Jonathan Rugman

Foreign Affairs Correspondent
Jonathan Rugman's beat includes foreign policy, terrorism and international development.
Jonathan Rugman's beat includes foreign policy, terrorism and international development.

Jonathan Rugman is Foreign Affairs Correspondent at Channel 4 News. He has reported from the revolutions and uprisings in Syria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Bahrain and has covered stories as diverse as Somalia's famine, the eurozone crisis and the Haiti earthquake. He was previously the programme's Washington correspondent and Business Correspondent and his reporting from North America, the UK, Asia and Africa has won several awards. Jonathan joined Channel 4 News in 1999. He is the author of "Ataturk's Children: Turkey and the Kurds" and previously worked as Turkey correspondent for the BBC and The Guardian.


post 03 April 2014
Missing plane MH370, Tennyson, and facing jail in Malaysia

Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia's opposition leader, is sipping tea in a London hotel and quoting Alfred Lord Tennyson's poem, The Charge of the Light Brigade, at me.

post 22 March 2014
MH370: hand-written note, breaking news & new sighting

The third week of the hunt for flight 370 begins with another sighting of what may or may not turn out to be wreckage.

post 21 March 2014
Anwar Ibrahim: don't blame 370 pilot for his politics

Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim tells Jonathan Rugman it is absurd to cast aspersions on the pilot of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 because of his political leanings.

post 20 March 2014
'A positive development' in the hunt for MH370

After 12 days, the first sign of a breakthrough in finding the missing Malaysian Airways plane. Will today be the day, finally, we when get more answers than questions?

post 19 March 2014
Flight 370 mystery: ongoing anguish for those left behind

As relatives of the missing passengers become more desperate for answers the Malaysians are becoming more wary of releasing information.

post 14 March 2014
Kerry and Lavrov meet, but omens on Ukraine are not good

The diplomatic chill is deepening ahead of Crimea's vote on joining Russia. And the tougher the west gets, the more intransigent the Russians could become.

video 04 February 2014 World, Syria

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'Children among dead' in assault on Aleppo - video

The Syrian government's onslaught on the rebel-held northern city of Aleppo sparks an attempted exodus. Warning: the accompanying film contains distressing images.

post 17 January 2014
Will it be Hollande v Sarkozy again?

French President Francois Hollande's troubles provide an opportunity for his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy, who is reportedly preparing for a comeback with his teams in place.

post 14 January 2014
Hollande faces the 'tabloidisation' of his private life

Francois Hollande prepares to meet the media - but one can't help thinking that the foreign press corps are the last people he would want to spend time with.

post 10 January 2014
French without tears at the Elysee Palace?

How Valerie Trierweiler responds to rumours of the French president's affair, having been his mistress herself, could prove his biggest headache of all.

post 29 December 2013
Pope Francis: revolutionary shepherd for a secular age?

If the Vatican under Pope Francis can recommit itself to helping the poor, while becoming more forgiving, then the Catholic church will have been rescued by a revolutionary with a message of simplici

post 19 December 2013
From protests to corruption: is Turkey's prime minister losing his touch?

He may be a talented politician, but the more vindictive Mr Erdogan becomes in response to ongoing corruption allegations, the weaker he may begin to look.

post 19 November 2013
No turning back for Bulgaria's 5,000 Syrian refugees

Some of the 5,000 Syrian migrants in Bulgaria are so unhappy that they want to return home. Bulgaria, meanwhile, is accused of keeping refugee camp conditions bad to discourage others from coming.

post 14 November 2013
How I nearly made it to the silver screen

Jonathan Rugman was expecting flashbulbs and red carpets when he was asked to play himself in Kevin Macdonald's new movie.

12 November 2013
31 October 2013
article 23 October 2013 North Korea
From North Korean prison to New Malden - one man's story

He walked through ice cold water to escape North Korea. Now living in Surrey, Song Ju Kim tells the story of his four attempts to leave imprisonment, hunger and famine behind in his homeland.

post 22 October 2013
Syria: talks about talks face 'formidable obstacles'

At next month's international conference on Syria, it is unclear which opposition groups will talk to a regime accused of wholesale slaughter.

article 08 October 2013 World, Syria
Syria massacre: regime 'has cut off water supplies' - video

Having been prevented from getting food, Syrian activists in a besieged suburb of Damascus say regime forces have now attacked their water supply, in a desperate situation.