16 Jun 2021

Voter ID-entical? Election laws from the US to the UK

What role have voter ID laws played in American elections in recent years – and what could their effect be here in the UK?

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In recent years, Republican states have passed restrictive voter ID laws that they say stop electoral fraud, but which activists say discriminate and disenfranchise certain voters.

Here in the UK, the government wants to introduce a voter ID law so that when you vote in the next election you have to prove who you are before casting your ballot.

Yet with fraud vanishingly rare, why do we need this new law?

And are the lessons from America a warning for its potential impact on turnout?

Today, we talk to voting rights expert Ari Berman and Factcheck’s Paddy Worrall.

Sources: CNN, CBS 60 Minutes, ITV News, MSNBC, ITV Peston, KVUE


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