24 Apr 2024

Ukraine Russia: is the West ready to go to war? – The Political Fourcast

Rishi Sunak has pledged he’ll ramp up Britain’s defence budget and announced a £500 million military aid package to Ukraine, in the same week a long-awaited $61billion aid package from the US passed through Congress and the Senate.

But what is the West’s end game for Ukraine? Is there enough in these aid packages to turn the tide of the war as Russia appears to have gained the upper hand? What more can the West do?

Here to discuss this on The Political Fourcast is former Armed Forces Minster James Heappey and shadow defence minister Baroness Anderson.

They talk to us about why today’s young people in the UK may end up caught up in a future war, how Trump’s second Presidency could change the war, and what this all means for the upcoming General Election.

Produced by Silvia Maresca, Shaheen Sattar, Rob Thomson, Calum Fraser, Alice Wagstaffe and Nick Jackson.

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