19 Jul 2011

Murdoch faces MPs – again

Rupert Murdoch has appeared before the select committee and the verdict is it went surprisingly well.

But the year was 1981. It was the Education, Arts and Science Select Committee. Yes, he has appeared before a Select Committee before, but alas before the age of televised parliament! 

Rupert Murdoch was buying The Times and Sunday Times and the Education Committee was worried about his intentions towards the Times Literary Supplement and the Times Higher Educational Supplement.

Anyway, a younger Rupert Murdoch conducted himself quite well according to one former aide who remembers the session. Of course, easier times and younger brains. It gets a mention in Stephen Koss’s Rise and Fall of the British Political Press.   

Today, many eyes will be on the younger Murdoch. News Corp investors have long been said to worry about his abilities. They could be watching closely to see how well he handles himself. He is said to have a “tin ear” for British politics by one former News International insider who frequently came across him. 

The Murdoch 4 x 4 car did a drive by Parliament a few minutes ago … casing the joint? Looking for an entry point? Looking for lunch?

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