10 Feb 2021

The international students going hungry in the UK

The plight of the international students who pay thousands for the prestige of a British education but are now left relying on food banks.

They come for the prestige of a British university experience and pay upwards of £10,000 for the privilege. But with no work available to them, no access to benefits and little support from the universities, the Covid crisis has left huge numbers of international students queueing up for food banks, crammed into terrible accommodation and feeling abandoned.

Channel 4 News producer Shaheen Sattar has been following the plight of the students, and talks about her very personal reasons for investigating this shocking story.

The poem Shaheen reads is an excerpt from “Dreaming in Gujarati” by Shailja Patel, from her book MIGRITUDE (Kaya Press, 2010).


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