19 Dec 2013

How to combat sectarian bigotry in Scotland

It would have been inappropriate to comment here on the matter of David Limond whilst on assignment covering the appalling events in the Central African Republic recently.

So by way of tying up loose ends from the Channel 4 News investigation of intimidation of wider society by a small underclass of Rangers “fans”, let me just make the following observations.

David Limond is a criminal and a bigot. Indeed it is his bigotry that led him into criminality and at last he has faced and received justice at Ayr Sheriff Court.

He will face some more next year when he is sentenced and Sheriff Scott Pattison said at his two-day trial: “I view this as very serious and I am strongly considering a custodial sentence.”

He’s been convicted of sending a threatening communication aggravated by racial and religious prejudice likely to cause a reasonable person fear or alarm.

What strikes me as odd is that it took the intervention of Channel 4 News to shut down Limond and the vile sectarian and racial hatred he spewed out  between 9 and 10pm on the internet broadcast “Rangers Chat” – an online hateshow.

With the single exception of the victim nobody, but nobody in Scotland did anything about it.

Why didn’t anyone in Scotland bother?

Why didn’t anyone at Rangers bother?

Why didn’t the vast majority of decent Rangers fans bother?

What does this episode tell us about Scotland’s continued blindness to obvious criminal bigotry and racism that nobody, nobody, in that country saw fit to do a single thing to nail Limond – bar the victim herself – until we pitched up?

It so happened that the offensive broadcast of coincided with a Channel4 News investigation of a small minority of Rangers “supporters” who mounted campaigns of intimidation against lawyers, journalists, football club directors – frankly anyone who upset these peculiarly thin-skinned cowards.

We were contacted by the police and handed them a recording of one of Limond’s broadcasts in which he and other likeminded bigots poured obscene and threatening comments at one woman who had had the temerity to do her job and do it well.

Limond called this woman, who is now a successful journalist, a “Provo ****” and a “f***pig”.

His show featured a jingle with the words “Taig of the Day” and “Scum of the Day” (for those outwith the sectarian cauldron “taig” is an offensive word for an Irish Catholic).

Angela Haggerty’s “offence” of course, was to have edited Downfall – the highly successful book on the financial implosion of Rangers football club to which I wrote the foreword.

How dare she?

Whilst Limond set about shutting down his website as soon as we broadcast some of its content, she was already receiving a torrent of abusive and frightening comments on Twitter.

Several months later , at 7am the police came knocking at the door and Limond was arrested.

Limond’s defence, (seriously) was that calling his victim a “Provo ****”  and so forth, was funny, it was banter and lighthearted.  The Sheriff disagrees, so Rangers Chat no longer features Limond, his twitter line no longer exists and Limond is a convict.

The point of this little episode is that everyone and anyone of us has the means to stamp out this kind of thing for the good of Rangers, football and Scotland – say nothing of Glasgow busily buffing up its public image for the Commonwealth Games.

You can simply do what we did, if your concerned about online or offline criminality, record it and send it to the police. If you’ve concerns about the possible repercussions from the bigots, the police are well versed in dealing with anonymity issues.

All football clubs have their lowlife and their underclass – I understand Celtic’s have recently been out and about attacking stadium seats for instance.

Possibly Rangers’ has simply been more active in recent years on the intimidation front because the club imploded and they no doubt felt upset and so – being idiots – lashed out at the messengers instead of reading the message.

Whatever’s been going on and whatever the club or circumstance, the message is simple and clear: if you come across this criminality online, on fan sites, or on social media the law and the police are there for you.

You pay for their service – why not use it?

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  1. BrianW says:

    it seems stv and bbc scotland are happy to ignore this type of behaviour…even if it is directed to a fellow journalist. Taking the easy road is not journalism its cowardice.

    1. William says:

      And what if the so called ‘journalist’ gives it out as much as she takes back? Little Miss innocence knows the antagonism she is perpetuating every time she calls Rangers Sevco. Is that part of her ‘journalistic’ credentials to wind up the other section of the community she purportedly is supposed to report on behalf of? That’s the kind of journalism the propaganda machine of Goebbels would approve of

      1. Althetim says:

        William, Sevco ARE Rangers….but you already know that.

        Cif = Jif
        Marathon = Snickers
        Oil of Ulay = Oil of Olay
        Rangers = Sevco.

        It’s not difficult.
        Merry Christmas and a Hoopy New Year!

      2. The Taxman Cometh says:


        29/07/2012, sevco scotland played it’s first ever game away to Brechin in the ramsdens cup – under a conditional SFA membership , 2 days later it changed it’s name to RFC ltd

        Nothing else changed, history is important and it is good to know your roots

        Sevco then, sevco now, sevco for a while longer

        The Rangers Football Club, a trading name of Sevco Scotland Limited (No SC425159) Ibrox Stadium, 150 Edmiston Drive, Glasgow G51 2XD

      3. MacTomas says:

        “the propaganda machine Goebbels would be proud of”….. This comment typifies the consistent overreaction of the said Rangers underclass. As for Ms Haggerty referring to the reformed club as Sevco, it might well irritate the current acolytes of Peepeldom, but it remains the only tool available to address the myth that a liquidated football club remains the same entity with an unbroken history.
        Rangers are gone……. it’s time for the “unreconstructed” Paddy haters to get their act together, accept the reality that their club, the club that encouraged prejudice & abused Scottish football is best regarded as a sporting & cultural embarrassment, & is no more………

      4. john mac says:

        Look its quite simple really, you become a bigot when your personal level of indoctrination moves away from simply a celebration of your own heritage to attacking those you perceive to be of an opposing heritage. On this definition Haggerty, Phil McG and anti-Rangers obsessives like you are all entrenched bigots.

        Phil McG was correctly labelled as being, “tarred by with a sickening sectarian” brush in the editorial The Sun ran when they announced they were withdrawing the proposed serialisation of his book. This was thanks to the many decent Ranger’s Fans who drew The Sun’s attention to the guy’s blog (where just about every article is a negative hit piece on Rangers/Ranger’s Fans). Not to mention his highly offensive and downright weird “incubator” article which clearly highlights the man’s mental fragility.

        Hilariously enough Mr McG took issue with the Sun’s description of him and appealed to the Press Complaints Commission. All this succeeded in doing was officially validating The Sun’s accurate description of him when the Press Complaints Commission threw out his complaint.

        This must ring a bell for the similarly indoctrinated fanatics so desperate to deny Ranger’s Football Club their proud sporting history that they went to the ASA over our club’s factually correct portrayal of ourselves as “Scotland’s Most Successful Club”. History (i.e. documented historical fact) can “die” don’t you know, like its an actual living thing!

        Um, no it cant comes back the resounding decision from the ASA. Oh, and further we don’t have an issue with the new business entity running brand/club Rangers claiming the history either because according to UEFA (and every other official body that’s commented on it!!) the history stays with the brand/club.

        What an oh so sweet official verification of our club’s historical continuance, thanks mainly to the obsessed, indoctrinated desperados so anxious to do us down.

        These people gain notoriety from some and popularity from others. Its all good as far as they are concerned because it boosts their profile and/or book sales/blog hits.

        Look at Mr Channel 4 news Thompson here. Google Alex Thompson blog and see that even he is defined by Ranger’s hating. Its pretty clear that there is only one show in town and that these Ranger’s haters are gaining publicity and a fast buck from it.

        We will continue to be defined by something positive and strong and that is our love for our club. You will continue to be defined by something destructive and demeaning and that is your hatred for our club.


      5. Mac Tomas says:

        Well well, what have we got here. A gentleman boasting of a proud history.
        Consider this, What was the signing policy of Streuth, Symon, Waddle & Wallace? Check just below your knees for evidence of an unpleasant dark red residue & ask yourself why that gives you a warm glow & is something to be proud of.
        Before you throw accusations of bigotry about, provide me of evidence.I could call anyone a bigot if I feel like it, but I would prefer to have evidence with such a serious accusation.
        Evidence…..where is your evidence?
        Regarding Sevco – or the new shiney Rangers, in your desperation to breath life into the deceased you seem happy to reduce your cherished or should that be perished institution to a mere commodity by invoking the “Brand” argument. Anyone can rip the badge from a Porsche & weld it to a Lada & call it the former. It simply does not wash. The ASA are wrong, pure & simple.
        As for Rangers decent fans petitioning the Sun, it was a campaign of intimidation, & since when has the Sun been “accurate” about anything.
        You have a penchant for myth, the myth of Rangers as a bastion of dignity, the myth that a liquidated institution can defy the literal meaning of the word & process, the myth that you have an entitlement to a favoured status & the myth that you have somehow been wronged. You can always stand in a corner of Ibrox, ( while it’s still there) a sing “Rule Britannia” & indulge that myth, the biggest myth of all. Britannia no longer rules much of anything any more & like Rangers will be history before we are halfway through this century.It really is time to get with the project.

      6. Bruce67 says:

        ‘Look its quite simple really, you become a bigot when your personal level of indoctrination moves away from simply a celebration of your own heritage to attacking those you perceive to be of an opposing heritage.’

        Your own facile, idiotic definition of a bigot makes you a bigot. Or did you not spot that?

      7. Jimmy says:

        Everyone knows you as Sevco because the old rangers died, and if they didn’t you are still due serious money to the ambulance service,etc,etc!!

  2. stick says:

    Why mention Celtic when you could quite easily have mentioned West Ham fans, who broke over 1000 seats “just celebrating” or Motherwell who did the same thing the week before Celtic, or any fans who have done it, Its normally the result of celebrating to the excess and until recently has never been a page one story or worth a mention by mainstream TV journalists. So why now, why compare us with fans of the dead club?

  3. dean says:

    Why bring Celtic supporters into it? Usual ploy by the Scottish media to appear to be even handed,looks like their ways have rubbed off on you.

  4. brian mcguire says:

    In a nutshell Alex no one really cares if you are a catholic and complain to the authorities..because they are corrupt and have no time for timmy getting upitty..we have to know our place

  5. Douglas Guy says:

    If Limond had been a catholic, or a Celtic supporter, or a republican or a nationalist or even, comically enough, a Yes supporter, the Scottish media would rightly have had him shut down immediately. But he wasn’t. He was a protestant, a Rangers supporter, a unionist, a “proud Scot”. So the Scottish media turns a blind eye as it always has.

    This sickness cannot be fixed without radical change. And radical change is coming. We know it, they know it and they are struggling to hold it back with every trick in the partisan media trick in the book.

    From the BBC morning news in its Glasgow riverside studio to the former newspaper of record in its almost empty office in Edinburgh office their cards are marked and their jotters are ready. 2014 is going to be an interesting year.

  6. timabhouy says:

    What shame has this David Limond put on his brother who is a comedian on BBC Scotland , I hope it doesnt affect his sence of humor .

  7. gerry s says:

    Thanks,Alex,for being a true journalist. You have really shown up the Scottish media for their complicity in allowing the bigots the freedom to terrorize the community. Respect. Happy Christmas to you and your family and all at Channel 4.

  8. John says:

    Come on Alex , all she did was edit a book ? , you seem to be forgetting her constant abuse handed out to rangers fans on her twitter account , I believe she calls rangers fans the “klan” , the continual snide remarks about anything rangers ,the continuous laughing at rangers problems , she recently wrote a blog about how stopping on line abuse is a form of denying free speech , she reckons people joking about the deaths of 10 innocent people in the helicopter crash in glasgow is offensive but shouldn’t be pursued by law yet someone calling her a taig is so offensive she calls in the police , the threats she had is terrible but no more so than 2 death threats that Jim McColl received when he was trying to help the rangers situation , maybe you should read her blog about online threats and abuse being a form of free speech , well free speech that is as long as she’s not the one at the end of it , I don’t expect you to take this out of moderation but maybe you should perhaps look into other people that have had constant abuse and threats from your Celtic family , maybe read nacho novos book on the death threats he received , Neil McCanns family abused on a night out because he was catholic and had joined rangers ,Maurice edu car being trashed and racist abuse scrawled all over it , Fernando ricksen being sent a bullet in the post , Gazza being confronted By a Celtic fan and being told he was going to have his throat slashed , Barry ferguson being attacked by Celtic fans after a night out , Andy goram being a target of secterian abuse in a betting shop , and numerous more incidents , try and see both sides of the coin Alex , Scotland has a bitter problem on both sides , I’m afraid that people like you that only report on one side is making it worse , try it , write a hard hitting article about the Celtic sectarian problem and their support of terrorists and see the abuse you will get

    1. William says:

      Great points well made. Miss Haggerty’s little miss innocent routine starts to stick in the claw especially when there are two sides to every story and her own perverse pleasure in ridiculing Rangers, begins to make her victim card mentality turn null and void. Limond was an idiot but on a sliding scale of 1 to 10, she’s only a few notches behind

  9. William says:

    At which point does Miss Haggerty cross the line from being a ‘journalist’ to an antagonistic wind up merchant? Constantly describing Rangers as Sevco. Describing Rangers as Sevco is used by the majority of Celtic supporters to deliberately goad Rangers supporters. Is it part of a journalist’s job description to deliberately wind up another section of the community just for infantile kicks? It’s an old joke now and it just displays the users own innate prejudices. The authors of Downfall ought to be a little more respectful towards Rangers, after all writing about the club is another way of helping to put food on the table. They can thank Rangers for that. Although at least the book shows they do know how to write the word Rangers, when and where they want. It isn’t so difficult, especially when you’re trying to flog a book.

    Maybe if the messengers hadn’t delivered the message with so much glee in their hearts in the first place, idiots like Limond wouldn’t have to be written about on TomosBlog

    1. Bruce67 says:

      Everyone in Scotland, except the Sevco support and Scottish journalists, call them Sevco.

  10. Big Mike says:

    The intimidation is bad and it appears much of Scotland are frightened to say anything that does not suit the Rangers fans.

  11. Ed Paisley says:

    Limond is a typical bully and coward. He goes after a young female author and journalist and he is egged on and revels in the adulation of his audience of inadequates. I am quite sure Limond will receive a custodial sentence and I wish him no harm in prison. However, if he feels a little of the fear that his victim felt then I hope he learns from it.

  12. joe o brien says:

    highlighting this disease in Glasgow nationwide will hopefully
    end this bigotry

  13. Colin Stephen says:

    Again it takes a journalist outwith Scotland to report a story that no1 else in Scotland has covered, well done Alex, you’re a credit to your profession as no matter what you tell the truth without fear or favour unlike some in Scotland who only think of sales and listeners to their shows even if it is an important issue like this.

  14. Drew says:

    The fact is that most people outside of Rangers fans wouldn’t have been aware of this. If they were I’m sure the vast majority of football fans would be angered by it. Most fans I know would like to see Rangers closed down permenantly and it’s not just a handful of fans who are bigots, it’s rife in this football club and I mean from the very top to the very bottom. It’s not so long ago Donald Findlay QC was filmed standing on a stool in a bar singing sectarian songs. Or what about the Brit troops marching onto the ibrox pitch and later filmed singing sectarian songs with the fans whilst still on the pitch? Close them down and do Scottish football a favour!

    1. William says:

      Celtic and IRA terrorism don’t make for the best of bedfellows either

      1. Bruce67 says:

        That is just pathetic.

      2. Mac Tomas says:

        “IRA terrorism”……….2 weeks ago the British establishment were lining up to claim Nelson Mandela as their best mate. 25 years ago they were calling his paramilitary group “Terrorists” as they conducted a bombing campaign against the decendents of European colonials. the ANC also lynched their fellow Africans who were informers to the regime by burning them “alive” in the streets of their townships.
        Resistance is not terrorism, it can be brutal & very nasty, & often lapses into criminality…….. The bombing of Dresden…..now that was terrorism……….

      3. john mac says:

        I don’t think anyone in their right mind were calling Mandela their best friend let alone the British Establishment when the group he headed up where indiscriminately bombing shopping centres and throwing burning tyres around people’s necks.

        Decent people were rightly condemning the ANC at this time. Mandela evolved into a great man during his incarceration when despite the suffering he endured he became a man of peace and reconciliation.

        How utterly despicable of you to be so disingenuous.

        I have zero time (and so should all decent people) for a fascist organisation that sought to impose their will upon a majority via the bullet and the bomb.

        Most republicans make a big issue of being anti-war. The only war they only ever loved was the war that the IRA fought against our armed forces. Its funny that isn’t it? Moral hypocrisy on a grand scale. The power of indoctrination from birth.

      4. Mac Tomas says:

        “the IRA fought against our armed forces”…..so you admit they were fighters rather than terrorists?
        As for being “despicably disingenuous” I’m not sure on what exactly you think I lack sincerity.
        Also if Mandela rose to greatness during his incarceration, I’m sure you think Bobby Sands is entitled to be viewed with similar consideration. Or is it you can get a warm fuzzy feeling by thinking about Mandela because his paramilitaries were fighting someone else’s troops & not your “boys”……

  15. David Tracey says:

    I’m not sure that many people know anything about it so how can they do anything? Fault of Scottish press? I’ve only heard (indirectly) of Angela Haggerty in the last couple of days as I’ve signed up to Twitter but with no knowlege of the incident. This evening I’ve asked 6 people aged between 27 and 40 if they were aware. None had heard of Ms Haggerty nor did they know of the incident. Three had heard of the murder of the doctor in Syria. To use a simile, life is like Venn diagrams – it’s only when they intersect that there’s any chance of interaction. Within our own circle everything is so important that we think everybody else out there must know/care about it. But how do we get our circles to bump together far less intersect?

  16. snootie_paulo says:

    HI Alex,

    I think Turnbull Hutton made a very salient point when he said there should be a (sort of) truth and conciliation committee – there remains a very strong sense of entitlement within the support of Rangers which, amongst the more extreme elements, will spill over into threats and intimidation against those who would question such an entitlement.

    Unless full disclosure of events leading to the administration and liquidation of Rangers, disclosure from those who wielded the power at Ibrox – those who rubber-stamped the cheques, who registered the players contracts, those who ultimately were responsible for the demise of the club, going right back to when tax avoidance schemes were used to provide remuneration to two key players over a decade ago – until this disclosure comes from those people, there will always be an element who feel that what befell Rangers was at someone else’s contrivance.

    The fact, for those with eyes to see, remains that it was in truth the actions of those from within the club and the inaction of those without that ultimately led to it’s downfall.

    Recognition of this would be a good place to start.

  17. Philip Edwards says:


    Great journalism. Football journalists generally could learn a great deal from this episode. But they probably won’t.

    Of course the term “banter” is used in football to disguise the kind of chauvinism and hubris that scars all professional team field games. Football is arguably the worst because it has more supporters.

    Zero tolerance is the primary answer to these nutters.

    Years ago Everton Football Club had a serious problem with racism provoked by a tiny gang of BNP scum from north Liverpool. The core number was never more than about thirty or forty, but they managed to infect some very young and vulnerable kids on the terraces. Eventually it became utterly intolerable and the club was forced reluctantly to admit it had a problem and tackle it head on. The culprits were denounced over the public address system and told they weren’t wanted, anti-racism leaflets were distributed at games and arrests were made. Within a year the problem was almost solved and – touch wood – it has never even looked like it will return. Now, the club is a byeword for community involvement, though there is still a lot to do, as there is in every club in the country. Hence the Kick It Out Campaign.

    Now, Rangers-Celtic sectarianism is of course a different kettle of madness. One side is quite as bad and mad as the other. The roots of it are deep, the answers much more difficult than the example I quote. In question is the whole basis of supporting a club, any club; the vast majority just want to see a footy match and hopefully watch their team win. But in Glasgow the hardcore nutters have too long smeared the good name of the overwhelming majority. Denial of the Rangers financial criminality is merely a symptom. It could just as easily have been Celtic.

    Until both Rangers and Celtic launch a prolonged joint determined effort to eliminate the sickness of extreme nationalism and religious muck that skulks behind the word “banter” the madness will keep resurfacing in one guise or another. There is nothing remotely “funny” in the sick hatred that disfigures Old Firm games.

    Nor, let it be said, is there any room for complacency in the English game. Examples: You need only consult the insane reaction of some Tottenham fans to the transfer of Sol Campbell to Arsenal. Or to the appointment of George Graham or Terry Neill as managers at White Hart Lane.

    All seater stadia have helped a lot, but there is still much to do before football can claim it has clean hands and clean minds.

    1. gerry says:

      “one side as bad as the other”-go and check the number of Celtic fans that have been murdered in the last 30 years and compare to that team you equate us with-you know nothing

    2. William says:

      Will Never Happen. The only way you will knock out the sectarian bitterness out of both clubs, is by making them both null and void and never to exist again in any football league in the world, ever, apart from on a Scottish Sunday League pitch. Hereby, both teams can have a good kick about, after a good throw about, because of the last night’s good drink about

  18. ross says:

    Your a laughing stock Tomo….what about the green brigade underclass. Somebody should do a blog on you because you seem to be the biggest bigot of the lot.

  19. Chris says:

    That rag you lot compiled was not highly successful. It was in fact an abject failure.

  20. daviecooperonthewing says:

    C,mon Alex… Time to get on that flight or you’ll miss the Christmas party at Mr Greenslade’s gaff.
    I’m sure you can’t wait to sit round the log fire with your pals and usual suspects from the (Irish) N.U.J. and discuss next years assault on Edmiston drive. The problem with the court charges relates to the “any reasonable person” attribute . Ms. Haggerty cannot seriously be considered as such a person, on the aforementioned subject. However she does seem to attract, and have a loyal following from those of a Green and White persuasion on both sides of the Stranraer to Larne ferry route. Her views and attacks on Rangers football club are well known. She can hardly be considered a neutral observer or commentator. PMG also,was not too long ago described as a bigot …”Tainted with the brush of sectarianism” He subsequently had the serialisation of his book by a national newspaper rescinded. You could also have quoted numerous sections from his latest biased version of inked blotting paper.
    No offense intended, honest. However being English I doubt whether you would really get the jist of it. Perhaps in future you would be best served with a more balanced thesis. The log and Blog fire mutterings are too one sided. Now I’ve heard a really good rumour that Republicans have aligned themselves to the Scottish Independence campaign. Their overall aim is believed to be the separation of Ireland from the union. Go figure Alex. Merry Christmas.

    1. wi says:

      Well said that man. Bring more coal for that fire

    2. portpower says:

      “He subsequently had the serialisation of his book by a national newspaper rescinded.”
      Was it not the paper that had to bowed down because of threats. If I recall and I`m sure you do as well DCOTW that the said threats were from a newly formed club(sevco). To this day it still puzzles me why sevco supporters got so upset about a dead entity. Some people do the craziest things while in mourning. Maybe it was just that cheeky banter?

  21. Happy Harry says:

    Celtics underclass has been doing more than just attacking seats recently. But you knew that didn’t you…

  22. Bruce67 says:

    Its a bit unfair, Alex, to say that no one in Scotland bothers about this. Plenty of Celtic supporters and Scots Catholics do. But they tend to get labelled as paranoid. Meantime, we get wannabe Sevco directors like Malcolm Murray on national radio telling someone like Alan Brazil, who represented Scotland, that he’s not really Scottish he’s Irish.

    And those ‘thin skinned cowards’ as you correctly label them have considerable previous. Its not so long ago they were sending bombs to Neil Lennon and others they hated.

  23. Bruce67 says:

    Oh, while I know you’ve gotten used to whatabootery and the way of things up here, its a cheap shot to have a pop at Celtic. Motherwell fans themselves trashed seats at their rival’s ground, meantime at Celtic Park we’ve had Aberdeen fans trashing seats, indulging in some vile songs, and Ajax fans trashing seats and using them as weapons. While vandalism is clearly wrong and should be punished, if you were looking at the Scottish press you’d think the Green Brigade invented smashing seats. There’s been a hysterical feeding frenzy up here and its good to see you going against the grain on that one, eh?

  24. John Mac says:

    I’m sorry Alex but once again you abjectly fail to mention your close associations with the victim and her other friend Phil McG labelled as “tarred with a sickening sectarian brush” in the very newspaper that pulled the book’s serialisation upon complaints about his Anti-Ranger’s obsessional hatred.

    What’s this got to do with the Limond case I hear you ask. Well the opinion of many is that this girl was sadly targeted by the extremists on the Ranger’s side purely because of her openly admitted (in her own website) glee when the Ranger’s brand was in serious jeopardy. Not in anyway because she is from Irish heritage. Actually its because of her heritage that she has the obsessional interest (hatred) in Rangers and their fans not the other way round.

    Its important to consider here that Rangers is a huge part of the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in Scotland. They have an emotional and cultural attachment to that football brand that often defines and informs their entire life.

    I don’t think it is possible to calculate the emotional and/or psychological harm an unfettered celebration in someone else’s misfortune can do. I think Ms Haggerty was and continues to be blind to this due in the main, to her own personal indoctrination which has led her Journalistic career to be defined by Ranger’s hating.

    Ms Haggerty is steeped in a certain culture diametrically opposed to that of Rangers. Its impossible for her to be objective and rational on the subject of Rangers and their fans and she never is.

    That being said I think its correct to roundly condemn the words that Limond used. I think we (Rangers Fans) have to be better than that. But we will continue to expose the hate filled agenda of the Haggertys of this world and the close associations they have with people like you Mr.Thompson.

    We will continue the highlight the Journalistic perversion of people with a high level of personal indoctrination due to their religious/cultural background presenting books and articles as rational objective pieces on topics they have zero objectivity on.

    Leaving aside the vitriol…..WE ARE ALL DAVID LIMOND!

    1. Stevie Mac says:

      And that is all that is wrong in Glasgow.

      1. bruce67 says:

        I’m not David Limond.

    2. Billy says:

      John Mac , you wrote…”Its important to consider here that Rangers is a huge part of the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in Scotland. They have an emotional and cultural attachment to that football brand that often defines and informs their entire life.”

      Obviously the “hundreds of thousands” of you were not that bothered, or you would have saved your club.

    3. Mac Tomas says:

      “cultural attachment”………..? can you for my benefit John Mac? enlighten me as to the positive aspects of the “historical Rangers”. Are you aware of the history of the club?. attaching the word culture in your post in no way adds credibility or sophistication to what was an institution built on a crude Religious & racial supremacy………..Rangers Culture!…….examples please?
      Further, can you supply examples where Haggerty & Mac Giolla Bhain have abused people racially or their religious practice?…..tarred with what sectarian brush?, by whom?

  25. hoddles says:

    The way the Scottish media covers up Unionist bigotry like this is reflected in the way they constantly lie and misrepresent the Yes campaign in the Scottish referendum. http://t.co/4kaf35oj4Z

    The Unionist mafia.

  26. tamtic says:

    You said it John’ WE ARE ALL DAVID LIMOND. God, what a condemnation. That’s why your war cry is WATP. For that i’m eternally grateful.

  27. William says:

    Checkout the film frame footage at 6:06 At that time she talks about “horrible, horrible” events taking place. And yet her open eyed, slightly smirking/grinning expression, indicates a different story. She does not fear Rangers, instead, she likes to nail it into Rangers, or Sevco as she fondly pronounces ad infinitum

  28. Thomas Haverstock says:

    Only in Scotland could these people get a way with all this Sevco need to be disbanded and the club go the way of Thrid Lanark R I P

  29. paul says:

    I have to say I showed the comment section to some Canadian friends and asked their opinion as being from the green side of Glasgow I thought my bias was making me see things.
    Im paraphrasing
    Classic racism I condemn the violence and bullying but I can see why they could be driven to it.
    Absolute denial of problem and a tendency to blame victim
    And my personal favorite children tale telling they did this and that, thats why we did it
    Canadians pointing out whataboutery made my evening,Canadians couldn’t work out why I was laughing so much.

    1. William says:

      Meanwhile your Canadian friends were thinking, “What planet are you from to bombard us with weird, foreign, customs?” OFC, we are going to sympathetically agree with you, because you are a bit of a strangeo for asking us in the first place

    2. William says:

      You’re bit slow off the couch. The day of Whattabouttery, especially from foreigners, is long preached out & gone.

  30. macca says:

    Come on Alex, she wind them up and calls then Sevco, so thats what she deserves…..welcome to their world…..a bit like destroying manchester city centre, looting shops, and assaulting the police because a tv screen broke down…..no wonder they are known as Scotlands shame

  31. patrick says:

    I almost had a tear in my eye when I saw four of my children and two of my grandchildren walk up London Road before today’s game carrying bags of groceries for the food bank at Cailon Parish Church. The collection of course organised by the Green Brigade.

    How dare anyone compare us to the sectarian and racist bigots who follow the team fornerly known as Gkasgow Rangers.

    1. john mac says:

      Well done on the GB for this collection but shame on you for denigrating it by using it as a stick to beat Ranger’s supporters. Perhaps you should look at all the charitable work being done just done by the Vanguard Bears before you think charitable actions are the sole domain of Celtic Fans!

      Maybe next time you do something for charity you should just content yourself with the act of giving instead of demeaning it by rushing home to post your anti-charitable vitriol here.

      Anyone else despair for these people?

      1. Patrick says:

        When the Vanguard Bears have a collection for the poor and needy and donate the cash to the St Vincent De Paul Society come back to me and I’ll withdraw my comment.

  32. John says:

    Respect the sentiments but very naive to overlook that the politicised Scottish police will be enforcing a flag and banner ban at the Celtic game this weekend, on the pretext that fans hide behind them when letting off flares. It was at a Rangers game where an artificial pitch was damaged by a flare. As far as I know there is no such ban at their forthcoming fixture.
    Freedom of expression and peaceable dissent by ethnic minorities is being purged and strangled on ‘security’ pretexts, just as it always has been in Scotland. It is the very Establishment that is bigoted, and to answer Alex Thomson’s mystification: that is precisely why nothing was done in the instance mentioned.
    In the past, people have been killed simply for wearing the ‘wrong’ colour of scarf.

  33. Alan says:

    I must first declare an interest: I detest Sevco and I detest their previous incarnation;Rangers and I am not a Celtic fan. For the same reasons that I detest Sevco, I previously detested the aparteid regime in South Africa, the Nazis in wartime Germany and any other oppressive, racially motivated regimes. Rangers was founded and operated on racist and discriminatory principles and in spite of moves in recent years to appear to the contrary, you don’t have to look very deep to discover that most of their fans still carry the same predjudices.
    Alex Thomson has brought a breath of fresh air to football journalism in Scotland since he started to comment on what he obviously, like most intelligent, untainted observers, saw as an aberration in Scottish football and Scottish life which had been totally ignored (and still is) by a media which is so steeped in the filth itself that it doesn’t really see most of the problem and certainly doesn’t want to rock the boat by addressing it.
    For the good of the country as well as the game of football I think it would be better if Sevco met with the same fate as these other racist organisations.

    1. William says:

      So Celtic fans singing songs in praise of a terrorist organisation that formed closed ties with the fascist Nazis during WWII doesn’t bother you? Seems a bit hypocritical if you ask me. Best not to sweep, sweep that inconvenient Nazis past under the carpet other wise you’re going to have to jump off that high horse of yours

  34. Neil Craig says:

    When Nigel Farage was attacked by a baying openly racist fascist mob, throwing a liquid & shouting “next time it will be petrol” C4 did not run any campaign. C4 did not show any slightest concern when the first minister Salmond. openly applauded these fascists. C4 did not even raise any query when the thugs remained a part of what must now be taken as the openly fascist and racist Yes campaign.

    So lets not pretend that C4 is in any slightest way distressed about sectarianism as such. C4, which, while legally required to be “balanced” is as much a totalitarian, censoring propagandist as any broadcaster in the world. You just choose the sects..

  35. Big Mike says:

    Sectarianism and racism are vile no matter who the perpetrators. People singing about being up to their knees in others blood as a result of their religion is vile also.

    1. Willi says:

      Not much different from National Anthems and people sing those all the time

    2. Neil Craig says:

      But neither C4, the Scottish government, nor you are willing to say threatening to burn people alive is “vile” at least when done by sectarian Fascists they approve of!

      Some hypocrisy surely?

  36. Alan says:

    Whenever I write about the fact that Rangers was founded on and pursued discriminatory policies their fans reply by telling me all about the songs sung by Celtic fans in support of terrorist organisations. Whilst not wishing to defend Celtic fans in any way I can see that their support of such organisations, and indeed the very existence of these organisations is a direct result of the discriminatory policies and principles adopted by Glasgow Rangers since it was founded.
    All football clubs have low life within their fan base but there is a huge difference between a racist, sectarian club portraying the worst behavour of its worst fans and some lunatic fans not behaving.
    Rangers is an institutional problem, the others (including Celtic) are social problems

  37. Barty says:

    To this day it still puzzles me why Celtic supporters get so upset about a supposed dead entity. This blog is about the Celtic cancer, their likeness to the actions of other football fans. Teams all over Scotland and England, and a lot more that you wouldn’t like to admit to in Europe, know how these so called fans behave. It’s been witnessed many many many times. That Celtic fans think all their own fans are innocent and lovely cuddly bunnies doesn’t, and will never, hide the truth about a lot of them. Accept it and deal with it. Only then can you take the moral high ground. At the moment you’re at the bottom without a ladder. Happy new year X

  38. Tommy Campbell says:

    The only way to eliminate and combat sectarian bigotry in Scotland is to eliminate it at source in London.

    The UK is a sectarian anti-Catholic country and has a Constitution to prove it. It is alive and well and active yet nobody, absolutely nobody will discuss it in the English MSM.

    Why single out Scotland. Are people in England too ashamed to admit their bigotry?

    It is fair to say that it is far more overt in Scotland and is the primary reason I left and will never return.

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