5 Jan 2010

Cabinet ministers involved in new plot to oust Brown

Just when he thought it was safe!

Gordon Brown’s team were boasting before the Christmas recess that they’d secured their man’s position as leader by closing the poll gap with the Tories.

Now I hear that phones ran hot between backbench MPs, junior ministers and at least two Cabinet members, it is claimed, over the Christmas break about how to bring the PM down.

There is no masterplan, the normal difficulties about whether to get backbenchers applying the pressure with signatures or ministers/men in grey suits marching in are unresolved.

It may, of course, traditionally by now, not come to anything.

But the conversations have happened and we will know one way or another by the middle of next week if it is coming to anything.

Plotters don’t think it’s realistic to hang around longer than that.

I spoke to one Cabinet member who said the time for such things had already passed.

The plotters I spoke to want a straight Alan Johnson succession, by the way. Of course, the last plot by email flopped, the David Miliband attempted coup of 2008 flopped too.

Odds must be against… but what a way to start a general election campaign.

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19 reader comments

  1. Phil says:

    Hobson’s choice, by the look of things. Either Brown or Johnson as Labour “leader” would mean certain defeat for them, surely?

  2. Stotty says:

    Gary, don’t tell me you haven’t learnt by now, please? No one at the top of the Cabinet table has a back bone. Without a back bone you can’t stand up to anything or any body.

    I therefore fully expect this ‘coup’ to go the same way as all the others. It will dissolve in the slime trail.

  3. dorothy wilson says:

    If they want to replace Brown by either Johnson or Milliband they really must be in cloud cuckoo land – or desperate.

    1. adrian clarke says:
  4. Arni says:

    It would be a big news story. But it might just be another tory spin operation that the press often fall for.

  5. Kes says:

    This is just funny really. It won’t come to anything. However, it does illustrate that even some of his own backbenchers know he’s a disaster. I am not sure Johnson is better. He supports Brown wholeheartedly.

  6. Rupert says:

    Alan Johnson has a few skeletons in his cupboard, one of which is extremely fragrant.

  7. Peter Brady says:

    Thanks for reporting this item – Others (eg BBC) will no doubt not do so!

    1. Peter Brady says:

      Is it Tessa Jowell?

  8. Ray Turner says:

    There’s no chance of me considering voting Labour whilst Gordon is in charge. He’s had one or other of the two top jobs for the whole of the 12.5 years that have seen this country ruined…

  9. adrian clarke says:

    It is easy to get rid of Brown .Persuade him to go to an election now and the country SHOULD tell even the cowardly ministers and backbenchers what they want to know,or do know.He is a millstone in Labours politics

  10. Anthony Martin says:

    Just another pathetic bag of wind.
    Look, the most destructive government since Margret Thatcher and, this PM clings on to office, as a result of whimps in the Labour Party and his own ego/arrogance. Gordon Brown should have stepped down long ago and, allowed another arrogant bas***d to take his place with the usual corrupt voting system.
    As I’ve clearly stated in my replies to many blogs, there needs to be a root and branch extraction of the corrupt, immoral, indifferent, upper class scum in this British Government/ Politics. They have created massive hate, phoney wars, divisions, inequality, lies, deciet and put Britain as a disgrace in this world.
    There may be a hung parliament as the only means of little change but, it’ll probably end in a violent revolution in this country, quite simply because these arrogant bast**ds ignore the public.

    1. adrian clarke says:

      at least Margaret ran an economically sound government that restored some greatness to this country, once again thrown away by a Labour Government

  11. Tom Scholes-Fogg says:

    As Arni has commented above, this may be the usual Tory spin to make it look like Labour are divided etc all to cover this bad image Cameron has managed to get himself this last week or so eg: Marriage tax , tax confusion, Clarke saying what should happen etc. Gordon is a great PM and no doubt will win a 4th term like he deserves to!

  12. Mudplugger says:

    Memories are short in modern times. With potentially four months to go after a leadership change, there is plenty of time for a new Labour leader to lose much of the Brown-negative effect, if only by the novelty factor.

    With the scale of gains needed by the Tories, and the effect of minor parties such as UKiP and BNP in many marginal seats, a change of Labour leader could easily shift the electoral dynamic. Maybe not to an overall majority but, to borrow a cricketing metaphor from (old, but still bristling) Brian Close, if you know you can’t win, then just make sure you don’t lose. Anyone but Brown at the head, and they might not lose.

  13. BGarvie says:

    Thereisn’t time under the Labour Party Constitution to replace him. So dysfunctional Brown will be up for election, or depart swiftly for a job with the International Monetary Fund.
    (Afterall he saved the World???)

  14. Maddy Kerslake says:

    This must be a plot for Mandelson to become PM. Is he allowed to stand? He would win more seats in the election than Gordon who may narrowly win anyway. Milliband is too public school as are Cameron and Osborne.

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