24 Jul 2014

Gaza's 'Birthplace of saints and death-yard of angels'

I can’t get her out of my mind. Two year old Nema. Her broken skull and fractured nose have imposed two vast round suppurating panda sized blobs effectively closing her tiny eyes.

Since she was blown up in an Israeli artillery barrage five days ago, she has not uttered a sound. She is mute, whether forever, no one knows.

And Noradin, playing in a crowded street, hit by shrapnel from an Israel missile fired from an F16. In that explosion 45 people were injured, many of them children, two were killed.


Finally, for the moment, Maha, her back shattered, her face bruised. She is shrivelled beneath a rag of a sheet, the dirt from the street still clinging to her feet. She is just seven years old.


I am wandering through the dense maze that is the honeycomb of children’s wards on the second and third floors of Gaza’s remarkable al-Shifa Hospital.

This is the birth place of saints and the death yard of angels.

The saints are the doctors from all over the world who are dealing with the bloody consequences of this war. The angels are the innocent children too broken by battle to survive.

Dr Madds Gilbert, a professor of emergency medicine from Norway, tells us that stocks of pain relief have sunk below what he calls the ‘red line’. Yet despite the horrendous challenge, this hospital functions superbly amid the wreckage of war.

He tells me that 166 children have been killed 1,310 children wounded – but that is changing by the hour. He adds that 695 adults ave been killed and 4,519 injured.On the Israeli side 32 soldiers and three civilians have died.

The doctor says some of the children he is caring for are so profoundly damaged, so needy of massive operations, amputations, brain surgery, spinal surgery that some may yet not pull through to viable life.


Israel has proved one bitter truth. There is no such thing as a forensic or even a surgical attack. In this densely packed slither of land, fenced off from the rest of the world, it has proved impossible to ‘kill a militant’, without taking out a child, twenty children, or a grandmother, aunt, cousin, cousin’s cousin.

Gazan society is a construct of huge families interwoven across the territory. It is hard to pin-prick one man – kill him, and leave. You can obliterate his house, and he most probably he wont be there, but his seventeen relatives will be, and at the end of the attack they will be beyond life.

Finally, I have been stranded in Gaza City these three days. It was too dangerous to move far. Yet some of the worst of the carnage has been south of here, where no journalist has yet ventured.

But blessed Youtube, combined with short bursts of phone and electricity supply have enabled locals’ pictures to reach the outside world and we journalists to verify and then weave them into our reports.

The world is witnessing what is happening in Gaza. There is bound to be judgement.

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  1. sajid says:

    i applaud JS for doing what real journalists must do. He has always been a man of distinction…. again providing a true picture of what is happening on the ground. Unlike BBC news and the US news broadcasters where every aspect of news has been distorted, edited and pampered, it’s good to know we still have real journalists and correspondents at work, we just have to find and follow them.

    1. Emma Fletcher says:

      Indeed: He is the man and 4 is the channel!

      1. abdul samad says:

        well said. we pay tv licence for misinforming us instead. bravo C4 and snow and co.
        I just wanted to share what I saw on a satellite Chunnel earlier today. a family of eight Palestinians deciding if they should all sleep in one room so if they get bombed they will all die together or if they should spread out all through out their house so some may survive. The nine year old boy siting on his mothers lap kept on repeating in Arabic “I’m staying close to you I want to be warever you may go” and “don’t cry momy in heaven we don’t need to run away from settlers bullets” i just felt so so sad. Israel must adhere to international law or I think the UN will have zero credibility.

    2. Martin says:

      Thank you Jon Snow for independent reporting.
      We had no right to invade Afghanistan or Iraq and millions protested against sending in troops.
      Here when we have a completely justified reason to send troops in to defend unarmed Palestinians there is not even talk of ‘Boots on the Ground’. Some democracy we live in!
      Look at the conditions in Afghanistan & Iraq today. Our soldiers FOUGHT & DIED to ‘impose democracy’ upon them. Some democracy they live in!
      Shame on Tony Blair. Middle East Peace Envoy? If it was not so deadly serious it would be a joke. How dare you use the term Middle East Peace Envoy. He knows about the gas fields and he is abusing his position because he is trying to ensure the Palestinians do not benefit from their own resources. Rather he’s trying to smooth the way for British Gas to deal direct with the Israelis. Are the major politicians unanswerable to anyone? Why is there so much corruption? Do the zionists really own or corrupt all the major organisations & corporations? It is time we had this conversation rationally without the word ‘conspiracy. We have seen it is certainly true of many Media organisations and many of us suspect it is so with global Financial institutions. Perhaps the UN is browbeaten too easily & too often by the US who in turn is browbeaten by AIPAC and the like. The UN is there for a reason but appears to be impotent. Why?

    3. roberta lyon says:

      read about Hamas spokesman Snow at @BBCWatch @cifwatch

      1. omar says:

        get out of here & get a life !

  2. Os says:

    Brilliant but harrowing article. Keep up the good work, we need to be told the truth

  3. Richard Palmer says:

    Thank you Jon for showing us this and for calling Regev to account for it.

    Israel has a right to defend itself but this is disgusting.

    2 wrongs do not make a right.

    1. Scilla Berry says:

      While I agree with your last sentence in principle of course, “two wrongs” makes it seem an equal playing field, which it is very far from being. A dead body count of both sides will confirm this.

  4. John R says:

    Sad. Very, very sad. I just hope the perpertrators of such acts (crimes?) against humanity see these images and find it hard to live with what they have done. The political elites are clearly sociopaths. May they never sleep peacefully again.

    1. Khan says:
    2. John S says:

      Would you let a person use your house to fire a rocket. Would you not expect a missle to be fired at your house if a rocket was just launched from it. Their is a reason why using human shields are consider war crimes. Its pretty pathetic for Hamas to hide rockets in schools and mosques.

      1. Ryan says:

        Proof? This human shield rhetoric is getting old and it is overused. But where is the proof??? It’s just a way for Israel to justice their war crimes.

      2. Strauss says:

        NO! Please just think before you repeat the brainwashed news!
        These children lived in homes like you do in USA or me in Germany, it’s a normal thing for living in a city…. where to go, where? To the beach, where those 4 boys were killed, to the next place, which would also get bombed, to a UN-School, where people thought they’d be safe and then they didn’t , to an Hospital, where they thought they would be safe and then they didn’t?

        They were killed or injured in homes, on streets, on the beach, in schooles and now in hospitals and it is absolutly cynical to say they all were hamas-shields. And it is the usual lie too which is said to explain the killing of innocent civilicians.
        I haven’t seen yet one single photo with palestinian kids as hamas-shields, but photos with palestinian kids as human shields for the israel army.
        You just have to use google, your own brain and – your heart.

      3. ashraf says:


  5. Zaid says:

    Jon Snow I cannot tell you how much respect I have for you in getting these pictures and harrowing stories out to the world. It is criminal that the west allows Israel to get away with this (and may I add support this)!

  6. NorthMunsterman says:

    You are a saint yourself Jon.
    May the Palestinian nation – particularly the Gazans – live to see final justice done for the horrors that are being inflicted upon them.

  7. Yara says:

    Zechariah 4:6 ” Not by Might , Nor by power but by my spirit says The Lord your God” Look at this horror and destruction upon the vulnerable and innocent Is this done in the spirit of God ? SHAME ON YOU ISRAEL !

    1. Bright says:

      well quoted Yara. “He will guard the feet of his faithful servants, but the wicked will be silenced in the place of darkness. “It is not by strength that one prevails.” 1 Samuel 2:9

  8. Theodore Koulouris says:

    The international community ought to castigate, in no uncertain terms, the genocide perpetrated by the IDF. One does not defend oneself by simply bombing unarmed, unprotected people. This is a disgrace and the blood of the Palestinian people is on all our hands. Equally, Jon, you ought to somehow highlight the absence of similar reports from the likes of BBC and ITV, both of which have kept shamefully silent over this issue.

    1. Imran says:

      Well said my friend. Surely honesty & goodness will prevail one day. May everyone suffering in the world have patience & perseverance to pull through & see better days.

    2. Michael says:

      If he had not done this you would be hard pressed to express your own views, every bit will have a contribution.

  9. Lord Jellybelly says:

    There is no solution to the Palestinian problem except by Jihad

    The Nazism of the Jews

    They obtained the Balfour Declaration and established the League of Nations in order to rule the world by means of that organization. They also stood behind World War II, where they collected immense benefits from trading with war materials and prepared for the establishment of their state. They inspired the establishment of the United Nations and the Security Council to replace the League of Nations, in order to rule the world by their intermediary. There was no war that broke out anywhere without their fingerprints on it:

    Today it is Palestine and tomorrow it may be another country or other countries. For Zionist scheming has no end, and after Palestine they will covet expansion from the Nile to the Euphrates. Only when they have completed digesting the area on which they will have laid their hand, they will look forward to more expansion, etc. Their scheme has been laid out in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion

    Just a few quotes from the Charter of Hamas

  10. Zaman says:

    A heart felt thankyou to john snow and colleagues. You have restored our faith in journalism and in humanity. The blatantly disproportionate attacks on the people of gaza are heart breaking. If you read this john, please tell them the world is shedding tears with them and we will never leave them. Viva palestine! God bless

  11. Nadya says:

    We thank you for your outstanding journalism. The photos and stories are heart wrenching but you are giving these people a voice while the silence from the worlds leaders is deafening. Keep up your amazing work and I hope you and your colleagues stay safe.

  12. Sanjeeda Khondaker says:

    This brought tears to my eyes, I watched Jon Snow’s report on Channel 4 news last night – the fact that he is still there, still trying to bring the atrocities to the attention of the powers of the world, the fact that he is crying out for humanity, for the children, when, WHEN will the world listen? When…?

  13. Nazneen A says:

    Thank you for your accurate, truthful and compassionate reporting. Your reports as always are on point, how brave of you to visit and go to war torn Gaza.
    As the UN decide if/maybe war crimes are being committed I pray for the propaganda blood thirsty tryrant to be brought to justice.
    May God bless all the journalists, dr’s, life savers and truth speakers.

  14. ruje begum says:

    Well done John snow for risking your life to go and find out the bitter truth of innocent civilians being attacked and murdered in mass numbers. Thank you for channel 4 for not being biased and not being afraid to speak the truth unlike the bbc and other news channels that refer to every answer and question, Israel have said….
    What about gazan people do they not have a say too?

  15. Sohail Khaliq says:

    The world watches as a group of people are slaughtered. Everyone is watching. This is Extremism. This is Terrorism. This is Unacceptable.


    I hope you keep on reporting this Jon Snow. Stay safe as we don’t have very many Jon Snows in this country.

  16. suleyman yesil says:

    thanks you so much Jon for showing UK citizens of what is really going on in Gaza instead of distorting the truth like the BBC and other media organizations.

    I don’t know why the vast majority of the media and the leaders of most western countries feel obliged to protect the Zionist murderers even though they know what they are doing is wrong. How can anyone justify bombarding and killing defenseless womens and children on a daily basis by an army which is the 4th strongest in the world fighting against people with sticks and stones.

    The Isreali people suffered so badly under Hitler where millions were killed in a terrible manner, however this has’nt stopped them from doing much worse to the Palestinians over a 40 year period.

    How can anyone justify taking over the majority of a nations land and every year reduce the amount of land they have, stop the people of this nation from developing it with sanctions on everything coming in and going out to the outside world.

    why is 1 Isreali life worth more than 1000 Palestinians?? when a group of Isrealis were killed in Bulgaria a few years ago the world leaders were disgraced and condemned the killings, however none of these leaders are now condemning the murders of hundreds of innocent children and women in Gaza, instead they are justifying why “the Isrealis have the right to defend themselves”.

    #Free Palestine

    1. Krissie Roberts says:

      Well said Sulayman I agree the Israelis were persecuted during Hitlers reign,shame on them for terrorising these poor Palestinians,when will the Leaders of any Country,meet up,and thrash it out between themselves,rather than let their own people suffer in this horrific way?sometimes I am ashamed to call myself a Human being,God bless

  17. GaryT says:

    If Hamas stopped lobbing rockets indicriminately over the border into Israel the attacks on Gaza would stop.

    There needs to be a negotiated settlement. However, currently Hamas’s founding charter does not recognise the State of Israel, calls for Israel’s destruction and states that Hamas will not negotiate with Israel! Hamas need to radically rewrite their charter and accept the existance of Israel’s right to exist and be prepared to talk with her, if their is to be progress!

    Currently, the Hamas leadership hidden away in bunkers and in Qatar are cynically sacrificing the lives of their own people to try and acheive their unacheivable ends!!

    If the Hamas leadership truly cared about the welfare of their people they would be moving heaven and earth to reach a proper political settlement.

    1. Theodore Koulouris says:

      Even if what you’re writing about Hamas is true and not utter mainstream propaganda perpetuated by the US & UK governments, this does not justify bombing indiscriminately innocent people. Israel has the fourth strongest military in the world whilst additionally being funded by the US to the tune of $3.7bn pa. It is Israel that does not acknowledge, and continually blocks, the institution of a Palestinian state not the other way around. It was Netanyahu who, in no uncertain terms, rejected any talk of there being a Palestinian state; you see, there’s lots of natural gas in the area and Israel wants exclusive rights. Recognising a Palestinian state implies the acknowledgment of sovereignty, borders guaranteed by the UN, membership of international bodies and, of course, the rights to Palestine’s natural resources. Hamas does not “object to Israel”; it objects to the designation of Israel as a “Jewish” state, that is to say, as a state for Jews only – and that is because in excess of 1m Palestinians live in Israel; designating Israel as a “Jewish” state would discriminate against the Palestinian minority. You are blinded by the pervasive bias of the likes of the BBC and similar mainstream networks, both domestically and abroad, and cannot see the genocide that Israel is perpetrating.

    2. hikma says:

      You saying if Hamas accepts Israel there would be progress. Let me tell you that The Palestinian Authority(Fath) had accepted Israel for more than 20 years.and guess what there has been zero progress on the contrary israel has stolen more land demolished more houses built more settlements that even Europeans officials are saying the 2 states solution is practically impossible . Why? Because israel doesn’t want peace they want the land without the people.Sharon had said once he wishes that he one wakes up and the sea had swallowed Gaza….

      1. Gary Brunen says:

        Hikma this is from the horses mouth feel free to replyhttp://www.israelvideonetwork.com/you-wont-believe-what-the-son-of-hamas-just-said-on-cnn

    3. Naz says:

      Hamas have ceased attacked on Israel before, yet the people still live in a open prison, being killed beaten by Israeli militants, deprived of their basic human rights, having their passports taken away from them, despite reaching agreements Israel has continued their vicious atrocities because the zionists want complete control, they want a communist society. Until the west realise what Israel is doing and instead of supporting their actions condemns them, they have no need to stop. The UK gave away land which was nothing to do with them and it belonged to the Palestinians to Israelis, who now think they can have Palestine aswell, they accepted them when everyone else refused them a state and this is what the innocent children of Palestine get as a thank you? Hamas have killed soldiers who attack the people of Gaza in ground attacks they haven’t targeted civilians. Israeli civilians are watching and cheering the attacks as if it’s a sport, they have no humanity. If this had anything to do with Oil you would have seen America and the UK sticking there ore in immediately, but because the Palestinians have nothing to give world leaders are willing to sit back and let innocent civilians die, if they stood up for what was right they would lose their pocket money, so they shut their eyes and allow it to continue. I am so happy to see Jon Snow actually speaking honestly and openly like a true journalist, he has humanity all the way through him like a piece of rock, proud to have him as one of us here the United Kingdom.

      1. Tabassum says:

        Truly said. All of us are so proud to have Jon Snow show the world the true happenings in Gaza. May Allah protect him. Ameen.

    4. Ian McMillan says:

      JUst supopose Gary, that armed with superior force and resources I arrived at you home and threw you out. Imagine too that every time you returned to lob a stone through what is now my window, I maimed or killed a few of your relatives then destroyed the hovel you had found to replace your true home, forcing you to live in conditions you would not allow an animal to inhabit. Further imagine that every time your pleas for justice fell upon deaf ears and you once again lobbed stones in my direction I would further decimate your family and environment.
      Now tell me that such a scenario bears no relationship whatsoever to events in Gaza.

    5. Ian McMillan says:

      Just supopose Gary, that armed with superior force and resources I arrived at your home and threw you out. Imagine too that every time you returned to lob a stone through what is now my window, I maimed or killed a few of your relatives then destroyed the hovel you had found to replace your true home, forcing you to live in conditions you would not allow an animal to inhabit. Further imagine that every time your pleas for justice fell upon deaf ears and you once again lobbed stones in my direction I would further decimate your family and environment.
      Now tell me that such a scenario bears no relationship whatsoever to events in Gaza.

    6. Chris says:

      Gary – bombing civilian areas is not an acceptable response to rockets.

      Could you imagine Thatcher bombing Dublin, in response to the IRA?

      Sorry, but there is no justification or excuses

      1. Joey says:

        Actually yes. If London, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool, where hit with thousands of bombs from Dublin – the launch sites would have been obliterated. But why go to hypothetical situations? after 9/11, in which the UK wasn’t even attacked, the British army went to Afghanistan and Iraq and participated in the killing of tens of thousands of civilians, how many of them where children just like the one in Snow’s video? If someone shoots rockets at you – you shoot back, plain and simple. If they don’t want their kids dead? don’t shoot the damn rockets.

    7. Zaman says:

      My friend, you cannot legitimise israels illegal and disproportionate attacks by blaming afew of the rockets “lobbed” over by hamas. I dont seek to justify hamas but I ask you to put yourself in their position. If someone came and took over your land, imprisoned you, murdered your families, barrocaded you in to a small strip of land, removed all of the most basic of supplies like water and medical aids… What would you do. Please think deeply, what would you do if u saw ur children being ripped apart infront of you, your mother being abused, your father being imprisoned. Israel has created hamas! Any self respecting state that came across such disgusting violence has a right to defend itself, hamas is the resistence.

    8. Jake says:

      Oh… they are moving earth indeed under these criminal soldiers of Israel … didn’t you count the number of soldiers they have killed … !!!!!!??? Didn’t you read the number of children that Israeli “brave” army killed …. but I cant help you not to consider these young souls nothing but numbers .. Good life mr. Human

    9. SL says:
    10. Tariq says:

      This is not about Hamas, its not about the PLO before them or any other organisation you care to blame for you atrocities.
      This is about your Israeli / Zionist agenda. It is about the ‘promised land’ it is about your greed to control resources, it is about your arrogance, treating the rest of man kind as ‘goyim / goys’ to be used and abused at your will.
      I take it you have forgotten the days the Jews spent in the ghettos of Warsaw, you have forgotten that your people were once brought to the brink of extinction under the Nazi. Shame on you, You really should know better.

    11. Fatima Bird says:

      Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party Charter states specifically that there will never be a Palestinian state. Since the illegal occupation of Palestinian land in 1948, it does not matter who has been in charge on either side, whether there has been negotiations, accords, peace talks, no peace talks – the only constant in all these years is that Israel has stolen more and more Palestinian land and built illegal settlements on it. They daily oppress and humiliate the Palestinian people. They have no rights as occupiers, but the Palestinian people do have the right to resist the occupation.

    12. Amallick says:

      You need to get your facts correct before making comments and not believe what the BBC ,British/USA governments portray about HAMAS… Hamas are not against the state of Israel existing but only against a JEWISH state of Israel…you may not know this but there are a very large number of non Jewish Palestinians living in Israel where are they supposed to go ?the non Jewish residents are they to be kicked out of a Jewish state because they are not Jews ,the state of Israel is killing hundreds of innocent Palestinians yet you expect no one to respond when their son/ daughter/wife/husband is murdered????the western media specifically the BBC appears to be worried about a few Israeli soldiers being killed but not about the innocent children being killed in the so called ‘surgical’strikes!!!!!

  18. Z Ali says:

    Brilliant blog Jon. Happy to see real journalism taking place and the truth is being told and shown.

  19. Alan says:

    Yes , of course it is harrowing, extremely and utterly harrowing. Pity there was no Jon Sno around when MILLIONS of little babies were being gassed by the Nazis, the same Nazis who were supported by that “lovely” Palestinian the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and the same Nazis who are now so admired by Hamas. Yes it is harrowing, as was the deaths of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of little children when Hiroshima and Nagasaki was bombed, or when Dresden was fire bombed by the RAF or when, Stalingrad and Warsaw was flattened by the Nazis or Berlin by the Russians all because the German people supported a genocidal group of fanatics just as the Palestinians now support Hamas. And so I guess the answer is that the Israelis should just sit back and allow rockets to rain down on them or remove the blockade so that Hamas can bring in even more sophisticated rockets that they can fire at Israel until one hits a kindergarten and then Jon Sno can report of the wrecked and bloodied bodies of Israeli children, or would he?.

    1. Anthony says:

      Alan, your nostalgic look of needless death and destruction without competent journalism has it’s point. Yet this round of needless death and destruction is now, today, tomorrow and for what?? The next sixty odd years. I once sat in a room in the Houses of Parliament listening to Dr Mads Gilbert, Baroness Jenny Tongue, Sir Gerald Kaufman and a Palestinian lady who had lost a dozen or so of her family prematurely through the actions of the Israeli’s. This talk was attended by one Jonathan Hoffman who loudly interjected that if the good doctor and anyone else didn’t like what Israel was doing then the doctor would be out of a job because the surgical instruments are made in Israel and also that the Intel Pentium processor is made there too, so we should all throw away our computers and laptops!!! Can you see the scales Alan, don’t really weigh up do they? The rest of the world seems to be out of step to what the Israeli Government deems acceptable, can we all be wrong Alan? Apartheid, ethnic cleansing and genocide are war crimes, no ifs nor buts. So Alan, nostalgia is all well and good, but learning no lessons from the past is no different than burying your head in the sand. Agree?

  20. Sam says:

    Americas endless support for worldwide atrocious criminal Israeli Zionist pursuits will never cease, as history continues to repeat itself. Their view is clear: none but zionists and their evil allies deserve any chance to live, as long as they too cooperate. Every civilian murder israel commits is openly justified by US presidents and is always accepted as justified due to the silent treatment and diversion tactics of the manipulating media majority, they know who they are

    True journalism is fact based; thank you Jon and your brave team for delivering black and white factual news in a sea of discoloured mainstream media

  21. James FF says:

    Don’t blame Israel for these children’s deaths.
    Blame it on the HAMAS who fire rockets from their bedrooms, schools and hospitals.
    Dr. Norway, If the Hamas in Gaza used the money they receive for their hospitals instead of making rockets and terrorist tunnels you’d be the most advanced hospitals in the middle east.
    The Jewish Scapegoat routine is boring. Look at yourselves all over the world.

  22. Zarghona Rassa says:

    No words can describe your talent in reporting Jon. You’re reporting touches peoples hearts and minds and once they see and hear you then you are with them for life.

  23. Deema Amra says:

    Thank u for all your reports and blogs from gaza, your doing a great job

  24. Ellen Parks says:

    So much respect for you Jon, risking your life to demonstrate truth to the world. I just hope your efforts are not in vain and that more people finally open their eyes to the atrocities that have been going on for decades and will continue if not challenged immediately. It is the grave times like this that blatantly exposes the corruption of governments, the silence and ignorance of politicians, and worse yet the other news organisations who have a duty to spread the correct or at least balanced stories. Shame on the BBC, ITV and numerous other organisations who stand silent whilst a massacre of profound proportions continues to take place. I fear we are living in a world so desensitised by death, that the sight of innocent civilians being slaughtered with their blood splayed on the ground does nothing but fuel excuses for the perpetrators.

    Once again, thank you Jon, truly a hero.

  25. Ahmed Mukhta says:

    A very heart wrenching factual reporting by brave John Snow.
    Thank you so much for your outstanding reporting and for challenging Israeli spokesman, Regev, previously.

  26. S I says:

    Journalists like yourself should be applauded for showing the world the true facts of this ongoing crises.

    “The world is witnessing what is happening in Gaza. There is bound to be judgement” –
    I truly hope so, but the sad truth is given the Israel/US international stronghold i doubt anyone will ever be bought to justice. Until this changes, not allot else will.

  27. khan says:

    thanks for channel 4 and it’s hero’s journalists especially Jon who have been doing the real and hard,danger job to tell the world what happning in middle east and what is isreal real face how horrendous crimes are have been committing by zioinsts

  28. asharif says:

    These are moving pictures for any human being to witness. We all need to stop and think if that was our children our families our homes would we be analysing the situation ?
    Do the people have a choice of where they live those children certainly dont.
    Any human life lost is a tragedy we will carry on and forget about the situation once it is out of the news but the families who lose loved ones will never be the same.

    Thankyou for reporting the horror of war especially this one which has been going on for 47 years…keep safe jon and ch4 team .

  29. M McCormick says:

    These images are, of course, heartbreaking, but we shouldn’t kid ourselves that they are in any way unique to this conflict.

    Even in wholly justifiable conflicts, such as the second world war, civilians, including children, in occupied Europe were frequent victims of allied warfare – even excluding those campaigns, such as that arising from the Area Bombing Directive, which deliberately targeted them.

    If news gathering such as yours were available at the time, how would we now look upon those campaigns?

    Such casualties are not a consequence of whether the war is justified or not – they are inevitable in any war.

  30. Jay says:

    I am a father of a 2 year old girl. The first picture will haunt me for a very long time. I read this article at work and had leave the office to sit in my car and cry. I can go home and hug my child but a lot of parents wont be able to do that today and my heart goes out to them.

    Thank you JS for showing the rest of the world whats happening in Gaza. I admire you and am thankful to you for being brave enough to report this story when most channels wont even bother spending a few seconds on the horros of this war.

    I hope that humanity, peace and love will previal. We cannot change what has happened but we should work towards solution where both Palestinians and Israelis can live in peace.

  31. shuaib mohammed says:

    Thank you for your accurate, truthful and compassionate reporting. how brave and amazing of you to visit and go to war torn Gaza.

    May God bless you always. The whole world stand applauded you and channel 4 KEEP SAFE

  32. Zeb K says:

    Thanks a million Jon and C4 for risking your life to deliver to the world the truth. God be with you and keep you safe

  33. angelica perry says:

    I was particularly touched when listening and watching Jon Snows report last night how he warned viewers we may find the images distressing ..he then added I certainly have…
    The current Team on channel 4 News excel beyond all others…News reporting at its best….storytelling at times HEARTBREAKING

  34. Susan Hijazi says:

    Dear Jon and fellow channel 4 crew
    Thank you for travelling to Gaza and reporting on the situation there. I have felt so frustrated watching various TV channels interviews etc stating untruths and being very bias.
    I remember when years ago I worked in Lebanon, I was speaking with a Palestinian woman saying how helpless and redundant I felt at the situation there.
    She replied that our organization (medical Aid for Palestinians) was there helping and by our being present at least the people of the camp knew they were not forgotten
    So thank you for being my voice, and I’m sure many others.
    I’ m ashamed at the indifference and bias of this government and I just want to say not in my name .
    The siege has to end, there is no hope living in a cage !

  35. Russell says:

    Jon is very brave indeed. So sad to see the Palestinian people being held to ransom by the murderous Hamas regime. And pity Israel having to take such extreme measures to defend itself against Hamas’s vile actions. If only Hamas had spend all those dollars from Qatar and the West on building bomb shelters for its people rather than on tunnels to attack Israel, how many less Palestinian children may now be dead. We should all curse Hamas and pray for the end of their rule as soon as possible. Then Jon can return to the safety of the Channel 4 newsroom.

    1. Chris says:

      Stop being a war crimes apologist.

      Firstly, Hamas were voted in by the people.

      Secondly, it’s not an acceptable response to terrorism to bomb everyone who supports them.

      Imagine if Thatcher had bombed Ireland to try and beat the IRA!?

      1. Kevin Lynch says:

        Only a tiny portion of the Irish population ever supported the IRA, even during the darkest days of the troubles/war. The overwhelming majority were disgusted by their crimes but also of course recognised that state-sanctioned criminality could never be excused.

    2. Chris says:

      Firstly, Hamas were voted in by the people.

      Secondly, it’s not an acceptable response to terrorism to bomb everyone who supports them.

      Imagine if Thatcher had bombed the Irish people to try and beat the IRA!?

    3. Zaman says:

      Im sorry Russel but have you been watching the same itv4 as we have..? The people of palestine are being held in an open air prison by the state of israel not hamas. Its israel whose bombing hospitals, schools and refugee camps not hamad. Its israel whose using toxic gasses and cancer causing agents, not hamas! I beg you, to open your eyes and your heart just a little bit. Look past the picture people have painted for you n do some simple maths. How many lives has israel destroyed, how many children and women has it killed. These people are unarmed and vulnerable. Journalists have shown destroyed ambulances and UN water tanks under attack… Are they hamad too. The little children playing on the beach… Are they hamas too… Israel has spoken out about needing to “kill the mothers and their snakes” … Does that spund like they want peace. I beg you, open your eyes

    4. Sarah says:

      Power? Hamas? Really? Everything in Gaza is controlled by the sovereign state of Israel. If we’re talking about who has the ‘power’ to stop this, Hamas certainly doesn’t. It is naiive to pretend Hamas’ agenda is purely evil, for the sake of bloodshed, when it is blatantly obvious that ANY population that were stripped of rights, persecuted and imprisoned would behave absolutely identically to Hamas. Israel has created Hamas.
      Hamas continues to fire rockets because the peacetalks have not involved any talk of basic human rights for the Palestinian population.
      I agree that Hamas should stop firing rockets, but we all know what the outcome will be – the world returns to status quo, with silent suffering and inhumane discrimination against Palestinians, and no end in sight for them.

  36. Ismael says:

    Thank you for continuing to put the BBC et al to shame Jon Snow / C4.

  37. Zahra says:

    God bless you for speaking the truth and doing what most other journalists are failing to do- saying it as it is. Israel is committing genocide in the name of peace. There will be a judgement for sure. Thank you.

  38. Celia Dunelm says:

    Thank you, Jon Snow and your Channel 4 colleagues. At last we have a news channel prepared to tell and show the truth. The BBC should be ashamed both of their lack of bias in reporting and the sheer ignorance of many of their presenters. Please take care.

  39. sabeen says:

    Thanks n great great job ever done by mr snow n dr gilbert n channel 4.unbelievable kind hard njust serving for humanity like our beloved prophet muhammad did n ask whole mankind to do.but unforunately v muslim not doing what v supposed to do.Great people great heart n mind .thanks to mr Snow n dr gilbert

  40. Uzma says:

    Thank you Jon for having the honesty and guts to tell the world exactly what is going on in Gaza. Have not heard any other journalist tell us the TRUTH like you have. Stay safe.

  41. Ali says:

    Thank you Jon Snow for showing us the whole picture. Why is the rest of the world so silent?

  42. Paul says:

    Great reporting. But it has to be put that the international community must take responsibility for Gaza. They must be protected for once and for all, under international law to prevent Israel from ‘mowing the lawn’ through collective punishment of the Gazan people.

  43. Julia Weiss says:

    Stay safe. I can onlyrepeat what so many others have said already: thank you for keeping us informed about the events in Gaza. I watched the reports on the injured children and I could not stop crying. Many years ago I was living in Israel (Tel Aviv) where I made friend both with Israelis and Palestians. As someone who was born in Germany I find it tremendously difficult to say anything against Israeli politics as I tend to think that today’s horrible acts would never have been committed if it wasn’t for the unspeakable crimes against humanity carried out by the nazis. Today I can’t help but think though that the crimes against humanity of the nazis and those of the present Israeli government do have things in common: it’s imposible to cry all the tears that we would need to cry because of the unneccessry human suffering and grief caused to innocent people and both crimes are the consequence of utterly irrational hate and fanatism.

  44. faylbetter says:

    Jon, you and your colleagues are doing a brave and vital job: conveying the horrors of the Gaza blitzkrieg. C4 is one small voice against a tide of uncritical media support for a supremacist nation which operates with impunity in breach of numerous UN resolutions.

  45. Nooraine says:

    I need to adopt nema

  46. Shiraj Vali says:

    Jon Snow, you are a legend.. You have demonstrated great bravery in your quest to expose the brutal murders of innocent Palestinian children by IDF. Shame on BBC and ITV!! Long live Jon Snow and C4!!!

  47. yunus kata says:
  48. ifty says:

    Jon snow presenter & journalist of the year.

  49. AK says:

    Jon Snow I have watched many of your shows and I know you you like to find the truth.
    Thank you.

    Anyone calling Hamas terrorist is a complete joker and needs to know the difference between freedom fighters and Zionist terrorists and live in the real world.

    Israel either has people in key places or have paid the western countries off – friends of Israel.
    They buy the latest weapons from the US Britain and other European Countries, which is a multi Billion dollar business so these so called Western countries will not help innocent ordinary people in Gaza or anywhere else.

    Shame on you Israel for showing that you stand for Zionism = Nazism

  50. Tauseef says:

    Love u Jon snow your hero

  51. AP says:

    Thank you Jon for the unbiased journalism, perhaps the others namely BBC can take a leaf out of your book.
    Keep safe and keep up the good work!

  52. Kirstie says:

    This really broke my heart these poor people and their lovely children being murdered whilst the world sits idly by and watches , It has opened my eyes to how my own Government in the UK is abhorrent I’m utterly mortified and ashamed I’m SO sorry , I wish I could be with you all to help stay strong :(

  53. Jayachandran Gopalan says:

    Very much disturbed to see the innocent children are being crucified…

  54. Hazra Kapadia says:

    So important the truth be told, Thank you JS. It’s not an easy task but theres is not enough people out there with guts to present whats really going on.

  55. F says:

    Thank you Mr Snow for showing the world what is really happening in Gaza and not giving in to outside pressures like other networks clearly have.

  56. Nasrin akhtar says:

    Not many like yourself I applaud you and wish you and your family well. More people need to take a stand and speak against the evil and atrocities which are taking place in broad daylight. . There will be judgment for this bloodshed and a heavy price to be paid indeed,
    Quran states, “and your lord does not Forget”.

  57. Angela says:

    Thank-you for reporting the truth. The indifference and silence of the majority of the world is truly horrifying. Nothing justifies the terrorizing of babies and children in this way. I cannot for the life of me understand the world’s indifference but thank-you so very much for getting the truth out there.

  58. Mehnaz says:

    Thank you jon snow for showing what is really going on there unlike the rest of them

  59. Samina says:

    Thank you for reporting the truth

  60. Lord Jellybelly says:

    Hamas`s charter inter alia demands the destruction of Israel. Perhaps those commenters condemning Israel for its self defence might wish to associate or disassociate themselves from such policy?

  61. Russell says:

    Clearly, I’m a voice in the wilderness on this particular blog. I understand that emotions are running high, and it is indeed distressing to see innocents suffering, wherever they are. But the comparisons of Israel and Israelis to Nazism are odious, and you should be ashamed of yourselves (you know who you are). But let me ask this of all of you and Jon in particular – what the hell are those tunnels doing there in the first place? The 30+ that have been found so far. The ones that pop up just in front of kibbutzim. Are they for the people of Gaza to pass through and deliver flowers to their Israeli neighbours? I don’t think so. They are there to enable armed gangs to select a time that suits them and to go on a murderous killing spree. These have been built over many years.You all know this is true, but you can’t face the truth. What country would NOT protect itself in the face of that? Britain, America, Germany, Egypt… all countries would. if you don’t agree. you are clearly delusional. And why has Hamas been storing rockets in UNWRA schools? Do they really shed a tear over Gazas casualties – or see them as part of a propaganda war against Israel? In the last few days, over 700 Syrians have been killed. But Jon is in Gaza. Syria isn’t so much a story because Israel isn’t involved.

    1. AK says:

      Really Russell you obviously are clueless and a Zionist follower.
      If any race took over your land kicked you out and continuously bombarded you of course you would do something. You would not stand against a tyrant taking all your land and expanding its own boundaries. You obviously have no idea of what it’s like as you most probably never had any land.
      The crap rockets that Hamas have are like fireworks display compared to the high tech weaponry of The Zionists which have caused so many deaths.
      so please don’t come out with utter rubbish, it’s brainwashed people like yourself who are supporting the Zionists which you clearly have no knowledge in this matter.

      Israel stop killing little children you cowards.

      1. Gary says:

        I have read much and seen much on this whole subject and all can say is just stop it all. THAT might sound easy and yes it is from what I have seen Israel while heavy handed in their response is still in response, to something that’s been thrown at them. Unfortunately you can never win a guerilla war which this is with Hamas and you do think that hidden in populated areas has not worked so well yet so why carry on and with that and I’m so doing endanger civilian lives. If rockets must be thrown over into Israel do it from unpopulated areas where if I response was sent would only be taking your own life in your hand and if caught the consequences of your own actions will be handed out upon you and that’s if your caught doing it.
        On one final point it you look on a map it is totally surrounded with Arabia countries who have waged war on them and have had to do all they could do to defend themselves but now most just tend to leave each other to themselves and as I said earlier their response is heavy handed BUT it comes from years of constantly watching their backs and rather when you see a possible dangerous situation arise and see what’s going to happen just think if we wait it may be to late so just hit them hard and fast and then worry about it similar situation a burglar coming into your house will you wait and see what he is doing there or run down with a bat or something shouting and making noise to scare them before it gets worse. HAMAS STOP FIRING ROCKETS INTO ISRAEL COS THAT NOT WORKING AND ISRAEL STOP RETALIATING THEN SIT AND TALK not as Arab and jew but as people wanting it to stop

    2. Darren says:

      Really Russell you obviously are clueless and a Zionist follower.
      If any race took over your land kicked you out and continuously bombarded you of course you would do something. You would not stand against a tyrant taking all your land and expanding its own boundaries. You obviously have no idea of what it’s like as you most probably never had any land.
      The crap rockets that Hamas have are like fireworks display compared to the high tech weaponry of The Zionists which have caused so many deaths.
      so please don’t come out with utter rubbish, it’s brainwashed people like yourself who are supporting the Zionists which you clearly have no knowledge in this matter.

      Israel stop killing little children you cowards.

  62. Pelo Nord says:

    It’s terrible for the people of Gaza and Hamas salutes and thanks you Jon for showing the terrible suffering of its people.

  63. Henrietta says:

    JS, you have restored my faith in journalism, politics and humanity by doing what you are going through. Never have I felt so angry by what I see on television as I have been in the last week or so and until now I just rolled my eyes when I heard politicians talking. You are a torch for humanity, integrity, truth and professionalism. All my respect to you for all you have done in the last days.

  64. Caterina says:

    Thank you Mr Snow for standing up during the interview to Jerusalem tonight to ‘stop the lecture’ as you said. It was painful,sad and sickening to hear empty words from Jerusalem while watching the suffering of all those children.Heartbreaking.

  65. peter Lafazan says:

    I applaud the channel four. About time the truth be exposed in Gaza.

    Brilliant journalism Jon

  66. Simon says:

    What an absolutely moving blog from yourself. You are a reporter of real conviction and principle
    who can see the brutality with your own eyes. Thank-you. You really are making a difference to the world.

  67. Jack says:

    The UN Secretary General expresses his sadness at the situation in Gaza. But why doesn’t the UN take more direct action? Maybe it requires Security Council agreement but UN troops in Gaza to police the territory would be better than standing by and its members just expressing horror at the terrible slaughter. UN forces have intervened in conflict zones in years gone by, why not in this situation?

  68. Jamila Sherif says:

    Dear Jon Snow thank you so much for your immense courage and efforts to make sure the world is witnessing what is happening in Gaza. May God reward you and protect you. Keep up the great work.

  69. Sofia says:

    To risk your career by speaking out is truly commendable, it shows journalism can have a conscience.

  70. Dr Yassin says:

    Thank you to Jon Snow and Channel 4 for their courage to report the truth. It is shocking this is occurring in this age. It is vital the world be made aware of the enormity of the scale of the inhumane killing of the Palestinian civilians and helpless innocent children. It is a massacre! I hope governments and medical organisation push for the urgent and immediate cessation of these crimes. Action to end this is needed ASAP. Our prayers are for your safety, those providing humanitarian aid and the trapped Palestianian population.

  71. Juned Saiyed says:

    The world has to see this report to know what is really happening. If only this report was to be aired on US prime time TV, we could change this conflict with the report. The US people will be sick to know it is there Tax money that is funding this killing of innocent children.

  72. Mo says:

    To Jon Snow and chanel 4, warmest congratulations on your impassioned, humane, intelligent, brave and honestly outraged reporting from Gaza, especially with tonight your persistent questioning and challenging of the Israeli spokesman. I agree with all the other complimentary comments above, your informative and committed reporting throws BBC and other media into detached shade. I hope you and Chanel 4 are recognised for your contribution to humanity and truth in the next round of journalism awards. Keep being exceptional, we need you!

  73. Nadeem says:

    Dear Jon, thank you for being brave enough to report on the atrocities being carried out in Gaza. These atrocities are carried out in the name of Israel and Jews all over the world. Where are all the Jews around the world who are watching these war crimes? Why are they are so scared to speak out? Have they lost their soul? They need to stand up and fight this facism! It can not be destroyed without their voices, which remain silent.

  74. mohammed aleem says:

    Thank u for providing the truth. What the hell UN is doing

  75. Luca Biason says:

    Thank you ever so much for your work Jon,

    I wish I shared your optimism about judgement, the fight is way too unequal as well, and the international bodes have long proven their purely representative role and lack of resources to do anything more than that.

    The true, actual powers that be are others, and we all know on which side they are. Israel will never be brought in front of an unbiased independent international court to face its crimes and hidden agendas.

    The bitter reality of the third millennium of (de)civilisation.

    Take care and be safe

  76. Melanie johnston says:

    Jon Snow on C4 news tonight was the first time I have heard a British journalist stand up to an Israeli being interviewed on the national media during this abomination of slaughter. Jon Snow refused to allow the dogmatic and belligerant repeats of their narrative of denial with which they have so far dominated the coverage. More, much more of this public challenge. Please .

  77. Ron says:

    It’s sad, indeed. But let’s not forget that Billions upon Billions of Dollars have been given to the Palestinians to create a land of milk and honey…but the despots and terrorists have usurped the money to their own ends. Israel is sane and doing what any country must do to protect itself.

    Let the Palestinians man-up and take what they have, get the help of the Israelis in creating a great country for themselves and move on. Nobody wants continued violence except the extremists and fundamentalists who do not live in a modern world.

  78. Farzana Saker says:

    Thank you for reporting as it is.

  79. Safa Dahane says:

    Thank you john snow and team. I pray you stay safe. A light amid the moral darkness. Thank you

  80. Nayur says:

    Thank you thank you thank you for not being afraid to tell the world the truth – god bless you and stay safe

  81. Jahangir Akhtar says:

    Sir – You are a fantastic example of what every journalist should aspire to. Keep up the great work.

  82. Felicity russell says:

    Well done Jon. Awful that you have to witness such obscenities, but much respect for the reporting of them.

  83. moumou says:

    No words to admire your work. Blesses

  84. zohaib says:

    One thing that is mind boggling is that how some people say Hamas are attacking Israel and that they should stop defending Gaza? Israel have an Iron done which will protect them. Hamas has recently come into power yet Israel has always had some sort of an excuse to create a mess just by reflecting upon these last 20 years even when Hamas did not exist back then!

  85. H says:

    Thank you Jon Snow, your report is utterly utterly heartbreaking, but it is so wonderful that you and your team are in Gaza, reporting the truth.. I have two young children and every time I look at their faces, hug them, comfort them or kiss them goodnight a little piece of my heart breaks for the murdered, injured and orphaned Palestinian children. There is absolutely no justification for what the Israeli military are doing, and no excuse for the rest of the world to be standing by and allowing it to continue. David Cameron made it quite clear that to him, the lives of the dead MH17 flight victims are worth so much more than the seven hundred plus dead Palestinians.

  86. UmmEesa says:

    Thank You Jon for restoring a little faith in Western Journalism. Please keep it going.

    “If you are neutral in situations of injustice you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”

  87. xyz says:

    Huh, what a surprise.

    No mention of Hamas or the Muslim Brotherhood backing it.

    No mention of the classic commie terrorist tactic of co-locating active weaponry with children / schools / places of worship / hospitals.

    Hamas has received millions upon millions of dollars for schools and hospitals and roads etc., but knowingly and happily chose to spend the millions upon millions on developing terrorist infrastructure and hardware: tunnels, weapons, etc.

    No mention of that at all, instead, the stench-filled Gaza strip is all the fault of … the civilians Hamas chose to start bombing. Gosh, what a … commie-leftie surprise. Just like Obama turned out to be.

  88. akhlaq ahmad says:

    Jon, always admired your journalism but risking the wrath of rabid Israeli aggression by visiting the oppressed and defenceless Palestinians to report gruesome killing of children takes guts and a deep love dor humanity. Keep up the goos work. God bless you.

  89. Shakeel says:

    Thank you Jon and Channel 4 for the coverage of the Israeli massacre in Gaza.

    Your coverage really does put the BBC to shame. The BBC needs to take a hard look at how it covers stories. Their coverage is so biased it is shocking. The lack of international coverage and governmental response is so blatant that it leaves you with a real heaviness.

    Once again thank you for the Gaza coverage.

  90. Karim says:

    Thank you Jon, truth is a rare commodity these days, please continue to share it so charitably! God help the people of Gaza…

  91. ItchyEyes says:

    Heart wrenching, I dont have words to describe my emotions seeing these helpless children. A BIG BIG BIG thank you to Channel 4, Jon Snow and his team. Speak and show us the truth, any atrocities of war needs to be highlighted, even if it is against a powerful army and state that has a well equip PR machine that has managed to have a hold over the so called free press. Keep it up. We are there with you.

  92. Russell says:

    Clearly, I’m a voice in the wilderness on this particular blog. I understand that emotions are running high, and it is indeed distressing to see innocents suffering, wherever they are. But the comparisons of Israel and Israelis to Nazism are odious, and you should be ashamed of yourselves (you know who you are). But let me ask this of all of you and Jon in particular – what the hell are those tunnels doing there in the first place? The 30+ that have been found so far. The ones that pop up just in front of kibbutzim. Are they for the people of Gaza to pass through and deliver flowers to their Israeli neighbours? I don’t think so. They are there to enable armed gangs to select a time that suits them and to go on a murderous killing spree. These have been built over many years.You all know this is true, but you can’t face the truth. What country would NOT protect itself in the face of that? Britain, America, Germany, Egypt… all countries would. if you don’t agree. you are clearly delusional. And why has Hamas been storing rockets in UNWRA schools? Do they really shed a tear over Gaza’s casualties – or see them as part of a propaganda war against Israel? In the last few days, over 700 Syrians have been killed. But Jon is in Gaza. Syria isn’t so much a story because Israel isn’t involved.

  93. Steve jones says:

    Thank you Jon Snow for the unbiased reporting. You are a hero in my eyes for placing your life in danger in order to show the world the massacre and genocide which is being committed by the Israeli army. Thank you.

  94. Shahzad says:

    God bless Jon snow a man of great guts and integrity

  95. s siddiq says:

    We salute you Jon Snow for being a witness to and sharing the truth of the number of innocent civilians loosing life and limb……while sadly much of the world stands by! We pray more hearts turn and justice prevails!

  96. syeda says:

    You are doing what many others have chosen not do which is show the actual humantarian caranage in Gaza! May Allah bless you and keep you safe and may you and I witness the Almightys judgement cos these are not ‘islamists’ these are babies innocent angels born in the wrong part of the world. Thank you for your courage sir stay safe.

  97. KA says:

    Than you. Thank you. Thank you. You are the brave when rest of us hide or obfuscate or find some excuses .thanks for exposing,thanks for shining the light in the darkness .

  98. Waqqas Awan says:

    Thank you Jon for daring to speak out about this unimaginable crime against humanity. My heart bleeds for every innocent person who is the victim of such oppression. My soul is crushed when I hear of such crimes against children! How far are we from humanity that anyone can even think about justifying even one death!? This is pure madness and pure evil. We’ve seen it before, but history has a way of repeating itself. My thoughts and prayers are for all those affected not just by this crime but all crimes across the globe. Let’s not forget Syria and others in similar situations. The truth will always prevail.

  99. Kirsty says:

    Thank you for your brave and honest reporting. Channel 4 should be proud to have a journalist like you and a brave team. Thumbs up..stay safe. My prays are for the people in Gaza. My tears are for the children of Gaza. Faced with an enemy brutal and Barbarin, shame on the US for supporting the killings of innocent people of Gaza.

  100. khattak says:

    A brave man and a true journalist.
    I hope BBC and other biased channels
    will learn from you.

  101. Olfa says:

    This the 3rd merciless massacre in Gaza since 2008. Same story over and over again. Israel is getting more and more radicalised. Yes it has the right to defend itself but the root of the problem is clear and it’s called OCCUPATION.
    Histrory will not forget the despicable silence of the world. I am so ashamed.

  102. holly Gibson says:

    Thanks JS for this report. I’m 58 but I wept when I saw the footage of the girl with a broken nose and fractured skull. You keep up the good work telling the truth can’t be easy especially where Israel is concerned.

  103. Zahra says:

    Thank you so much Jon Snow for showing the rest of the world the truth about what is going on in Palestine. Much respect to you, after seeing the tremendous amount of bias on the other channels, it is refreshing to see an honest, caring and empathetic journalist such as yourself that is not afraid to tell the truth.

  104. Amy says:

    ‘Thank you’ does not convey enough the gratitude I feel to Jon Snow and the channel 4 news team for their brave and compassionate reporting.
    War crimes are being committed against innocent civilians in Gaza whilst the BBC and other main stream media outlets commit the crime of complicity by their indifferent and biassed reporting.
    Please keep up the good work, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  105. fahema says:

    Thankyou, thankyou just for being a humane indivdual Jon Snow.

  106. Trevor Evenflow says:

    This is too sad. The Hamas war criminals must pay for cowardly hiding behind children, forcing them serve as human shields as they fire thousands of mortar shells and rockets at Israeli civilians and dig murder tunnels. They have no respect for human life. Unfortunately, it is not possible for Israel to exterminate the Hamas murderers without generating these harrowing, heartbreaking sights…

  107. Hugh Wallace says:

    “The world is witnessing what is happening in Gaza. There is bound to be judgement.”

    This is the only sentence I have any issue with. I don’t think there will be meaningful judgement because the powerful governments of the world do not want to do anything about Israel. The people of the world though – many of them would do something if they could but this situation shows how powerless ordinary people are to affect change. Many ordinary, decent Israelis cannot even influence their government to stop this atrocity unfolding. This will end when the last Palestinian is killed or driven from the land Israel claims as its own and the world will react by saying ‘at least that horrible era has ended and we can put it behind us’. Nobody will face judgement.

  108. H says:

    Thank you Jon Snow, your report is utterly utterly heartbreaking, but it is so wonderful that you and your team are in Gaza, reporting the truth.. I have two young children and every time I look at their faces, hug them, comfort them or kiss them goodnight a little piece of my heart breaks for the murdered, injured and orphaned Palestinian children. There is absolutely no justification for what the Israeli military are doing, and no excuse for the rest of the world to be standing by and allowing it to continue. David Cameron made it quite clear that to him, the lives of the dead MH17 flight victims are worth so much more than the seven hundred plus dead Palestinians; speaking about both within minutes of each other, the double standards when condemning Putin’s actions but justifying Netenyahu’s were shocking. I am ashamed of our government and saddened by the clear bias of other news channels, thank you for ensuring the truth gets out there, God bless you and channel 4.

  109. Nargis says:

    Thank you John for giving an honest report. It is appalling that Israel is continuing to bomb, injure and murder innocent civilians – including children!! And is STILL continuing to do so and STILL getting away with it!

    Shame on the Israelis! Really, Shame on them. They, of all people should know how wrong this behaviour is after what happened to the Jews during the Second World War. It was wrong then – the entire world acknowledges that and THIS, is wrong now! STOP indiscriminately killing innocent people and children!!!!

    I have always listened to BBC radio 4 considered them fair and respected their reporting. However, recently I have found their pussy footing around with regards to this issue and their inability to acknowledge the truth (making statements like, we don’t want to point fingers) has made me lose respect for them. You MUST point your fingers and point out when someone is doing something wrong!!! It’s not about taking sides, it’s not about the numbers killed. soldiers killing soldiers would be tolerable regardless of the inequality in numbers killed. It’s about killing innocent civilians and children!!! I am very disappointed in the BBC.

    Why are the political leaders around the world not acting to stop this??

    I am a disillusioned and heartbroken individual. I am a mother, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a niece, a friend – just like some of the people being injured and murdered in Gaza.

    Please make this stop.


  110. Jamil says:

    How can the international super powers like Obama, Cameron, the Saudi Royal family sit back and watch such atrocities take place! It’s not good enough to just come on tv and say ‘oh a ceasefire is needed urgently’ why are they not actually doing something about it?
    Are Palestinian lives not worth it? Do these children not deserve to have a quality of life! Genocide pure genocide and the international community is supporting it by not doing a single thing

  111. Rita says:

    Thank you xx Please keep shouting the truth from the roof tops xxx Israel was created after the shocking genocide of the Jews in WW11 xx what will the result of the horrific genocide of the Palastinian nation being practiced by the Israelis in view of the whole world?

  112. wahid says:

    dear GARY T ,you are a sick man to say hamas must stop rockets ..do you even know what and how this began

    why dnt you tell your israeli brothers to give same armament to palestinians and they cronnie obama

  113. wahid says:

    dear GARY T ,you are a sick man to say hamas must stop rockets ..do you even know what and how this began

    why dnt you tell your israeli brothers to give same armament to palestinians and they cronnie obama so they be equal and keep children and babies far from this conflict …they act like woman in disguise of man ..let me tell you israelis are liers and cowards history has proven over n over

  114. Mel says:

    Still crying at the pain these little ones must be in. “This is the birth place of saints and the death yard of angels” is a memorable quote. This must end, somehow. It matters not who started it, it matters not who is firing the missiles. What matters is the children. No child, anywhere, in all of the worlds, deserves to be hurt like this. Let alone thousands of them.

    I pray for a peaceful resolution to all of the areas in the world ravaged by war.

  115. Roberto says:

    How other news outlet and journalists can sleep at night whilst they ignore and/or downplay the unjustified and indiscriminate suffering of the people of Gaza is beyond me. As much as this has made harrowing readings I applaud Jon and Channel 4 for publishing this piece. As impotent as I feel reading this I can only suggest that people circulate the truth and write to their local MPs.

  116. Maia says:

    Jon Snow: truth-teller

  117. MegHowarth says:

    From Twitter yesterday from @WilsonBethel:

    “Dear Mr Netanyahu,
    There is a word for an 80% civilian casualty rate: terrorism.
    A concerned Jew”.

  118. javid says:

    Thank you for showing the truth why the rest of the World is sleeping

  119. Resham says:

    This is heartbreaking. It always is with children, caught up in a barbarous conflict about which they have no understanding. Innocent people, of whom a disproportionate number are children. There have been some comments here about Hamas’ admiration of the Nazis, as if suggesting that because the people of Palestine have Hamas as their government, and because their government harbours such weird role models, then the people of Palestine deserve to die. I think it is prudent to remember that in situations such as these, especially in situations such as these, your enemy’s enemy is seen as your friend. People do that. Ideal people don’t but people living under extreme oppression do that. We, in England, grew up studying the horrors perpetrated by the Nazis. We did not, for instance, spend more than a sentence, at a stretch, half a lesson, on the RAF’s firebombing of Dresden. We were deliberately not taught about the allied forces atrocities because it did not fit in with the agenda. If Hamas and it’s supporters support the Nazis, then surely it is doing so because it supports their agenda? Hamas is the government of a country where it’s people, it’s culture, it’s land has all been sidelined (to the extent that many Israelis on social media deny that Palestine actually exists) to make way for another country. The people of Palestine are not saints that they should be expected to forgive their oppressors or overlook the crimes committed against them because their oppressors were once the subjugated people. Human beings don’t do that. We judge ourselves and our surroundings on our present condition. If you chop off my finger, I’m not going to say, ‘No it’s okay, I understand, they chopped off your hand before”. I’m going to say “you chopped off my finger, I’m going to chop off your head”. I may also curse and swear uncontrollably. The Palestinians are not interested in what the Nazis did to the Jewish people anymore, they have their own catastrophe, something that we in the West have barely paused to consider, the horror of being made into a refugee in your own home and to watch your culture be systematically dismantled and told that you don’t count as much. We were not taught about Israel’s and Palestine’s snarled history because it did not suit the agenda. I am not defending Hamas. Hamas is an exploitative and harmful group who no doubt harbour genocidal aspirations. The leadership is cosseted in Doha while their foot soldiers and the civilians in Gaza are killed. Hamas deserves the harshest of judgements. But it appears, so does the IDF. In the name of defence and an euphemistically named ‘protective edge’ operation, they are on an indiscriminate bombing spree, they are shelling schools and hospitals. Yes, so Hamas is firing from them but can’t the world’s 4th best military might work out that if rockets can be launched from schools and hospitals and residential areas than those rockets are incredibly mobile? That by the time you run up with your western military arsenal, the militants will have left and only civilians will be left behind? Every time the Israeli government protests “But because Hamas”, it unwittingly reiterates the same truth, that the civilians of Gaza are being collectively punished because of their government’s policies. Hamas is putting the innocent lives in harm’s way, in a very cynical ploy but so, equally is Israel. No government is innocent here and Israel really needs to stop pretending that it is.

  120. Susan Mathieson says:

    Thanks Jon Snow for speaking truth to power in the face of Israeli aggression in Gaza. So much of the UK coverage of what is happening in the region is being whitewashed in the interests of UK and US political interests to defend Israel at all costs. It is really good to see journalists doing their job in the face of this. By telling it as it is, it gives the British public space to form their own view of what is happening and hopefully to shame the politicians for their unequivocal support of this aggression. I was in South Africa during the apartheid years, and it was international refusal to support apartheid aggression that saved the lives of countless South Africans, and helped to bring peace and justice. If the West can take an honest and ethical stance in relation to what is happening in Israel/Palestine, based on being able to see what is happening, perhaps lives may be saved and the seeds of peace laid.

  121. Harish says:

    I wish we had more people like Jon. Hope he stays safe. With so much killing going on, I wonder what a kid who’s entire family gets killed will grow up to be.

  122. Mus Niwaz says:

    What can I say thank you so much for telling the world the truth Jon
    You and your team have done a brilliant job to highlight the plight of the poor people in Paleistine
    Keep up the good work.

  123. Nabela says:

    Anyone trying to justify Israel’s indiscriminate killing of children and civilians needs to spend a second thinking about how they’d feel of that were their son, daughter, mother, father…all you need is a conscience and a shred of humanity to see there’s no justifiaction.
    Well done to the ch4 team and shame on the BBC, ITV and Sky

  124. Helena says:

    Thank you Jon & channel 4 for having the courage to go to Gaza and show the outside world what is happening there. I am holding the hope in my heart that a peaceful and fair solution can be found soon.

  125. Russell says:

    I am certainly almost a lone voice in the wilderness on this blog. Everyone is saying how Jon’s reports are unbiased. I find them very biased. And there is such hatred in this forum for any real discussion. Let’s face it – if Gaza hadn’t been sending rockets into Israel, none of this would have happened. If Hamas had accepted the cease-fire proposed by Egypt and supported by the UN and Arab League, we also wouldn’t be where we are now. if Hamas had not been spending its effort and money on building tunnels under Israel over many years, these children in Gaza would not be dead. And have you asked yourselves what the tunnels were for? Certainly not to hand deliver bouquets of flowers to the Israelis living near Gaza where the tunnels exited. These tunnels were intended to launch terror attacks. Personally, I think that there is blame to allocate to both sides, but the comments posted on this blog are so one-sided as to be beneath contempt and display a lack of any real understanding about the situation and its causes. Truly, I look forward to the day (I believe it will happen soon) when Israelis and Palestinians work together to bring peace to the region and build an interlinked economy that will be a source of joy and pride to both nations.

    1. Manny says:

      Russell, if the tunnels were there so armed militants could sneak through and commit mass killings, why has this not been reported yet?

      The only way there could be peace is if Israel stop the oppression and treat Palestinian’s like any other human should be treated

  126. Jamilla says:

    hi john i would like to say thank you for your coverage of the truth behind gaza you truly an amazing courages person for voicing your opinion on GAZA.

    we are currently doing a media production to show the efforts of those helping STOP the genocide of Gaza i would love to interview you with regards to your coverage in gaza.
    I understand that you have high volumes of emails to read but please take time to consider this

    please respond to this email


  127. Seatofmars says:

    I read this blog and the comments underneath with astonishment. Jon Snow’s bias during this whole affair has been embarrassing to watch.

    There is no analysis of Hamas, no video of Hamas in action, no questioning of Palestinian civilians – who voted for Hamas – as to whether they would like Hamas to cease fire. Why are these questions not being asked? Why are we just fed relentless emotive coverage of the dead and injured? Unfortunately there are two answers to this – 1. The natural fear of the journalist embedded with terrorists and 2. Because it is much more emotionally satisfying for a Western Liberal like Snow to side with the “underdog” Palestinians than the Israelis.

    I am utterly contemptuous of this kind of reporting which takes the viewers for hysterical idiots. Although I see from the comments that perhaps you are hitting the correct note here.

    1. Jeremy Frost says:

      Seatofmars, What on earth are you talking about? Does it matter who the civilians of Gaza voted for? Does it mean they deserve to be blown to pieces in their hundreds? What about the 192 children who didn’t have chance to grow up and vote or anyone?

      And how dare you call it ’emotive’ to report the truth about casualties? What would you rather Jon Snow do? Sanitise and dehumanise it like much of the rest of the media?

      Do you just feel that the need to support this particular underdog and to criticise this heinous abuse of military might is all becoming so obvious that somehow you feel obliged to put the opposite view just for the heck of it?

  128. Tony says:

    I just read this blog and can ‘t beleive and worried about the number of stupids increasing on this earth everyday. Not sure they born as stupid or the media just trapped them. I would like to tell you and i know all will be waste though. Do you really beleive hammas launch rocket strike every time media tells you!!! never, israel’s terrorist make you stupid as always they did and you are always ready to be.
    Use you common sense instead of nonsense.
    They are killing innocent peoples and it should not be supported at all.
    But you are….

  129. Suleiman says:

    Those that are blaming Hamas are obviously supporters or contract supporters of the Israeli Government. Noticed that when there is no response to their post, it is rehashed. How sad. It must be quite an effort to turn the tables so that Hamas can be blamed for the siege. All you great supporters of Israel want is for the Palestinians to stop resisting. You cannot bear to read or listen to the truth as reported by Jon Snow and Channel 4. Well done Jon.

    A few points to ponder. The Flag Bearers of the Zionists do not have to answer. These questions are meant for the people of conscience on this blog.
    How many Israelis have been killed by the so-called rockets of Hamas?
    How many Israelis have been killed/maimed due to incursions from the tunnels?
    Last but not least, the Gaza government spent money donated by other governments on the same civilian infrastructure over and over again as it keeps getting destroyed by Israeli bombs every time they attack Gaza.

    Hopefully, Channel 4 keeps up its journalistic standards and not go the way of the BBC, ITN and Sky, whilst the Guardian and Independent newspapers are slowly but surely going into the realms of the sickening bias of the Times, the Telegraph and other so-called newspapers.

    1. raph says:

      what are you talking????

      Hamas using children to defend himself
      He wasted all Arab countries received Billion Dollar to dig tunnels in the
      Instead of helping the dying economy of Gaza.
      What exactly are you trying to protect, what are you trying to prove?
      Try to save this nation evil forces of Hamas.
      Hamas wants to be killed by Israel in Gaza to see evil in the eyes of the world

  130. Prof. Charles Winchester says:

    British Gas bought Palestine gas fields off Israel, you won’t see this on the BBC.

  131. Faraz Mirza says:

    I applaud Jon Snow for his commitment to report such a clear picture of what is really going on in Gaza. The indiscriminate attack on Gaza by the illegally occupying Israeli Government. Their nonchalant attitude towards ‘casualties of war’ and ‘collateral damage’. Shame on Israel for this genocide. Shame on the World superpowers who stand by and watch when they can in fact act swiftly for the sake of humanity. Shame on the wider media who choose to hide the truth from the masses. Well done Jon Snow and we’ll done Channel 4 News for your courage.

  132. Yasmine says:

    Thank you for your honest report. I wish we had more people like you to help open the eyes of the world to the barbaric Israeli collective punishment of the defenceless population of Gaza. Thank you Jon Snow.

  133. Yasmine says:

    Thank you for reporting the truth. I wish there were more people like you to open the eyes of the west.

  134. Mike Boud says:

    In WW2 the Nazi’s tried to illuminate Jews and other groups like they were rats,

    and now the abused has grown up to become the abuser

    so sad , why do the UK and Europe allow the US to persuade them to keep quiet

    300 innocent people died in Ukraine – world uproar
    many more have died in Gaza – relative quiet
    such hypocrisy

    thank you C4 and JS for trying to make a noise

  135. Fay says:

    Pity the poor children in Gaza.
    Pity them for their terror.
    Pity them for their wounds.
    Pity them for being born in Gaza.
    Pity all the peoples of Gaza who vote for a
    government that persists in trying to destroy
    their neighbor.
    They keep forgetting that their neighbor
    has no intentions of being destroyed.

  136. Jeremy Frost says:

    Thank you, Jon, for your courage and commitment to reporting the reality on the ground.

    Three of us have written to the Archbishop of Canterbury to ask why the only statement so far was back on 11 July. Here’s the letter:

    Appeal to the Archbishop of Canterbury re: Gaza July 2014
    23 July 2014 at 22:56


    Open appeal to: The Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Bishops of the Church of England

    ‘A time to keep silence, and a time to speak’ (Ecclesiastes Ch3 v7)

    In this United Nations International Year of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, we call upon the Archbishop of Canterbury and other Bishops of the Church of England to condemn Israel’s current military offensive in Gaza and the indefensible killing of unarmed civilians by the fourth most powerful army in the world, and also to condemn attempts by leading Israeli politicians and academics to rationalise and justify the killing of innocent civilians.

    As Christians, we are mindful of the need for growth in harmony and understanding between those who adhere to the Abrahamic faiths. We are also aware that any criticism of Israeli policy or action can easily be mistaken as an extension of the Church’s historic failure to relate to the Jewish people with dignity and respect. Nevertheless, there comes a time when the risk of silence is greater than the risk of words. Deitrich Bonhoeffer once wrote: “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

    We note the increasing unease, even outrage, among many within Israel and within the worldwide Jewish community at the recent actions of the Israeli government, and their declaration that these actions are not done in their name. Jews, Christians and Muslims share a common humanity and a spiritual heritage which demands justice and compassion for all.

    During ‘Operation Protective Edge’, more than 800 Palestinian residents of Gaza have been killed, the vast majority civilians, including 182 children. Over 5,200 people have also been injured, with many of those injuries horrific and life-limiting. There have been 2 Israeli citizens killed and 34 soldiers. Whilst Israelis have a right to live in security and peace, and whilst indiscriminate firing from either side is illegal, it is especially difficult to describe with credibility the actions of the Israeli military as those of ‘self-defence’. Under international law Israel is obliged to refrain from attacking those who are under occupation. Collective punishment (the bombing of hospitals, schools, civilian homes and water stations) is completely unjustifiable by any norm of civilised human action.

    The majority of the population of Gaza are already refugees who had their homes and land taken from them during the creation of the Israeli state and who have never received any redress or compensation. We believe that the Palestinian people also have a right to live in security and peace and to have this injustice addressed, and that this is the only way to achieve and maintain a lasting ceasefire in Israel and Palestine.

    We hope that the Archbishop will not only call for an immediate ceasefire from both sides, but will also join Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his fellow Nobel laureates in calling for an immediate arms embargo on Israel. We hope too that they will speak out in condemning the current Israeli military assault on civilians in Gaza, and in demanding that Israel end its eight-year-long blockade of the Gaza Strip and seek instead a lasting peace rooted in justice.

    The Revd Jeremy Frost
    Laura Abraham, founder of The Peace Cycle
    Glyn Secker, Jews for Justice for Palestinians

  137. Ali Mokrane says:

    Jon Snow, you are a breath of true journalism in a rotten world of deceit and lies. Thank you and Channel 4 for standing up for the truth. We will never forget this.

  138. Ayesha Ali says:

    Great respect for you for reporting the truth in a world where truth prevails mo more

  139. Nasreen Amjad says:

    Thank you Jon Snow & Ch4 for providing unbiased & impartial reports on what is actually happening in Gaza. The world needs to know the truth & people have lost faith in other mainstream channels & newspapers. We need ethical journalism not pro Israeli sensationalist propaganda.
    Keep up the good work Jon & Ch4. !

  140. Lisa says:

    How can you all listen to this rubbish?? Yes it is terrible that children have been affected…but what about the Israeli children as well that have to run who knows how many time a day because of the constant barrage of rockets from Hamas?? Does anyone stop to think about that??

    What if the UK were being targeted by Hamas…would you all be such terrorist/Hamas lovers then?? Would you stand by and let them take over the UK??

    Are you all so blind that you can’t see that Israel HAS to defend itself, and the only way it can do that is by destroying Hamas rocket launcher…which btw Hamas placed in these places that Israel have targeted.

    Are you all also saying that it would be a “fair” war of Israel had lost more lives??

    Anyone who is pro Palestine is pro Hamas and therefore by association is pro Assad, pro Hezbollah, pro ISIS, pro Al Qaeda.

    You should all be ashamed that you support and protect these groups…Israel is the only country which actually stands up to them!

    Oh and did you also know that Israel has set up a field hospital on the border, but that Hamas won’t allow its civilians to go to it??

    1. Imran Ahmed says:


      No one here is arguing about defending. I am not sure which planet you live in. Palestine and Israel are not equals. Israel has state of the art weaponry, Palestine has nothing not even their rights as normal citizens.
      For you to say that in defence you can decimate a whole people and uproot them from their land is unfair. I think if rockets are flying towards Israel why don’t you ask why they are flying? rather than killing everyone in your way. No country has the right to kill indiscriminately in defence.

      By your logic even Palestinians have the right to defend themselves and fight for freedom. It works both ways not just when Israel wants to defend you apply the rule and then take it away when you talk about the rights of Palestinians.

  141. jaffer says:

    The only press coverage which was not bias! huge thankyou to channel4 you did a great job!!

  142. saj says:

    Jon snow respect to you, its about time you’ve gone there and have witnessed it with your own eyes the brutality which has a cured by zionist.
    Occupying some one else’s land by the authority of America and Britain and then they say isreal has the right to defend its self….
    There heads are totally messed.

  143. amir says:

    we all should be united against Israel for the sake of humanity

  144. Abs says:

    Jon we salute you.

  145. Mus says:

    For years Palestinians and Arabs have experienced and knew about the senseless barbaric Israeli hatred towards Palestinians. Now the world is waking up and Europe too, to its imperialistic prodogy that it crated by giving a country that doesn’t belong to it to people (zionists) who have no right in that country. This is only the beginning, and very free and justice yearning soul will see to the fact that this occupation will end and the land WILL return to its rightful owners. RESISTANCE IS NOT A CRIME – LONG LIVE PALESTINE

  146. Farida Jogee says:

    Excellent reporting, youre a brave individual. I can see the pain the Gazans are going through, you are always clear, truthful and your eyes say it all. Must be very hard to see those people in such a state, very gratefull to the cared proffesionals who have risked their lives to help the helpless. True about what youre saying, the Israelis are killing and injuring the innocent, i just hope people out here do something about it, it cant go on like this. Today its Gaza where next, surely we cant keep our hands tied till thousands and thousands of cavilians die when the perpotrators are cosy sitting there with heavy pay checks and laughing calling the shots. Keep up the good work and will pray for your safety too.

  147. Ayesha says:

    I am rendered speechless by your empathic account of the pain and suffering of Nema, Noradin, Maha and the countless other mortally injured children in Gaza. I can only say thank you for giving these children a name and face and bringing their story to the world. Bless you.

  148. Hussain says:

    Dear JS

    Can you please interview Obama and ask why is USA still strongly supporting Israel in its right to defend and amongst your reports whom are they exactly defending from and the proportion of attacks. I would very much like to see a discussion with George Gallaghway MP and Obama live on Channel 4.. Please if you could arrange this the trangessors would little but lie in the face of the truth..


  149. Peter S says:

    Keep reporting Jon Snow, you are one of the real real journalists in our media. We need you. And Palestinians need you.

  150. GM says:

    Thank you for opening my eyes to the other side to this horrific story. I live in the states and I never knew how much slanted the news coverage of the Middle East can be. My entire perspective has changed now that I know the real truth and not the pro-Israeli propaganda.

  151. Zahra says:

    We salute you, Mr Snow. You have risked your life and limbs to bring these reports. The eloquence with which you write and speak allows the facts to come out. We all have a duty to speak up. Thank you.

  152. anny says:


    THANK YOU SO MUCH for telling and showing the truth.
    That is courage – bravery.
    Thank you a thousand times.

    am a french woman –
    so ushamed of our president, and prime, who distort the truth,
    and try to stop demonstrations asking to stop this bludshed by telling lies

    Many newspapers and TVs in France also try to destort reality and defend what’s undefendable (frightened they are, I think)

    Again, Thank you sir

  153. IL says:

    I am Israeli. I happened onto this blog, and I am deeply moved by Jon’s writing. There is no question that hundreds of children were killed, maimed and traumatized by this war. Each picture is a picture of pain, and must be decried and mourned. Every child is, by definition, innocent. There is no room for casual or callous arguments about collateral damage. Spokesmen who use such arguments do not speak for me.

    But I want rational readers here to reflect on the fact that things are not that simple, and that not only are there additional aspects to this conflict, but that Israel is singled out.

    For each person killed in this war, 170 were killed in Syria, on our northern border. Many of them Palestinians as well; over 9,000 children. The number of Syrian refugees is larger than the entire population of Gaza.

    Check out what is happening in other countries surrounding Israel, like Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon and Iran. More innocents lost their lives in Iraq in the last three days than in Gaza, over 8000 since January.

    Check out the history of the conflicts in the Middle East and listen to Hamas hatred-filled arguments, or read its Covenance.

    Reflect on the fact that Israel completely withdrew from Gaza in 2005, and then read about the 2007 intra-Palestinian battle of Gaza. Read about the upheavals in Egypt, only last year.

    Note the investment made in recent years in Gazan attack-tunnels, anti-aircraft launchers, explosives and rockets. Why is it only UNRA investing in schools and hospitals? Or, instead of building tunnels and military bunkers, how about bomb shelters for civilians?

    Now consider having 10,000 missiles pointed at you, you. Consider tunnels being dug and detonated under your house (literally). Consider your children at risk of being kidnapped. Consider living where suicide bombers against civilians are a daily threat. Check out how many rockets were launched at Israeli towns in the past three months. This is not “the IRA” that you are facing, but a determined force of tens of thousands professional, cruel, trained, well-financed and well-armed fighters, with the unwavering and holy determination of killing and obliterating you, your friends, your children and grandchildren.

    What would you do, if you lived in our neighbourhood under permanent threat of annihilation?

    Many talk-backs here think of Israel as perpetrating indiscriminate war crimes, based on images of wounded children.

    I utterly reject this simplistic argument,as you should too, if you were to reflect on the complexity of the context.

    I join everybody else here, deeply grieved by every death and incident, and wish more than anybody that the spiral of violence would stop tomorrow. But this is not a one-sided blame story, and the situation is more complex than can be inferred from these tragic pictures.


    1. Imran Ahmed says:

      Dear IL
      Thanks for your views and posting from Israel. I am surprised how easily you justify killing civilians and children. Please also don’t compare other conflicts in the middle east and the Palestinian issue. The Palestinians have been occupied by you and have been under siege with worse than human conditions. A generation has grown up under Israeli occupation. Is it too difficult to understand than why people have taken up arms? and what they are doing?. Would people of Britain or Israel lie down and not protect their own country?
      I think everyone ignores the primary issue and concentrates on rockets. Why don’t you give the Palestinians their land and free them? Have you got an answer?
      Can you also truthfully tell everyone here how much of the Palestinian land you have grabbed and built settlements on. We don’t have to make any assumptions there are plenty of independent organisations that will tell you the answer.

  154. Mukhtar says:

    Top Man! I’m glad to come a Cross a honest Journalist who is telling the world the fact in Gaza!!

    May the Almighty give u long Life.

  155. Ashar says:

    Thank you Jon. You are one of the bravest.

  156. Russell says:

    Well said Lisa and a very few other sane voices on this blog.
    Ultimately, does Hamas care more for i) the people of Gaza or ii) its own survival along with whatever weapons caches and terror tunnels it has left? Clearly the answer is ii), otherwise it would have long since stopped trying to take on the superior might of Israel, and for that reason, my heart goes out to the innocent people of Gaza, being held hostage by a blood-thirsty regime that cares little for the blood of its own people.
    Meanwhile, I still have heard zero zilch nada from any pro-Hamas voices on this blog about what these tunnels are meant to be for? They have been in development for many years, and have taken even the Israeli military by surprise in their extent and sophistication.
    I will tell you the answer as you can’t face it yourselves. They are there to launch terror attacks into Israel, plain and simple. Why else would these tunnels all surface in Israeli fields? So, ignoring even the constant rocket launches into Israel, which the Iron Dome seems to be doing a pretty good job defending, all these tunnels alone justify Israel’s urgent need to root them out. No other country on this planet would do anything different. If you think that they would, you live in cloud cuckoo land and cannot be taken seriously.

  157. Emilie Cavendish says:

    Beyond devastating, these poor darling children. There are no words strong enough to condemn what the Israelis are doing and none to question why and how we can stand by and let them do this. But words and photos seem to be all we have, in the absence of any meaningful action. This is such an outrage. My heart is with everyone in Gaza.

  158. nahida says:


    Cinderella Palestine

    Mama, habibti mama

    When you hold me in your arms

    Don’t you cry

    Hold your tears, show me your smile

    Where I am now, there are no bombs

    No bullets shooting, no guns

    No more pain and no more fear

    All quiet and serene

    * * *

    Mama, habibti mama

    When you search where my room once was

    If you find my Eid dress

    Never to be worn, for I am gone

    Don’t be sad, for I am really fine

    When you kiss my favourite pink shoes

    Don’t cry, the stains on them

    My shoes in heaven are rainbow and clean

    I can put them on all by myself, now

    Then I jump, I float and fly

    * * *

    Mama, habibti mama

    If you find baba, when dust and smoke settles down

    Tell him not to cry

    Hold his hand and say: “your daughter is fine”

    Her translucent wings are made of stars

    Her dress has no blood stains, no more

    Silk with sparkles, her favourite colours, pink, lilac and azure

    * * *

    Mama, habibti mama

    When someone gives you my baby brother’s shoes

    Don’t let your tears run down

    In Heaven he runs, joyous, all smiles

    No more fear and no more pain

    All quiet and serene

    He holds my hand as we hover around

    The Thorn of the Most Loving Most Kind

  159. Mark says:

    All of you would be talking differently if it was your house attacked by rockets, and your house dug under, and your enemy believing GOD almighty wants you and all your family dead. Fanatic muslims are practically butchering each other all over the place (like 1000 dead children for every one in Snows video – why isn’t Snow in Iraq? after all this is a British made catastrophe), If we gave the religious Jihadi fanatics half a chance, they would kill us all, not as a metaphor, as a reality – so when they shoot rockets at us, we shoot back. Hamas needs to go, and the rockets need to go, and the tunnels need to go, so both Palestinians and Israeli children can live in peace.

  160. Sally Tanner says:

    Thank you Jon for your account of this dreadful situation. Would it be possible to have an update on little Nema I’m sure I’m not alone in praying for her recovery.

  161. Roshan Kapoor says:

    Total respect for the people of Gaza who are enduring such suffering, and total respect for you, Mr Jon Snow, for bringing the reality of this situation to the world’s attention.

  162. pamela says:

    I aplaude you Jon Snow…but please tell me how we can reach the powers that be?
    What effective action can a mere citizens take? Petitions?..Marches?.. Letters to our MP?
    After Iraq we all know those measures count for nothing.

  163. Eideh says:

    For IL, Israel is behind all the killing in the middle east either directly or indirectly.

  164. Naseem says:

    I kept changing channels and became frustrated with media who are so biased. Wonder who pays their wages, blood money. At the end of the I hope we all lose sleep and wake up, we can make a difference together. Please pray that this suffering ends…. Thank you Jon

  165. David Nicoll says:

    OK folks, The overriding message from your comments is that this must be stopped. How? Who do we put pressure on and how?

    1. MegHowarth says:

      In the short term, Obama/Cameron – to stop supplying arms/introduce sanctions until Israel lifts the blockade. Boycott Marks & Spencer – organise local groups etc.

      Urgent need for public discussion long-term solution – surely one-state? Two-state would be no solution, merely political sanctioning of apartheid Israel.

  166. Lord Jellybelly says:

    Are there no Muslims who can see what Hamas really are; a terrorist group sacrificing its own people for the greater good of jihad. Are Muslims who can post their blogs castigating, as if by rote, the Israelis, happy to ignore their co-religionists who are killing hundreds of thousands from Syria to Iraq, who are slaughtering Christians and kidnapping schoolgirls in Nigeria? With such subjectivity and anti semitism described as anti Israelism many of the correspondants here are immune from reason. For Jon Snow there is no such excuse. If he retires from Ch4 I`m sure Russia Today will give him a job.

  167. Lord Jellybelly says:

    Is there is any way in which the reality of Hamas and its objectives will be accepted and not the reflex opinions promoted by the results of a war it began? Is the main character in this interview another western lacky duped by Israeli propaganda as most posters here opposed to Hamas are described?


    1. Gary Brunen says:
      1. Jeremy Frost says:

        There are lots of horses mouths.
        Ten minutes on YouTube with an open mind will set you straight.

  168. Mansure Morgan says:
  169. Nina says:

    Thank you Jon Snow, bless you and the Channel 4 team for bringing the plight of the innocent children of Gaza to our much needed attention … Please continue to stand up against such horrific acts of inhumanity

  170. Abbas says:

    Sad. Europeans who see themselves as the defenders of Human Rights everywhere, who used almost similar scenarios to invade Afghanistan or Irak seem to be unsure of what to do. Someone recently tweeted that quote by MLK that “our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”.. The brutal shelling and killing of so many civilians and children should be one of those things that matter. Why is the UK government so silent? Why did the Europeans abstain from voting at the UN council? Tacit green-lighting or simple cowardice? IS Israel that powerful that they can turn the US and Europeans alike into personal yesmen?

  171. Fatima Bird says:

    We keep hearing about all these tunnels Hamas built and how they were built to sneak into Israel and kidnap/kill Israelis. How come they’ve never been used then? Wait, once I saw on the news that several Hamas personnel came out of a tunnel and were obliterated by an Israeli bomb – but that was after this “operation” started.

  172. Giorgio says:

    Thanks MR SNOW finally someone tell the true here in the west,where the 70% of the media are in Zionist hand .imagine Hamas never exist and the Palestinian totally submitted to Israel then will Israel give back the land to the Palestinian people the answer is nooooo,imagine if someone come to any of you and say leave you home and belongin and go leave in the shed and you will need to ask my permission to get out and my permission to live I’m the one decide for your future and life THEN I THINK ALL OF YOU WILL FIGHT FOR YOU RIGHT AND FREEDOM

  173. SteveHG says:

    “IDF’s Gaza assault is to control Palestinian gas, avert Israeli energy crisis
    Israel’s defence minister has confirmed that military plans to ‘uproot Hamas’ are about dominating Gaza’s gas reserves”


    I am concerned that this aspect of the current atrocities in Gaza is not being covered by the media.

    Israel pull out of Gaza in 2005 and massive reserves of gas are discovered off the coast of Gaza in 2010 and now Israel seem determined to make Gaza uninhabitable, is this really just a co-incidence

    Yet more ME carnage and destruction over oil/gas???

  174. ADRIANA ALVES says:
  175. Katie Larsen says:

    Hi Jon,

    I showed the video clip to my daughter who has since sent up a JustGiving page along with a facebook page called Children In Gaza – if atall possible would you be able to find it, like it and share – she is a very determined little girl who has since watching you video dedicated her summer holidays to writing songs and poems for the children in Gaza. Thank you for you incredible journalism and your fabulous Ties.

    Many thanks.

    1. Najeeb says:

      Great effort Katie. Would it be possible for you to share a link to the justgiving page your daughter has set up. I would like to contribute.

  176. nbkassim says:

    Beautiful words. Movingly expressed emotions. But how does it help Palestine?

    Wrong actions opened the road to evil consequences. The British started it through the Balfour Declaration and the British walked away from it. This conflict is not 3 weeks old, it is more than 65 years old conflict. Is the British people contented to send journalists to make moving pictures of the conflicts. When will the Great Britain government and people stand up and be the honest broker that the situation demands. US cannot . UN cannot.

  177. Jed says:

    The truth is at last clear to all. These atrocities have been going on for decades , but thanks to courageous people like Jon and the social media, the world is seeing the ugly face of the Israeli aggression.
    Let’s hope that by documenting these crimes against humanity, the criminals will be brought to justice some day (though admittedly a long shot).

  178. Russell says:

    So many comments (ie pro Hamas) on this blog really beggar belief. Hamas is an evil terrorist organisation. Period. They terrorise the Palestinians of Gaza no less than the Israelis. By their own admission, 160 children died building the terror tunnels into Israel. And don’t forget that Hamas came to power in a coup in 2007 during which it threw dozens of Fatah officials and policemen off the roofs of buildings to their deaths. Having broken today’s ceasefire when they killed 2 more Israeli soldiers and kidnapped a third, they have finally shown the world that they have no concern whatsoever for the civilian Palestinian population, knowing that Israel will respond in force yet again. They are scumbags of the highest order. And those who continue to defend Hamas are blind and apologists for murderous thugs. Salaam and shalom.

  179. Luqman Khan says:

    Dear Jon Snow,

    As a fellow journo i feel, that through your Gaza coverage, you have restored the honor of our noble profession.

    Thank you for conscience-ful reporting.


  180. Al Sammawi says:

    Great job JS,thank you for showing the other side of the story,the innocent children,people who have nothing to do with Hamas are bombed indiscriminately for no reason except that they happened to be living in a besieged prison called Gaza .God bless.

  181. Sam says:

    Thank you for reporting the truth John. People need to know the truth and the bias media has disallowed this for decades.
    For everyone questioning the legitimacy with some to really view this as a conflict whereby autrocities are committed by Israel here is a small explanation:

    From Andrew Mac Millan
    To all the Zionist trolls who continue bringing up their top four most absurd arguments to justify these latest atrocities:

    1) “Hamas fired 1,394 rockets at Israel!”
    How many rockets, missiles, tank shells, cluster bombs, white phosphorous bombs, bullets, cannons and grenades has Israel unleashed on the Palestinians? It’s a sad situation and only reflective of the evident bias when you can count to the 3rd decimal point the number of Hamas projectiles but be completely clueless about Israel’s arsenal.

    2) “Israel is defending itself. What would you do if someone was firing rockets at your country?!”
    A: If I occupied a people, placed a crippling trade and economic embargo on them, placed them under siege, humiliated them daily via military and police checkpoints, controlled their water and electricity, constructed apartheid “Jewish-only roads”, shot their children, bombed their schools, mosques and businsses, illegally seized their lands, destroyed their crops, demolished their homes, threw thousands of them in dungeons and treated them like sub-humans and they fired rockets at me – I would probably stop doing all of the above.
    Secondly, Israel has been mass murdering the Palestinians for over 60 years – long before any rockets were fired and long before Hamas was even in existence. So this is nothing but a fallacy designed to deflect the reality of the situation and mislead others. Finally, Israel’s indiscriminate use of heavy weaponry in civilian areas is a war crime, not self defense.

    3) “This is Hamas’s fault, they use human shields. Israel doesn’t target civilians!”
    A: Excuse me, when you launch an unbridled, indiscriminate attack from warships, fighter jets, tanks, artillery and helicopters on a CIVILIAN AREA – what do you expect to find there – breakdancing hobbits? When you attack civilian areas, you kill civilians. It’s not Advanced Chinese Mathematics.
    Gaza is the most densley populated place on earth. It’s an open air prison. So when Israel fires into these areas it is going to kill and maim people every time.
    Secondly, according to the Israeli Human Rights group, Beit Selem which tracks both Israel and Palestinian deaths, dozens of children as young as 4 years old were killed with gunshot wounds to the HEAD AND CHEST. Not to mention the videos coming through showing snipers killing rescuers. Bombing ambulances and hospitals also has to be the most cowardly thing a military could do. So I’m afraid this “doesn’t target civilians” statement doesn’t hold up the facts.

    4) “Israel is the most moral and humane army in the world. Who else calls/texts people and drops leaflets warning them to evacuate before a pending attack?”
    I love this one.
    “Please be notified in 5 minutes, we are going to destroy your home.”
    In other words, Israel publicly announces to thousands of civilians their full intent to perpetrate yet another war crime and you’re asking us to somehow acknowledge this as some type of humane gesture? The gall.
    How about a murderer “notify” their victims by sending them text messages/leaflets that they’re coming shortly to murder them – does it make it any less perverse? If this is the level of desperation Zionists and their sympathisers have stooped to, then it’s little wonder public opinion is God willing, starting to turn against them.
    As for “evacuating”…
    Have you seen a map of Gaza? If so, could you please explain to me where the Palestinians are supposed to “evacuate” to? To the north and east, they are blocked by Israeli walls and military checkpoints. To the south is Egypt’s closed crossing thanks to Israel’s slave, Sissy. To the west is the Mediterranean Sea. So what do they do, swim for it and hope they can make it to Cyprus or Turkey before Israel “defends itself” again and machine guns them all in the water?
    Go to a UN shelter? Wait, they tried that already TWICE – once in Qana, Lebanon and once in Gaza a few years ago and Israel “defended itself” by bombing the shelters massacring a total of 352 civilians. Add to this, Israel’s naval and air forces who have killed thousands of people are constantly patrolling the areas. They are surrounded from every imaginable direction and you sit from the comfort of your sofa sipping $8 coffee then froth at the mouth demanding they evacuate.
    Have a nice day.

  182. SteveHG says:

    It is ironic that today is the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw uprising.

    Jews all over the world will be remembering their brave ancestors who took part in an armed uprising in an attempt to free themselves from the cruel, murderous and oppressive regime that had ghettoised them for 5 years. Unfortunately they failed due to the overwhelming military superiority of their oppressors who used artillery and tanks to overwhelm their courageous efforts. We should all respect and celebrate their bravery and courage. We should respect their legacy and values.

    We all have much to learn from history otherwise it has an unfortunate habit of repeating itself.

  183. Mel says:

    …and this could all end tomorrow Jon Snow….Israel is not in Gaza and has not been occupying it for years. If Hamas lay down their arms, recognise Israel and change their promise of wiping Israel off the face of the earth, Israel will make peace. Israel did it with Egypt, Israel did it with Jordan and both peace treaties have lasted decades. It would do it with the Palestinians, but sadly Hamas do not want to and they dupe people across the world…even so called clever journalists like you!

    1. Juned says:

      Mel, you are right Isreal is not in Gaza, Isreal is occupying Palestine! And you say Hamas wants to wipe Isreal off the map, but fail to notice that it’s Isreal that is actively and brutally wiping Palestine off the map. Who is the operesser and who is being oppressed.

  184. john says:

    thank you so much 4 news to show the truth.

  185. douglas Kay says:

    How can the U.N, USA, Europe claim they’re fighting terrorism when we support the terrorist State of Israel. How can any person calling themselves human stand idly by and watch this genocide.

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