Interview with Sarah Kameela Impey – Saira

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What can we expect from Saira this series?
Saira left last series on a high, her dreams of the band reaching their people, their fans came true and now they are scaling the country finding pockets of people just like them. Threatened by an alternative band she is driven to record their album and have their music immortalised. However, losing her home and the other band members priorities sends Saira into an emotional dilemma, loyalty or success? Which will she choose? There are massive shifts for every single character. Nida has given everyone a really deep and strong storyline, so you get to know them all so much better. They must face lots of challenges as a band.

Has the music changed between series?

It has! It’s so good! Not that it wasn’t before but Nida and her siblings are incredible musicians. It was hard for us as we had so much less time to learn the music and we have been practising so much. Some of us have to play other instruments as well so we have been moving onto other mediums too. I’ve been playing piano!

Does it sometimes feel like you are in a real band with the other members of Lady Parts?!

I used to be in a six-piece band called ' A Blossom Fell' as a singer. There is no better feeling than serving the crowd with beautiful songs that get them dancing and singing along. We practise as a band before we start rehearsing the scenes, so it always feels like we are a band coming in. Some of my favourite scenes to film are of the songs, we all cheer each other on during our close ups, each person raising the bar for the next.

What do you hope audiences take away from this new series?

Audiences are going to love delving deeper into all the characters backgrounds. It offers up so many examples of tough decisions we face in life that can make or break friendships and relationships. I hope you take away, hope, joy, belonging, understanding, sisterhood and love for this incredible world Nida has once again brought to life.