17 Sep 2012

Rangers: Why I endorsed Downfall book

One or two Rangers supporters have been asking in recent weeks why I decided to write the foreword for Phil Mac Giolla Bhain’s book on Rangers, Downfall.

There’s been rather a lot of noise about this so let me stick to some clear facts which illustrate why I endorse the book and why it is telling that – as far as the publisher is aware – not one MSM newspaper in Scotland has reviewed the book as yet.

Which is odd, since it is currently into a third print-run. It is billed as Scottish Book of the Month in WHSmith and has been high in the Amazon bestseller lists.

It is also (small detail lost in ear-spitting hysteria) the truth about Rangers.

I’ve had the usual endearing tsunami of abuse from a small number of Rangers fans for endorsing a book most claim not to have read (yes, I know…) But not one single communication taking issue with the facts, substance and truth of Downfall.

The book is the truth – and no Rangers fan reading it will disagree with that. This is why I endorsed it.

I have never met Mr Mac Giolla Bhain.

He was not the source for any of the major stories about Rangers Channel 4 News broke this year.

He wishes to see Rangers FC obliterated as far as I can discern.

I wish to see Rangers in the Champions League again.

Mr Mac Giolla Bhain supports Celtic. I (let me say this just one more time) don’t.

He writes about Rangers’ downfall with undisguised glee and mirth. I write, saddened for their legions of loyal fans so badly sold out by the suits.

But as a journalist and an outsider to this cauldron I simply want the facts of Rangers’ implosion in the public domain and those responsible held to account.

That is why I made this clear in my foreword. And made it clear I do not, could not, share the Celtic-driven motivation of Mr Mac Giolla Bhain and other notable bloggers.

However, though the author and I may be in very different places, we want the truth about what happened.

So all those interested should have one simple question in mind – is the book the truth of the Rangers fiasco? That, ultimately, is all that matters.

I believe it is.

I also believe the bizarre adventures of Downfall en route from the printers to the bookshelves prove an important dimension of the book and of my investigations into Rangers.

Namely, the way in which the MSM in Glasgow have been outflanked by the bloggers and their distaste for handling the truth the bloggers have consistently delivered.

Time and again the bloggers got the story first, and they mostly got it right. With some notable exceptions, Glasgow’s MSM were left playing catch-up and even now, handed the story on a plate, bizarre things happen.

The Scottish Sun’s u-turn and refusal to serialise, having done a double-page spread promoting the author and the coming serialisation-that-never-was will long remain a baffling and scarcely explained episode.

Apparently it was not worries about a boycott. Apparently it was not the result of intimidation.

But didn’t The Sun publish two pages on the author being threatened by Rangers fans in their own pre-serialisation splash?

Didn’t The Sun approach the publisher asking for serialisation rights and not the other way round?

Curiouser and curiouser…

So a man comes along plainly telling the truth about Rangers. Nobody disputes that. The Sun un-serialises and starts apologising. No other paper publishes so much as a review.

And a review of a book which charts many things and one is – guess what?

Yup – the strange, historic reluctance of the MSM in Glasgow to handle the truth of what happened at Ibrox.

Many thought that culture was something of the past, gone with Sir David and Craig, history. Many thought that things are different now in Glasgow. The bizarre conduct of the MSM over Downfall suggests to some that the fear, the deference, is alive and well.

Others will say Scotland’s newspapers completely ignoring the inside story of the nation’s biggest-ever sporting business catastrophe and near ruination of a gigantic footballing culture, was, well, just coincidence.

Nothing to see here. No story. Move along please.

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  1. @StewartL64 says:

    I don’t think you anyone any explanations Alex. As a Rangers fan I obviously don’t like everything that’s been written but there are painful truths that need to be told, we shouldn’t let the obvious bias of some of those telling it (don’t include yourself in this) distract us from the full picture.

    I will be buying Phil’s book, even though I don’t have a high opinion of the man himself.

  2. patos12 says:

    the point is a lot of them dont want to hear the truth,maybe if the hacks up here had told the truth years ago, rangers would not be in the mess they are today , the newspapers up here try not to publish articles that will upset one side or the other, as a result a lot of the truth never sees the light of day,when a good reporter like yourself tries to unearth whats really going on, the old tribal drums start beating again with accusations (he must be one of the other side).

  3. Charlie says:

    A bit like the lack of the Hillsborough coverage yesterday, a disgrace !

  4. Sonofmo says:

    Let me join in the Hallelujah of thanks for doing so much for bringing this whole sorry saga from the ill lit backstreets of Cyberville and onto the arc lit stage.

    Even today in another popular daily paper the opinion piece of a lamb loving oenophile is a masterclass in denial, deflection and downright delusion.

    Your work here is done Mr T!

    1. Bruce says:

      His work is done? In your dreams. Not while the FTT has still to report or the issue of criminal charges is outstanding or the SPL Commission has to return its verdict.

  5. Philip Edwards says:


    Mainstream media also ignored the true causes of the Hillsborough disaster for 23 years.

    By comparison, the Rangers story is miniscule, a mere bagatelle.

    The fact is, throughout football most clubs are bought through “leveraged buyouts.” That is, bought through money borrowed against club assets. After a while the clubs are owned for nothing. The profit comes when the rump of the club is sold on.

    The same method was and is used throughout the banking system, which is why the economy is in its current disastrous condition. It is only a matter of time before football reaches the same state.

    Keep up the good work. Sooner or later you will be vindicated.

  6. Marty says:

    The Sun did explain their decision not to publish extracts from the book. Among other things they stated that Mr Mac Giolla Bhain is “tarred with a sickening sectarian brush” (I emphasise that these are the words of The Sun), having reviewed some of Mr Mac Giolla Bhain’s other output.

    Mr Mac Giolla Bhain seems to want to have it both ways. He is – at best – virulently anti-Rangers. So be it. But at the same time he also wants to be part of the mainstream media (which he also derides). For all the jibes about certain mainstream journos being pro- or anti- one team or another, you can’t take the extreme position Mr Mac Giolla Bhain has and expect to be part of the mainstream as well – not sensibly anyway.

    In any case, is there much that’s new in the book? Or is it one of those compendiums of stuff that’s already available for free on the internet?

  7. Russell says:

    Mr Thompson it is hard for any fan to believe what you say because of what you have said in the past. A lot and I mean a lot of Rangers fans from all walks of life dis-trust you because of your ”joke” when you re-tweeted John Greig’s statue running away, then claiming you did not know what the statue was for yet you claimed you picked up a ticket for a Rangers v Celtic game there. Being a so called journalist did your hack nose not twitch to find out what the statue has on its plaque and why there is flowers usually at it. Then you called Rangers fans ‘Daleks’ a strange name to call a set of people unless someone told you why, for people who do not know it a word that the lowest of the low use to mock the 66 Rangers fans that died on stairway 13. Now on the ”Daleks” I will tell you what happened when you were having a good laugh with your best buddies from the East one of them told you to call us that, did you not think to check first or maybe you did maybe you checked with one of your bosses Stuart Cosgrove and you both thought it would be a good laugh. Either way save us the sob story you’ve made your bed now sleep with the dogs you share it with!

    1. paul hamilton says:

      Russell you are a buffoon,this man is trying to help your club and all you do is blind yourself with bigotry-i have been following celtic home and away for 30 years and had never heard the dalek term until a cpl of weeks ago and took it to mean what it was intended to mean(a dalek is a thing that just goes round in circles constantly repeating themselves in the same annoying tone)and that is exactly what was meant when comparing sevco fans to daleks,nothing else!The John Greig clip was a clear reference to the laughable “we dont do walking away” slogan and most sensible people could see this and nothing to do with a sick dig at the tragic Ibrox disaster,and in fact i even had it on my phone like lots of people and didnt even think of it as anything other than a humorous dig at the aforementiond slogan until i read numerous sevco fans claiming so online!But no doubt your going to tell me what i was actually thinking even though you dont even know me?The levels of paranoia amongst the sevconians these days is hilarious and genuinely hard to beleive,especially when you have all spent years going on about “class and dignity” and how you all “take it on the chin and move on without complaining”!If only you could see yourselves.Grow up,get a life and plan ahead for your next hobby when the new Rangers die,and beleive me with the way you lot are incredibly still burying your head in the sand it will happen!

    2. Bruce says:

      Lunacy, complete and utter lunacy.

      First, the likes of yourself were coming on here ‘distrusting’ and having a pop at Alex long before the John Greig tweet.

      Second, the daleks thing is a complete and total lie from the nutter fringe of the Sevco support. Alex Thomson did not at any time compare the old Rangers supporters. Go and look at his twitter feed. It. Did. Not. Happen. Understand. What did happen was a bunch of Sevco supporters were so determined to find offence that they imagined it were it didn’t exist. As for this nonsense about Celtic supporters calling you lot daleks to mock the Ibrox disaster, I have never heard of this in my life. None of the Celtic supporters I have asked have heard of it either. Google Rangers supporters and daleks, all you get before this nonsense is some guy posting youtube clips. No mention of the Ibrox disaster. This is nothing less than manufactured offence calculated to smear the Celtic support. But then, Rangers supporters have long had previous for that.

    3. Stevie says:

      You people are Unbelieveable Alex has explained this statue issue to you on more then one occasion.
      Why would a group of people believe say Mr Whyte yet try a make petty squabble with Alex.
      Not everyone that doesn’t support Sevco is out to get you.
      Now Oldco leaving a debt trail of possibly up to £135 million is totally reprehensible.
      You’ll need to stop looking for side issues to deflect away from your cheating, the very attitude that got you and your kind refusal into SPL.
      So man up accept your club has cheated take your punishment which should be severe and move on.

    4. Jim McGuigan says:

      I’m a Celtic fan 47 years and I have never heard the expression DALEKS in reference to Rangers fans. I also had no idea that the John Greig statue had any plaque regarding the 66. I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that Alex Thomson would not have known anything about any of this. Deep down you know that yourself and to attempt to point score over this it actually makes YOU the fool.

  8. craig says:

    even if a piece of writing is ‘truth’ one might not want to associate with the author, or seen to be asssociated with him, becasue of his other writings. that is not uncommon. fair enough, you enjoy Byron, but don’t support his lifestyle choices, but it is not as comprehensive and clear as that. we must make our decisions on a case by case basis- taking into account what that author’s other work or other actions are. it is entirely possible that a person’s actions in one case might be so onerous (especially a related piece, ‘incubator’ perhaps?) as to make associating with him on another piece which is not offensive problematic.
    if this example is too muddled maybe think of it in terms of HItler writing a vegetarian cooking book. you might want to write a forward for that perhaps? i doubt it. the association with the author, despite the truth, would be calamitous.

  9. Tom says:

    Thank Jebus for Sir Alex Thomson.
    Keep telling it as it is Alex. Other than a couple of notable exceptions, Jim Spence and Stuart Cosgrove, things are pretty much same old same old as far as media reporting on RFC/Newco.
    Attitude is very much a case of “let’s all move on and talk about the football”.
    Much easier to slaughter Craig Levein than address their collective shortcomings and amnesia.
    Cheers Big Man.

  10. smartie1947 says:

    Good to see your condemnation of the Sun’s about-turn above and also Angela Heggarty’s piece on “scotslawthoughts” in a similar ilk.
    What amazes me in what we are led to believe is the world of cut-throat journalism and circulation wars, is how little adverse coverage that decision received in other Scottish press. Of course to denigrate the Sun, would indirectly anger those fine upstanding Rangers fans, who opposed publication and that would mean changing the habits of a lifetime.
    The comparison of the Sun, with that of Neville Chamberline after Munich in 1938, could not be more appropriate.

  11. Tony Hendrix says:

    Alex,top notch as per usual.
    Sad to say,but no matter which way you paint it the Sevco mob will never believe the truth,they won’t hear of it,NEVER.

  12. alan m says:

    It IS curious. The new club is in the dunny, not where the MSM wanted them to be (the SPL) so the MSM’s cheerleading work there is done. A failure it has to be said, but done nonetheless. So why do they continue in this charade ?

    Hang on, I’ve got it. The print media are struggling big time, right ? The red tops’ readership is represented by just the sort of people who want to believe what they are being told by their team manager and substitute owner. Tell the truth, you get boycotts and lose readers and money. Just like the Sun on Merseyside. And the Record in Glasgow. That just won’t do at all, oh no.

    But, wait, wasn’t it proved that these newspapers printed lies – about a heartbreaking tragedy (god forgive them), and a players’ night out in Newcastle (big deal)? And wasn’t that why they were boycotted ? So, what do the Glasgow MSM have to fear about dealing in the truth on Rangers’ humiliation now. ? Nothing I would argue. I mean if they all do it, speak the truth I mean, they can’t all be boycotted. And even the slowest newco fan will eventually recognise the truth for what it is.

    The problem is, too many of these so called journalists have been there for too long, quaffing the same fine wines, eating the same tender, not to say succulent, lamb. They don’t know how to change because they’re too comfortable, too set in their ways. Journalistic principles clearly take second place to a nice cushy lifestyle. Shame on them.

  13. gorillaintheroom says:

    I watched the fall of the third reich on the yesterday channel today. Apparently hitler spent everyday in his bunker before his downfall eating cream cakes. Paralells at all?

    Interview Craigy boy tomo! i bet he’s not allowed under his “contract”

  14. Brendan O'Malley says:

    You only have to look at Jim Traynor’s column today to see that our MSM is laughable. No, come of it, its sick actually.

  15. gerry mcelroy says:

    Welcome to, in my 20 odd years of Scottish sports ‘journalism’. With this one book, and it’s denial, holds a very powerful magnifying glass upto the fading, ‘mainstream scottish media. Ode to their provincial ex football team. The danger beyond our Scottish borders is others view the rest of the population as the Media act. Traditional Scottish Sports Media is dieing. Time too.

  16. Kevin says:

    Alex, I’m a Celtic supporter, but I actually agree with you. Rangers are whatever club the Rangers supporters decide to support en masse, and that transcends any legal or constitutional consideration. It’s been a great wind-up but Celtic supporters really should let go of that particular bone.

    I do have to take issue with the idea that Phil just simply hates Rangers. Some time ago, when he first raised concerns over their financial woes, I have to admit I was puzzled. Why was a Celtic supporter reporting this instead of letting them dig themselves deeper into the hole? Why warn them? He’s obviously more charitable than me. Or maybe it was more to do with him being a journalist and that being how he made his living. Whatever the reason, he warned them when I might not have.

    So there we have it. Rangers nutcases have prematurely celebrated yet another spectacular own goal and Phil is laughing all the way to the bank. The Scottish media still don’t have a clue what to say or do and any Rangers fan with a mind to actually learn from past mistakes has little choice but to buy the book.

    I’d say it’s a good result for Phil.

  17. HJC says:

    Nothing changes in this city, the views are so deeply entrenched that the expession “beyond salvage” would be very apt.The MSM has been a voicepiece for the now defunct club for nigh on twenty years and even in their demise the entrenchment deepens. The Msm are running with a story, which isn’t really a story but they are trying their level best to make it one, that is the one solitary Celtic ebt, it has become all consuming for them and yet when the former defunct club used them as a matter of course, used them and corrupted them for almost twenty years, did we hear, read anything on the corrupt way they were used by rangers, not a peep from msm. This in itself speaks volumes regarding whose pocket they were and still choose to be. The truth is something they have a major problem with but the truth is out and we all see them for what they really are, corrupt. Print this if you dare or are you as frightened of freedom of speech as they appear to be!!

  18. Scott says:

    Alex you are an intelligent man so you must know that the author of this book is bigoted , twisted , anti rangers , anti Protestant and anti British.

    I know it and you know it.

    Why would you want to be linked with this man .?

    1. paul hamilton says:

      Everything phil predicted has come to pass,so sno matter his background or beleifs dont you think he maybe knows what hes talking about and that maybe you should listen,or is that too sensible?

  19. Stef says:

    Alex, all you have to do is read Jim Traynor’s article in today’s Daily Record to see that the MSM (in Glasgow at least) have not moved on one iota in the way they report the goings on at Rangers. More misinformation and distortion of the truth which only serves to spread more ignorance on the subject. Jim Traynor should be ashamed of himself.

    1. Marty says:

      How dare Jim Traynor write something disagreeing with the anti-Rangers brigade?

  20. Dougie says:

    mr thomson,

    i certainly saw and read the reasons the sun decided not to serialise the book (and I dont even buy the thing) evidence came to light the author was nothing more than a bigot of the worse sort that you do get on both sides of the old firm, funny how you dont mention this, or is this something else, like the John Greig statue you didn’t know about?

  21. Michael says:

    “He wishes to see Rangers FC obliterated as far as I can discern.” Mr Mac Giolla Bhain is a man full of hatred that is beyond the pale. He has had his vile bigotry exposed to the world and still Alex Thomson will not distance himself from him!?! Mr Thompson, you state that you wish Rangers no ill-will but you still defend a man who believes that all fans of Scotlands largest club are sub human. Were you paid to write the foreword to his book, or are you genuinely an apologist for a bigot? THe publishers are interesting too. They appear to be a very tiny publishing house whose publications encompass such gems as “Killing for Britain”, “The McGurk Bar Bombing” Tthe Complete Encyclopaedia of Terrorist Organisations”. These appear to have limited sporting associations and some may suggest that these titles might have Irish Republican connotations, but I couldn’t possibly comment on that. .

    You say that you want to see Rangers back in the Champions League but you are supporting the book written by a man who in your own words wants to see Rangers destroyed.

    Mr Mac Giolla Bhain is NOT interested in writing an honest and unbiased expose of what has happened at the club. He has no evident sporting background and has not used the opportunity to generate an honest account of the problems that are endemic in Scottish football. We all want to see the truth come out and the whole sport cleaned up. This will not be achieved through supporting bigots, and your unequivocal support of this ridiculous book certainly undermines your credibility as an honest broker.

  22. Colin says:

    You are wrong Mr Thomson

    . I want to raise few points.

    1. Before Craig Whyte took over rangers Plc. the debt was being reduced.
    2. couple of million tax bill was outstanding before Craig Whyte took over. yes they owed 18 million to the bank which was being reduced year in year out.
    3. understanding I may be wrong Craig Whyte’s non payment of tax (paye) had lead up to the tax bill that eventually liquidated the Rangers PLC ( non agreement of CVA)
    4. EBT trust matter has not been decided for or against Rangers PLC so that company does not owe that money. until that matter has been decided. The decision was due out in April 2012 but it has not came out with the decision. So Rangers do not owe this money. Yet?

    Rangers fans have been let down big time because of fit and proper investigation was not done properly on Craig Whyte by the SFA. The BBC had investigation on Craig Whyte which emerged that Craig Whyte had a questionable business history and had past relationship with a Director placed on the board of Rangers by Lloyds banking group, So why not raise questions on the Role of Lioyds Banking Group and the SFA

    . As Rangers Fan I feel let down by the media why did they not find out all the negative stuff before Craig Whyte took ownership of Rangers. They did have six months to find out stuff about him.

    Rangers fans are also tired of mis information by certain media groups not giving accurate information about the whole affair.

    You made the wrong decision to do a foreword on a book from a writer who has so negative views towards Rangers Football Club. If the writer was not independent in your own words “He wishes to see Rangers FC obliterated as far as I can discern” .why back the book another point I dont understand why you should back a book from a person you have never met before. Sorry I would have done my home work on the writers past and is this writer coming from an independent view on this matter and not from green tinted glasses. Mr Thomson in my you made the wrong decision.

    You critistcise Rangers Fans for not buying the Book and reading it. Are you serious with this comment why should we give money to a writer who wants the Death of Rangers Footbal Team. Come on get real and live in the real world.

    You say you report this subject on the benefit of Rangers Fans do me a favour find out why all the questionable information did not turn before Craig Whyte took over and why the media ask why the old did not want to sell to Craig whyte, Why did the Scottish Media or the SFA ask why the old board did not want Craig Whyte Buy one of the most important football clubs in Scotland.

    I must say i have never heard of you before Rangers went into the crisis so your exposure to the public as a jounalist has been increased by your decision to report on this matter.

    Mr Thomson you are wrong on this matter.

  23. Betty Dunlop says:

    You have to ask yourself why he wrote the book now as there are still so many loose ends?

    Its like writing a book about the history of World War II and ending it at the evacuation of Dunkirk.

  24. James says:

    Despite an initially admirable attempt to widen coverage of the “train wreck” that was / is the Rangers story, Alex T simply has got this wrong in terms of his approach.

    A proper journalist should report a story in a professional, balanced, unbiased and non-hysterical manner.

    The fundamental flaws in Alex’s general crusade for truth & justice here seem to be a very apparent desire to “drive” the story indeed at some points to steer it the way the faux- Laptop accountants and lawyers wanted it to go.

    So be it, this is clearly his desire.

    I am now very interested to see a consistent approach from Alex on his new found interest into the underbelly of possible financial mis-management or sharp practice elements of the game.

    So let’s all step up, step up for an expose on American owners of major UK clubs in the EPL or off shore funding / purchasing of clubs, etc or possible other asset stripping in the game.

    What was allowed to happen at Rangers must not be allowed again and if Alex’ can only muster the same degree of interest and log on to some well informed bloggers of other clubs, he will be on to a winner as he boldly goes where no other journalist from Tyneside to The East End of London fears to tread.

    Won’t happen though, I’ll wager his interest in poor management of football clubs begins and ends at Ibrox and then you have to ask why?

  25. Dhougal says:

    Great write Alex ,i heard mnths ago that an injunction had been taken out by D. Murray against the BBC ,re. the tapping of the right honourable F. McCAnn phone ,any truth in that ?

  26. The Simple Sword Of Truth says:

    Perhaps Alex can explain his “support” for what The Sun called a man tarnished with the brush of sectarianism.i,e. a bigot. As my auld grannie used to say by their company shall ye know them . Well Alex you seem to keep the fine company of many Celtic-minded bloggers. How else would you come across the terms MSM, “Dalek” etc ? -anti-Scottish, anti-protestant, anti-British, Rangers haters are the users of such language.. How can you endorse a book by a man so filled with hatred for a certain section of society it is almost 1930s-esque in nature. Would you endorse a book on flower-arranging by Nick Griffin perhaps? Surely by associating your name with this book you are endorsing the very world viewpoint of the author. By using the title “Downfall” you know exactly what is being auto-suggestively intimated here. To compare a football club to a dark period in history really is the ultimate in besmirching and manifests a type of hatred and self-denial by yourself. But you are such an egotistical man I guess this will sweep over you.

    1. Bruce says:

      You’ve just made all that up, haven’t you? I mean, only an idiot would quote The Sun as an authority, wouldn’t they?

    2. Stevie says:

      As if any sane person would believe the Sun. Where this Dalek nonsense came from god knows.

      Why not just accept you’ve done wrong and accept your punishment, not everyone is anti Sevco.

      Not the Sevco way I suppose once a cheat always a cheat.

      1. Bruce says:

        Stevie, the nutter fringe of the Rangers support made it up to smear the Celtic support. This time, the completely bogus nature of their offence is all too transparent. It says a lot about them that they’d exploit the Ibrox disaster in such a malicious way.

  27. balanced says:

    Curiouser and curiouser… alex thomson mentions these words to describe the msm yet i would apply this to you alex.

    first in a long line of these words i remember on your twitter account approx 3 months ago rangers supporters asked you were you being strung along by macgiollabhain, your reply and it was your reply alex, whose he? strange? i would say curious.

    second and has been mentioned by far better men than me the john greig memorial, that horrendous tweet from yourself was met by the defence i did not know it was a memorial for the ibrox dead. something you had to take back as was pointed out to you from another blog of yours clearly referencing the statue and its significance. curoius and becomming a lot more curious.

    third your endorsemnet of macgiollabhain and his journalism. i checked what that means, and the dictonary says this, to support or give approval, so which part of the incubator blog alex do you support or give approval to? i only ask as you say you endorse (support give approval to) . his journalism. your continued criticism of the msm is becomming tedious. as the rangers crisis continued there was only one real story at the end, and that was the ticketus deal and the money involved. who broke the story? daily record.

    your continuing to encourage rangers supporters to buy this book is becomming rather bland, as you say in your blog alex this man hates rangers wants to see the obliteration of rangers. i ask how can one read a book were the author is not objective in his work? (objective as described in the dictonary not biased) the words you use for macgiollabhain in what he wants to see happen to rangers is well in line with the incubator blog which wants to dehumanise rangers supporters. obliterate, dehumanise, sound familiar alex? exactly what hitler wanted to do to a certain race, is this what you are endorsing? is that what you are supporting? we really need to know alex.
    this blog like much of your stuff is alex is a real poor effort, and not one i would expect from an award winning journalist, although to be fair its something i have come to expect from you.

    in line with your reporting from syria, in which i sent you another’s opinion of your blog and what you actually said, your reports on rangers have been of a very low standard. no one now knows alex when you are telling the truth anymore.

  28. bob says:

    It is sad that our culture and national game has been so damaged by this implosion at Ibrox.The truth is that there are alleged abuses perpetrated by this club,dual contacts etc and they will be investigated.
    The FTT is due in October,there is an ongoing Police enquiry and the BDO begin business shortly.There is much to come in this story,and the truth will out.

  29. Manandboy says:

    Alex, while the stench of corruption emanating from the usual addresses continues to waft across much of the Scottish media and football landscapes, you continue to be a breath of fresh air.

    What we Scots owe you is inestimable.

    Thank you.

  30. Graham Johnston says:

    Russell’s quotes are very similar to what David Leggat posted on his blog

  31. Prince Charles says:

    It is a bit much bringing Hitler into this debate.
    The The Rangers fans are love struck for their club,they are happy,why spoil the illusion?
    Most MSM in Scotland dont do journalisim,because,they want an easy life,no hassle,maintained relationships and nothing nasty in the post.
    Saturday the 15th of September Sportsound Live just before 15.00hrs.
    A fact,according to Chick Young was that Stefan Closs played in a winning world cup final for Germany.Not only did he never play in a final he never ever even played for Germany! He did play under 21 and twice in the Olympics.
    What a Chick.

  32. DYLANSFEAST says:

    Alex, For the digging of holes it’s not a mere shovel that you wield anymore, you are now in possession of a full blown excavator and are in danger of hitting the earth’s core should you furrow any deeper.

    From ‘Re-tweet Gate’ to ‘Dalek-Gate’ to ill founded police complaints of it intimidation from ‘mock’ sites and now the infamous ‘endorsement’ of a book written by a man The Sun claim to be ‘tarred by a sickening sectarian brush. Aren’t you just wishing you’d never got involved with this fair city of ours?

    It really is saddening to see the demise of a man’s career such as yours, a man who has obviously worked hard all his days to get to where he has but now finds himself way out of his depth and who spends his days starting and putting out fires.

    Alex, you’re sinking mate and I for one am saddened to see it happen. Stop before it’s too late. You are fast becoming a figure of ridicule and that isn’t nice to see.

  33. Bruce says:

    ‘Dalekgate?’ You’ve just brought us ‘numptygate’.

  34. Simon says:

    I don’t think there can be any excuse for writing a foreword for an author who openly admits that he is a rebel writer who promotes hatred towards the United Kingdom and all things Rangers. Based on the fact that you have a fantastic record as a correspondent for Channel 4 , it is safe to say that you are an Intelligent individual who strives for impartiality. Now why would a man with such a great track record be so easily fooled by such a bitter bigoted man, and yes we know you have picked up some bigoted views, on more than occasion making inappropriate tweets mocking the Ibrox Disaster on April 2nd 1971. We have heard the explanations that you had no idea the connection between phrases/images and the disaster. Intelligent man??

    Now back to why I have issue with your foreword on a book that dares to tell the truth about Rangers and what went on through the green tinted glasses of a known bigot. I don’t believe for a minute that a random publisher sends a request for a foreword on a book and you or a researcher doesn’t spend at least one minute investigating who the author is. Have you read his other titles? Do you share his views on the Royal family? Do you share the same views on the United Kingdom? What next writing a foreword for Abu Hamza’s new cookery book?

    You state that this book is based on fact , can you explain more , it was my understanding that there is a court case that is in progress still so obviously you either have some foresight into the result of a 12 month court case, please share this information.

    All that you have achieved in the last few months with your strange obsession of Rangers has highlighted that you cannot be respected as an impartial journalist.

    Maybe on your next blog you could explain the term Dalek and what it means. Where did you learn this?

    1. Bruce says:

      ‘it was my understanding that there is a court case that is in progress still so obviously you either have some foresight into the result of a 12 month court case’

      That illustrates your confusion on this matter, Simon. There is no court case. Its a First Tier Tribunal. And Rangers (1872-2012) have already conceded the Wee tax case and stolen £15million of its employees PAYE and NI. These are not in disopute, so Rangers are prover tax cheats.

    2. Thistle man Clyde says:

      From memory of watching Dr Who,in the 70,s, a baddy named Davros created the Daleks.The Daleks are controlled by Davros,Their war cry is “Exterminate”.They owe everything to the creator and mastermind.There is a rumour Davros is into succulent lamb and fine wine.
      The Star Trek Deep Space Nine Ferangi on the other hand,are wee baldy guys with funny teeth and brown noses from a far flung corner of the Galaxy called Paisley.

    3. Thistle man Clyde says:

      The term “Dalek” originates from an incredibly popular BBC si-fi drama from the 1960,s,called Dr Who.Still incredibly popular to-day.The original Daleks may have found it difficult to use stairs,much like their evil creator Davros.Thats why the “Cybormen” had the edge and were much more scary,in my opinion.They had legs and could follow the Dr upstairs.

  35. patos12 says:

    i really dont believe some of the posts on this blog,they preach about fairness and balance, where was the fairness when for decades this club would not give you employment if you happened to be a roman catholc, this policy was only changed because they were facing the threat of not getting into europe, if every company in scotland had adopted this policy (and some did) your religion would determine if you employed or not , is that FAIRNESS, give me a break

  36. Stevie says:

    When does the acceptance of guilt kick in from the Sevco fans, trying to smear others with your bigoted brush just won’t cut it anymore.

  37. Graham D says:

    Alex, supported your initial approach in the Rangers saga and the obvious and, to me, self evident truth that rangers be subject to the same treatment as any other team in Scotland. Rejoiced when Rangers went down to the 3rd for those reasons. Justice. But your foreword to a book written by a man known for writing the incendiary, hateful and bigotted incubator article is folly. Also to fail to acknowledge the reasons for the withdrawal of the serialisation in the sun is disingenuous and to imply corruption in the matter is odious. The point made by many rangers fans (and the sun for that matter) that a writers other works must be taken into consideration is valid. I doubt you would provide a foreword for a book written by Nick Griffin regardless of the validity of it’s content. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am. These are delicate matters in this country. Where there is corruption it should be identified and rooted out but to inflame things, rather than admit an honest mistake diminishes you and your previous good work in my eyes. 

  38. tell the truth sevco says:

    Have any sevconians read the book:?

  39. Johnbud78 says:

    Alex , well put and well done for having the fortitude to saty with this story in the face of such vitirol and accusations’??

    As I am quite removed from the situation, I certainly have pity with the decent rfc fans out there, however you will very rarely get them posting so unfortunately it looks like there are only the simple, ugly minded ones who attack with no provocation! As a lifelong Celtic fan, I can hand on heart state I have never reffered to any rfc fan as a Dalek, nor have i ever heard it till recently?? As for the JG statue running away, I still find that funny! I had no idea it was for the ibrox disaster, but that is not the point, most people who are not rfc fans would have found this funny and related it to the “we don’t do walking away” as was the case!!

    As the MSM has blatantly proven ‘not fit for purpose’ please continue to have an interest in Scottish football and in particular the FTT and Independant commission results, as we will not be able to see through all the succulant Bams mitny suace should it be left to the glasgow based MSM!!

    Cheers Alex and all the best

  40. Prince Charles says:

    The The Rangers fans should not be too disappointed about going out of the Ramsdens cup,loosing at home to Queen of The South!!!!!They are after all in a league above The The Rangers.They can now focus on the league,no more distractions….or excuses…about the surface of the pitch and how hard the part-time opposition is trying etc,etc.Just look at it as forewarning of how tough it will be when you go up to the Scottish second division and then if you get that far the first division,which is notoriously difficult to get out of,possibly the most difficult in the world!Maybe they will change the rules before then and make it easier for you folks to come in from the wilderness.Maybe the English will let you join their league,which might not be a good idea as it could be even harder to win anything down there.
    Also take your bloo tinted specs aff,granted Ally is a great Ranger,but a competent manager he aint.

  41. Thislte man Clyde says:

    The The Rangers fans are being taken advantage of and when first I saw the result the The Rangers 2-2 Queen of the South! And QOS won on penalties! I mused to myself “This must be a hoax!”

  42. Thislte man Clyde says:

    Is this another hoax,the The Rangers are protesting about a cartoon! A cartoon displayed at Celtic Park!

  43. Graham D says:

    A few simple questions Alex

    1. Have you read the incubator? http://www.philmacgiollabhain.ie/the-incubator/
    2. What’s your opinion of it?
    3. Lastly do a little thought experiment. Adjust the terms of reference of the incubator to other groups within society, I’m sure parallels can be found. Now tell me if it is acceptable ‘satire’.

    I think your failure to address the role of this piece in this saga is telling and possbily self serving. It is obstensibly the reason the sun withdrew it’s serialisation of the book. Some people think that’s a fig leaf for not rocking the rangers boat – there might be something in that, I really don’t know. However if you don’t even address the supposed reason it makes your journalism look at best partial and skewed to one side.

    Was until recently persuaded by your obstensibly impartial viewpoint …now really not so sure. Your answers might help.

  44. Tam says:

    Haven’t read the book, don’t really want to buy it. Not because I am either an overly bigoted Rangers or overly bigoted Celtic fan – I don’t have that agenda.

    I don’t want to buy the book because the subject matter would make me sick. I have no doubts as to its factual accuracy. I get enough news on OLDCO and SERVCO through this blog and other sources and frankly don’t see why a Third Division club, which SERVCO are now, should get too much publicity.

    Some of the previous posters make me wonder what planet they are on.

    1. Stevie says:

      Don’t forget you grandchildren will be Celtic fans your club is about finished.
      A big Hail Hail to Mr Green and Mr Whyte.
      Justice for years of cheating.

    2. Betty Dunlop says:

      From where I am sitting without any legal rulings being made, I see people who would not condemn those who hid child abuse for years condemning us for using tax loopholes and find something really heartbreaking about it.

      From the moment someone realized what was going on till McCann came and called in the authorities and for all these young lives ruined ask yourself, why are you still supporting Celtic football club?

      I often ask myself if it was RFC who hid the abuse and by doing so allowed the abuse to continue for years what would I do. I just couldn’t go back. Every member of staff would have had to leave and new staff brought in before I would go near the place again.

      As far as CFC and their fans are concerned if you do not talk about it, did not happen.

  45. DYLANSFEAST says:

    What a mindblowing crowd at the Stad de Gadd tonight eh? The greatest fans in the world strike again. Must’ve been televised, no hang on………………………..faithful fru n fru n all that. Tears to a glass eye.

    1. Bruce says:

      Stad de Gadd? What a bitter little bigot you are.

      As for the midweek games. Well, yours was your your biggest game this season. Ours wasn’t even our biggest game this week.

  46. GM says:

    Definition of cheating please?11 versus 11? Or does HMRC make it 12 vs 11. Anyone paid cash rather than VAT? Any journalist claim for false expenses? My what a righteous lot you are!

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