15 Aug 2022

Taliban in control: a year of power in Afghanistan

News Correspondent

The Taliban has been parading through the streets of the Afghan capital Kabul to mark one year in power.

Tens of thousands of people are thought to have fled the country since US troops pulled out and the Taliban took control.

It has brought an end to large-scale fighting, but Afghanistan remains in deep crisis.

About 24 million Afghans – more than half the country- are in need of humanitarian assistance – while more than a million children are at risk of malnutrition.

Sanctions and the suspension of foreign aid has left the economy in a state of collapse.

And girls over the age of 11 have been barred from further education – while many women face abuse and torture for protesting against the new restrictions imposed on them.

We spoke to Pashtana Dorani, an Afghan rights activist and director of Learn Afghanistan, an organisation which focuses on women, girls and education. We asked her about the women who protested in Kabul this weekend.

Producer: Hila May