19 May 2011

The Huhne saga drags on and on. Super-injunction, please?

You may by now be wishing that there was a super-injunction around the Chris Huhne speeding affair but the saga moved on a little today. Essex police have confirmed what seemed to be pretty clear from their movements this week, that there is a police investigation into a possible criminal offence.  Huhne, I’m told, is still expecting to be interviewed by police next week and despite some rumours on the internet, he has NOT been interviewed already.

As for the flurries around Nigel Farage and whether or not he recalled being on a late flight with Huhne back from Strasbourg on the relevant night (which would mean Vicky Pryce could not have been at the wheel of the car), I understand he has now chatted to Essex police and isn’t so sure that he was on the same flight as Mr Huhne in March 2003. So this drags into next week and quite possibly beyond. At this point, we don’t know if police have found documentary evidence that suggests wrongdoing or whether they are proceeding without that. So not much new but given the rumours flying around I thought I’d pass on what little I know.

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