Tehran, Iran

  • 7 Jun 2017

    ISIS claimed an attack at the heart of another capital today; Tehran. But the terror and tragedy so familiar elsewhere was a new horror for Iran.

  • 17 Jun 2014

    At last, Washington's poodle asserts itself on Iran

    Britain must make up its own independent mind as to how to behave towards Tehran, now that a thaw in UK-Iran relations is underway.

  • 10 Jun 2013

    Return to a sombre, less vibrant Iran

    On the surface, Tehran thrives. But the atmosphere in the run-up to the presidential elections is more sombre as Iran remains in a stalemate with the west over its nuclear programme.

  • 30 Nov 2011

    International editor Lindsey Hilsum on the historic past of the Tehran ambassador’s residence that came under attack yesterday.

  • 18 Apr 2011

    The Persian relic that divides Iran's leaders

    Has a 2,500-year-old Babylonian relic sparked a move towards secularism in Iran, asks Jon Snow.

  • 18 Jun 2010

    My Iranian friend

    A year ago he was in the notorious Evin jail in Tehran being subjected to repeated torture and false confessions.

  • 18 Jun 2009

    In times of stress I always like to read poetry, so I’ve been turning to the Poem of the Day in the Tehran Times, the English language daily here. This is a paper which carefully toes the government line and favours not-so-subtle and sometimes bizarre unstated comparisons – there was a front page story today…

  • 19 Feb 2009

    TEHRAN, IRAN – Last week we went to interview the Iranian human rights activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Shirin Ebadi, who’s been threatened by hardliners in recent weeks. We decided to take a small camera to be less obtrusive but we didn’t have a boom pole for the microphone.

  • 11 Feb 2009

    TEHRAN, IRAN – Our team in Iran this week is all-female – the producer is Sarah, the camera operator is Philippa and then there’s me. Which has raised no eyebrows at all with interviewees or policemen but is causing a little consternation at our hotel. The problem is our translator, Nasser. When he’s in the…