25 Apr 2012

Hunt’s special adviser thrown overboard

Adam Smith has resigned. The implication is that Jeremy Hunt knew nothing about the pace, tone and content of the constant traffic between his special adviser and News International, something that will be probed at Jeremy Hunt’s statement at 12.30.

Presumably this means No 10 has now caught up with the exhibit on the Leveson Inquiry website that may have slipped their attention yesterday.

No doubt, No 10 and the Culture Secretary will be hoping that this will reduce their exposure at PMQs, the statement afterwards and beyond.   

I’m just reading through Rupert Murdoch’s written witness statement. When this session ends there will be an exhibit showing what Rupert M thinks is a comprehensive list of all face-to-face contact with PMs, opposition leaders and Alex Salmond since 1979.

He mentions that Tony Blair is godfather to his daughter, Grace, and he considers him a “personal friend”. I wonder whether Rupert Murdoch’s remark, a few moments ago, that he “doesn’t know many politicians” will look a little odd at that point. 

Rupert Murdoch says that his shareholders tell him of his newspaper titles: “They’d like me to get rid of them all” – something we may all summon back to memory in the months or years ahead.   

Earlier there was a stunning knifing of Sir Harold Evans by Rupert Murdoch. He says he remembers HE coming into his office, closing the door behind him and pleading with Rupert Murdoch to give him the line to take. RM, high-minded and pure, recalls telling him simply: “Please be consistent,” by which he says he meant, stop “changing sides day by day… on issues”.

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