• Published on 15 Dec 2017 Sections Politics, UK

    West Midlands Assistant Police and Crime Commissioner, Dr Lynnette Kelly, and Lord Victor Adebowale, the chief executive of Turning Point discuss homelessness and drug abuse.

  • Published on 31 Aug 2017 Sections UK

    Leesa Davies, whose son Jordan died after inhaling nitrous oxide when he was just 21, and Niamh Eastwood, from the charity Release, discuss the drug laws.

  • Published on 14 Aug 2017 Sections UK

    It’s the summer and for hundreds of thousands that means a trip to a music festival. But along with beer and bands, illegal substances also feature for many gig goers. Now the Boomtown Fair in Hampshire has become one of the first festivals to offer on-site drug testing. But with drug deaths at a record…

  • Published on 25 Apr 2017 Sections Health, Science, UK

    Scientists who’ve been testing samples of the synthetic drug spice, following an epidemic of use in Manchester, say those taking it are playing “Russian roulette”.

  • Published on 13 Apr 2017 Sections UK

    In Bristol is David Nutt – he’s Professor of Neuro-psycho Pharmacology at Imperial College London and a former chair of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs. And Dr Henry Fisher is Policy Director at Voltface-a drug policy think tank.

  • Published on 13 Apr 2017 Sections UK

    It’s relatively cheap and easily available – but some people who’ve taken spice say it can feel even more addictive than heroin. Lincoln was one of the first place to ban it, when it was still legal.

  • Published on 13 Apr 2017 Sections UK

    Dozens of arrests. Special police patrols. Ambulances drafted in to treat people overcome by the effects. The impact of the banned synthetic drug spice has already hit Manchester hard – and now charities say it could spread to other towns and cities across the country.

  • Published on 10 Apr 2017 Sections UK

    Risha Lancaster, who runs Coffee4Craig; a charity which supports homeless people in Manchester, and former Liberal Democrat MP and Home Office minister Norman Baker, who helped draft the legislation that led to spice becoming an illegal drug.

  • Published on 10 Apr 2017 Sections UK

    The hallucinogenic and highly addictive drug spice is causing chaos in Britain’s prisons and turning its users into a zombie-like state in city centres around the country. In Manchester, in particular, the problem is said to have reached epidemic proportions.  

  • Published on 10 Dec 2016 Sections UK

    A convicted drug dealer recently released from prison has revealed to Channel 4 News the scale of the destruction brought about inside by psychoactive substances known as NPS. He claims that up to 80 per cent of inmates in some jails are now hooked on ‘Spice’ and says some prisoners are prepared to do anything…

  • Published on 8 Mar 2016 Sections Fact, FactCheck, Fiction, UK, Uncategorised

    Regulating cannabis could earn the government £1bn in taxes a year, a new report established by Lib Dem health spokesperson Norman Lamb says. Really?

  • Published on 15 Jul 2015 Sections Mexico, World

    It was two in the morning and my phone rang, writes Guillermo Galdos. I saw it was a call from Mexico. When I answer a friend shouted “El Chapo is gone”.

  • Published on 29 May 2015 Sections Romania, World

    Addicts in Bucharest shoot up as many as 30 times a day. Paraic O’Brien went to meet the death metal drummer who is trying to stem Romania’s drugs and HIV epidemic.

  • Published on 29 Apr 2015 Sections Indonesia, World

    The execution of eight convicted drug traffickers by Malaysia is a demonstration of the underlying weakness of the country’s President.

  • Published on 17 Feb 2015 Sections UK, World

    How I got stoned on skunk

    I had sucked in two huge gulps of the stuff before I started spluttering. I am not a smoker, and the skunk was being delivered in vapour form – two huge balloons of the stuff.