12 Jul 2023

Why Ukraine isn’t joining Nato

At this year’s Nato summit, the secretary general of the alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, said that Ukraine was “closer than ever” to membership.

But no timetable was offered – and Ukraine has no chance of joining until after the war with Russia.

While Ukraine has been offered more weapons and more security guarantees, there is still some anger from Kyiv: President Zelenskyy said it was “unprecedented and absurd” that Ukraine had not been given a clear timetable on membership.

On today’s episode, Emma Ashford, an expert on Russia and Europe at the foreign affairs think tank, The Stimson Centre, explains why Nato won’t let Ukraine join the alliance – and why many experts now think the war may end with an armistice, similar to the one after the Korean War.

Producer: Alice Wagstaffe.


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