20 Feb 2024

Sudan crisis: 8 million people displaced and desperate for aid (Dubbed)

International Editor

As Gaza and Ukraine dominate the headlines, the crisis in Sudan continues to escalate. Ten months of war between Sudan’s army and its allies turned enemies, the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces, have left more than half the population there in need of aid.

Nearly eight million people have been displaced, making it the largest crisis of its kind in the world.

Millions of Sudanese have fled the country, mainly to Egypt, South Sudan, Chad or beyond.

In the last week, Sudan’s Armed Forces have retaken most of Omdurman, which is considered the twin city to the capital Khartoum, from the Rapid Support Forces.

But the RSF still controls Darfur state, where tens of thousands of people are stuck in camps like Zamzam near El Fasher.