US elections

  • 28 Mar 2018

    Facebook said it took steps to ensure harvested campaign data had been “destroyed”. But Channel 4 News has now discovered that data on thousands of people in Colorado is still circulating – and Channel 4 News has been to speak to those whose privacy was breached.

  • 29 May 2017

    Kasparov is the chairman of the human rights foundation and former world chess champion. He now lives in America and has spoken about Russian meddling in the US election. In his new book Deep Thinking he discusses our relationship with artificial intelligence and reminisces on the moment twenty years ago when he was beaten at…

  • 10 Nov 2016

    Donald Trump’s surprise victory sparked protests in cities across America last night. Thousands of anti-Trump demonstrators marched on the billionaire businessman’s Manhattan base, Trump Tower, chanting “not my president”.

  • 10 Nov 2016

    Channel 4 News speaks to Niall Ferguson, professor of history at Stanford University and to economist and former Greek finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis about Trump’s promises to the “forgotten” American people.  

  • 10 Nov 2016

    Theresa May got to speak to President-elect Donald Trump this afternoon. With markets still rising since his election, the economic signs are looking good. But can it last?  

  • 30 Oct 2016

    Donald Trump: the Brexit effect reaches Detroit

    They are talking about Brexit in Detroit! Yes for Donald Trump read Brexit. Whilst we want to leave Europe, Trump wants to leave the World Trade Organisation, the local deals with Mexico and Canada, the Climate Change Treaties and much else. No more manufacturing job losses to Mexico, or China, or anywhere else for that matter. Oh yes, and he’s questioned the premise of NATO.

  • 21 Oct 2016

    Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump go head to head again later tonight as the final debate of the US presidential campaign takes place in Las Vegas. After the bitter exchanges of the last debate in St Louis earlier this month, there’s a sense that almost anything can happen.

  • 27 Sep 2016

    Presidential debate: the verdict on campus

    I watched the Presidential debate with about 100 students at Stony Brook University, Long Island, where I’m on a one-semester fellowship. At least here they were allowed to cheer and clap, unlike the live audience at Long Island’s other university, Hofstra, where the debate took place. But passions ran less high than I might have expected.

  • 31 Aug 2015

    Sanders time: why is America feeling the Bern?

    Bernie Sanders, America’s answer to Jeremy Corbyn, is giving Hillary Clinton a scare in the campaign to get the Democratic nomination for next years US presidential election.

  • 16 Jun 2015

    Property billionaire Donald Trump announces his candidacy for the Republican nomination in the 2016 US presidential election.

  • 15 Jun 2015

    Jeb Bush, younger brother of George W Bush and son of George H Bush, formally declares his candidacy for president of the United States.

  • 12 Apr 2015

    Ready for Hillary? It seems America is so very, very ready. For the most important thing about a political journey is a story. And Hillary Clinton certainly has a story.

  • 23 Mar 2015

    Senator Ted Cruz is the first Republican to declare he is running for the US presidency in 2016 – and the Tea Party favourite is as well known for his colourful speeches as for his right-wing views.

  • 16 Dec 2014

    His father was the 41st president. His brother was the 43rd president. So is John Ellis “Jeb” Bush in prime position to become the Republican candidate for 45th president of the United States?

  • 5 Nov 2014

    The first black woman Republican in Congress, the 18-year-old legislator and a man being investigated for fraud: Channel 4 News looks behind the headlines of the US midterms.