post 28 April 2016
Read more on Gary Gibbon's blog Brussels Commission: in the Belly of the Beast

If there is optimism about the outcome of the referendum in Downing Street they most definitely have not communicated it to Brussels successfully.

article 27 April 2016 World, Hungary
Disabled migrants accused of 'mass riot' in Hungary

Two disabled migrants are being prosecuted in Hungary after being accused of breaching the country's border fence with Serbia and taking part in a "mass riot".

article 22 April 2016 UK
Obama urges UK to stay in European Union

US President Barack Obama uses a trip to the UK to argue that the world benefits from Britain's membership of the EU.

article 13 April 2016 UK
Vote Leave designated as EU referendum out campaign

The Electoral Commission designates Vote Leave as the leading Brexit campaign group in the run-up to June's referendum on EU membership, but it may face a legal challenge.

article 04 April 2016 UK
Panama papers: huge Mossack Fonseca leak

Governments across the world began investigating possible financial wrongdoing by the rich and powerful on Monday following a leak of documents from a Panamanian law firm.

article 29 March 2016 UK, Egypt
EgyptAir hijack: flight lands at Cyprus airport

A man thought to be strapped with explosives hijacked an Egyptian plane on a flight between Alexandria and Cairo on Tuesday and forced it to land in Cyprus.

article 25 March 2016 World, France
Belgian policeman
More explosions in Brussels as police shoot terror suspect

Police shoot a man at a tram stop in Brussels as anti-terror raids are carried out across Europe.

post 23 March 2016
Read more from Jon on Snowblog Saudi mosque, exports, oil and the West

The Great Mosque of Brussels is said to remain a centre of Saudi-funded Wahhabi preaching and Salafism.

article 23 March 2016 World, France
Brussels suicide bombings carried out by brothers

Two brothers carried out the suicide bombings at Brussels airport and the city's metro, Belgium's federal prosecutor confirms.