2 May 2014

Why Scotland must escape ‘Westminster’s dinosaur’

Malcolm Campbell has worked on the River Tweed, fishing for salmon, for the past 30 years. He tells Channel 4 News why Scots need to make the leap of faith and vote for an independent Scotland.

What do people think about the Scottish referendum on the borders of England and Scotland, where the separations will actually happen?

From Coldstream to Berwick, the river Tweed divides England from Scotland. It is the home to most prestigious fly-fishing beats in the United Kingdom. To fish for wild salmon on the water that bridges the boarder, is any fishing enthusiast’s dream.

For the past 30 years Malcolm Campbell, an avid Scottish nationalist, has worked as a ghillie to fisherman on the Tweed. Spending his time rowing along this political fault-line, he spends much of his time discussing Scottish independence.

From a young age, Malcolm has strongly believed that the people of Scotland owe it to themselves to belong to an independent country and escape the Westminster “dinosaur”.

As the referndum on Scottish independence approaches, the debates in his rowing boat are heating up. With a majority of English tenants bringing their conflicting views, Malcolm’s braveheart politics are tried and tested on a daily basis.

Come 18 September, will Malcolm’s dream be met by a vote of yes – or will he be left disenfranchised by his country, for whose future he held such hope?