article 13 October 2015 World, Saudi Arabia
Karl Andree (Facebook)
Saudi Arabia: Cameron intervenes over Karl Andree flogging

The government pulls its 5.9bn bid to train Saudi Arabian justice officials, as David Cameron promises to intervene over the proposed flogging of British grandfather Karl Andree in the Gulf kingdom.

article 13 October 2015 World, Ukraine
MH17 reconstruction (Getty)
MH17: Ukraine plane crash caused by missile

The MH17 passenger plane disaster over Ukraine was caused by a Russian-made BUK missile, according to the final report from Dutch investigators.

article 13 October 2015 World
Playboy to remove nudity from magazine

Playboy magazine is to stop featuring nude models in its magazine as part of a redesign in March.

article 12 October 2015 World, Turkey
Turkey bombing: government blames Islamic State

The Turkish government says it believes Islamic State was responsible for suicide bombings in Ankara that killed at least 97 people.

post 12 October 2015
Read more on Simon Israel's blog Syria refugees: former judges condemn government response

The legal profession's statement calls for the UK to set up secure legal routes and humanitarian visas so refugees are not forced to risk their lives.

article 09 October 2015 UK
Jamal Al-Harith: Guantanamo detainee flees to Syria

A British terror suspect released from Guantanamo Bay after lobbying by the British Government is with the so-called Islamic State in Syria, Channel 4 News can reveal.

article 09 October 2015 World, Israel
Hamas declares new 'intifada' as six killed in clashes

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh called on Palestinians to step up their fight against Israel following a wave of attacks and reprisal attacks in the past 10 days.

article 09 October 2015 UK, Sierra Leone
Pauline Cafferkey
Ebola: nurse Pauline Cafferkey in hospital again

A British nurse who contracted the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone is re-admitted to hospital in London due to an "unusual late complication".

article 08 October 2015 UK, Syria
Nato ready to deploy forces to Turkey

Nato says it is ready to "defend" allies after Russian jets violated Turkish airspace whilst conducting air strikes in Syria.