• 11 Nov 2018

    Standing before Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin the French President warned old demons are resurfacing and condemned nationalism.

  • 3 Nov 2018

    SnowBlog: Life on an American campaign trail like no other

    Chicago O’Hare Airport. Mile upon mile of concrete runways with tiny quadrants of grass, and slow moving aircraft traffic criss-crossing ahead of us. We are in America. The eternal passport control awaits us, and thence to the open road.  Five lanes in each direction, massive ten wheeler wagons belching un-green gases along in all but the not…

  • 30 Sep 2018

    After a flurry of last-minute negotiations, the Senate Judiciary Committee advanced Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination for the Supreme Court following a late call from Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona for a one-week investigation into sexual assault allegations against President Trump’s nominee. It comes after emotional testimony from Dr Christine Blasey Ford, who says she was assaulted…

  • 29 Sep 2018

    Former FBI Special Agent, Mike Campi, tells us what can reasonably be achieved in a week as President Trump confirms FBI investigation into the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh.

  • 29 Sep 2018

    One of the pivital moments yesterday came when Senator Jeff Flake was confronted in a lift by two women claiming to be survivors of sexual abuse. We speak to one of those women – Ana Maria Archila.

  • 7 Aug 2018

    If the EU and the British Government want to keep trade flowing to protect the Iran nuclear deal, it doesn’t seem to be succeeding.

  • 6 Aug 2018

    President Trump is facing an investigation into Russian involvement in the election two years ago by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. He’s been talking about it on Twitter – and one tweet in particular seems to be causing more trouble that most.

  • 13 Jul 2018

    The President’s visit started amid controversy after his Sun newspaper interview blasting Theresa May, the London mayor Sadiq Khan – and claiming immigration meant Europe was “losing its culture.” Later came the apology, of sorts: Mr Trump stood side by side with the Prime Minister lavishing praise on her, saying “she’s a terrific woman, she’s doing a…

  • 10 Jul 2018

    In the United States, President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court has arrived on Capitol Hill for his first day of meetings with senators. Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment would cement a conservative majority on the nation’s highest court for a generation, and leading Democrats are vowing to fight it with “everything we have”.

  • 12 Jun 2018

    How much do ordinary North Koreans know about what’s going on in their name? From Pyongyang, AP’s Raf Wober explains what they’ve been told.  

  • 10 Jun 2018

    Robin Wright, Distinguished Fellow at the Wilson Center think-tank in the United States on the ‘known unknowns’ about the upcoming summit.

  • 2 Jun 2018

    The summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un is definitely on – after the US president said it would take place as planned in Singapore later this month. And to prove it – a senior North Korean official handed Mr Trump an enormous letter after talks at the White House. But the President has been…

  • 27 May 2018

    The US North Korea summit is definitely back on. Possibly. Donald Trump insists everything is going really well. Kim Jong Un is apparently totally on board too. We’ll be asking a top Korea diplomacy expert what to make of it all.

  • 26 May 2018

    Leaders from the North and South Korea meet again on the border for a surprise second summit. Could peace in the peninsula – and Donald Trump’s planned talks with Kim Jong Un – all be back on again?

  • 14 May 2018

    Over 50 people were killed – several of them children – and many hundreds injured, as Palestinian protesters were met with live rounds fired by Israeli troops.