19 Jun 2020

‘We have been given a glimpse over these last few months of what it is like for people with disabilities’ – actor Rory Kinnear

Social Affairs Editor and Presenter

For the first time, the numbers of people with disabilities who have been affected by Covid-19 have been released.

The results are shocking, with those with severe and limiting disabilities twice as likely to suffer a Covid-related death.

The actor Rory Kinnear lost his sister Karina to coronavirus in May. Following her death he wrote an article in the Guardian in which he highlighted that those who most need compassion are being hit the hardest at this time.

He said he hoped that in the future focus would turn to financial and emotional investment in the lives of people such as his sister.

We spoke to Rory Kinnear and began by asking him how he felt that the lives of people with disabilities have been valued.