article 29 August 2015 World, Egypt
Al Jazeera journalists sentenced to three years in prison

Three Al Jazeera journalists are sentenced to three years in prison by an Egyptian court for broadcasting false news.

article 29 August 2015 World, Israel
Video: Israeli soldier's attempted arrest of Palestinian boy

Footage has emerged of a confrontation between Palestinian activists and an Israeli soldier attempting to detain a 12-year-old boy.

article 28 August 2015 World, United States
Katrina 10 years on: New Orleans still in recovery

A decade after Hurricane Katrina wiped out swathes of New Orleans, the recovery is yet to reach residents in some parts of the city.

article 28 August 2015 World
'Africa's North Korea': Why do people flee Eritrea?

More Eritreans filed for asylum in the UK in the year to June than any other nation. They face "systematic, widespread and gross human rights violations" at home, says the UN.

article 28 August 2015 World, Austria
Austria bodies from lorry of refugees
Four arrested over Austria lorry refugee deaths

Four children including a baby girl were among 71 refugees found dead in the back of a lorry left abandoned at the side of a motorway in Austria, police say.

article 28 August 2015 World, Italy
Hundreds feared dead in migrant boat tragedy

The unrelenting tragedy of people trying to reach a better life is laid bare once again, as hundreds of people are feared to have died when two boats capsized off the coast of Libya.

article 27 August 2015 World, Austria
50 refugees found dead in Austria lorry
Refugees found 'suffocated' in parked lorry in Austria

Up to 50 refugees are found dead in a parked lorry in eastern Austria. On the scene Channel 4 News International Editor Lindsey Hilsum says there's a "terrible" stench of death.

article 26 August 2015 World, Ukraine
Graves of anonymous pro-Russian fighters in eastern Ukraine (Reuters)
Have thousands of Russian soldiers died in Ukraine?

A Russian website publishes what appear to be official figures showing that more than 2,000 soldiers have died fighting in eastern Ukraine, as Moscow insists its regular forces are not involved.

article 26 August 2015 World, United States
Vester Lee Flanagan: shooting suspect shoots himself dead

Virginia TV shooting suspect Vester Lee Flanagan, who appears to have posted a video online showing the shooting of two WDBJ journalists, has died from self-inflicted shooting.