Interview with Lucie Shorthouse – Momtaz

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What can fans expect from Momtaz in this series?

This series Momtaz navigates new challenges with the band as their profile and ambitions start to rise. She also has to ask herself who she is outside of the band and ensure she's carving out her own path too.

How would you say your character has changed from series one?

I think she's been through this baptism of fire with the band and the cutthroat industry, so she knows that world a bit more now, but it certainly doesn't make it any easier. There's a lot of 'No's she has to field through. This series she's equally ambitious but the stakes are higher- the band needs an album recording and paid work!

Do you have a particular highlight from filming this series?

Too many! But honestly any scenes where it's the five of us! It's just electric and always such a laugh. Pure joy! The scene at the table in episode one has a fun fantasy moment where Anjana gets hit in the head by a prop. I just couldn't not laugh and of course I had to deliver the next line so it just took forever because I was hysterically laughing!

What has been your favourite song from the band this series? Malala made me do it! I just adore it!