Published on 8 Jul 2011

Tory-supporting newspapers worried about new regulation

David Cameron said this morning that he might well “agenda” the idea of future contacts between government and newspaper proprieters being published. It was part of his attempt to say he would truly end the too cosy relationship between newspapers and politicians.

It’s been notoriously difficult to get any confirmation of meetings or contacts between Prime Ministers and other senior government ministers with Rupert Murdoch and others. So in the spirit of the new dispensation, here’s what happened after the Prime Minister’s press conference when he said the PCC was being done in. I believe both the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph rang in at the highest level to express their concern that David Cameron was blundering towards state regulation of an industry that must be left free.

What I’d love to know about are the calls that then went back from George Osborne to the two Tory-supporting newspapers. No doubt they stuck strictly to the line that David Cameron is fearlessly tearing down the old regime…


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  1. Philip Edwards says:


    “…an industry that must be left free…”?

    The only thing wrong with that phrase is the word “left.”

    There are only two non-Tory newspapers in this country, the Guardian and the Mirror and their Sunday versions – and they can’t (even remotely) be described as anything better than rightist New Labour or LibDem. All the rest would have given Der Sturmer a good run for its Reichmarks. What was it the Daily Mail said about the fascist British Blackshirts? “Hurrah For the Blackshirts!” wasn’t it? Since then the message has been diluted, but it is still the same mentality.

    Of course all democrats want to see a free press. But, as you well know, we have never had one. The media in this country has never been anything other than a majority overwhelming right wing monopoly, which is why Roy Thomson once said it is “a licence to print money.”

    It is hugely amusing to think those ineffable rags the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph panicked as they saw their disgusting propaganda under threat. You can just visualise their chief information clerks falling over each other to get on the phone to CamClegg and the rest of the public school chums, jobsworths,…

  2. Saltaire Sam says:

    You think?

    The bit Cameron got right was the comparison with the expenses scandal and like that, when push comes to shove the MPs will start by complaining and then carry on much as before, hoping the public has forgotten.

    In this case Murdoch will bring out his new Sunday, Cameron and Miliband will seek his support, and it will be the poor hacks on the NoW who are left wondering how come they ended up out of work and everybody else went on as usual.

    Like the expenses row, it might take a few months before they feel it’s OK to restore the status quo but power loves power and don’t let go unless it has to.

  3. Philip says:

    wheee! I’be just seen a couple of pigs fly past!

  4. Chester Writer says:

    The sooner the British Press are subject to some form of independent regulation the better for us all. It cannot be beyond the wit of both media and government to establish an unbiased committee, which employed to clamp down on the worst excesses of the press, who for far too long have been able to unduly influence, malign and set the agenda for Britain. From a wider perspective, the prospect of improving the country’s general understanding of serious issues should be the goal of any worthwhile publication, rather than simply settling for the basest of tastes, where tits,bums and the latest celebrity “news” are spoon fed to the masses. It should be a concern for everyone in this country that so-called “newspapers” such as the NotW, Sun, Star, et al are all contributing to make Britain a laughing stock amongst our more educated neighbours.

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