article 25 July 2016 UK, Syria
'Jihadi Jack': 'If they want to bomb me, they'll bomb me'

The middle-class Briton dubbed "Jihadi Jack" tells Channel 4 News in an exclusive interview that he travelled to Syria to study and has "no regrets"- while insisting he is "currently" not a fighter.

article 25 July 2016 World, Germany
Failed asylum seeker blows himself up in Germany

A Syrian denied asylum in Germany kills himself and injures 12 others in a suicide bombing - the fourth violent attack in the country in less than a week.

post 21 July 2016
Read more from Geoff White on Technology The future of crime?

Welcome to the future of crime: high volume, low margin.

article 20 July 2016 UK, France
UK gives up European Council presidency

Prime Minister Theresa May says the UK will not take on the European Council presidency next year after voting to leave the EU.

article 15 July 2016 World, France
Nice lorry attack: dozens killed on Bastille Day

At least 84 people, including children, are killed after a man drives a lorry through crowds celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, in what the French authorities are calling a terror attack.

article 06 July 2016 World, Iraq
tony blair george bush
Chilcot Inquiry: Blair - 'I will be with you, whatever'

Tony Blair told US President George W Bush "I will be with you, whatever" eight months before parliament approved the invasion of Iraq, the Chilcot inquiry has found.

article 24 June 2016 UK, Ireland
UK Government rejects Sinn Fein referendum call

The Government rejects a demand from Sinn Fein for a referendum to be held on Irish unity in the wake of the UK vote to pull out of the EU.

article 24 June 2016 UK
Cameron announces resignation as UK votes to leave EU

David Cameron says he will stand down as Prime Minister as the UK votes to leave the European Union, while Scotland's First Minister says a second independence referendum is "highly likely".

article 23 June 2016 World, Germany
German police 'shoot gunman after cinema siege'

Elite police have shot dead a gunman who barricaded himself in a cinema complex in western Germany, according to local media.