4 Aug 2014

WWI anniversary: the road to war – in tweets

The Foreign Office tweets extracts from diplomatic telegrams, dispatches and letters in real time to mark the start of world war one, 100 years on. Here are just some of the key moments.

The extracts, taken from the National Archives, started on 28 July, the day Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated, and are continuing though the 100th anniversary of Britain joining the war.

The key British protagonists are:

  • Foreign Secretary Edward Grey
  • Ambassador in Paris Sir Francis Bertie
  • Foreign Office Permanent Under-Secretary Sir Arthur Nicholson
  • Foreign Office Assistant Under Secretary of State Sir Eyre Crowe
  • Ambassador in Berlin Sir Edward Goschen
  • Ambassador in St petersburg Sir George Buchanan
  • Ambassador in Austria Sir M de Bunsen
  • Minister to Belgium Sir Francis Villiers
  • Charge d’Affaires in Belgrade Dayrell Crackanthorpe
  • Consul-General in Budapest WG Max Muller
  • Vice-consul in Sarajevo JF Jones

Channel 4 News will update the highlighted tweets below throughout the day. To follow the FCO tweets, click here.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassinated

The road to war

Austria Hungary goes to war


Germany declares war on Russia

Germany declares war on France

Britain heads towards war