post 10 February 2016
Read more from Paul Mason on his blog Bernie Sanders: the radical moment has begun

Quite simply the radical progressive sentiment that's swept Greece, Spain, Scotland and the British Labour movement has now hit America.

post 09 February 2016
Read more from Kylie Morris on her blog 'I can't thank you enough, Mr Trump'

If Donald Trump wins the New Hampshire primary, layers of smugness will settle around him like a protective carapace.

article 09 February 2016 World, Germany
Passengers killed in Germany train crash

At least eight people were killed and 150 injured, 50 seriously, when two passenger trains collided head-on in Germany.

article 08 February 2016 World, Greece
Migrants die as boat sinks off Turkish coast

More than 20 refugees drown while trying to reach Greece, as German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits Turkey to discuss how to respond to the latest migrant surge caused by fighting in Syria.

article 04 February 2016 UK, Syria
Jack Letts
Darshna Soni by 'Jihadi Jack' has mental health condition, say parents

Jack Letts, nicknamed "Jihadi Jack" by some newspapers, suffers from a serious mental disorder, according to his parents, Channel 4 News can reveal.

article 04 February 2016 UK, Jordan
Billions pledged for Syrian refugees as peace talks collapse

A London conference aims to raise over 6 billion to help Syria's neighbours provide for thousands of refugees. But in Geneva separate peace talks hoping to end the Syrian conflict collapse.

article 01 February 2016 UK, Syria
Tareena Shakil mugshot
British mother who fled the UK to join Islamic State jailed

A British mother who took her child to Syria to join Islamic State fighters has been jailed for six years.

article 28 January 2016 World, Brazil
A father with his baby which has microcephaly in Brazil (Reuters)
Zika virus 'spreading explosively' says world health expert

The director-general of the World Health Organisation warns that possible links between the Zika virus and babies with abnormally small heads are causing "extremely high" levels of concern.

article 22 January 2016 World, Venezuela
Fumigating houses for mosquitoes in El Salvador (Reuters)
Zika virus epidemic prompts Latin America travel warning

Pregnant women are advised to avoid countries that have seen outbreaks of the mosquito-borne Zika virus, which doctors are linking to unusually high numbers of babies born with brain defects.