4 Jul 2016

Farage – goodbye or au revoir again?

After a “This Is Your Life” bigging-up introduction, Nigel Farage took to the stage at a London venue.
Senior Ukip figures said with a miffed shrug that as usual they didn’t know what he was going to say.


He said the nation’s youth had been needlessly scared by establishment politicians. The economy was in great nick.

Mr Farage said the UK needed a negotiating team for EU talks that includes business people and hired hands from other countries.

He said Ukip would be well placed to marshal anger from poorer voters if the EU deal is not good enough and 2020 could be a Ukip landslide.

Then he announced that he was standing down, not for the first time, of course.

He said having got his country back he was now saying I want my life back.

He said he saw all sorts of changes in the future of party politics. That was in answer to a question from me about whether he could see Ukip and the Tories working together in the future. He said there could be an electoral pact if there was an early election in which Ukip don’t stand against Tories who voted for Brexit.

He mocked Tory Brexiteers like Boris Johnson who’ve been in denial, he said, about the role immigration and Ukip’s strident message played in the Brexit victory.

The man who has been the presiding face of Brexit for much of the foreign coverage of post-referendum UK proclaimed the referendum as very much a Ukip moment.

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8 reader comments

  1. More Silent Majority says:

    too soon, nigel. the’remainers’ of both parties as well as the looney left that supports jeremy corbyn will do their best to sabotage and stop the exit before it happens with no regards for the voters who came out in droves to get us out of the dictatorship of brussels bureaucracy.

    wait till we are actually out.

  2. Philip says:

    Another one ducking responsibility for what he said during the referendum campaign. Having raised utterly unrealistic expectations about the deal we could get on leaving the EU, he now wishes to blame the Tories if they aren’t fulfilled. There will be plenty of people who won’t allow UKIP to get away with that.

    1. Redhotbloggin says:

      It’s nothing to do with Nigel Garage or Ukip. Nigel did exactly what he said he would; get the UK out of the EU. As it is a Tory government in power, it is down to them to lead the country.

  3. David Hardy says:

    Very very disappointing – there are so many things he could do. EG the NHS which is swamped with useless managers, local government which is the same. For god’s sake do something – nobody else will.


  4. Alan says:

    Yet another article about a man who doesn’t represent Brexit. How about an article about the views of your next door neighbour, would be more enlightening.

  5. Cellarman says:

    the action of getting rid of a troublesome or unwanted person or thing.

    good bad or indifferent it is, for sure, RIDDANCE.

    Just saying

  6. O Lawton says:

    Farage led England into the most economically and politically turbulent crisis uk has ever known. He obviously does not know what to do about it and has proposed no vway forward for solving this mess. There is no doubt that he will make a comeback at the most propitious moment for – his political career. Not very patriotic to run away now!!!..

  7. Rajiv Desai says:

    Nigel Farage has done the damage, now he cannot whithstand the damage done so he found an easy way out that is just to get out. His true colours?

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