Published on 19 Feb 2013

Is Cameron’s trip to India an internet dating disaster?

David Cameron’s toasting the Queen’s 60 years on the throne at a 1000-strong reception thrown by the British High Commissioner.

The trappings and ties of a former colonial power make it a bigger and more glamorous “do” than most other Delhi-based diplomats could throw.

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David Cameron actually broke with convention at the High Commissioner’s drinks talking about the weekly audience with The Queen – currently acted out by Helen Mirren on the London stage.

Mr Cameron said that quite often when he turns up at Buckingham Palace, The Queen “looks at me and says: good evening, Prime Minister – you’re still alive.” He said “it always lifts my spirits.”

But it’s a moot point whether Britain’s historical ties with India work across the board for or against us. David Cameron said in an interview with me just now that it would only have a negative impact if Britain was looking backwards, not putting energy into its relationship with India.

The Indian prime minister chose to raise a couple of thorny topics in the no-questions-allowed press conference with David Cameron this afternoon: the Westland bribery case (running very hot on India’s highly competitive news channels) and India’s complaints about UK visas.

UK sources dismissed that as Premier Singh playing to his domestic audience but it wasn’t exactly red carpet stuff.

I asked David Cameron if him coming to India seeking a serious relationship wasn’t turning into one of those internet dating disasters where one person’s looking for commitment and the other is looking for something altogether more promiscuous.

You can see his answer above.

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10 reader comments

  1. Philip Edwards says:


    What a glorious opportunity missed by the Two Headed Boy!

    When Lizzie Windsor said “… good evening, Prime Minister – you’re still alive,” he could have answered, “Good evening Lizzie – you’re still unelected.”


  2. Henry says:

    The Queen “looks at me and says: good evening, Prime Minister – you’re still alive.”

    I would imagine there is some wishful thinking going on with the Queen.

  3. John Rees says:

    Queen’s 80th? Without being pedantic, Gary, that took place back in 2006 if I’m not mistaken…I know that accurate factual reporting probably comes a poor second to pouring cold water on Cameron’s valiant attempts to fly the flag but this sort of sloppy reporting hardly does much for Channel 4’s credibility.

  4. george smith says:

    David Cammeron is offering uni places left right and centre to young indians and on the other hand he and his govt are making it hopeless for young working class people here to get a uni place’ he and his ruling class co horts are destroying everyone in this country that is not from the ruling class

  5. Hugh Dunlop ACIS, FFA, FIAB says:

    good evening, Prime Minister – you’re still alive.” He said “it always lifts my spirits.”

  6. j.f.hall says:

    One should always do ones homework before entering any negotiating situation. What appears from the the comments this was not done or belief in his own ability to waffle through has predominated. To enter into discussions without proper briefing or ignoring them is total stupidity. India has a power base. of personnel, equal to that of china, available immediately. Why are we not insisting in engineering companies training their own employees, instead of importing them. I remember when the mayor Birmingham wished to promote engineering apparentiships, he was turned down by all of the engineering companies in that city. Why go all the way to India to find the problem is at home especially with those who will not help themselves.

  7. ian stoller says:

    A complete an utter moron is Mr Cameron, unelected, unwanted and totally and utterly out of touch with what is going on back home. Someone please, anyone perhaps even R.Brooks, please wake him up. Our country is screaming out and off he goes offering overseas people uni places (because ours arent full due to costs) then dangling the residency carrot. What a plonker.

  8. ian stoller says:

    Oh, and look at his twitter page, see the early tweets he received, says it all. At least he figured out how to remove the earlier ones! he cant figure out much else.

  9. George Buchanan says:

    Is this another Cameron disaster, certainly looks like it. Why cant we get a new independant party with some people who are paid a proper wage to run this country, we have now got a Canadian in charge of the Bank of England its a start, we need more like this.

  10. Henry says:

    The old Eton boys club now running the country ( into ruin ) none of them have had a responsible position in business – jolly old boys one and all.

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