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Produced by Working Title Television, which is part of Universal International Studios, a division of Universal Studio Group, We Are Lady Parts returns for a second series to stream and watch live on Channel 4 from Thursday 30th May.

Written, created, directed and executive produced by Nida Manzoor (Polite Society), the second series sees the band return with a renewed artistic mission after the high of their first UK tour, only to find a rival band threatening their delicate status quo. But as the reality of chasing success sets in, Lady Parts embark on recording their first album, juggling personal ambitions, and questioning whether ‘making it big’ is really what they want…

Originally a Channel 4 Blap in 2018, the first series of We Are Lady Parts won the prestigious 2021 Edinburgh TV Award for Best Comedy Series with Nida Manzoor receiving the illustrious Rose d’Or Emerging Talent Award.

The series won Best Comedy Writer for Nida Manzoor at the BAFTA TV Craft Awards in 2022, where it also won awards for PC Williams for Best Costume Design and Aisha Bywaters for Best Scripted Casting.

The show was also nominated for BAFTA TV Awards for Best Scripted Comedy and Best Female Comedy Performance for Anjana Vasan alongside a Peabody Award win for Entertainment.


Episode One – ‘Villain Era’

Lady Parts return home with a renewed artistic mission following a magical summer of gigs, having finally found their audience, their fanbase. As Saira gathers the band, she announces that its time to level up and lay down their legacy: Lady Parts will record their debut album with the legendary Dirty Mahmood at Molico Studios… that is if they
can raise enough money to pay for the studio time. Momtaz has her work cut out for her.

Meanwhile Amina is exploring her “Villain Era,” a new attitude of being a bad mother with boundaries and non-negotiables, which plants her right in the centre of a burgeoning love triangle between a firmly friend-zoned Ahsan and dreamy folky troubadour Billy.

However, the band are stunned to find a rival Muslim band, Second Wife, threatens their status quo – led by none other than Saira’s super-fan-hyphen-lifestyle-blogger Taifa. As Second Wife go viral with a cover of Lady Parts’ most famous song, the band must wrestle with the fear that they are being replaced - to hate or not to hate?

Episode Two – ‘Malala Made Me Do It’

A shock eviction from the bedsit leaves Lady Parts without a rehearsal space and rethinking their artistic priorities; but a chance lifeline leads them to a creative retreat and the creation of an unexpected hype track.

Episode Three – ‘It’s Britney, Bitch’

After tearing the roof off a wedding, Saira is approached by a top music manager with her eyes on Lady Parts; meanwhile attempts to make peace with their gen-z rivals triggers the girls’ insecurities leading to chaotic scenes at a photoshoot.

Episode Four – ‘Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood’

Reeling from the disastrous photo shoot, each of the girls find themselves at difficult personal crossroads, while Saira considers Clarice’s major label offer and an unthinkable choice about the future of the band.

Episode Five – ‘Funny Muslim Song’

Lady Parts finally record the album of their dreams at the legendary Molico Studios, while a heartbroken Taz is off on an odyssey of her own; but Saira’s attempt to write a political song tests the limits of Lady Parts existence on a major label.

Episode Six – ‘Glass Ceiling Feeling’

Lady Parts are thwarted as the label begins to interfere with their debut album; the band reach a breaking point and boldly decide to reclaim their voice and the greater sisterhood.

Cast and Crew Credits

Anjana Vasan – Amina

Sarah Impey – Saira

Juliette Motamed – Ayesha

Lucie Shorthouse – Momtaz

Faith Omole – Bisma

Aiysha Hart – Noor

Zaqi Ismail – Ahsan

Kimani Arthur – Taifa

Demmy Ladipo – Wasim

Edesiri Okpenerho – Imani

Shobu Kapoor – Seema

Toby Williams – Dr Saunders

Anna Tolstoy – Laura

Jack Riddiford – Billy

Bradley Banton – Ali

Eman Alali – Farah

Anil Desai – Dirty Mahmood

Meera Syal – Sister Squire

Malala Yousafzai – as herself

Nida Manzoor – Creator, Writer, Director & Executive Producer

John Pocock - Producer

Surian Fletcher-Jones – Executive Producer, Working Title Television

Tim Bevan – Executive Producer, Working Title Television

Eric Fellner – Executive Producer, Working Title Television

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