Interview with Faith Omole – Bisma

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What can fans look forward to in series two?

It's bigger and bolder! All the things people loved about series one but Nida pushes things even further - the scripts are just SO good. Then there's the band. I adore those women. Each of the Lady Parts crew is funny, heart-breaking, and brings each moment to life so fantastically. On top of that, you have more great songs, more crazy band antics. Add to that an awesome returning cast, and a brilliant new cast too. Honestly, I know I'm biased, but I loved working on this new series. I think all the people who watched and were so supportive of our show when it first came out will find that it was well worth the wait.

What can we expect from Bisma this time around?

I think for Bisma this series, it's about what's behind the smile. Who is she when she's not helping or being a role model to others? She's the mother of the group and she's got a lot of positive bravado which is a beautiful thing but behind all the labels there's a person, trying to figure out if she's brave enough to explore the idea of change and truly being seen.

What’s been your personal highlight of filming this series?

Mainly being on set with the band girls again. Working with your friends is brilliant. Watching them smash it, is a bonus. And then filming all the band songs. We always love that we go from being super loud and silly to very focused in seconds. It's always a day where we leave buzzing. Oh, and the MALALA day! That was so much fun. She was so lovely and looked stunning! We all looked awesome that day. Wait until you see the looks and costumes this series - they are so cool.

What do you hope audiences take away from this series?

There's a line in this series - 'just do you'. We're all dealing with the burden of representation this second series and Nida addresses that. Each character's version of that struggle is nuanced and feels truthful. I think everyone in the world encounters that from day to day - the constant worry that we are letting someone or everyone down. The most important thing is that you embrace yourself, love yourself and believe that your individual journey is important. Live it authentically.