article 26 April 2015 World
Nepal quake devastation: before and after images

Temples and historic sites in Nepal are seriously damaged or completely destroyed following a magnitude 7.9 earthquake that hit the country on Saturday, killing more than 2,000 people.

article 26 April 2015 World, United States
Freddie Gray death: protests turn violent in Baltimore

At least 2,000 demonstrators marched through downtown Baltimore to protest the unexplained death of a black man in police custody but pockets of violence erupted, authorities say.

article 26 April 2015 World
Nepal quake: death toll nears 2000 amid hunt for survivors

Kathmandu residents survey the damage after an earthquake devastated the heavily crowded Kathmandu valley, killing at least 1,900 people.

article 25 April 2015 World, Bangladesh
Nepal earthquake kills over 1,500 people

The worst earthquake to hit Nepal in 81 years leaves at least 1,500 people dead, killing dozens in India and causing an avalanche at Mount Everest.

article 25 April 2015 World, Pakistan
Pakistan activist Sabeen Mahmud shot dead in Karachi

Sabeen Mahmud, one of Pakistan's most outspoken human rights campaigners, has been killed by armed men after giving a talk in Karachi, writes Saira Jaffer.

article 24 April 2015 World, United States
Dramatic moment as US high school stage collapses

Mobile phone footage captures the moment a stage collapses during a high school production in the United States.

article 24 April 2015 World
The activist group E15 Mother occupies an empty council house (Getty)
Gentrification: what is it? Why are people fighting it?

Protests against rising rents making traditionally poorer areas too expensive for working-class residents are gathering steam - niche left-wing politics or something bigger?

article 24 April 2015 UK
Election 2015: too late to talk foreign policy?

Until today two words have been missing from the general election 2015 campaigning: foreign policy.

post 24 April 2015
Read more from Siobhan Kennedy Why HSBC's threat to leave London is a big deal

The creep of banking regulation, combined with a potential Brexit, has created the image that Britain is not the best place to do business for the likes of HSBC.