post 16 September 2014
Read more from Alex Thomson on his blog Tell it on the mountain: #IndyRef from the top of Ben Nevis

On his way up and down Ben Nevis, Alex Thomson encounters a range of views on Scottish independence from a Spanish woman, a Frenchman, a Belgian and a group of Canadians.

article 16 September 2014 UK, Iraq
US air strike targets Islamic State in Iraq

The US carries out its first air strike against Islamic State (IS) militants under a new strategy to defeat the group in Iraq.

post 16 September 2014
Read more from Lindsey Hilsum on her blog The inward-looking rump UK that will follow a yes vote

If Scotland gains independence, the UK's influence and power will be increasingly consigned to history.

post 16 September 2014
Read more from Kylie Morris on her blog US congressman: 'We rely on Britain like no other country'

On UK independence, it's clear where Washington sits. It's all about ensuring that the country with which it enjoys a "special relationship" stays as strong and reliable as possible.

post 15 September 2014
Read more from John Sparks on the World News blog Canada becomes interesting! Thanks to Scotland's #indyref

As a rule, the UK does not take much notice of Canada - so it comes as a pleasant surprise that for once, thanks to the Scottish referendum, recent Canadian history is now being discussed.

article 15 September 2014 UK, Iraq
World leaders back Iraq in fight against IS

World leaders back military measures to help defeat Islamic State fighters in Iraq - but make no mention of the tougher diplomatic challenge in Syria.

article 14 September 2014 UK, Iraq
IS victim's brother - 'he tried to be a better man'

The brother of the British man who was murdered by Islamic state militants says his life was about love, not hatred.

article 12 September 2014 World, South Korea
South Africa prison
by What could life be like in prison for Oscar Pistorius?

Oscar Pistorius is found guilty of the manslaughter of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp and now faces up to 15 years in prison - but what fate lies ahead for the Blade Runner behind bars?

article 12 September 2014 World, South Africa
Oscar Pistorius outside court (R)
Oscar Pistorius murder trial - latest updates

South African Judge Thokozile Masipa finds Oscar Pistorius guilty of culpable homicide, or manslaughter, of Reeva Steenkamp, but clears him of murder. Court resumes for sentencing on 13 October.