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US election 2012: Obama v Romney

News and views on the race for the White House 2012, from Washington Correspondent Matt Frei and Channel 4 News in the US.

article 07 November 2012 World, United States
President Obama: 'The best is yet to come'
Obama wins US election (Reuters)

Barack Obama wins his second term as US president after beating Republican rival Mitt Romney. "This happened because of you," President Obama tweets.

article 07 November 2012
US election 2012: Obama v Romney state by state
US election 2012: Obama v Romney state by state.

How the race was won: Channel 4 News maps the battle for the White House state by state.


article 11 January 2013 World, United States
Obama versus ducks and horses graphic
by Obama and the horse-sized duck: a fair fight?

Which would you rather fight: one horse-sized duck, or a hundred duck-sized horses? A new book reveals President Obama's staff seriously debated the question after a no-holds-barred online Q and A.

post 14 December 2012
Read more on Matt's blog: Matt Frei Susan Rice: another victim of the Washington game

Why did Susan Rice pull out of consideration as America's next secretary of state? Was she too strident, too forceful - or did she simply fail to play the Machiavellian game of Washington politics?

post 06 December 2012
Read more on Matt's blog: Matt Frei Lighting up time in Seattle as cannabis gets a legal high

It's now legal to possess marijuana in Washington state - but what about the rest of the US? Stoners are urging President Obama to take up the cause.

post 20 November 2012
Read more from Jon on Snowblog The man who got the US election right - on C4News tonight

Nate Silver, who predicted with a 90.0 per cent certainty that Barack Obama would win the recent US presidential election, is on Channel 4 News tonight. Have you got any questions?

article 09 November 2012 World, United States
Romney crowd watch Obama victory declared (getty)
by After the fall: the Republicans meet their reckoning

"We had no message and we gave it to the worst communicator in the world", said one aide. As the defeat sinks in, the Republicans' search for blame begins.

post 08 November 2012
Read more on Matt's blog: Matt Frei Does civil war beckon for the Republican party?

What used to be a broad church has become a schismatic one and after Mitt Romney's defeat civil war could be looming for the Republicans.

article 08 November 2012 World, United States
Obama family in Chicago (getty)
by Obama's pledge: Change you can believe in, again?

"Tonight you voted for action, not politics as usual" Obama told supporters last night - pledging to break the partisan gridlock which has paralysed Washington. But can he really change things?

video 07 November 2012 World, United States

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Bitter taste of defeat for Romney's Republicans

It is a second defeat in a row for the Republicans, despite a big spending US election campaign. Jonathan Rugman reports on the recriminations as the GOP looks for someone to blame.