london underground

  • 9 Jan 2017

    If failings in the public services are among the “everyday injustices” Theresa May wants to tackle, she only had to look out of any window in London today to find an example. A 24-hour strike by London Underground workers forced two million commuters to find alternative ways into work and brought gridlock to the capital’s…

  • 9 Jul 2015

    A 24-hour walkout by unions has closed London Underground, bringing gridlock to the capital. Each side is blaming the other for failing to reach a deal on pay and conditions. So what are the facts?

  • 2 May 2012

    There have been tears, laughter, and the odd stray F-word. The London mayoral race has been high on emotion and more than usually bad-tempered. Boris Johnson has been slightly more careful with his facts, choosing to deal in aspirations rather than promises. Ken Livingstone has made some extravagant claims which have landed him in hot water. Here’s the verdict from FactCheck HQ on a very irritable election.

  • 30 Jan 2012

    “The most dramatic difference was in lost passenger hours – a million a month more, on average, under Ken than under Boris.”