26 Oct 2012

Piercing the wall of silence surrounding Rangers ‘fans’

To publicise what is happening in and around Glasgow in recent months is to pierce a wall of silence.

It is clearly not the done thing to talk about Glasgow’s dirty secret of football intimidation. Still less to point out the truth that all parties beyond Ibrox agree upon: that Rangers have a problem with a small minority of “fans” prepared to commit serious crimes, a group who will threaten anyone, anywhere, who dares criticise their club.

So it is courageous and important that individuals like Gary Allan QC should break their silence and talk exclusively to Channel 4 News about just what he suffered at the hands of Rangers “supporters”.

Having spent some time – pro bono – working on the Scottish Football Association tribunal which passed sanctions on Rangers FC for flagrant financial mismanagement earlier this year, he was preparing to go back to the world of good, honest criminals, gangsters and psychos – the bread and butter of a criminal barrister.

Then… his world and his family’s was turned upside down.

“Please come to Hampden Park and please come today, this afternoon,” went the sudden message. There, to his amazement, were Special Branch Officers and anti-terror officers waiting to meet him. To his growing astonishment, a number of serious, credible threats to his life were unveiled by the officers.

He was told to go back to his house and secure the smallest room in the downstairs area with the smallest windows. He was told that he – and he alone – must pick up all mail and move it to this room. He – and he alone – must open it.

He was told to be wary of any jiffy bags. But even normal envelopes should not be opened in the usual casual fashion because of the danger of razor blades being taped inside to cut him – and razor blades contaminated with anything from faeces through to HIV to ricin.

The police then put his entire house under surveillance 24/7. For a sustained period police would patrol around the house every 20 minutes. His neighbours had to be informed. His family were at first bemused, then genuinely frightened.

At his office his clerks needed further training and enhanced security measures. The cost of all this to the taxpayer would have run to tens of thousands of pounds.

Should something happen, he was told to ring the emergency number. On no account, he was advised, should he ever call a hospital or doctor’s surgery for fear that, if he or his family suffered some attack, they could turn up and contaminate a hospital which might then have to close. Instead, everything he and his family needed in any emergency would come to the house – fast.

Mr Allan wants to make it very clear – as does Channel 4 News – that we are talking of a minority criminal underclass connected to Ibrox. He feels nothing but sympathy for the vast majority of magnificent and law-abiding fans of the club. But he is also seriously concerned about the conduct of Rangers manager Ally McCoist in this matter.

Mr McCoist – infamously – demanded to know the names of the men sitting on the SFA Tribunal in judgement of Rangers earlier this year. Gary Allan QC specifically said after our interview that he wished to address the McCoist issue. We turned on the camera again and framed up. It is worth quoting at length his side of the story which has never been made public.

GA: “I was astonished when I saw a recording of Mr McCoist demanding that the names be disclosed and declaring he did not know who they were, and felt he ought to know and Rangers fans ought to know.”

AT: “Astonished because he was lying?”

GA: “I don’t know whether Mr McCoist was lying. That is, of course, a possibility, but I’m happy to consider other possibilities, that he was simply completely misinformed.”

“I’m also prepared to consider that he overlooked the opportunity to ask his director of football administration, who was at the tribunal. Because that gentleman sat across the table from me for five days; engaged in discussions with me for five days; introduced himself to me with a hand shake for five days. As did his solicitor. And as did the representative for Duff & Phelps (the Rangers administrators), who was in attendance each and every day for every session.

“Now, it may just be that Mr McCoist didn’t think about his first port of call to find out who the tribunal members were – he just didn’t think he could ask his director of football administration, or the club’s solicitor, or the representative of Duff & Phelps. Maybe he just doesn’t know how to go about doing these things.

“But I think there is room to think that Mr McCoist’s behaviour wasn’t through oversight, that there was an agenda he worked to. But if there were to be any suggestion that Rangers did not know who was sitting in judgement of them – that would be a completely misleading and groundless suggestion.”

His views are put more succinctly by the chairman of Raith Rovers, who suffered a variety of threats from Rangers “fans” this year, up to and including the alleged payment of two men to burn down the club stadium.

“Rangers actually knew who was on that panel, and Ally McCoist demanding to know who these people were actually inflamed a situation that didn’t need inflaming.”

The issue with Ally McCoist has now been dealt with by the Scottish Football Association, and Mr Allan merely wished to put his side of the story on the record.

Channel 4 News sought an interview with Rangers and Mr McCoist over the issue of threats. The club declined that invitation but issued a brief statement saying:

“..Rangers Football Club, like every other responsible club, does not condone any form of anti-social behaviour.”

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230 reader comments

  1. Struthian Values says:

    More black propaganda aimed at Rangers fans.

    There is no evidence that Rangers fans did anything wrong. It may well have been fans of other clubs masquerading as Rangers fans.

    Quite simply, we are on a glorious adventure and making friends throughout Scotland and have never been happier.

    That seems to be offensive to some.

    1. Bruce says:

      ‘It may well have been fans of other clubs masquerading as Rangers fans.’

      And that is how utterly despairing their defence is. The old Manchester defence – it wasn’t us it was somebody else pretending to be us.

      Listen to yourself.

    2. David Mooney says:

      Ah the old it was Chelsea fans defence or the even more proprosperous it was Celtic fans wearing rangers strips a la Villareal!

      Mark – How will Channel 4 be sued for telling the truth.

      Remember last year when the Celtic manager and players were getting bombs and bullets in the post and all the zombie’s said “oh there is no proof it is rangers fans” right up until they were caught and exposed as…. wait for it……. rangers fans.

      Ask the people of Barcelona, Pamplona, Villareal, Manchester, Merseyside & now Brechin, Inverness, Annan etc etc etc

      1. Colin Cowan says:

        The people of Seville speak in less than glowing terms about the visitors they had who smashed up their property and used their town like a toilet. The footage was on you tube for years.

      2. Dhenbhoy says:

        You mean like the Mayor of Seville … (dumbass)

        CELTIC fans were praised as brilliant ambassadors for Scotland yesterday.

        The 80,000 Hoops fans who travelled down to Seville for last week’s UEFA Cup Final against Porto received a special thank you letter from Spain.

        The Mayor of Seville contacted Glasgow’s Lord Provost Liz Cameron to praise the supporters’ good behaviour.

        Alfredo Sanchez Monteseirin said: “I’m writing from Seville about the excellent behaviour, good fun and good manners shown by thousands of Celtic supporters during their stay in our city.

        “I would like to send publicly the congratulations of the City of Seville to the fans and, in general, to all the citizens of Glasgow.”

        Lord Provost Cameron said it was an honour to get such good feedback.

        She said: “I am proud and delighted that the Mayor of such a lovely city as Seville has praised the Celtic fans so highly.”

    3. coatbrigbhoy says:

      black propaganda, is that what you labelled it when Charles Green earlier this week spoke out about his death threats, when Green revealed that he had to move from safe house to safe house, GREEN firmly laid the blame at rangers fans feet, do you think it was the same people that threatened Green or was it only Green that was threatened by real rangers fans and that the QC was threatened by fake rangers fans.
      how long is the list now, of people who’s lives have been threatened by these people, in less than a year

    4. blogiston says:

      It is pig-headed denial of the obvious and conflation of events in order to excuse that is offensive to some.

    5. Carntyne says:

      Spot on observation.

      When will this groundless series of allegations stop.

      Rangers fans, among the most decent in the UK, indeed perhaps the world, having been travelling to pastures new, making friends all along the way.

      Our travelling hordes…er…away fans, and their money, have been welcomed with open arms by the tiny wee diddy clubs that we have come to know and patronise.

      It will only be a matter of months before we are fast tracked back into the sunny uplands of the SPL which we will once again dominate through judicious use of new EBT schemes, and this time we won’t be caught.

      .P.S. Chazza Green is the New Bunnet.

    6. Stephen Thom says:

      Ha ha, those pesky chelsea fans again. lol

    7. Groucho Marx says:

      Looks to me like the The Rangers fans are revolting.With the results,performances,and the price of a cup of tea at Ibrox this season,it is not a complete surprise.£2 for a tea! That is double what that financial genius Sir David Murray got for the whole kit and kubbudlle.
      The Green man knows how to turn a buck,and Super Ally could not manage a coconut shy.

    8. Sam says:

      Rangers fans again and again attack with bile and hatred any adverse commentary on their club. The lack of condemnation of any vile act by the so called proper fans is very clear.

      The Bears Den forum if representative of the average Rangers fan beggars belief – I was going to include an extract read this morning- but would be concerned that I would end up in court if taken out of context. If the press and police spend so much time regarding the comments made by John Terry (which were appalling) re race – why do they turn a blind eye to the more considered, consistent and frankly frightening comments which make up these fans forums. If their comments were based on colour rather than ethnicity and religion I suspect our jails would be more crowded.

      The underlying hatred and bigotry proudly displayed by Rangers fans is the main reason that I am delighted to see the demise of a team which should be contributing positively to the Scottish culture and reputation. In a time when other Scottish sports achievements make me immensely proud – Hoy, Murray etc, Rangers- both the institution and the fans have consistently dragged the name of Glasgow and Scotland down.

      With every new revelation it keeps getting worse. Charles Green continues to make matters worse with his the worlds against us approach, which to even the most myopic Rangers fan can only be seen as a ploy to get money.

    9. William Murray says:

      Ha ha ha ha ha; nice one! Post- Modernistic irony is a particular favourite of mine and that’s one for the collection.
      Keep up the good work!

    10. Hamish Riley says:

      Liar, liar, pants on fire !

  2. patrick says:

    Is this what passes for C4 journalism? Highly speculative, ill founded falsehoods.

    How low can Mr Thomson’s credibility go? He appears contaminated by the gutter lowlifes he has been associating with.

    1. Danny says:

      Patrick, “Highly speculative, ill founded falsehoods.”
      Did you watch the interview? All Alex did was report what the QC said. Or are you calling the QC a liar?

      1. GM says:

        He may not be a liar, i’m wiling to give him the benefit of the doubt. He is without question incompetent as his twice delivered judgement was overturned. Can he be trusted. Can Alex Thomson be trusted since he seems obsessed about a story from months ago that the rest of the world/uk isn’t bothered about. Alex doesn’t seem too bothered about Jimmy Saville, I wonder why…

      2. Bruce says:

        What utter tosh. You’re in a position to talk about the competence and trustworthyness of a QC are you? So every time a QC loses a case or has something ‘overturned – actually they were told to reconsider and it could have been far worse for Sevco – they’re incompetent, are they?

        As for your pathetic mention of Savile, C$ news already has journos covering that story, so why would AT be covering it?

    2. Marty says:

      “Highly speculative, ill founded falsehoods.”????

      It’s an INTERVIEW with QUOTES from the man who RECEIVED THE THREATS, who was ON THE PANEL.

      Looks like the nearest thing you can get to ABSOLUTE FACT for me.

    3. happyhoopybhoy says:

      Why waste our time talking to these anachronisms. Let’s just sit back and let the law sort them out. It’s gonna be so sweet…Get ready for it DOBS!

  3. Marty says:

    “Mr McCoist – infamously – demanded to know the names of the men sitting on the SFA Tribunal in judgement of Rangers earlier this year”.

    Well Mr Thomson, you actually published the names of the people on Rangers’ tax tribunal. Personally I don’t question your right to do so, but folk having a go at McCoist for calling for transparency must surely think you are worse for actually publishing names. What say you, Alex? Do you condemn yourself?

    1. hector says:

      Transparency? … nice attempt to put the gloss on it. He wasn’t calling for “transparency” at all. It was an attempt to put people’s names into the public domain in the full knowledge that “pressure” would then be applied on those people sitting in judgement. It was a desperate and deliberately inflammatory act by a man who was throwing his toys out the pram. No class, no decency, no dignity, no honour.

  4. Dunn says:

    I wonder if Alex could also include the amount of Rangers fan arrests that the police made for these threats. Secondly, there is serious accusations like the two men threatening to burn down Raith Rovers stadium but doesn’t back it up with quotes from either the Raith chairman or the police. It’s a bit like his claim of a Rangers fan draped in the Union Jack shouting the odds in WH Smìth to get the Rangers Downfall book off their shelves. Thirdly, Alex obviously doesn’t do irony. Here we have him talking about intimidation of people when Alex himself threatend a fellow journalist (Kelvin McKenzie) with physical violence. Unlike most of Alex’s claims, there is proof that he did do this.

    1. Bruce says:

      Honestly, can you lot just stop lying. He didn’t threaten McKenzie with violence. There is not proof of that at all. In fact, professionally, AT’s been vindicated over this one.


      That you’re still talking about it shows it was a good piece of journalism. After being raised on a diet of Leggat, Jackson and Jabba I suppose its not your fault you know what good journalism is.

      Oh and your own CEO has this week admitted he received death threats from The Rangers supporters. Is he a liar too?

    2. KG says:

      Deny and deflect, it’s the Rangers way.

      Death threats to Regan, bombs to Lennon, a QC and an MP. Bullets in the post to Lennon and two Celtic players. Lennon assaulted on 3 occasions.

      No other club’s fans actions come close to these extreme acts and the genuine threats to Gary Allan and to burn down Starks Park.

      Until Rangers, their fans and the MSM in Scotland accept this behaviour and take action to root it out, unfortunately it will continue.

    3. rabthecab says:

      “,,,serious accusations like the two men threatening to burn down Raith Rovers stadium but doesn’t back it up with quotes from…the Raith chairman”

      Eh, did you actually watch the news? Cos I would’ve sworn that Turnbull Hutton was in fact interviewed about this very point. Or did I just imagine it?

  5. Cliffthesheeplover says:

    The authorities should clamp down in the forums

  6. Cliffthesheeplover says:

    The rangers forums vanguard bears and follow, follow are full of sectarian comments and posts about intimidating others. The authorities should act in thise that moderate these sites and clamp down on the lunatic fringe.

    1. Paul Black says:

      You say vanguard bears is full of sectarian and bigoted comments, tell me how would you know. Do you have a user name for said site as it is a closed forum.

      Something tell’s me like this blog that it is full of inaccuracies and lies.

      Regards this QC… Mr Thomson – I would assume you would know or he would know what was the name of the letter he would have received if indeed his and his families life was in danger. If indeed special branch were involved. btw special branch only get involved if a specific treat is received, i would assume unless you or the qc are lying you would know the reason..

      1. Jim Smith says:

        Have you actually read what you wrote?

        ‘What was the name of the letter?’ Are we talking Fred, Bob, Dave or do you want to try stringing a sentence together again?

        ‘SB not involved unless there’s a specific treat (‘threat’ by any chance or a Freudian slip?)’. Read the article AGAIN, you’ll clearly see it mentions ‘serious, credible threats’.

        One of your fellow Rangers supporters stated further down in the commenst that he wishes the criminal element to be prosecuted etc. Proof – although none is needed, that all The Rangers (see what I did there) supporters are not thugs and hooligans. The vast majority are honest, decent hard-working individuals who are passionate about their club and are disgusted by this behaviour displayed from a variety of corners. Long may that continue!!

      2. William Murray says:

        There are a couple of things that interest me about your post:

        1. Why would a site which concerns itself with comment and reaction feel the need to be a “closed forum”?

        2. How do you yourself know what trigger words in a terrorist message will convince Special Branch that it meets the criteria of a credible threat?

        Are you, by any chance, a serving police officer?

  7. Robert says:

    `At his office his clerks needed further training and enhanced security measures. The cost of all this to the taxpayer would have run to tens of thousands of pounds.`

    Ironic, that, the cost won`t be coming out of the tax collected from Rangers. No taxes were paid.

  8. Rob Earls says:

    So refreshing to see real honest journalism. I would say the minority you mention is a substantial minority and any decent RFC supporters should be totally embarrassed by the behavior of a large number of their fellow supporters, however the lack of condemnation of this “anti social behavior” – (more like thuggery, and bullying in the extreme) by the Rangers family (the average supporter right up to the people running the club) is clearly not there.
    Until the chants, sectarian songs, the intimidation, the treats are challenged from within then RFC will continue to be an affront to society.

  9. Philip Edwards says:


    A truly horrifying story.

    It makes one ashamed to be a member of the human species.

    And all over twenty two men kicking a ball around a field……….

    Please keep up the good work. It really is time for football to be put back in its proper place and to be rid of the ridiculous 24 hours a day media hype and hysteria. Is it any wonder it drives loonies and psychos even further around the bend?

  10. GH says:

    Never thought I’d see this in print in Scotland. Wow.

  11. Albert says:

    McCoist knew exactly what he was doing and that was playing to a gallery who he wanted on his side. Shameful stuff.

  12. richy says:

    it’s such a shame that the small, tiny minority taint the rest of the fabulous Gers support.
    such is life I suppose

    1. blogiston says:

      That ‘tiny’ majority seem to have a huge representation condoning their behaviour on fan sites, blogs, newspaper comments, etc.

      1. kiza says:

        I would like you to show where this “huge representation” of Rangers fans condoning anything like this. Also has there been any charges preferred to anyone as regards intimidation of Mr Allan and if not how exactly can anyone say for absolute certainty that these were valid threats by Rangers fans.

        Is there any definitive proof as to where any alleged threat came from and if so why has there not been any arrests. Seems to me that Thomson once again is trying the sensationlist route against the club and support without having categorical,undisputed proof. Anyway back to yourself,can you show where this HUGE REPRESENTATION of Rangers fans condoning any violence of this or any thing else. Let’s see the figures on this as proof.

  13. G Mack says:

    One trick pony withan agenda. When will we expect to see an exposé on the Nacho Novo death threats? Or the bullets sent to ricksen Alex. Let me be clear I have no time for threats of violence and if proved, as opposed to muppet keyboard gangsters then these people should be prosecuted just like David legg…….oh wait there was no proof on that threat was there??? Lol. Yawn. What’s next months story? What happened 6 months ago rehashed?

    1. blogiston says:

      Whataboutery. Kills all known questions, dead. Get out of any sticky situation…I use Whataboutery all the time now, I used to have to face my denial and the facts but then an equally ignorant friend recommended this product.

    2. gorillaintheroom says:

      This “nacho novo death threat” is a classic example of a lie being repeated often enough and accepted as truth. I bet the people here bringing it up haven’t a clue where it stems from and are just repeating it like sheep. baaaaaaa.

      Ok, here is the “death threat” : on a fan blog after Neil Lennon had been assaulted in the West End of the city one guy flippantly asked a rhetorical question – does anyone know where Nacho Novo lives? One guy responded with “Dumbarton Road” and there the conversation ended because it wasn’t serious. That was it. The comment was ignored and the conversation moved on.

      Now for those not in the know, Dumbarton Road runs from Argyle Street in the city centre all the way to Clydebank. Over 7 miles. Hardly “pinpointing” his address and hardly a credible threat…….but hey, let’s use it as a bit of whataboutery.

  14. Laura says:

    I’m a Rangers fan, and I’m delighted to see you address the problems the lunatic fringe have inflicted upon Scottish football. I would also thank you, Alex, for pointing out that these people do not represent the majority of decent football fans. Just like the Celtic fans who theatened referees, these people bring shame to the game and cannot be tolerated.

    One criticism I would make of this blog is that it seems to me to focus more on the non-criminal behaviour of Ally McCoist than the perpetrators of criminal threats. Certainly, his calls to name and shame were inappropriate, just as it was inappropriate for Neil Lennon to accuse a referee of making personal decisions on the park (comments that resulted in threats). But their behaviour was not criminal, and I would prefer to see the criminal element of Scottish football highlighted above managers’ non-criminal failings. I suppose Lennon and McCoist are the big names that sell stories, but they are a small part of a serious problem and I would like to see that problem made the focus of any investigations into sectarianism in Scottish football.

    1. Paul Black says:

      i will bet my house you are NOT a Rangers fan

      1. Cheap Suit Charlie says:

        With that level of whataboutery? I’ll bet your house that she is.

    2. rabthecab says:

      “Certainly, his calls to name and shame were inappropriate…”
      I rather think it was more the highly inflammatory ” we just feel it’s time to start fighting back. You can guarantee we will be fighting back” comments that have people exercised, and should be investigated by PC Plod, or rather Stephen House.

  15. jihn says:

    Wot about the threats rangers players have sufford from terrorist groups linked to celtic over the years and the peodos they have hid

    1. Sparts says:

      That’s not what the story is about.
      However, I would say that Celtic fans accept that this has happened. Rangers appear to be alone in their denial as opposed to dealing with the problem

    2. Rob Earls says:

      wot about, wot about, wot about, grow up!! btw your post is factually incorrect. this proves my point, supporters of RFC in general would rather post this drivel rather than condemn the shameful behavior of their own support. Time for the decent majority to speak up Gers.

      1. Carntyne says:

        There has been no condemnation from the decent majority because there is no decent majority.

        Only the loud bigots and the quiet ones who don’t want to be identified.

      2. Albert says:

        Not quite true. I’ve been banned from a number of Rangers forums for voicing my opinions, strongly, on the moronic element. Disappointingly, I did appear to be in the minority on these forums.

      3. Carntyne says:

        I stand corrected Albert.

        Of course there will be many Rangers fans who are sickened by what has happened, but not enough to drown out the majority of lunatics.

        You have my sympathy.

    3. John says:

      Let’s deal in facts. Neil Lennon, Paul McBride, Scottish MSP… now Gary Allen. All receiving protection due to intimidation, nail bombs etc. If you can name one official that celtic fans have physically threatened, I’m all ears. Thought not.

      Don’t get me started on the “small minority” that destroyed Manchester. Rangers don’t do anywhere near enough to deal with this scum.

      1. Carntyne says:

        The reason they can’t/won’t deal with the scum, is that their whole support, with some honourable exceptions, would have to be locked up.

      2. John says:

        What % of the 160 000 Rangers fans were arrested in Manchester in 2008 ill give you a wee help there 1% is 1600 is that a significant minority John is 1% a significant minority? Was there 1600 arrests that day John please get back to me on this John.

    4. LEE says:

      yeah JIHN you left out Neil Lennons treatment, The death threats, assaults, bullets,and suspect packages…etc. Oh thats right its all his own fault.The mere sight of ginger hair whipped rangers fans into such a frenzy.So what did Trish Godman, John Paul McBride QC, Paddy McCourt and Nial McGinn do to”Bring it on themselves” Former rangers fans could just not deal with the truth or any sort of bad news. And pity help anyone who dared point this out. Now it seems the Sevco fans are just as bad, looks like old habits die hard.

  16. The Truth says:

    Man you are getting boring same old drivel from you

    1. Rob Earls says:

      Hear no evil, see no evil… wake up bears!!

      1. john martin says:

        If it was new news then fair enough ,But this is old news everybody knows and use guyz only want to remember the past that suits use 8D

  17. john martin says:

    Alex I think you should move on to another story because your bringing up stuff that happened months ago ,AS i said this happened months ago and nothing happened to these individuals and it was a small minority , unless you have fresh evidence on whats been happening that no one knows about i think its pointless bringing up stuff that everybody knows about already and nothing actually happened to these individuals . your becoming really boring now and should move on to a new story were you can maybe bring new real facts , go and investigate Jimmy Savile or somthing and help real victims .

    1. G Mack says:

      That would require journalistic and investigative skills John. Those are things Alex doesn’t possess. I wonder seeing as he is on a historical investigation if any other old ancient history issues will be dug up??? Next month Jesus suffered death threats from Romans……oh wait that one was accidentally true. Alex Away and find a nice wee place in Syria or gortahork with yer mate phil, and just stay there. Oh and whilst on phil, when will we see a review on his famous incubator blog??? Tick tock

      1. Dougie says:

        Imagine my surprise at an Old Firm fan spouting nonsense on religious matters. Jesus was arrested and put on trial by the Jewish religious leaders. They wanted him put to death but had no legal authority to impose the death penalty and so he was taken to Pontius Pilate, who wanted to release Jesus, until the mob yelled for him to be cruciified and accused Pilate of treason if he didn’t comply.

  18. The Truth says:

    Anyway who are you never even heard of you until what happened to The Rangers

    1. Carntyne says:

      No one’s ever heard of you either.


  19. George Genesis says:

    Mr Thomson.

    You’re a proven liar. Starthclyde Police should have charged you with wasting Police time recently in a spat you ‘invented’ against a journalist. I’m sure your new pal, ‘Philth’ will confirm….if he can drag himself off his one-man vendetta against a club he loathes more than he loves his other club.

    I’ll waste not one second more of my time on you – other than to repeat – YOU’RE A PROVEN LIAR.

    Yours in truth,
    George Genesis

    1. Dougie says:

      So the on the record interviews with people saying they (and not AT) personally received threats from Rangers fans against their safety / their family’s safety / their club’s safety/ or their workplace’s safety can all be swept under the carpet because you don’t like the interviewer?

      It’s like the time you all marched to the BBC HQ at Pacific Quay to protest against their biased and misleading programme on the blessed Craig Whyte.

  20. billy says:

    Why cant you just go away , you have already been outed as a proven liar who is willing to waste police time , nobody is interested in what you have to say , you’re 15 minutes of fame are over. You will not gain kudos on the back of Rangers F.C no more. Even your journalist peers know you are sad and pathetic individual. Who would do anything for attention , even waste police time.

  21. underclass says:

    How very amusing. Reading this it struck me -does anyone believe a word of this? Razorblades and jiffy bags you can get your head around but it becomes a little far fetched with the notion a few head bangers could shut an entire hospital down with pre planned poisionous plots and mi5 style operations!! Someone was getting a bit carried away writing that I think…. Thomo you really are a joke figure with this sensationalism and it makes me question all your previous reporting from Syria and the likes- in your head are you the story?

    1. Bruce says:

      Have a look at the video. Are you calling a QC who’s made a statement on the record a liar?

    2. rabthecab says:

      “it makes me question all your previous reporting from Syria and the likes”. Are you REALLY trying to say that there is in fact no civil war in Syria? Because that my poor deluded friend takes denying the truth to dizzying new heights.

  22. Sparts says:

    And the truth shall out Alex.
    Rangers as a club along with their fans being in denial is something we’ve become very used to in Scotland. How they can’t recognise that this minority of “fans” are very much alive and kicking is astonishing. It’s holding the club back.

    I’m still willing to give Super Alley the benefit of the doubt. Equally, there is no question that the statement he made was made in the heat of the moment and if it was confirmed that he did it out of spite or to cause trouble I would have no trouble accepting it. Let’s face it, the man is not the sharpest tool in the box and so perhaps really did not understand the agro that he was about to cause.

    As an aside, it’s very interesting that Craig Whyte would appear to be beginning to emerge as a more innocent party in all this. D&P are beginning to stink – even more.
    I’d expect HMRC to begin an investigation into them and why they sold Rangers to Mr Green for a fraction of what it is worth.

  23. A.Douglas says:

    What a poisonous individual Thomson is. Tarred with a sickening sectarian brush, a proven liar and fantasist, and the man who has TWICE mocked the 66 victims of the Ibrox Disaster.

    Yes Alex, like everything else you say, a large pinch of salt is required. What a sad, bitter, deluded, pathetic individual you are……rather like the selik fans you are working for.

    1. rabthecab says:

      ” Tarred with a sickening sectarian brush”. Dear Lord are you people really so thick that you’re unable to come up with an original quote rather than just cutting & pasting from the tabloids?

  24. Sam the Cat says:

    You’re sick in the head old bean.See a doctor,fast.

    Have Strathclyde Police contacted you yet on your wasting police time with the Leggat accusations?

  25. Frank Facts says:

    Were Strathclyde Police able to assist with confirmation of charges to such serious allegations?

    1. Mark says:

      Yes – Strathclyde police were able to confirm that there was no evidence of any threats.

      Oddly not mentioned again in this article….

  26. iain says:

    How courageous of this QC!

    I mean….after loving through real and present dangers of no less HIV and ricin he demands the camera’s be re-set so he can have a pop straight at Ally McCoist!

    He must have known this would lead the Rangers fanatics into a frenzy to defend their manager!

    I can only presume he’s bunkered down in his strong room right now…..with his stash of ricin antidote at the ready.

  27. Paul McStay says:

    Very interesting and leading report. At no point was there any reference that these “credible” threats came from Rangers or their fans however the report is an obviously leading the reader to this conclusion. It is very easy on social media, voice recordings etc for any individual to impersonate anyone else, therefore i can only assume that these “credible” threats were/are being, fully investigated by the police with prosecutions pending (im sorry if i have missed these being reported recently).

  28. john martin says:

    I can see Alex by the dislikes you have the obsessed celtic fans still wanting to read old news , there well known for living in past, 8D

  29. scot gilchrist says:

    The hatred u preach against rangers is unbelivable u tar us good fans with the same brush.i dont no why you r getting away with it somebody in authority needs to have a word with you.you go on about rangers as if were monsters when the majority r desent honest people. All your doing is stiring hatred your a joke .rangers have moved on wev been punished can u not move on no stuck record repeat repeat same nonsense day after day.

    1. gorillaintheroom says:

      oh dear…..is this a real sevconian showing his IQ level and terrible grasp of the Queens English or is it a pesky Celtic fan masquerading as one to make them look incredibly stupid and foolish. Unfortunately for society I think it is the former. oh dear.

    2. rabthecab says:

      “wev(sic) been punished”? What, a transfer embargo which in case you forget your club appealed?

  30. Fedupwithmsm says:

    Yet still nothing from the MSM! Still protecting the succulent lamb and the drove come on to post nothing constructive again.

    Well done again Alex for getting this mainstream.

    1. john martin says:

      were have you been ,getting this story in to mainstream , it was in the news for weeks at the time , take the green welding goggles off .8D

  31. Craig rushworth says:

    Is this the most up to date peace of journalism that you can come up with ? Yes treats were made by some of the Rangers support , this cannot and has not been over looked . But to call Mr McCoists integrity into question is wrong . Did you stop to think that the representatives of Rangers where told not to speak about or pass on the names of these panel members or have we just over looked this for the sake of an out of date story . This matter has been dealt with by Scottish footballs hierarchy , so there for punishment has been served so why the need to rehash a story that is months old .

    1. Bruce says:

      The The Rangers supporters really don’t want this one seeing the light of day, do they?

      Why is it wrong to call McCoist’s integrity into question? Is he somehow untouchable? Do you have any reason to believe that the reps of Rangers were told not to talk to anyone in the club? Or are you just clutching at straws?

      It was painfully obvious to everyone what McCoist was doing.

    2. rabthecab says:

      “Did you stop to think that the representatives of Rangers where told not to speak about or pass on the names of these panel members?” What, to the manager of their club? That’s just plain silly.

  32. Louise Robertson says:

    Well Done Alex Thomson, You are a breath of fresh air blowing through the establishment corridors. Thank you

  33. fudgie says:

    Thompson as time goes on the more ridiculous you are becoming, as someone who has been outed as a proven liar re the Leggo farce, where you openly admitted to wasting police time by lying to them and your association with a well known sectarian bigot who lives in Ireland and thinks he is Irish but is actually Scottish, and is renowned for his deranged hate filled and sectarian anti-Rangers blogs it must be said that its now becoming hard to tell you both apart.

    Your hatred of Rangers and their fans is clear for all to see and therefore makes anything you say about the club redundant due to your impartiality.

    1. Cheap Suit Charlie says:

      “Your hatred of Rangers and their fans is clear for all to see and therefore makes anything you say about the club redundant due to your ‘impartiality’.”

      Impartiality, genius!

  34. tacticalgenius says:

    I see that none of the Rangers fans who jumped in to – in its broadest sense – “comment” have either:
    a) denied any factual assertion that Alex Thomson or Gary Allan has averred;
    b) denied McCoist “inflamed a situation that didn’t need inflaming”; or
    c) denied Rangers have a terrorist and/or rabble element that McCoist would have known about.

    So, in a week where people who have damaged Rangers have been publicly detailing how Rangres were damaged and whom was to blame, haven’t denied its newsworthiness one bit.

    Good effort gentlemen.

    Good effort.

    1. LEE says:

      Former rangers fans and now Sevconians would rather shoot the messenger than address valid points. Im afraid they are limited to 2 or 3 default responses. Then you will be deemed as spewing hatred and bile towards their new club.

  35. no bandwagon jumpers says:

    Poor excuse for a so called journalist, obviously does not have the talent to
    do a proper investigative job, or do his superiors not trust him?

  36. Dan winters says:

    Alex you really are a low life who going by that drivel (which you’ll agree is months old news) is clinging onto his job with one finger! You are a known liar who has fabricated stories to meet your own selfish needs. You are also “friends” with the mentally insane phil 16 names who has been tarred with a sectarian brush. You will in weeks be left with no job and no credibility. Where is the hundreds of cases of rangers fans threatening journalists? I’ll tell you where Alex all in your head.

  37. P.C.Smith says:

    All this drivel from a proven liar who has wasted police time with his lies.
    It must be an illness being totally obsessed with Rangers and trying to discredit them at every turn.
    You really should be pitied rather than laughed at, and that’s what is happening, people are laughing at your re-hash of old news to try to make yourself look important.

  38. no1important says:

    thank you for your noble work on this matter Alex..

  39. pistolpete says:

    Alex, why are you about 3 months behind the MSM on this, the DR reported the death threats, that could have come from anyone, most likely obsessed Celtic fans trying to do more damage to the club, they do after all, have fantastic role models in your self and phil, the bastion of Rangers Haters.

  40. Chris says:

    It baffles me that you are employed at Channel 4 news. This article reads like something from the Daily Sport. Sensationalist nonsense which is of suspect integrity.

    If the threats were credible where are the arrests? No comments from the police who supposedly advised on razor blades, HIV, ricin and mass contamination.

  41. David says:

    Don’t you find it amazing that even though it is only meant to be a “minority” of Sevco fans… None of the great majority ever register their disgust at the actions of the “minority”. They only seem to tell you to move on, and have a go at you.

    1. Marty says:

      David, Mr Thomson himself has repeatedly said it’s a small minority of Rangers fans. And of course other fans condemn them. But some folk just want to repeatedly have a go at Rangers and Rangers fans and lose any sense of perspective they ever had.

  42. Antizombie says:

    ALex , your work on this evil club must go on and fed to other journalists in Europe thru SMN , I mean look at the stupid comments above , jeez these ppl really are bitter and full of hatred , bringing up stuff nil to do with football … Don’t give up , be relentless in your pursuit of evil , just sheer evil,and by the way bet you have never really read about there tainted history and their vile polices. Keep going !!!!!!!! Well done to that QC

  43. John Fingland says:

    Same old drivel from Thomson, just like the story HE MADE UP ABOUT THE SYRIAN ARMY TRYING TO AMBUSH HIM!!!! He’s so good at making up stories he could get a job with the SFA or SPL.

  44. Thommothedafty says:

    I think the real crime here is your own wasting of police time recently Mr Thompson, you should be facing charges for that blatant waste of police resource and TAX PAYERS MONEY!!!

    You are a LIAR and a buffoon!!

    1. Spireite says:

      Oh, the irony…..

    2. LEE says:

      This is most definately the funniest post yet. A Sevconian stating a waste of “TAX PAYERS MONEY” when his former club cheated HMRC out of millions through unpaid tax. Dafty indeed

    3. Jm1 says:

      Wasting tax-payers money?? Wot bout thryre near 100m of unpaid taxes at ibroke???

  45. Stephen says:

    The denial from the Sevconians is astounding. Absolutely astounding.

    Paul McConville mentioned a phrase not so long ago – “ad-hominem”.

    If you don’t know what it means, look it up.

    Keep telling the truth Alex.

  46. m.smith says:

    Give it a rest Thomson. You do know that a little FOI request shows that NO threats were made and they have no records. A bit like your “threat” from another journalist which the police have clearly stated they know nothing about it. You are a compulsive liar. Go away.

  47. Mark says:

    More utter rubbish – Channel4, will you wait to be sued before taking this platfrom from him?

    1. Bruce says:

      Hmmm. In the last year there’ve been plenty of threats to sue anyone who reveals the truth about Rangers, The Rangers and their supporters. Yet no one actually gets sued.

  48. Oyibhoy says:

    Alex, don’t let the hateful zombies get to you with their paranoid comments. They don’t like to hear the truth, in fact to them there is no truth other than their own insular and bigotted doctrines. McCoist is definitely guilty of stirring up the lunatic fringe, they all know that, but they will never acknowledge that fact. Life in the 4th tier league is getting them down now, the novelty is wearing off and they are looking for targets on which to vent their spleen, their bitterness shows through very clearly in their comments to you. Keep up the good work Alex and kep telling normal human beings the truth of the matter.

  49. ChuckR says:

    Alex, you’re doing a GREAT job exposing the truths that, with one or two notable exceptions, our “journalists” in Scotland are for some strange and unknown reason refusing to go near!

    Just look at all the bleating from the Rangers fans who seem to prefer spending their time either shooting the messenger (some would no doubt like to do this literally) or pointing fingers at Celtic than facing up to the SHAMEFUL behaviour of many, many people associated with their club.

    No matter what PROOF is laid before them they will claim that it is all wrong or that it’s a conspiracy. Unfortunately for the many decent Rangers fans out there, the lunatics took over that particular house a long, long time ago and the recent chance to return a form of sanity to Ibrox and the hordes that fill it has been missed.

    This pathetic state of affairs in my country’s second city will continue long after most of us are no longer here :(

  50. James Baillie says:

    Hiding the truth as well now, Alex – you refused to allow my previous post because it identified you as a liar.

    We at Vanguard Bears know what you’re up to….

    Distortion of the truth, mocking the 66 victims of the Ibrox disaster, your links to IRA sympathisers and those who cover up child abuse.

    …and so too do your bosses at Channel 4.

    1. John Glen says:

      yep deleted one of mine also,Freedom of the Press. Sporting Integrity

    2. Bruce says:

      Going by what they did let you post I dread to think how vile the post they kept from us was.

    3. rabthecab says:

      My previous reply to you got moderated but, if I’m right about why then this one will get through (if not I would appreciate if the moderator would be so good as to contact m directly to let me know why, just to ensure I don’t make the same mistake again.)

      You accuse AT of “links to IRA sympathisers and those who cover up child abuse.”

      With regard to that 2nd point, there are some facts of which you are either unaware or, more likely, are selectively “forgetting” with regards to the individual you are undoubtedly making reference to:

      1. The “club” set up by this person was initially independant of CFC.

      2. Before this, said individual worked for (yes, you guessed it) Rangers*

      So, who knew? Or are you seriously suggesting that the vile predilections of this individual only began after he left Rangers* employ? If so, let me assure you that a 1st year psychology student would shred that argument in a matter of minutes.

      1. Bruce says:

        Rab, when did Torbett work for Lance Armstrong FC?

  51. DM says:

    ‘Rangers have a problem with a small minority of “fans” prepared to commit serious crimes, a group who will threaten anyone, anywhere, who dares criticise their club.’

    Correct Alex they also have a silent majority of ‘fans’ who never speak up. Who are these people? Where are these people? If there are decent Rangers fans out there – speak now, it’s not too late to grab the new beginning given to you by Murray, Whyte and Green.

  52. Oyibhoy says:

    Alex, I do have one criticism of your excellent article. You are giving the bluenoses far too much respect when considering the bampots in their ranks to be a “small minority.” There are much, much more of the brainwashed hordes than that.

  53. tommythecommy says:

    You may not like what Alex Thomson says, you may not like what Gary Allan QC says, but this week we heard it from Charles Green. He had to move from ‘safe house to safe house’ because of the threats made to him by rangers fans, is he a liar too?

  54. Willhelm says:

    Looks like the proven liar is deleting comments which attack his dreadful lies and Republican propaganda. Face facts Alex, you really do need medical attention and quick. Come to think of it, your crackpot pal in Donegal could give you some remedies on fighting mental illness.

    However, I would advice obsessing about RFC, it really can drive you over the edge. You only need to look at mentally ill 3 names to see that.

    Channel 4 should be removing this proven liar from his post and allow him time recover from his breakdown.

    1. ChuckR says:

      What on Earth does “Republican propaganda” have to do with football? My God – come in to the TWENTY FIRST CENTURY – it’s cool, we have computers and cars and all sorts of wonderful things!

    2. LEE says:

      Why dont you try and move off your default responses and actually try and address the points raised. Instead of character assassination and shoot the messenger Unless im mistaken was it not the Queens Councillor who’s raised the issue? Along with various others including Charles Green. Whilst your denial of the blatantly obvious is impressive your inability to admit your former club/fans, Sevco/sevconians failings leaves you in absolutely no position to criticize others.

  55. Frank Facts says:

    Have you been able to get Strathclyde Police to contribute to this? If only to give at least one of your reports some credence.

  56. Pulbius says:

    I would have to say that anyone doubting Alex’s story only has to read through the Comments here …

    Whataboutery, liar, ancient history, crackpot, medical advice, obsessive.

    You guys just don’t get it, do you? It is exactly this sort of response to any form of criticism that gives you the bad name that you have. You are NOT the people, get over it.

    Oh yeah, and seeing as Rangers fans are not interested in all this “history” stuff, I assume they’re not that bothered that their new Club has no claim on the long-past achievements of the Club they supported last season?

  57. alistair says:

    Its terrible to think of anyone who is threatened in such a way and should be condemed by all. I would say Ally McCoist as a man played the beautiful game with a smile on his face and always tried to bring fun to interviews or in the time he spent in Question of Sport. It was no surprise to me when a Celtic legend died that Ally proudly carried the coffin of Tommy Burns. Again there was no surprise when Rangers placed in administration Ally offered to manage withhout pay. Ive read cynical attempts to belittle him, how many would work for nothing.
    Its only fit and proper that a tribunal consisting of a three man board should be transparent and above board. Its to my dismay of the great hypocrisy by journalists that they disagree. It should be noted the tribunal placed a sanction on Rangers that Scottish Law found to be misjudged and that the tribunal thought themselves to be above one of the fundamental cornerstones of Scottish society, the law.
    There is no place for violence in a modern society but this does not mean the tribunal shouldnt be held to account by the club in question. Afterall there is no beautiful game without the fans..!!

    1. Tommy says:

      Thanks Alistair, It is a sad indictment that it took so long to find a considered response from someone defending Ally McCoist, but you are to be comended as probably one of the minority of decent Rangers fans.

      I think you missed a couple of the points though:

      1. The three man board were already known to those for whom it mattered, i.e. The Rangers representatives. There was absolutely no reason for it to be a matter of public record. In fact, you can see by the aftermath, this case in point, why it is in everyone’s interest for the exact identities of the people charged with such adjudications be an irrelevance.

      2. The law found the sanctions imposed upon Rangers by the SFA to be outwith their own rules. i.e. The transfer emargo was something which the SFA’s own rules did not specify as an option. It should be noted here that there were more severe punishments available, e.g. retraction of RFC’s footballing license. So your intimation that the SFA operated ‘above’ the law, is erroneous.

      Whether or not McCoist acted with malice, naivety or just plain stupidity is something worth looking at, despite some of his more endearing character traits.

  58. Big Mike says:

    Was their own Chairman last week. But suppose they do not believe him either.

  59. Stevie says:

    “There, to his amazement, were Special Branch Officers and anti-terror officers waiting to meet him. To his growing astonishment, a number of serious, credible threats to his life were unveiled by the officers.”

    Any chance of Mr Allan QC, or Alex Thomson, actually saying what these threats were, and not listing a whole range of things that could happen, and what could be stuffed in envelopes.

    What this article details, more than anything, is the preventatvie measures Mr Allan was told to take IN THE EVENT that somthing along these lines may happen……so I say again, any chance of informing us all of what actually DID happen, and not just detail a list of things that might??

    I frown on any sort of threat or malicious attempt to harm someone….but I am a Rangers fan, and would the generalisation opinions on myself and many of my fellow Rangers supporters to being based on the actual ACTIONS of a small few amongst us that let us all down, and not the police preparation instructions given to man that may be targeted

  60. John says:

    Cant wait until the shame of Scotland is broadcast nationally tonight on the fabulous channel 4.

  61. malc says:

    this blog cannot be taken seriously,

    as a Rangers fan i have clicked on particular posts that i liked,

    ie, the post above, sadly, its rigged

    for every post i click regards liked , instead of putting the score up in one column by one point or score , it actually puts score on the the other column 3 fold

    i clicked, like, on one Rangers comment and it increased the dis-like by another ten points,, to check i clicked on others for every one, like,, i pu,t 4 – 5 – up to 10 went on to opposite score

    as i say its rigged and im even more convinced that credibility is fading fast from thompson.

    its a sad day when you have to rig your votes on posters comments thommo

    1. Cheap Suit Charlie says:

      Did you consider for a minute that maybe, just maybe, four other readers were clicking the thumbs down button compared to your one thumb up?

    2. Mark says:

      It refreshes when you click on it, so it will take other people’s clicks into account at the same time

  62. John Glen says:

    I find this article amusing to say the least, You’ll never be an Ian Fleming.
    1: Special branch would not Message someone who’s was life was under threat from terrorists to come to Hampdem park to inform him that terrorists were after him (Why: how could he be sure it wasn’t the terrorists)

    2: He would not be told to go back to his house and secure the smallest room in the downstairs area with the smallest windows on his own.

    3: He would not be told that he – and he alone – must pick up all mail and move it to this room. He – and he alone – must open it. ( again fiction, bomb disposal does this job)

    4: At his office his clerks needed further training and enhanced security measures. The cost of all this to the taxpayer would have run to tens of thousands of pounds.
    (Now herees the real agenda for this tripe, the old Rangers Tax dodge…Booorrriinngg

    5: Well I’ll have to eat my words and Ian Fleming eat your heart out, Should something happen, he was told to ring the emergency number. On no account, he was advised, should he ever call a hospital or doctor’s surgery for fear that, if he or his family suffered some attack, they could turn up and contaminate a hospital which might then have to close. What dimension is Tommo living in.

    1. ChuckR says:

      Ha ha – now a QC goes on TV and tells lies just to make Rangers fans look bad? Did you watch the interview with the actual QUEEN’S COUNSEL spouting these “lies”?

      Maybe you should get in touch with the Lord Justice General and let him know that one of his recommendations is furthering “Republican propaganda”!

      The world you people inhabit is not the same as the rest of us :(

  63. Scapaflow says:

    Excellent article Alex, you put the majority of the Scottish media to shame. So predictable that the usual suspects refuse to listen to the truth about sevco.

  64. integrity says:

    Congrats Alex, another courageous article. The replies from the old Servco fans are predictable.
    They are prepared to see their club disintegrate rather than face reality.
    It is ironic if not downright humorous to see the coordinated response “wasting tax payers money. wasting police time” from fans of a club who have defrauded millions of taxpayers money and wasted more police time than other organisation in recent Scottish history.

  65. John says:

    Yes,Im sure the great British public will be aghast to see that which attaches itself to Ibrox tonight on the fabulously brave,integrity driven news outlet.

    Channel 4 is a credit to the British television industry and without their bravery God only knows what other frightening tactics would be used by supporters of an Ibrox club.

  66. John says:

    I would also like to add that Her Majesties honours commission should be lobbied in making Alex Thomson a Knight of oir wonderful justice seeking realm,the true peoples of the Great British nation do not and will not stand for cheating and intimidation to let cheats prosper!

  67. Stevie says:

    Rangers fans should be allowed to defend thier club and their own.

    Not at any point in this article does it say precisely what threat Mr Allan was subjected to

    A whole host of thing were mentioned:
    did Mr Alan receive a jiffy bag containg something suspect???
    did Mr Alan receive a envelope stufffed with razor blades?? Another one with razor blades covered in faeces, another with ricin???

    Due to Mr Allan being brought into the public spotlight, and due to shameful threats being made by idiotic men with Rangers loyalties being made in the past, the police clearly thought it best to advise Mr Allan on these things….but as said, repeatedly..what actually did happen in this cse with Mr Allan..anything??

    Being told what to do when the fire alarm rings at your place of work doesnt mean the place is burning down or there’s been an act of arson!!

  68. Stephen says:

    When will these people accept responsibility for anything ? A blowtorch would have little impact on McCoist’s brass neck. It’s always somebody else’s fault whether it’s a broken giant TV screen , insufficient portaloos heavy-handed policing, broken turnstiles , selling ra Bears too much bevy, the SFA, the SPL , the BBC , Craig Whyte , Chelsea fans masquerading as the The Rangers fans , Alex Thomson .etc etc . Scotland’s Shame indeed…..

  69. Salve Salve says:

    Welcome to journalism “Glasgow style” Alex.
    That was a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy, criticise “them” and prepare for the predictable onslaught of abuse and intimidation.

    These attacks are always personal, and are never about the subject, ad hominum, as a previous poster has pointed out.

    Sevco supporters have a built-in response mechanism when confronted with the truth about their club.

    Keep up the good work Alex, and remember, when “they” stop telling lies about us, we’ll stop telling the truth about “them”!

  70. Stephen says:

    You have to hand it to the Sevconians, they’re so busy trying to ridicule Alex Thomson, none of them have realised that he has only printed what Gary Allan QC is saying.

    This is Gary Allan’s story and he should be applauded for telling it.

    So many people with their heads in the sand, it’s partly the reason why Rangers* are about to be liquidated – sheer denial of any wrongdoing because it’s always someone else’s fault.

  71. Jack Dumphey says:

    All decent rangers fans dont care what the hacks say i mean i never even heard of phil or alex until recently about as well known as well nobody.

  72. Sunshine on Leith says:

    The culture of entitlement and failure to accept even a modicum of responsibility from the rangers supporters on here, is quite staggering. Admittedly I should not be surprised, as any matches I have attended involving that club has always involved a sizeable minority of highly toxic individuals within their support. However – this repeated deflection, attempts to blame others, ‘it wisnae us’ type of remarks are becoming increasingly difficult to comprehend, as more than ever, they are now finally being confronted with bare faced facts time and again. The stench of denial is unbelievable. This can only come from being mollycoddled by a compliant and unqualified parochial “media” over many decades, a network of secretive collaboration, and PR-tinted “journalism” has enabled them to cover up, but in fact they appear to be utterly infested by a poisonous criminal/violent hooligan element, who in turn seem to think they are untouchable by law.

    Will you people please wake up and face facts. People in your organisation have been intentionally intimidating the authorities in order to try to influence decisions concerning your football club. Whether alex thompson printed this, or that, or names, or whatever…. is utterly irrelevant.

  73. Wolf Totem says:

    You’re doing a fantastic job, Alex. Please keep telling the world about the knuckle draggers who glassed a Barcelona fan in a pub, forced a plane to land early on their way home from another European tie, had to play a home leg in England because their ground had been closed on account of bottle throwing, and there attacked two opposition players. No other journalist is piercing the wall of silence like you, Alex baby. Just make sure that you get the name of the team right when you castigate their ‘fans’ intimidation. Or are C*ltic paying you not to?

  74. john says:

    The fact is its old news and let all these thicko uneducated and obsessed celtic fans follow this idiot post from reports from the past, I would say to all rangers fans stop replying to this idiot he is making a ass of himself by not bringing up any fresh new stories and has to go back to the past to take other people stories , Let this guy be a hero to the green brigade who love the past but like to forget certain parts of there’s .

  75. John says:

    Alex you say this QC received threats – funny how he did not know about any threats until the police or special branch told him.
    Surely if you are going to threaten someone it is that individual you threaten and surely you don’t just tell the police or special branch of your intention.

  76. Anti-stalking campaigner. says:

    Is this the Journo. that lied to the Police.

  77. Livi Broon says:

    I am sure it’s entirely a coincidence that the turnstiles at Livingston FC were burned shortly after the chairman made statements against any attempts to prevent Rangers being sent to the third division in the event of their liquidation. Peculiarly occurring during the period that Mr Turnbull was being targetted.
    Of course it MUST be a coincidence, after all how could it be anything but?

  78. Tony Higgins says:

    The Newco fans still bleetin, still deluded, still angry.
    Showing yourselves up for what you really are, bigotted to the core.
    Your intimidation tactics have failed as your football team done on the park.

    Scotland does not want you.
    You are & until the cancer is removed still SCOTLAND SHAME.

  79. swizzledeedee says:

    John Glen: Did you actually read/watch what was said? Alex Thompson did not say ANY of it.
    And if you believe Gary Allan QC has made this all up just to have a pop at Rangers, you are completely and utterly delusional.

  80. james cobain says:

    A poor effort to get publicity. It’s an old story, re: contaminating envelopes with HIV is an absolute joke… Talk about exaggerating. But well done Alex…. See how long you can drag this one out.

  81. Paul Cochrane says:

    Sadly, I am heartened by the majority of ostrich-like responses from some so-called Rangers fans. It this thi sattitude that helped bring down a massive club and may even bring down the Newco.

  82. Bored says:

    Wow, its almost as exciting as a wet fart!

    So lets deal with facts:

    Was anyone arrested or even charged? Of course not
    Doesnt plod always take these precautions? Of course

    More facts:
    Was Ranger player Novo & his baby threatened by Celtic fans- Yes
    Was Macgregor’s house attacked by Celtic fans? Yes
    Was Lafferty attacked by Celtic fans? Yes
    Was Lovenkrands car torched by Celtic fans? Yes
    Were Dallas, Ricksen, Novo, RFC Dr hit by missiles thrown by Celtic fans? Yes.

    Some of the obsessed self righteous sellik fans & Thomson (same?) making comment on here would do well to remember the truth…..

    1. ChuckR says:

      What’s all this talk about Celtic? Do you seriously think that every poster on here who disagrees with your myopic view is a Celtic fan? Waken up and smell the coffee – almost every fan in Scotland who doesn’t support one of the two provincial “giants” dislikes both and (it may be fair to say) despises “Scotland’s Shame”.

      This isn’t about Celtic. This is about a team who may very soon be found guilty of STEALING nearly £100m that should have gone to the tax man. And all any Rangers fan can seem to do is deny and obfuscate the issue.


  83. sHaKe ThE rOom says:

    …Yeh good argument..that’s exactly just what is needed,fresh stories..?
    let’s now ignore/forget the old ones….WTF !!!

    I despair..I really do…only in the West of Scotland,,,,,,,,

  84. jimCB says:

    At the risk of stating the obvious the reason death threats are treated seriously by among others the special branch is because the most fervent supporters of the team that for most of their ‘glorious history’ discriminated against catholics come from the North of Ireland. There have always been links on both sides of the old firm to the para militaries who are thankfully ‘quiet’ for now. I read once that the reason the ‘troubles’ never kicked off in Glasgow was because the para militaries were using Scotland and especially Glasgow as a safe haven. Glasgow’s population is made up of mostly irish from both sides of the religious divide. Attack Rangers you attack the Union, The Queen, the Orange Order etc etc. It wasn’t so long ago the war in the North was claiming many innocent lives. These threats have to be taken seriously. This is not just a football story.

    1. williamwallace says:

      This is so true. As a Rangers I will admit that there are a moronic minority, but the reasons that these people behave this way are as a result of the history of the West of Scotland. The whole Old Firm environment is just totally nuts, but whether you like it or not this is Scotland’s history, Scotland’s problem. I’m tired of it being reported in a manner which does nothing but tarnishes the reputation of a football team and people who simply love watching and following Rangers the football team. It belittles the real problem, denies the real solutions, and lets the rest of the country pretend it doesn’t exist.

      1. Carntyne says:

        I am sure you just want to watch your team play football.

        But Rangers are unfortunately part of the problem of the last hundred years of Scottish history.

        They promulgated and encouraged the actions of the mindless morons who frequent the stands of Ibrox on a Saturday, and I can’t see them change their hate filled attitude any time soon.

        For them Rangers are only a vehicle to promote the WATP mentality.

        For most the football is just a by prooduct.

  85. col says:

    what do rangers fans, celtic fans and it appears alex thomson have in common

    they are all obsessed with rangers

  86. Stephen says:

    As Ian Archer said they are a permanent embarrassment and an occasional disgrace.

  87. renfrewdave says:

    bloody hell…. i didnt realize what these guys went though during this time. frightening times for them, their familes and friends

    cant wonder why this news item was never reported on by the scottish media

  88. Billy Robertson says:

    Absolutely pathetic Alex. What we have here, is Mr Allan repeating a list of generic, precautionary security measures, to counter the possibility of a threat, but where no specific threat exists. All dramatised by you, to try and make Rangers fans look bad. What an embarrassment to Channel 4.

    And as for being an award winning ‘investigative’ journalist, what a pathetic attempt to put words in Mr Allan’s mouth. “so Ally McCoist was lying ?”

    Suggest, to brush up on your skills, you enrol on a Investigative Interviewing Techniques Course, as soon as possible. Score ? 1 out of 10.

    1. Carntyne says:

      Rangers fans don’t need anyone’s help in looking bad.

      They manage to do that all on their own.

    2. rabthecab says:

      ‘And as for being an award winning ‘investigative’ journalist, what a pathetic attempt to put words in Mr Allan’s mouth. “so Ally McCoist was lying ?”’

      Journalism 101 – if an interviewee makes a statement that could be construed as making an assertion with regard to the statements/motives of a 3rd party, push him on the issue and try to elicit a definitive comment.

      Putting “words in Mr Allan’s mouth.”? Exactly as he should have.

  89. AntoniousF says:

    As an old lawyer friend of mine used to say ‘when you do not have a compelling argument to support your case, always go for character assassination to deflect the blame’.

    you have to excuse them Alex, they are used to a certain standard of reporting that supports their world view. a pity their world is so small though. New club, same old CULLture

  90. Albert says:

    The reason so many Rangers fans do not accept any form of lecturing, charges against them or judgements from whatever source, be it football, journalistic or judicial is simply their supremacist nature.

    They truly believe their station is above all others and therefore will not accept any form of authority over them no matter how correct that authority is. Rangers fans will initially seek to bury their heads in the sand, then to deny before moving onto deflect all the while conjuring fantastical stories of conspiracies (mainly Catholic driven) against them.

    The reason for this can be found in the fact that the majority of Rangers fans are of the ‘P.U.L.’ persuasion; Protestant, Unionist, Loyalist and they use Rangers as a vehicle for those beliefs.
    They also see any legitimate use of the rules against them as a form of attack on their ‘PUL’ belief system.

    So in their twisted world view the SFA, SPL, HMRC, Police, Judges etc are not simply trying to implement the rules and regulations, they’re trying to undermine Protestantism, Unionism and Loyalism.

    This is what ordinary people are up against when it comes to Rangers fans.

    1. underclass says:

      Albert what planet u on? seems like you take your own out looks on life and transfer them to all Rfc fans in one giant generaliseation!?! Now as highlited up the page cfc fans have a many a bampot among them that have brought shame on the club but no one inferrs your all morons however reading all your posts you lot are starting to change my opinion.Everyoneognuse come across as a deranged nutter that blames Rfc for all the worlds ills, is this what an inferiority complex does to you all?

  91. HJC says:

    It is clear for all to see that this so called “small minority” is a far greater percentage of their support than you give credit for.

  92. williamwallace says:

    Alex. To infer that McCoist was part of some plan to bring these men to harm-which you simply cannot deny is inferred by this article-you may reply and say you don’t think that was McCoist’s intention at all- but what you have definitely done is to purposely put that idea in peoples heads-is simply ridiculous.

    The tone and overall feel of your writing is so anti-Rangers that it is hard to believe you are a credible,impartial source of information-even if the facts you put forward in this article are indeed correct.

    1. ChuckR says:

      “purposely put that idea in peoples heads” – you honestly think that people would not put that idea in their own heads the moment it was revealed that the hierarchy at Ibrox knew full well who these men were?

      How come anybody who doesn’t follow the script from FollowFollow / Rangersmedia / Vanguard Bears or any of the other cesspools masquerading as football forums is immediately anti-Rangers?

      I will give you some credit though – you do acknowledge that the article contains the truth – far removed from many other posters here.

    2. Patrick says:

      Whether McCoist intended to bring harm to the panel members is only something that he can answer.

      What is for sure is that he did know the names of the panel members when he made his rabble rousing speech in a despicable attempt to sell season tickets to the knuckledraggers and neanderthals who cheered him when he played for their former team.

    3. Sandy, Paisley says:

      Just to help you out a bit William, the speaker implies, the listener infers. Stop trying to sound clever, it’s not working for you.

      Anyone who thinks McCoist didn’t know that his “who are these people” rant COULD result in the panel members being threatened is either under six years old or hasn’t been living in the West of Scotland for the past 5 years.

  93. ALAN says:

    A pathetic attempt at trying to bait the Rangers support …..

    print enough negative stories about Rangers , then shout LOOK LOOK i have been threatened .

    you dont have any news , so you are trying to create your own

  94. Graham says:

    What a shocking piece of journalism. Talk of dangerous packages containing razor blades. How many of these packages were delivered ? Burning down Raith Rovers ? All this from a man who insulted Rangers fans who died in the Ibrox disaster.

    Where exactly was the news in this shocking item. I respect Channel 4 however this gutter journalism is something your editor should be ashamed off.

    Alex Thomson has some sort of agenda and is a fantasist.

  95. Althetim says:

    Alex, have a read at the comments on here from Rangers fans, check out the link below and then come back and tell me it’s just a small minority of the “magnificent and law-abiding fans of the club”.


    I challenge you to walk into the centre circle at Ibrox 5 minutes before kick off and be introduced to these magnificent fans. I’ll guarantee you a warm reception.

    Have a listen to the soundtrack of the 2011 League Cup final.

    I agree it’s a minority of Rangers fans that are a permanent embarrassment and occasional disgrace to Scotland, but it’s anything but small. (copyright Ian Archer acknowledged)

  96. Art Mul says:

    Well done Alex another good report on ch4, I live in a small town in the west of Scotland,i met a neighbour a few months ago in our street with her grand daughter whom granny informed me was the girls 11th birthday today! I said ‘ happy birthday’ and offered my a handshake,as you do,the child recoiled and told me,’ im not allowed to touch Catholics’ says it all about bigotry here, keep up the good work Alex and thank you !

  97. Alan Thomson says:

    Well done again, Alex, this is Scotland’s shame. I’m 66 and I can’t remember it ever being any different. The whole institution of Rangers was founded on religious intollerence and hatred. It is part of the fabric of life in Glasgow in particular and west central Scotland in general but it is all part of the very being of Rangers Football club. And it’s NOT a minority of their fans who are inflicted by the disease.
    The real problem, which you have touched upon is that the Glasgow establishment as embodied by the Glasgow media have it so inculcated into their DNA that they really do not see that there is a problem. I recall you being sat in the Scotland Tonight studio along with Archie MacPherson and another doyen of the Glasgow establishment (It might have been Gordon Smith) but I felt embarassed to be Scottish as you were the only contributor whose view was not utterly tainted by this disease. As far as the Glasgow media is concerned the world starts and ends withfFootball and football starts and ends with the old firm. They can’t seem to see that to the rest of Scotland and Britain, not to say, the world it is no more than a side show of which scotland should be ashamed.
    Before the Celtic minded start jumping up and down, no, I don’t see their club as anything like the other one and it was certainly not founded on hatred but I’m afraid they are not much better when it comes to their belief that they are really important in the grand scheme of things.

  98. Neil says:

    A big boy did it and ran away

  99. Stephen says:

    Watch your back. On Rangers Media they’re putting out an APB on you. They seem to think you’re in Glasgow. What a shower of morons. When their Chairman has to apologise for speaking out about being threatened by the fans of the club he’s in charge of you must take every threat seriously. Neil Lennon was kicked unconcious in the street and sent letter bombs. So were Celtic players.

  100. Cynicus says:

    I am not myself a Rangers fan but have several friends who are. Without exception they are appalled by the lunatic fringe. They are disgusted that McCoist remains IN SITU after his blatant attempt to ensure that names of tribunal members got into the public domain so they could be threatened and intimidated.

  101. bankie john says:

    Fool me once, shame on you.

    Fool me twice, shame on me.

    Fool me three times, we arra peeple!

  102. Bob says:

    Utter drivel from Thomson once again, worked from the back by Mac Gorilla Brain and they even wheeled out several of Phil (4 name changes ) allies to support this propaganda, propaganda similar to the Nazis n the 1930. Trying to denigrate a collection of people. People who are obviously biased against Rangers.

    but once again Thomson has blatantly ignored the following

    In recent years Celtic fans have attacked opposing players on the pitch and in their homes.
    They have attacked referees on pitches and also attacked their homes.
    Their intimidation has resulted in referees quitting the game.
    They have issued death threats to referees by phone calls
    They have had Police removed from match commander at Parkhead because he reported them for sectarian singing, He had to be rehoused due to death threats
    They have published the addresses of Rangers players online and threatened to murder them and their families.
    They have attacked several Rangers players and damaged their properties.
    They have painted slogans like “Hang Ally McCoist”
    They have racially abused Rangers players in person and on social media websites, Resulting in several charges and convictions in a court of law.

    Mr Thomson’s obvious bias and agenda should be investigated by his employers

  103. tommy says:

    not happy he stole a clip from my website http://www.rangerschat.com and didnt play the whole thing!!.. and didnt even mention what site he STOLE it from!

  104. Aberdeen FC Ross says:

    This shall never stop for as long as a club like ‘The Rangers’ exist. Time for FIFA to step in and shut them down. Along with any other that could be born out of the demise of them..

  105. GM says:

    Alex – your connections are dubious to say the least. Difficult to base facts around any of you’re reporting. One FACT that you might want to build a story around (doubt that you will) is that Gary Allan twice judged wrongly on the appropriate punishments in this case. That is why the appeals were upheld. Any chance of a story around Gary Allan’s competence?

  106. bobmck says:

    While I don’t doubt Gary Allan’s story (lawyers never lie of course), there was absolutely no evidence of a credible threat. Some keyboard warriors making a few threats on the internet is not credible information. The police advice would have been a CYA (cover your a***) for them. So in the extremely unlikely event of something happening to this man they could not be held to account.

    People associated with Rangers and Celtic receive threats all the time, the police regularly advise both clubs on security. This also happens in England. Rooney, Beckham, Ferdinand and plenty of others have all received threats at one time or another. Jose Mourinho received death threats in Spain last year.

    Its not right of course but most people realise these threats are nearly always complete nonsense, so why Alex Thomson has felt the need to write a blog about it I don’t know, I mean Ricin?? Ridiculous.

  107. Chris says:

    the problem with sad, obsessed individuals like you Alex is that you, and others like you cannot get over the fact that after the most turbulent period in our Club’s history, we have not only survived, but Rangers is a galvanised, revitalised football club, with a huge loyal support and we are going to thrive and return to dominate Scottish football once again in the not too distant future. Get over it buddy, we don’t do walking away! I used to respect C4 news but after that drivel about Gers fans tonight, its now gutter media in my opinion

    1. Bruce says:

      Chris, you’re club hasn’t survived. Its being liquidated. When the Zombie club makes it into the SPL it will be for the first time. And you’ll have been left behind by most of the SPL clubs.

  108. Jim Patterson says:

    A brief look at the atrocious spelling and grammar of those attacking you Alex tells you all you need to know about these poor misguided fools. Their delusion is there for all to see,they sadly have no insight into how they are not helping,but actually damaging,their beloved “cause”. It’s a shame they don’t know better but sadly each generation brainwashes the next ad nauseum.

  109. alex says:

    Why has my comment been removed? I hope it’s not because I questioned some of the things you wrote. I agree there is a problem, but maintain your approach is inflammatory in style, and provocative rather than progressive, that’s all.

  110. Wayne Bileyerheid says:

    These right wing thugs have been getting their own way for so long now they feel immune to the judicial system, right up until the point they are sentenced in court. The decent Sevco fans owe it to their club to expose these Neanderthals in their midst at every opportunity. There are confidential channels if they feel intimidated by their fellow “supporters”.

    Keep up the sterling work Alex.

  111. Alan Thomson says:

    Scotland’s shame! And that’s not just Rangers either. It’s also the Glasgow media and the football authoriities who have colluded in this shameful nonsense for years. They need to understand ; there is life outwith Glasgow, there is life outwith football and there is life outwith the old firm. To the rest of us it is no more than a grubby side-show and the media which perpetuates it is a parochial joke.

  112. Mazy says:

    So Ally McCoist incited violence by asking for transparency ? Amazing what passes for journalism these days Violent morons behaviour cannot be blamed on Ally McCoist

  113. dean wright says:

    alex you are one pathetic excuse of a man. At every oppertunity you try to stick the boot into rangers and their supporters. I’m not even a rangers fans and I’ve noticed it, I’m sure fans of other clubs have noticed aswel unless they own themselves a pair of green tinted specs. I wonder what you actually did before you the rangers administration/liquidation, because you certainly aint a journo… Not a very good one anyway. You are a proven liar with a hidden agenda … Enough said

  114. William Candlish says:

    It’s refreshing to read an article where all us Bears aren’t tarred with the same brush. I feel it’s important for people to understand that yes the club doesn’t condone such behaviour of course, but neither do actual Rangers fans. We don’t want nor need the bad publicity that goes with these threats made to officials, we just want to support our club as always.

  115. Brimac says:

    Away from Scottish football, all this EPL anti racism controversy is justifiably getting massive coverage in the media south of the border and elsewhere.

    Why is their hardly a mention made of the anti Republic of Ireland racism stance taken by the very “peepul” who claim that the whole of Scotland is bigoted towards them?

    And as for all those ‘holier than thow’ who claim to be upstanding, TRFC loyal followers; Did those who are old enough ever query the anti catholic policy traditionally carried out for more than a century by their fair minded club before UEFA informed them that they would be expelled unless they changed their hidden and unwritten rules. Racism remains at Ibrox, to the very core. Of that their is no doubt.

    These facts are never raised in the Scottish media and Alex Thomson deserves all credit for exposing the corrupt and vicious so called followers of TRFC, (soon to be Lance Armstrong FC).

    The only point I woud differ with Mr Thomson on, is that these TRFC racists are not quite in the small minority. Far from it! – I don’t hear the vast majority coming out in condemnation.

    What does that tell the world of football?

  116. Edward R Murrow says:

    Alex.or anyone else.

    Has anyone heard of a podcast that names someone– normally A Celtic fan– as the “Taig” of the day?

    A number of months ago a friend of mine with a twitter account was apparently named as “The Taig of the day” on a Rangers fan produced podcast.

    His details were made public including his address and so on with the result that he received a certain amount of abuse via twitter from those who follow this podcast.

    Naturally concerned he contacted the Police who took the matter seriously and when a little investigation was undertaken it lead to sites with photographs of people with guns and so on.

    Apparently a number of people have been named as Taig of the day and received similar treatment– does this strike a chord with anyone or does anyone know if this is a common practice?

    What is crazy about this is that the guy concerned has several very close friends who are long term season ticket holders at Ibrox. When he raised the issue with two such friends– two guys in their fifties who have been supporting Rangers for decades—– both innocently asked “What is Taig or what is a taig?”– they genuinelly didn’t know!

    Further discussion within our circle of friends included folk who in the past had an even deeper connection with the running of the club– I cannot print their reaction. They had heard of the word and knew what it meant– and they simply expressed the view that they wished the people who behaved in this way would just leave Rangers alone and find something else to do.

  117. integrity says:

    Amazingly the Newco attack A Thomsons, the messenger, who is actually, IMO trying, by extension, to help Newco! but at the same time elevate C Green to cult status who is intent on taking Oldco/Newco to the cleaners, what a perverse mixed up mentality..

  118. Big Mike says:

    Funny they call Alex Thomson, it is all lies etc yet their very own Chairman no less stated in the papers that he had to move repeatedly as a result of threats by the heinous support that is Rangers. In all my days I have not met a Rangers supporter that was not obsessed with the Catholic religion.

  119. Arthur Trubshaw says:

    One would think that Mr Allan’s comments would make national headlines in Scotland.
    Not at all.
    The Daily Record had it hidden away in one column a few pages in.
    Sports headline was about 2 possible transfers out of Scotland.
    Sums up exactly what you say Alex.

  120. garyb says:

    “Rangers,like any other responsible club”.I nearly choked when i heard that statement.When did that happen?If they were even a tiny bit responsible they wouldn’t be in the huge mess that they are.

  121. Paul T says:

    Alex, please don’t patronize us re most Rangers fans are decent etc, you don’t mean a word of it. your quest for social justice over the scandalous maltreatment of Liverpool fans after the terrible disaster they suffered is in stark contrast to your truly awful remarks re the Ibrox disaster at stairwell 13-Rangers fans and Daleks. Disgusting. And it betrays your general contempt for the Rangers support as a whole Not just the ‘mindless minority’. I could be here all day with evidence that points to an ‘underclass’ within another footballing community in Glasgow. Death threats to referees, and numerous Rangers players, homes and cars being vandalized, Rangers players suffering racial abuse at Celtic Park and also online, which resulted in prosecutions, hate filled protests against the wearing of poppies, consistent glorifying of PIRA murder gangs…the list goes on. The fact you could pen a foreword in a book for an author who wrote one of the most appalling articles ever to describe a group of people, the complete and utter dehumanization of a particular section of society, tells us everything you really think about Rangers fans. I repeat what other posts have said, there was no specific threat re Mr Allan, and I find it dubious to say the least Special Branch would advise someone to open a suspect package at all,’go into a small room and close the door before you open it’???? Yes, it would be naive to suggest moronic thugs purporting to be Rangers fans have never made threatening remarks, and we all hope these people, whoever they are, are brought to book. However, let’s not kid ourselves it’s only Rangers’fans’ who indulge in reprehensible behaviour. There are neanderthals today across the spectrum who vent their anti social spleen in a variety of ways. The sooner you expose ALL disgusting behaviour, from wherever it comes, the quicker the agenda tag can be removed from your blog.

    1. rabthecab says:

      “I find it dubious to say the least Special Branch would advise someone to open a suspect package at all,’go into a small room and close the door before you open it’????”

      Think you’ll find that the advice was to treat ANY mail not from a trusted source as suspicious but hey, why let facts get in the way?

  122. Saul says:

    It’s staggering that such one sided journalism can find a national platform, particularly from a low-rate journalist who is a well known patsy of Phil Mc HowManyNamesThisWeek . The sectarian bile uttered by him and others put paid to any credibility that Mr Thomson ever accrued

  123. jim horne says:

    great to see you hurting you are a dirty piece of work you keep telling lies well keep telling the truth the truth shall prevail

  124. The Daily Ranger says:

    Unbalanced reporting from what can only be described as an unbalanced individual. If you want an balanced analysis of Mr Thomsons report feel free to visit my blog http://thedailyranger.wordpress.com/2012/10/27/who-is-alex-thomson/

    1. Bruce says:

      Balanced? Hilarious.

  125. The Sword Of Truth says:

    The Poison Kitchen continues to ouse out it’s unseemly poison. In a kitchen you “cook” up a story on a pre-determined recipe provided by a writer of said recipe.We all know who wrote your recipe: and what ingredients it contained. As we know ingredients are SELECTED according to the tastes of the cook! I guess it would be duck but no orange! In fact did you not write the foreword on the latest “cook-book” which was describes as the equivalent of Hitler’s Vegetarian diet book for anti-semites by some reviewers? I am expecting a Goebbels-style accolade from the “Celtic-minded” haters. The Crass of Irony (First Cl-Ass)perhaps??Everyone knows who they are now and they are on the run. Instead of an in-depth real journalistic investigation into, i dunno say, paedophile behaviour and who covered up what when and where (which is current I believe in Papal Knight Savile case UK wide), or corruption in Government (SNP & EU legal advice costs & secrecy-highly pertinent in Scotland ) or the Berlusconi scandal ( a curious lesson for all executives) ,we get this !!!. You would find a significant amount of intolerant, racist, bigoted , threatening behaviour on any number of Celtic sites. Moreover just peruse the vaults of on-line comments on ANY major newspaper on a Rangers-related story.Just ask Mr Walter Smith who was advised by special branch/bomb squad on threats . Or Novo./Lafferty/Dallas or any other referee from 2010 subjected to the viscious bile from so-called Celtic fans.If timing is everything in talented journalism, your clock has stopped and been rewound. Why look at only the so-called “Rangers” stuff? It is a myopic view equivalent to investigating the orbit of the planets without considering the phenomenon known as gravity!!! Your views are as Earth-bound as Flat-Earthism . If you REALLY wanted a true reflection you would look at Aberdeen fans, (Ibrox disaster songs etc), Celtic fans anti-British & Protestant behaviour (condoned by the club) I say “so-called” as there is a few people in every walk of life who confront , debase, threaten, invade personal space, -wait a minute didn’t you do this to Kelvin McKenzie and make HIM look the victim? How far have we fallen in journalistic standards? Not much by your current output.. Instead of conducting a REAL investigation into the so-called “underclass” or do something significant which will affect the zeitgeist -we get this complete nonsense. However the tactic seems to be -if challenged on authenticity or rectitude resort to lies , distortions and complete bollocks!!!You are a BIG fat liar with links to people “tarnished with the sectarian brush”. It has now been confirmed that one of the 32 says you are tellin porkies. I expect this figure of casualties to rise in direct proportion to the extent of your dishonesty Mr Thomson, How sad that almost all the “normal” media people consider you a sad and rather pathetic individual who has absolutely no self-awareness at all.

  126. Andy says:

    Anybody who is guilty of violence or threats of violence should be met with the full force of the law. The comments of the Celtic fans on this website would be more credible if they applied that dictum to those guilty of the vile threats to Nacho Novo and others as much as to the thugs who attacked Neil Lennon and threatened others.

    1. Bruce says:

      Its not the credibility of Celtic fans that’s under scrutiny. Nice try, though.

  127. Fernando says:

    I would like to point out that you can’t contaminate a razor blade with AIDS. The virus would die before you even got your envelope ready.

  128. Who can we trust? says:

    As a Scotsman I have long waited for the day to see Rangers, unionism and the utterly bias and bigoted scottish media die. All three should be consigned to an ugly chapter of history.
    Alex, please follow this saga right to the end to help ensure those who have broken the law and their collaborators go to prison.
    This is the 21st century but we have an extremely ugly element in Scotland who are holding us back in the 17th century. But their time is ending and I’m sure some of them will know it too.

  129. Patrick says:

    When can we expect to see the “silent majority” of Rangers fans silencing the “minority” who sing racist and sectarian songs at Ibrox?

    i suspect it might be around the same time as the plastic Dutchmen give up their God given “right” to pollute our streets and the funny handshake merchants roll don their trouser legs for the last time.

    In other words I’m not holding my breath..

  130. Colin Cowan says:

    “Mr Allan wants to make it very clear – as does Channel 4 News – that we are talking of a minority criminal underclass connected to Ibrox. ”

    In what way is this minority “connected” to Ibrox?
    If Mr. Allan & C4 are making it clear that this is a few headcases why does Thomson frame his story with pictures of Rangers and the side issue of Ally McCoist’s outburst?

    There is no need to tie Ally’s comments into the threats… did he make them, NO!

    These people are idiots who happen to support Rangers and use that feeling of allegiance they have as a vehicle to try and justify the stupidity that dictates how they live their lives.

    There are people of a similar disposition on both sides of the “Old Firm”. Plenty of IRA activists and sympathisers consider themselves to be part of the “Celtic Family”.
    This is not a Rangers problem and the nutters on the other side are not a Celtic problem.
    The foaming at the mouth Celtic obsessives who try to take the moral high ground and stain the name of the Rangers support should take a good look around their own glass house and put the stones down.
    Thomoson, you are a disgrace to your chosen profession and an embarrassment to the organisation who employ you.
    You should be ashamed and you should apologise to every Rangers fan and employee that your vile bigotry and pot stirring has offended.

  131. Big Mike says:

    The sooner this club and its moronic support go out of business the better.

  132. Bruce says:

    And now we have another example that demonstrates there really is no end to the raging stupidity of some of the Sevcovians. They’re trying to get an internet campaign going to pressure the papers to ask Neil Lennon why between 2010-2011 he kept his tracksuit zipped up all the time (which he didn’t, but why let facts get in the way of a good rage) and why he now keeps it unzipped. Its sectarian apparently.


  133. Sporting Integrity says:

    How dare followers of the old Rangers F.C. try to demonise people like Neil Lennon and Phil Mc Ghiolla Bhain as “bigots.”

    They, the followers of an institution whose “proud tradition” was built on over a century of racist (“no Catholics”) intolerence.

    What kind of a person would even want to take their children along to that?

    Shame on Charles Green, Mike Ashley and the Scottish football bosses for trying to resurrect and further inflict this poisoned well of Scottish life upon the people.

    The “fans” posting here with their complete inability to take responsibilty for the “small minority” of their fellows are obviously not outraged by them, but instead are obviously trying to provide a cover for them.

    With their “deny and deflect” and “paint Thomson as a fantasist” stategies it is uncomfortably like listening to a wife-beater justify his wife-beating by saying it’s all the wife’s fault. I’m sorry but I have completely lost all respect for “Rangers” fans.

    1. DYLANSFEAST says:

      Since when was Catholicism a race?

      1. Sporting Integrity says:

        Well, not a race, but Catholics certainly form an ethnic group within Scotland, an ethnic group that has been prejudicially discriminated against — Rangers F.C. liked to think of itself as Scotland’s premier footballing team, but for over a century it officially did not allow people from that ethnic group to play for it.

        True, the “r”-word seems a bit strong, but when you think about it is such discrimination really any different from signs saying “No coloureds” in apartheid South Africa, or the way in which black people were treated in the Deep South?

        About the best thing you can say is thank goodness Rangers F.C. and its putrid tradition is no more. If the fans of the former club ever decide to form a “new club” and start in the Junior leagues, then they should bear in mind that, in this day and age, even if it met the minimum 3 year requirement, any applicant club tainted by racism would be unlikely to be granted SFL membership.

    2. Patrick says:

      What have we here?

      A knuckledragger who thinks he’s smart!

      Go crawl back under your stone!

  134. tommy says:

    rangerschat.com does not support anyone who threatens anyone!!.. but we would like to point out it is not only rangers fans doing such actions, look at the celtic supporters and their actions!

    1. Patrick says:


      what you say about rangerschat may be true but sporting integrity said
      “The “fans” posting here with their complete inability to take responsibililty for the small minority” of their fellows are obviously not outraged by them, but instead are obviously trying to provide a cover for them”.

      Is this true? Would it not be better if they were to condemn them as I would any Celtic supporter who acted in this way?

  135. fisiani says:

    UEFA know that Rangers FC went into liquidation on 5/11/12, A new club with no financial records and no co-efficient points was formed in 2012 and was shoehorned into Div 3 ahead of the associate members. The club honour board is bare. I wish them well.

  136. Patrick says:

    You may wish them well—–I don’t!

  137. Iain Hamilton says:

    Your thoughts on HMRC’s defeat on the Rangers EBT tax case please Alex. Of particular interest is the behaviour and motivation of HMRC and the apparent “leaking” of information by HMRC sources throughout the investigation. One would presume you will be pursuing this with the same journalistic fervour as your previous articles relating to Rangers.

    1. JohnCF says:

      Its great news – there was no entity to get the tax off anyway, it’s been liquidated. Let’s see the ex-players, staff, managers and owners now run for cover as the tax man and liquidators come looking for payment of tax and repayment of the loans respectively. Should make for great fun as more and more of them produce ‘side letters’ and ‘second contracts’ showing the ‘loans’ were indeed payments.
      Good luck in Div 3!

  138. Jonathan Wiser says:

    You can’t help but sympathise with any Rangers fan who claims there is a conspiracy against their club.

    Not only was the club removed from the SPL and dumped to the third division, but now moves are being made to keep them out for good through the restructuring of the leagues.

    Coincidence or bad timing – regardless, it just serves to fan the flames.

  139. William Murray says:

    Re Jonathan Wiser’s comment:

    Rangers were not “removed” from the SPL; Rangers FC went into liquidation, and so it no longer exists. Another company took over its ground and remaining assets, then applied to join the SFL, and were allowed to do so. Like any other new club, it then had to join the League in the lowest division. This rule is common to every league in the world.

    Also, there is no conspiracy to keep this new club out of a re-arranged top tier; they will join the new structure in the same overall position as that in which they finish at the end of the preceding season. Again, like every other league in the world.

    Conspiracy? That’s the other thing, when League members conspire to artificially insert one club into the top division at the expense of another club, one which has earned its place.

    Or am I being unfair?

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