22 Dec 2021

Syria: The people putting themselves and the environment at risk to keep fuel supplies flowing

It’s not just extreme weather that’s posing a threat to the planet. Conflict, too, is having a huge effect on the environment.

More than a decade into the war in Syria only small areas of the north of the country remain outside the control of Bashar al-Assad’s regime.

These regions are dominated by a patchwork of militant groups who have managed to hold out against the government in Damascus, bringing the conflict to a stalemate.

In the countryside around Aleppo, basic necessities are in short supply and as winter continues to bite, diesel for generators is in high demand.

And it’s a demand that is taking a huge environmental toll

Filmmaker Fadi al-Halabi visited the men and boys who are risking their lives to keep the fuel flowing, but may be destroying other livelihoods in the process.