Hit them where it hurts!

      2. Baal says:

        So basically the degree of evil is determined by the power of your gun? What idiocy is this? The evil is in the intent. This can be seen in any number of morality thought experiments which repeatedly lead people to the same conclusion: evil is more dependent on intwnt than outcome.

      3. Soria says:

        We’ll written Mr. Boxberger, shame on Israel. They forget, when the world turned their backs on them, it was Arabs, Palestinians that welcomed them and fave them shelter

      4. Lamargo Petersen says:

        Zionists invading Palestine against the RULE of the CREATOR

        The Zionist “statesmen” ridicule the sacred oath which the Creator placed upon the Jews in the Diaspora. Our Torah, in Tractate Ksubos, folio 111, specifies that the Creator, blessed be He, swore the Jews not to occupy the Holy Land by force, even if it appears that they have the force to do so; and not rebel against the Nations.

      5. Fra Cesco says:

        Well this genocide by hands of Israel hasn’t been very effective, Gaza is the 13th country for grow rate with almost 3% population growth each year and the population is constantly growing, may be the genocide is only in your brain?

    2. Naroon says:

      Which children. The three that were killed and yet you jave no evidence of how they died. Or the hundred that we are seeing on media and believe me they arent israeli. No children should die- when its grown ups who are causing the fight but having said that three dead compared to the hundred that israeli have killed. Wheres the justice. Just as much as you love ure dead children we love ours too!!!! And since ours are falling faster dont even be going there!

    3. Asma says:

      How many Israeli children have died??? I condemn killing of civilians, it just happened they are all Palestinian !!

      1. Ryan says:

        Now that Israeli children have been killed will Hamas stop firing rockets???? The war on children is putting rockets in UN schools, having tunnel entrances under hospitals, blowing up your own children with your own rockets, letting your children remain as refugees instead of using cement to build infrastructure they Hamas builds tunnels to cause terror.

    4. Liyana says:

      Why don’t you ask Israel to stop occupying gaza and building illegal settlements on palestinan land. Ignorant people like you can only support a terrorist state like Israel. How on earth can you justify the killings of so many women and children oh yes I forgot they must of learnt it from Hitler. Israel is a like nazi germany how ironic.

      1. Fra Cesco says:

        Gaza is not occupied since 2005 or so, the very first day Israel withdrew Gaza started firing rockets on Israel, you wonder why there’s a blockade? Israel should occupy Gaza again if the only thing that Palestinian do is waging more wars as they get a bit of land. Why don’t you check your facts before shooting sentences?

    5. Qasim says:

      Steven why are you talking rubbish? How many children have Hamas killed? Their rockets are home made and do no damage whatsoever. Most are shot down and the ones that arent make a small pothold in the ground, thats all. The fact of the matter is even if Hamas did kill people it would be far more justified than what Israelis are doing. Hamas are trying to fight back with their rubbish rockets whereas Israel are targetting innocent civillians mainly women and children and killing them. We all know israel had planned this offensive and even if Hamas did not fire any rockets they would have carried out the attacks. Israel is the occupying force who continue to kidnap, murder, steal Palstinians and their resources. There can be no peaceful solution until they open up the borders or go home and leave the land that does not belong to them. I feel in decades to come a just Muslim army will come from various parts of the world and get rid of the Zionists of Israel sending them back to Germany, Poland, US and wherever else they came from.

    6. Samyra says:

      Steven, not a single one of those rockets ever has gotten through to the ‘children of Israel’ or anyone else in Israel, thanks to Israel’s advanced shielding technology which blows them out of the sky.

      Only Israelis are killing children and innocent civilians with their rockets and bombs.

    7. Mark Fisher says:

      So far all I have seen is hundreds of dead and wounded Palestinian children all over the internet Steven.. or do they not count to you?

  3. Adamkatz says:

    Jonno got your facts wrong as usual over iron dome- not American made, but imagined, designed then developed , tested and incorporated to save lives by Israelis – more distortions of the truth- you and miller have an agenda- it is clearly slanted and conveniently skates over Hamas hatred of Jews – there Qatari backed weapons stockpiles and there continued attempts through their state of the art tunnels to murder innocent Jews. What has made you like this- I have never seen such prejudiced reporting and such open vitriol towards a people who are surrounded by a demented enemy- please dig deep into your conscience and give a fairer reflection of the situation

    1. Jason J says:

      As a Jew, I am sickened and horrified by what Israel is doing and has been doing in the name of Judaism for the last 4 decades.

      Let’s stop pretending this is about Hamas. Hamas have literally got homemade rockets compared to the expanse of Israel’s weaponry. Israel stole Palestinian land, killed countless Palestinians, undoubtedly encouraging Hamas to form (of course we condemn Hamas rockets, but Israel is the brute force bully here). The world is finally waking up – with Brazil, Ecuador and Sweden and countless others realising Israel is being ridiculous. You cannot kill children in the name of self defence. And you cannot call it “human shields” when you know that’s completely fabricated. (And even if they were standing with 10000 human shields, you KNOWING that human shields exist should make you STOP killing them). Don’t give me protecting Israel rubbish, Israel FORCED Hamas to be created through years of oppression and apartheid rule. The world has woken up.

      1. mohamed says:

        you sir are an example to people everywhere

      2. Nicola says:

        Jason, in my opinion you have a great deal of courage to speak up like this. These days, anyone who shares these views is told that they are being anti-semitic – gentile or Jew. I would like to think that most people around the world realise that these atrocities committed by the Israeli army has nothing to do with Judaism, as much as the terrorism carried out by some Muslim extremists has nothing to do with Islam. It is very sad to see how people are justifying such flagrant aggression. This is not helping Israel in the slightest. I keep hearing conversations regarding what is going on, and most people seem to be pretty disgusted. Jon Snow is doing a great job, and reporting what he sees and experiences. Keep up the good work Jon!

      3. Jager m says:

        Most Muslims just want peace, most are sick and tired of being vilified, targeted and stereotyped. The worst part if all of this is the land is holy to us all! Precious, we lived side by side. Eating dates, drinking mint tea and talked about philosophy, science the arts. I am not against Jews. But the Zionist agenda is a poison which is far more deep rooted and more sinister. To speak of it is taboo, or conspiracy. I pray that humanity will reach the people of Gaza and help them. A nation with no army, navy, tanks or fighter jets. The early warning system is to bomb you first then bomb you again!! Sirens and all Jews run for shelter where are the Palestinians supposed to go? Even with known hospitals, schools, water facilities being attacked, sanitation !! It’s awful. The anger inside me is beyond words and the sadness inside is painful. Such an injustice not once it just continues and then the world wonders why there is so much hate! What would you do if your home, family, friends and liberty had been taken away?? By a power which can do anything they like!! The most dophistcated weapons against homemade rockets!!!

      4. ifeta says:

        Thank you for telling the truth. Corauges reporting is rare. Stay safe God bless you.

      5. S says:

        Congratulations Jason for having the courage to write what you did. Nothing further to say – just, admiration for having the courage to be honest.

      6. Barbara H says:

        I totally agree with you, Jason, Hammas was created after decades of repression by the state of Israel. This is what happens when a group of people are forced to endure a brutal occupation, people will fight back with whatever they have, which in this case is not much. Those rockets used by Hammas are a joke compare to Israel’s military capabilities. Palestinians have no way to protect themselves against their enemy. Israel must respect international law. May there be peace.

      7. Ayesha says:

        Jason, you are a shining example of truth and wisdom. You have my deepest respect and good wishes.

  4. Philip Edwards says:


    I am one of your biggest critics when you get things wrong.

    In this case your reports are 95% what even I would want from honest journalism. No praise is high enough. I thank you.

    Those pictures of injured and wounded children are every bit as bad as those we saw from napalmed children in Vietnam. The same will apply to Israeli children if they ever suffer the same fate. Heart breaking doesn’t begin to describe it.

    Stay safe.

  5. John Jefferson says:

    Too tragic to see children being caught up in political plays. Surely this will breed a generation of ongoing hatred. F16’s causing much damage……aren’t F16’s American arms? Makes you think doesn’t it? Stop killing children – it is not their fault!

  6. Gill Rogers says:

    Dear John

    Thank you and Channel 4 for your report from Gaza. This heart wrenching account on the innocent child victims must bring this to an end. Thanks as well to the cameramen and other support workers

  7. Jo allen says:

    Every time I watch the very biased John snow report on the Israeli hamas conflict , I can t believe he doesn’t u dersta d that the Israeli s are not targeting children!. But hamas use them as shields! Are the Israelis goi ng to have to endure hamas bombardment of their cities! Would we in England! Every stupid remark from Snow means I donate more money to Israel to help them! And I’m an English Christian!

    1. shamina khatun says:

      How can hammas use civilians as their shield when the people of Gaza and Palestine have no freedom as humans, they are restricted by isreal in every way… food, water, electricity, medicine, they are even restricted from going anywhere out of the terrorism… Palestinians and gaza n’s are controlled by isreal. Truth be told there fate to live lies in the hand of isreal. Justice will come these people one day inshaalla.

  8. thoslima says:

    Please save gaza free palestine they are all Human this is wrong they are innocent why is no one stopping this why? Because they are muslim? Do they not have the right to live..?

  9. OCounsellor says:

    I am struggling to come to terms with your policy on the conflict. It seems to me that your reporting is implying that Israel is mostly to blame and that, therefore, Hamas merits our sympathy. (Rightly or wrongly, I distinguish Hamas from Palestinians.) We have known for years that a large number of civilian deaths will result from the expected conflict between Israel and Hamas. Likewise, we know that when the highly likely conflict between Hezbollah and Israel will result in civilian deaths in Beirut. What is more, Hamas and Hezbollah seem to see western revulsion at the deaths of civilians as a part of their propaganda war.
    If my perceptions are correct, in your coverage you can be seen to be a serving the cause of the Islamists. (Horrible though this sounds. Sorry.) Knowing how concerned you are, why haven’t you been making your case well before the outbreak of hostilities? When Alex Thomson was in Gaza he provided us with glimpses of all of the chief features of this horror story.
    Let me assure you that I am sincere in my desire to learn from you. I will be very grateful, if you would help me, as an admirer of C4 News, to make sense of all of this.
    Being there showing us exactly what is going on is no small service. Thank you.

    1. Claire Bouskill says:

      i do not think he is asking for any sympathy for hamas, he is wanting to raise awareness of the humanitarian crisis , and the deaths of innocent civilians and children, which now are nearly 700…i have nothing good to say about hamas, i dont think they have the ordinary palastinian peoples interests at heart, but nothing justifies this,

  10. John Bowers says:

    No-one can condone the results of what is happening in Gaza. However, the reporting needs more balance.
    Hamas continually fires rockets into Israel at random from civilian locations in Gaza, effectively using ‘human shields’ which become targets for Israeli strikes. Not mentioned by C4 News.
    Egypt tried to broker a cease fire, accepted by Israel but rejected by Hamas (whose leader is conveniently in ‘exile’ in Doha). Not mentioned by C4 News.
    The fact is that both sides are equally responsible for this atrocity but your reporting allows and encourages emotional bias which you should eradicate because it only fires up extremist reactions – both ways.
    God help all these innocent people, Palestinian and Israeli, who are caught up in this battle between power hungry egotists (ie politicians) who will never have to suffer the results of each other’s actions directly.

    1. Terry Robbins says:

      I fail to understand people who equate Hamas firing homemade, totally ineffective rockets, into Israel, which have resulted in O Israeli deaths, to Israel using state of the art weapons to target and kill over 700 innocent men, women and children (the body count on the children now exceeds 150). In reality, the Palestinians are relatively helpless victims being intentionally slaughtered by Israel for the sole purpose of bringing pressure on Hamas to cease annoying and causing Israeli citizens to run for their bomb shelters. Where are the Palestinians supposed to run for safety when Israel targets hospitals, churches or other normal places that would be safe if dealing with a sane entity? Israel is conducting itself as a terrorist state and should be brought before the World Court at the Hague on charges of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes. There is NOTHING that justifies killing children. Only a heartless monster could condone such horrific conduct.

      1. Ayesha says:

        I agree 100%, well said!

  11. rumon says:



  12. Natalie says:

    Thanks Jon. The world needs more reporters like you. You show it how it is.

  13. senthil says:

    Jon you are doing a wonderful job reporting from the ground, risking yourself at conflict zone and revealing the reality to us back in UK. For God sake, the bombing and hurting children has to STOP now..

  14. Z Ali says:

    I would like to thank Jon Snow and channel 4 for their extentsive coverage of the Gaza conflict.
    I’ve always did you were the best.
    Please stay safe and May Allah safeguard you.

  15. Raheema caratella says:

    Thank you Jon and channel 4 for reporting what is happening on the ground in Gaza unlike other biased media outlets #freepalestine

  16. Robin Prior says:

    When I flicked on Channel 4 news the other evening I had to pinch myself when I saw Jon Snow reporting live from Gaza. I am absolutely in awe that you are not only risking life and limb to the Israeli war machine but also reputations to condemnation from their oh so slick and powerful propoganda one as well. You are restoring my faith in democracy that has taken such a battering in the past 10 years. Well done and thank you.
    You ask is this a war on children? Given the precision battlefield munitions at the IDFs disposal that we hear so much about, I think we should let the UN statistics speak for themselves don’t you?

  17. Yuli says:

    I never saw snow in Afghanistan & Iraqi hospital ?


    1. Conchita says:

      Because Palestinians are his (Leftist) little baby: whom he complains have to shower in salty bathwater when the Israelis should be making Gaza a five-star hotel for comfortably firing at the Jewish state. Jon doesn’t like the Israelis bombing the baby out of the bath while retaining the bad bathwater. This while expecting the Israelis to ‘talk’ to a big murderous baby with a rocket launcher in his hand: Khaled Meshal or his ilk at least. Now there is bomb wiring and there is brain wiring. So when Jon keeps calling for Israel to ‘talk’ to this Big Baby with a rocket in his hand crying genocide, anyone except people with Arabic names and self-congratulating Lefties knows that there is a fundamental failure to make a connection in the brain: in logical terms Jon throws a different baby out with the bathwater. Jon seeks to throw away the bathwater of violence by also throwing out the baby of logic. All this in the service of a Big Baby called Hamas.

      And logic distortion for the consumption of the West is Hamas’s (clumsy) speciality: Israel is a Nazi butcher of Palestinian children – a fact proven by another fact that if we swarm over a Hamas military installation or centre with enough people, then Israel will probably hold off the attack. But if Israel should proceed with the attack, we still don’t mind because we will die as martyrs and contribute to the propaganda war in which we seek to dismantle the Jewish state by both homemade rockets, logic distortion and emotional blackmail.

      1. Shah says:

        Hahahahaha – You’re so determined to use this baby metaphor that you’ve completely & utterly lost the point you were trying to make. By far the worst comment I’ve read on any forum or website. Better luck next time, you utter clown!

  18. Jono says:

    It’s unlikely that orders from the top are to target children, but if a blind eye is turned towards the soldiers firing the weapons it inevitably amounts to just that and is wilful and culpable negligence.
    The protagonists appear to be so brutalized that the mantra “Now look what you made me do!” is the only justification offered.

  19. Raf Patel says:

    Thank you Jon Snow for reporting the truth unlike other media outlets.

  20. khalida akoub says:

    Can I thank you, Jonathon Miller and team for your honest and fair reporting. Your reports have touched me at a time I see such biased reporting from another channel.
    I know it is not safe and you have taken a big risk to be there but know so many people support you and your reporting.
    Thank you

  21. farhan says:

    Thanks again john n the team good interview with the UN lady

  22. Barry Whitaker says:

    It’s time to draw a line in the sand – literally!

  23. Ruby says:

    Thank you Jon and channel 4 news for truly telling it as it is, I was beginning to think the truth would never be shown on any news channel.
    Shame on the BBC!!!!

  24. Ruzi begum says:

    Thank you Jon. If only all journalists had the same integrity and professionalism as you. You have all my respect and admiration.

  25. Chuck Van Wey says:

    Thank you for your compelling reports, Jon. Please stay safe. Best, Chuck

  26. Roger Studd says:

    Jon, why don’t you fly over to Iran and ask your mate Ahmadinejad the Holocaust denier? He will tell you exactly what you want to hear: the IDF are vindictively slaughtering Palestian kids for sport.

  27. william says:

    The toothless nature of the UN is amply demonstrated by the platitudes of this woman. She knows as well as we all know that unless the US administration tells Israel to lift it’s siege, life for Palestinians in Gaza will continue to be appalling….and for many of them, short.

  28. Mrs Haroon says:

    Thank you Jon snow for giving us an insight into the true picture of what is happening in Gaza. The continuous killing of innocent men, women and children by the inhumane Israeli govemerment, supported by their people. How do they live with themselves? Their hearts have no compassion. Their hearts are dead.

  29. Amy says:

    My heartfelt gratitude to Jon, Jonathon and the Channel 4 news team for their courageous reporting from Gaza.
    I am overwhelmed with sorrow for the suffering of the people of Gaza but I am also fearful for the safety of Jon ,Jonathon and the team.I pray for your safety as the world needs you.

  30. AbuNuha says:

    If you say Israel has all rights to defend their own country why dont you think at the same time about Palestine specially Gaza? They have also right to exist. You have occupied their land, are killing innocent people, violating contineously UN resolutions and international law, and everything has been blocked. Please keep it up Jon. World needs to know about Israelis atrocity and injustice on Gaza. They are also human being.

  31. shazia says:

    Jon again many many thank for reporting in Gaza, sadly I have heard people on the ground say if you want to stay alive stay away from kids. I just can’t imagine why the world is still sleeping. Have these people not suffered enough our focus should be Isreal who in reality do not want peace they are the aggressor and the West have created a monster in the Middle East.

  32. S I says:

    To those who still need convincing I urge them to watch this documentary:


  33. jasey says:

    Wow, the world must be blind. HAMAS which is a MILITANT representatoin of the so called Palestinian government have been building tunnels and firing rockets at Israel for one outcome. They want to delete ISRAEL from the middle east. They build tunnels so they can suicide bomb in public places. They fire rockets in hope that they mame and destroy. They call for JIHAD on ISRAEL on a constant basis.
    Im sick of seeing how the muslim population is seen as a downtrodden society. And when i say muslim i mean those seeking attention by maming and killing, terrorising and threatening.
    Its disgusting, wise up world cant you see what’s coming.

  34. Usma says:
  35. Dr. Insar hafeez says:

    This is nothing more then ethic cleansing

  36. sam says:

    Well done jon. There is so much bias media coverage towards israel in this conflict. About time some one shared some insight in what’s really happening.
    Ive heard time and time again from pro israelis and the IDF (israeli defense force) claim the loss of so many Palestinian civilians is due to them being used as human shields. This is the worse and most pathetic excuse ever known to any war crime. More than 75% of all deaths in gaza are civilians, and nearly two thirds are women and children. If humans were used as shields then the death toll should be the other way round. You would expect more members of hamas dying and a much smaller ratio of civilians dying. Jews across the planet are showing thier disgust and shamefulness of israel treating palestinians like this. Israel is illegally occupying palestinian land. If the deaths of all these innocent children isnt enough, then the illegal territory occupation is another.

    1. imanuel says:

      Why do you assume that it should be the other way round?

      Shifa hospital in central gaza hosts hundreds of patients
      It doubles as hamas command and control centre
      Any army will try to take out these centres as a first priority
      Israel will probably do the same at some point
      When they do attack
      Many many innocent civilians will die
      Not so many Hamas commanders though

      UN schools are often used as weapons storehouses and rocket launching pads, they unfortunately double as refugee housing
      When such a school is hit, the civilian casualties will be very high not so many Hamas soldiers will die

      Make no mistake: It is terrible and sad that so many women and children are being killed
      But think about this what enemy would put more value in protecting their adversaries civilian population than their own?

  37. Mo H says:

    Thank you Jon Snow and the whole of the very brave Channel Four news team that went out to Gaza to report the truth of what’s happening there … It seems courageous reporting is a rare commodity in the media …. Stay safe all of you we wish you a safe return.

  38. PhysicsJohn says:

    I have been very impressed with Channel 4’s coverage of this particular conflict, while I love the BBC and can normally trust it’s impartiality without question, it is always peculiarly biased when it comes to the question of Israel for some reason. However I think the reason why proportionally so many children are killed in Gaza is probably just down to the demographics. Gaza has a remarkably high proportion of children (nearly 50% of its population is under 14 according to Wikipedia).

    I have been to Palestine (the West Bank admittedly) and it depresses me beyond words how the situation persists there. The US’s policy infuriates (and sometimes bermuses) me to the point of despair.

    After many years of musing I have come to the conclusion that, with the situation the way it is, it is simply not in Israel’s interest to end the conflict. Within 20 years their borders will probably be deep into Jordan so why would they settle now?

  39. alan hartley says:

    Jon Snow

    get real, why are you there, Isrial are fighting war we will need to fight one day, where is the reporting about the mutilation of 4M women in Iraq, and the cosequences on those poor girls, when this countrt is making laws to prosecute poeple for doing the same thing?

  40. Dan says:

    Finally some honest journalism from a major news network.
    The Israeli’s are indescriminate, i do not believe for a second that this is about hamas, jews or muslims this is ethnic cleansing. Still the rhetoric from the anti-palestine camp is that hamas is the cause of this. Israel is the cause and Hamas is the symptom. Israel can hide behind accusations of anti-semitism, propaganda which Goebbels himself would have been proud of, but these are people with a fetish for murdering innocent lives and they need to be held accountable. Home-made rockets which Israel proudly boasts rarely breach their iron dome defence system? The palestinian people are oppressed, they’ve had a wall built to keep them out, illegal settlements built on their land. They have a right under international law to rebel.

    The fact Israel is a democratic nation makes this situation even harder to swallow.

  41. Spondres says:

    Mr Snow, you were in Shifa hospital. Why did you not investigate the Hamas control cenre bunkers beneath it while you were there?

  42. Brian Shipman says:

    Thank you Jon Snow for challenging the Israeli Foreign Minister so strongly tonight, and not letting him get away with blaming Hamas for Israel’s blatant war crimes. I can no longer watch BBC’s so-called ‘balanced coverage’ of this massively asymmetrical conflict. Please keep up your courageous reporting, not just for us viewers, but for the children of Gaza.

  43. Farrah says:

    Thank you jon snow for your unbiased reporting.i have a phenomenal amount of respect for individuals like yourself. Keep up the good work

  44. Akhtar Ali says:

    John Snow – well done for your courage in reporting the truth unlike most other reporters… This Onslaught on the Gazan’s has nothing to do with home made rockets as more Israelis die from choking on peanuts than from these rockets! Lift the siege, stop the bombing, stop building illegal settlemens and youll soon see peace in Palestine…

  45. Roger Studd says:

    You’re making even more of an ass of yourself with Yigal Palmor than you do with Mark Regev: you proved your poor listening skills on Thursday by accusing Palmor of not having mentioned the possibility of ‘Israeli ordnance’, whereupon Palmor rightly corrects you that he had indeed already accepted the possibility of Israeli ‘response fire’.

    There are some fundamental and congenital ongoing problems with your logic. Faulty logic. Are you unable to spot the disingenuousness of the Hamas (and Palestinian) claim that Israel enjoys butchering children given that Hamas instructs Palestinians to congregate en masse over Israeli military targets? The latter exposes the former as a lie, as it is premised on the assumption that there is a higher chance of the Israelis not making a strike if there are civilians on, in or near a target. This and other Hamas lies can be seen on the IDF blog for what they are. Were the IDF indiscriminate ethnic cleansers, then:

    i) they would ‘flatten’ Gaza;
    ii) Hamas would not instruct Gazans to crawl all over targets but rather flee as their loss of life would neither potentially protect Hamas rocket-launching sites nor be a propaganda coup against an enemy with the total disregard for human life Hamas tries to paint Israel as being.

    You see, or should, such psychological manipulation would have had no success against Hitler. Yet Hamas tries to paint Israel as Hitler while in fact embracing his ideology themselves.

  46. Liaquat says:

    Applaud your honesty and integrity Jon Snow and C4 – faith in humanity to have a balanced and non biased reporting on this vicious and brutal assault on the innocent civilians, especially innocent babies and children – heart rending!

    Wake up the rest of the world and see what the illegal oppression and assault on the largest open air concentration camp called Gaza by Israel

  47. EssEnn says:

    Channel 4 – Jon Snow – It appears to me that you are one of the few who is even willing to show and capture the real new as it is. Does this not raise a huge question as to why the media (worldwide) is not fullfilling its obligations (surely they have a huge responsibility). Should there be some sort of independent monitoring body over how the main new channels around the world operate?
    I cannot believe for the life of me how BBC, SKY and not to mention FOX news can carry on as they are…

  48. zafraan says:

    blaming hamas for firing rockets into israel is like blaming a woman for punching her rapist. Kathlyn Gadd

  49. Jay says:

    Did you really ask Mark Regev to “talk” to Hamas??? since when do we “talk” or negotiate with terrorist?

    After 9/11 did you ask The United States to “talk” to Al-Qaeda? should we have negotiated with Osama Bin Laden?

    Hamas is known worldwide as a terrorist organization, radical animals! and the only thing they will understand is a show of force.

  50. Maclees says:

    Thank you to Jon Snow for just being an honest journalist.

    I’m starting to see more and more journalists reporting the truth, simply because they are seeing the suffering at first hand. Its funny how Israel have bombed UN Shelters but And they were given these co-ordinates. The thing is that they still won’t get prosecuted but the UN will start an ‘investigation’ into the war crimes and nothing will end up happening. The truth is no one can touch israel because they are one of the most decorated military countrys in the world. You talk about Israel soldiers dieing, its because they are going into Gaza to kill ppl so its only right that palestinians defend themselves. This isn’t a war, Israelies are still living their normal day to day lives whilst the palestinians are being massacred. You have to ask yourself why would you accept a ceasefire that prevents your human rights. If you let someone in your house and then couple years later they kicked you out and don’t let you back in, how would you feel. Just ask yourself that question.


  51. imanuel says:

    As a Jew myself living in Europe

    I am horrified with the killing of women and children in Gaza in the name self defence even if they are being used as human shields

    But let me share with you a different perspective that you might want to consider unless you already have

    Lets go through the options:

    1. The Israelis do not attack the schools hospitals etc

    The rockets will probably continue to fired from those buildings on to the Israeli population
    Im not sure how bad that is with the iron dome in place
    But is it a long term solution?

    2. The Israelis withdraw to the 67 or even to the 48 lines so as to pacify the parties involved
    Israel lifts the blockade on Gaza and west bank and allows the free flow of goods
    Result: Islamic Jihad, Hamas and Fatah will then stop their attacks on Israeli population

    Is that really true?
    The Hamas charter is that Israel has to cease to exist and every Jew has to be killed
    The religion of many radical Muslims in the middle east today proscribes them to reconquer any land that was once considered Muslim
    This applies especially to Israel with its special significance to the Muslim faith
    Ask any religious Muslim about this as I did and they will deny it or try to deflect the question
    When pressed and confronted with their religious leaders words, quotes from the quran etc most Muslims will usually agree that it is indeed true

    The jihad will probably continue until Israel is gone

    3. Israel accepts that continuing as a state in that region is not viable without war and bloodshed and therefore vacate the premises

    I am not sure how to put this nicely but do you realize that firstly – we in Europe and the US are the next targets
    And i am not talking about the Jews, its western society that they are against

    Second – is it fair that the patch of land that was given to Israel by the UN in 1948 should go to the Muslims who have the whole middle east to live in

    To me it seems that in the big picture this conflict is unsolvable unless Israel goes away
    Should that occur at any point in time, US and then Europe you are next

  52. Lucia says:

    The world has woken up thanks to all those brave reporters like Jon. I’m proud of jewish people in particular who stand up and oppose this violence and saddened by the hard-lined mantra of other some who state that to oppose Israeli heavy handed callousness is to be anti-semitic. Also those who manage to bring ww2 into the picture -The holocaust was a tragedy of immense proportion but should not, as some insist on doing, be used as a justification for what the israelis are now doing. Hamas is one issue – killing civilians is another. Incidently, why is this latest action traced by to the awful killing of the 3 israeli teenagers in June? why not trace it to two weeks earlier when the IDF shot dead two innocent palestine teenagers? because they don’t count to Israel.

  53. Shafty says:

    You are a brave man indeed Jon. Keep up with the good work and remember truth is always stronger than falsehood. Bravery is when one speaks the truth in front of a tyrant ruler. The people of Israel should be ashamed for their atrocities. They are monsters. This is not self defense this is ethnic cleansing. Israel creates opportunities to bomb and kill the Gazans

  54. S.Mas says:

    Thank you Jon for risking your life to bring us these shocking images. If Hamas was really that much of a threat we would have seen a lot worse on the Israeli side by now. Those that want to blame Hamas, why don’t you have a look at the history of Israel’s occupation and continued oppression of the Palestinian people and their outrageous blockade of Gaza? There are over 7 million refugees who have no where to go. All they want is to have their land back that was AGREED TO THEM BY THE UN decades ago. If this was the other way round there is no way Israel would sit back and let the Palestinians steal their land and cage them in like animals without some form of resistance. If Israel have a right to self defence so does Palestine!

  55. Yas says:

    Journalists like Jon Snow of Channel 4 News and Harry Fear should be shown that they are truly supported and appreciated, and their attempts at telling the truth or at the very least providing a much more balanced and less bias story of the massacre and holocaust in Gaza despite the obvious and hidden forces working against the truth and the pressures they are under to provide a twisted story as evident from the pathetically bias pro-Zionist coverage by Sky News and BBC!

  56. H says:

    This is so heart-warming to see there are so many English people who care despite the twisted media reporting (BBC in particular) which have shamefully kept such massacre hidden (either did not report or when they did they made sure they give it a twist to confuse the audience or worse to shift the blame on the victims wen it fits their political agenda; usual BBC style)! I wonder how people ever trust BBC with such examples of holding the truth and biased reporting! It is time for the BBC to wake up and see the social media and people’s access to other sources does not allow them to withhold the truth from the public anymore and that they have to follow the line of great men like Jon Snow from Channel 4, to be more honest, fair and above all “human”! Shame on BBC and congratulations to “Jon Snow” for being so brave!

    It is unbelievable to see how the terrorists are killing and destroying lives of so many human beings in Gaza and yet they are given a platform to come and defend their shameful acts on TV (BBC)! These killers are not reported as terrorists-you wonder who makes such definitions and decides on group callings! They happily call Muslims Islamists terrorists, right or wrong, not worried about inciting hatred or anything like that but incidences like this in Gaza gets twisted to put the blame on those who have been suffering injustice under their occupying enemy!
    It makes it so believable that some of these so called muslim terrorist factions have been created and supported by Israel to use in situations like this to scare and deceive the public and to justify their murderous acts!

  57. Sophie says:

    Thank you for sharing this.

  58. Gundroo says:

    I hope you have not put your own life at risk as a regrettable collateral damage for the wonderful piece of journalism highlighting the heart wrenching suffering of innocent children, .Please be careful and we wish you a safe return home.

  59. Me says:

    Quite simply who’s to blame? Israeli or Hamas?
    Israeli!! Why?? Because Israel created and fed it! Created and Fed it discrimination, oppression, death, anger, hate, suffering, cries, wails, blood, grief, loss, injustice, frustration, the list could go on, but I won’t even insult the Palestinian people by suggesting I know!

  60. Sarah says:

    Why should anyone die, on either side?

  61. haniff mohamoodally says:

    Obama have had a golden opportunity to say to the world categorically , that he cant allow the jewish lobby to dictate foreign american policy, he is not standing for presidency, he could have made a name for himself for having the courageto stop this massacre of the palestininn people, notice also there is no arab countries notably saudi arabia or eygyrt protseting uk who faclitated the creation of the jewish state are silent and always veto any resolution in favour of the palestinian state, the eu lack moral leadership, it seems the whole world has abandoned yhe palestinian people,, is there none amongst you the great nation of this planet can stand up and say enough is enough, e.g STOP THE BLOKADE, PREPARE FOR A TWO STATE SOLUTION , FREE MOVEMENT OF PALESTINIAN PEOPLE , EQUALITY AND JUSTICE FR BOTH ISRAEL AND NEW PALESTINE

  62. Abukar says:

    I haven’t seen many neutral reporting from Gaza and this brilliant bulletin from Jon Snow is an exception, probably Aljazeera International is the only other News source that had proven to be reliable and unbiased- to be honest I don’t rely on the BBC, CNN,FOX, SKY and the likes for a source of credible news. Let these channels brainwash whoever they can, not me!

    What this Israeli’s onslaught on Gaza shows is that the World have failed Palestinians; In the face of lack of respect for the International Law by the Israelis and the continued unlimited support by the Americans, for the barbaric killings of people who were already suffering and handing vetoes in support of Israel whenever they need it, it is clear to everybody that the world is very unsafe place to live for the foreseeable future.

    The word “Terrorist” does not make any sense to me because the word is being misused and labelled to the wrong people.

    We have to realise that there will be no credible peace in that part of the world while occupation, butchering innocent children and destruction of lives and property is part of the daily norms; I feel pain and anger when I see Palestinians suffering and no one is even talking about it. This is Apartheid and Nelson Mandela was 100% right to compare Israel with Apartheid South Africa.

    Palestinians have every right to resist the unlawful colonial occupation. Only time will tell for how long Apartheid will continue to exist in Palestine.

    Once more, hats off for Jon Snow.

  63. syira ahsan says:

    Finally, after all these years of occupation, the Palestinians are being heard, their suffering witnessed by the outside world. The injustice of the Israelis against the Palestinians has been ongoing for many decades. One man’s terrorist is another mans hero-doesn’t the UN state that an occupied land is allowed to defend itself by any means necessary?
    How many israeli politicians have verbalised their poison? How many rabbis have stated that children are legitimate targets, (read The Kings Torah)
    When the world no longer protects its children, then we have reached a very sad and hopeless place in time. I don’t know how the traumatised children will recover from this-but thank you Jon Snow for saying it as it as it is.
    Finally-any doctors out there who want to go to Gaza once (if ever) the bombings stop to help with the masses injured, and may be set up some sort of counselling through play for the traumatised children?

  64. David Goff says:

    Appalling biased reporting, children are always killed and maimed in conflict. Where you not bothered about Afghanis, Iraqis, Syrians, Lybians, Nigerians children. You are a tool of a very dangerous terrorist organisation – HAMAS
    I think this is more about your self-aggrandisement, looking for a saint-hood, knighthood etc.

  65. Ayesha says:

    Jon you are a hero! Keep speaking the truth. The British public are listening to you!

  66. Anon says:

    I listened to this interview and it was good to see a mainstream journalist speaking the truth (which in my opinion is rare)… I tried to spread Johns message by posting on Facebook but again I’ve had a post removed. Its clear some one out there is trying to hide what is really going on in this world..

  67. kaz says:

    Dear John.

    thanks for speaking up for Gaza children.

    we need to do something to save these inocent children and mothers of GAZA

    no religion give primission to kill inocent children and no one has right to do this

  68. David Goff says:

    My comment was not abusive, but criticised the hypocrisy of Jon Snow’s report – it wasn’t posted – all of a sudden, because HAMAS have given a safe haven to reporters, they’re all inGaza making like Mother Theresa. 191,000 died in Iraq don’t remember your frontline coverage from there Jon Snow, because like many other reporters you’d have been shot, brutalised or beheaded. Next stop for you Mosul Jon Snow, show us the children there!!!

  69. Dianne Kirby says:

    In 1968 one of the most trusted journalists in the USA, Walter Cronkite, went to Vietnam. What he witnessed of the Vietnam War led to an emotional broadcast that many historians view as a key turning point, certainly in public perceptions, that contributed to ending the war. Could Jon Snow’s broadcast be our Walter Cronkite moment?

  70. Adamkatz says:

    Has anyone ever heard lord snow condemn Hamas in any way, shape or form-as a journalist are you not meant to be impartial – enquire, analyse, assess both sides of the story- does he expect us to take the line that Hamas is a decent, honest broker in all this – has he looked at their charter lately – where does his view come from? – family values- a grandfather who served as a general in Britains imperialistic past? Who knows- but lord snow is not playing fair- his actions towards Israeli representatives is somewhat different to that of others – or am I over sensitive? Balance please – surely the question is not how many Palestinians israel is wiling to kill , before it stops but rather how many are Hamas going to allow to die before they realise they can achieve nothing – save your people meshkaal

  71. patrick says:

    You, Jon, are committing child abuse by allowing children’s images to be used as propaganda. It does not matter if their case is valid or not, there is no doubt that the Palestinians view their children as valuable potential martyrs, and you are fuelling this abuse.

  72. jac says:

    Dear Sir:

    Would you please let us know how Nema is doing and the other children? Does she have a family? Is she an orphan now? Please let us know how we can help the children or if we can adopt and get them out of there?

    Thank you!

  73. Peg Demetris says:

    No Jon Snow, this is not a war on Children. That war on children is taking place in America and all across the world through ABORTION and the sick twisted Gov. FORCING people to to pay for them.

  74. halisi says:

    you know nothing jon snow

  75. Jasper Col says:

    A palestinian journal published in 2012 a report where Hamas confirms that 160 kids were killed making the tunnels http://bit.ly/1tmFWFs

    The critical paragraph is:

    “During a police patrol that the author was permitted to accompany in December 2011, nothing was done to impede the use of children in the tunnels, where, much as in Victorian coal mines, they are prized for their nimble bodies. At least 160 children have been killed in the tunnels, according to Hamas officials”

    So Hamas has been killing their children all on their own! Evil!

    Jon Snow, please can you get a Human Rights investigation underway on this asap?

  76. s.mas says:

    Jac was thinking the same. Would do anything to help those poor children. There must be so many orphans now. They don’t deserve any of this. I read two stories, one about a baby who’s parents were killed hours after she was born. The other about a baby removed prematurely after her mum was killed. Its inhumane.

  77. TERRY JONES says:

    Shame on israel, shame on all israeli who support this murderous regime! and they will not stop this massacre until they have exterminated all palestinians from there own lands. the creator placed upon the jews in the diaspora specifies that the creator “blessed he be” swore the jews not to occupy the holy land by force ,even if they have the force to do so; and what do you expect the palestinians to do when the jews are building illegal settelments on there land,and please don,t give me rubbish about protecting israel bit ,because hamas fireworkes are not doing any damage at all ,so israel retaliate with rockets that are killing children, woman, and men , and hospital,s schools, israel is making there life a hell hopeing they will move out of gazza.israel forced hamas to form because of years of oppression rule, PLEASE WILL THE WORLD WAKE UP BEFORE IT,S TO LATE…

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