Interview with Anjana Vasan – Amina Hussain

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What can fans look forward to in series two?

I just feel like there's so much going on! There is a rival band. I think the stakes for the band are higher. I think they sort of reach a crossroads in terms of what success looks like to them and what they want to contribute to the world in terms of music and what they stand for. And there's some big decisions that they have to make and there's a lot more tension and drama and competition. But then also, individually all the characters go through their own kind of personal journey and without giving too much away. I mean, it has a bit of a love triangle storyline, which I'm very excited about. So that's been fun to film.

What can you tell us about some of the cameos you’ve had?

Yes, there's some really good cameos this time round. Malala came on set and her song is my personal favourite, it’s a banger. I can’t believe Nida actually got her to be in it but apparently she’s a fan of the show which is amazing. She was so lovely and exactly what I’d hoped she would be, very warm. Everyone on set was very excited she was going to be there, even our producer John was in a suit! She seemed like she had a lot of fun and I hope she did. I think the songs are even better than series one.

If you could choose how to describe your character for this series, what words would you use?

She’s unique. I don’t want to say she’s quirky or dorky but she is definitely unique. I will also say villain as she’s trying out her newfound confidence that she found at the end of the first series. Another way I would describe Amina is endearing!
Has there been a highlight of filming this series?
I honestly think it’s such a cheesy answer but every single day on set has just been a joy. It’s been so long since we did series one. I was kind of nervous of finding that chemistry again, but the girls and I are also friends off screen which I think helps. It’s absolute
chaos when we come together. Whenever we record a song, it’s my favourite day on set. I think you sense the love and the chaos that comes from it and the camera captures it all.

Tell us about Karen?

There is a VW van in this series that we take on our summer tour. We affectionately call the van Karen! The start of the series starts with the end of the glorious summer of gigs that the band has been playing all over the UK to fans and we’ve gained an amazing loyal fan base. So, Karen has come with us on all the gigs and has been a loyal companion. She’s part of the band, very much a character.